Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1797
Chapter 722 five blocked the way 800 disciple to receive strangely, but Zhao Hai they did not have leave, they still waited outside, look at each and every one cultivator to walk to return from nine revolutions of holes. &\; 1 t \; >\; -/- &\; 1 t \; >\; - advertisement entire writing

For seven days, in nine revolutions of holes came out in also nobody finally, Zhao Hai has calculated, these time cultivator that comes out from nine revolutions of holes, almost about ten thirty thousand people, in other words, this time smelting trial dies in nine revolutions of holes unexpectedly the twenty thousand near thirty thousand person, this is a digit that Zhao Hai has not thought. These cultivator that comes out from nine revolutions of holes, looked that Lu Li said the move has sufficed the person, does not have excessive clamoring, regarding them, this already in their expectation this. Zhao Hai looks at cultivator one that under these must walk, in the heart moves, stands in the bow to following these cultivator holds the fist in the other hand said : everybody, this time our Black Tiger Group only receives 800 people, this does not have the matter of means that but asked everybody to remain Jade Token , if later my Black Tiger Group in the hiring, everybody had Jade Token , we can first recruit, what if later had difficulty, can hold Jade Token to Black Tiger Group, so long as were can help, Black Tiger Group will give everybody with every effort some convenience.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, one group of white light fly from in his hand, these cultivator immediately bathed in white light, they presently, oneself wound was quickly good. After Zhao Hai these cultivator have cured wound, look at they, deep voice said : everybody, your Jade Token do not lose, after that Jade Token , was Faith Token, if , when our Black Tiger Group accepted the disciple, your ages. However in the family also has the child innate skill good words, same may hold Jade Token to come Black Tiger Group, my Black Tiger Group first includes.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak. Below these cultivator one has exploded the pot, they have not thought that will have like this good matter, these cultivator have in some families the generation is Rogue Cultivator, has not entered Sect, because does not have the method, Rogue Cultivator like them, general Sect looked that will not look at their one eyes. They want to cotton up to the person are impossible. However had Zhao Hai the saying, that Jade Token component may not be different, if later in the family has child innate skill to be good, that may have entered the Black Tiger Group method, this regarding these Rogue Cultivator, absolutely is the good deed. Immediately, these Rogue Cultivator had the heart of being intimate with Black Tiger Group, moreover their, that Jade Token component is at heart different. After this is relationship to them. Even relationship to their entire Clan. Zhao Hai look at these Rogue Cultivator, then deep voice said : everybody, my Black Tiger Group this impossible move of too many person. Therefore Zhao Hai in here everybody told first has sorry, and everybody goes, if later has the difficulty. May go to original Wandering Soul Group there, puts out Jade Token to there, only said that looks for my Zhao Hai, I will help is busy, in the gang also had the matter, Zhao Hai first says goodbye!” Said that Zhao Hai flushed these Rogue Cultivator to hold holding the fist in the other hand. These Rogue Cultivator look at the Zhao Hai movement, immediately feels a warm current from at heart flow through. Their these Rogue Cultivator, it can be said that in Cultivation World most do not have status one group of people, various Great Sect disciple with will not have been seeing their, even if various Sect handymen disciple, the status is higher than them, although their sometimes, will kill two Great Sect disciple secretly, snatches these disciple thing, but does not have any promotion regarding their status, these Great Sect disciple, even if Outer Disciple and handymen disciple, saw that they are also one pay nostril appearance upwards, that Great Sect disciple so will be more impolite to them. If other Sect, after receiving the disciple already walked, that will wait also in here, but also complies later to have the matter to look, certainly will help, this that Sect has not said. Is adding on the Zhao Hai status, what status is Zhao Hai? Black Tiger Group Core Disciple, is open the entrance Core Disciple, dares with Immortal Stage Expert fight of almighty , the Demon Blade Zhao Hai reputation, in Northern Divergent Province very loud, now Zhao Hai is so polite to them, but also holds the fist in the other hand to salute to them, this made these cultivator such as drink hot soup same comfortable at heart. What most important is, but Zhao Hai said that later had the difficulty, reported his name to there, he helped certainly, this made these Rogue Cultivator each and every one have the feeling that one type of felt extremely flattered. In them some although people think that Zhao Hai is impossible to achieve, but Zhao Hai can say, very much has given them the face, other Sect people, have not spoken such words, therefore when Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to them salutes, these Rogue Cultivator almost simultaneously to Zhao Hai hold the fist in the other hand, said loudly: Sees off mister!”

Zhao Hai flushed them to hold the fist, the hand has been wielding, Yama Ship then slowly flew in the direction of Yangming city, these Rogue Cultivator actually saw, Zhao Hai when flew in the direction of Yangming city, but also stood in the stern beckons with the hand to them, this let these Rogue Cultivator moves. When has walked away, Zhang Feng has then arrived at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai in a soft voice said : Little Hai, what do you mean? How don't I a little make understand?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, do not forget, in having one year, Great Tribulation must come, these Rogue Cultivator may not have what organization, when the time comes, if the world chaos, they will certainly find a place to hide, or looks for an influence to depend upon, whom can they depend upon? Today I leave behind Jade Token to them, their first thinks will be our Black Tiger Group, this time our Black Tiger Group can recruit more people, because of Ten Thousand Monster Sect relationship, we cannot recruit too many people, will wait till chaos together, these Rogue Cultivator will want will find the person to hire oneself, will think of whom? Has that Jade Token , their first thinks will be our Black Tiger Group, these Rogue Cultivator quantities will have 100,000, how many however will their family members have? He He, when the time comes these Rogue Cultivator are also a not be ignored strength.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that horse first on understand meaning of Zhao Hai, his look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, Little Hai, this means are good, when the time comes our Black Tiger Group feared that must be many several hundred thousand military strength, moreover after us unfolds, is not short of manpower.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : right, is this meaning, he he, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is impossible to lower the posture such to do, we actually, when the time comes the hearts of these people naturally turn toward our Black Tiger Group. Does not do well also has the unexpected advantage.” In this time, Yama Ship was also arriving at bright outside the city Great Magical Artifact special-purpose Transmission Formation there, their Yangming city here matter has gotten through. They must return to Black Tiger Group to go, Black Tiger Group full preparation, very busy, in adding on Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng in Black Tiger Group is a tube matter, they more early go back to be better. They just arrived at Great Magical Artifact special-purpose Transmission Formation there, presently is there is actually gathering round a troop person, don’t know doing. A Zhao Hai brow wrinkle, he has the one type of unlucky premonition, then he turns the head to benefit said : to Lu Lu Li, you have a look what's the matter, why these many people encircle in there.” The Rwandan advantage complied with one, the personal appearance moved, appears in Transmission square there, before long complexion ugly came back, deep voice said : Senior Brother. Why they said don’t know. Three days ago starts, these Transmission Formation cannot use, not only this. All Yangming city here Great Magical Artifact Transmission Formation cannot use, they are seeking the reason, but had not found to the present.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lu Li said. Cannot help but selected the eyebrow, look at Lu Li said : „was unable to use? Quite skillful.” Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, is your meaning?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : comes to us, this several days we in the inspection, always some people are paying attention to us. Most from the beginning I have not cared, because these fellows have not begun. However now looks like, they are only look at we, notified to the person, making others tidy up ~~ - our.” Zhang Feng stares, then does complexion change said : Ten Thousand Monster Sect?” Zhao Hai nodded, then smiles said : ** does not leave ten, First Senior Brother, opens on the ship Transmission Formation, delivers returned to in the gang to go the person, I remain, I to have a look, how Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants to cope with me.”

Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that did not have to say anything, he knows that the Zhao Hai skill, he nodded said : well, you carefully.” Said that got Lu Li of being perplexed to arrive in the cabin, after cabin, Zhang Feng benefitted said : to Lu Lu Li, today makes you know in our Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact biggest secret.” The Rwandan advantage knew now some, his face pleasantly surprised said : on our Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact, but can also use Transmission Formation?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile good that said : you said that on our Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact, but can also use Transmission Formation, this method, is Little Hai research comes out, now in Black Tiger Group on all Great Magical Artifact, can use Transmission Formation, goes nonstop to in the gang, you organize these people now, we deliver in them returned to Black Tiger Group first.” The Rwandan advantage has complied with one, face pleasantly surprised turn around walked. The Zhang Feng look at Lu Li appearance, shows a faint smile, has not said anything, he has arrived in cabin big in the room, stands is waiting for Lu Li in there they, this room is the on the ship Transmission Formation site. Before long these new income gates cultivator, by the Rwandan advantage in turn led this in the room, Zhang Feng to pack off through Transmission Formation these people, benefitted Lu has packed off, only then he who their these handled matters remained. When he arrives in the Yama Ship deck, look at of Zhao Hai face smiling face he, Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance, was shows a faint smile said : I to come back to accompany you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has patted the shoulder of Zhang Feng, deep voice said : line, made our two brothers have a look, Ten Thousand Monster Sect these time sent who to cope with us.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) Yama Ship, is flying in the Black Tiger Group direction, toward forward flight, Zhao Hai while is paying attention to all around situation carefully. Non-stop flew for one hour, one side they passed by the mountainous region, the suddenly great Great Sword air/Qi cuts together toward Yama Ship on. This Sword Qi has several meters fully, all over the body golden yellow, is ordinary like the entity, imposing manner is extraordinary, very fast, if not Zhao Hai had been being careful guards, but also cannot shunt. After evading that said Sword Qi, Zhao Hai stopped, stands in the bow, deep voice said : who? Comes out, reveals only part of the truth, dares to have the idea of our Black Tiger Group, does not want to live.” The Zhao Hai present performance simply don’t know this matter is probably same beforehand, he must to these person of misconception, he to have a look, these time comes is who. HaHaHa, Demon Blade Zhao Hai, the big reputation, sees today, mediocre.” As this laughing, several people slowly have appeared the personal appearance, these person long very strange, they wear the green cultivator robe, altogether five people, this king individual is growing a big eye, two small eye rounds, appearance very funny. However sees these five people, the eye of Zhao Hai cannot help but narrows the eyes, because he strengths of these five people unexpectedly are not presently weak, everyone has the Immortal Stage strength, five Immortal Stage Expert!

Five Immortal Stage Expert, that is not five cabbages, Zhao Hai suddenly present, oneself somewhat underestimated probably the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength, can one send out five Immortal Stage Expert , it seems like that the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength compared with want much stronger that he imagines. although thinks that however on the mouth of Zhao Hai actually still said : senior knows below, actually does not know everybody below, but also invited everybody registration number, where having a look at my Zhao Hai to have offended everybody?” That five Immortal Stage Expert, one hear of Zhao Hai said that laughs, look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : you have not offended us, but you actually offended our above people, therefore our brothers several people follow orders to take your disposition, youngster, calculated you to have bad luck, has remembered, later the trick put the highlight, some people cannot offend.” Zhao Hai look at these five Immortal Stage Expert, deep voice said : offended who below also real don’t know, can everybody give happy words?” That five Immortal Stage Expert Ha Ha the big knowledge, one is said : youngster, your idea was really too naive, gave you happy words? My being glad makes the person work as the silly ghost, you think you to be able Space Divergent Technique, can safe leave? I told you, do not have a dream, today you are impossible to run.” Said that five person personal appearance move, threw toward Zhao Hai, simultaneously five individual hands wield, the flag that five colors vary departs from their in hand, inserts during was void, Zhao Hai felt immediately all around has transmitted the intermittent energy fluctuation, this energy fluctuation probably imprisoning to be the same Space. Zhao Hai knows why now these five people have such in a big way has grasped, they actually bring one type of to imprison Space formation, it seems like it is the preparation is really complete, takes great pains that but these five people and don’t know, Zhao Hai Space Divergent Technique is different from others' Space Divergent Technique, others' Space Divergent Technique will possibly be imprisoned formation to give to surround by this Space, but he actually cannot. However Zhao Hai has not actually thought the present enters to hide to Space, or brings Zhang Feng returned to Black Tiger Group to go directly, now he needs the manpower, but these five fellows suit him, if he in many five Immortal Stage Undead Creature, his strength will increase, this to him, only then the advantage does not have the fault. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai deep voice to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, you were careful.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, Law Idol comes, a black blade pendulum, defended however to welcome toward five people. Zhang Feng looks at the Zhao Hai movement, is the personal appearance moves, had revealed own Law Idol moved forward to meet somebody toward that five Immortal Stage Expert, but he just about to moves, actually suddenly present, oneself cannot meddle unexpectedly. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;