Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1798

Five green five black, ten shadows, from the sky are transforming the position, delight that both sides fight, for the first time looks like probably is ten people are fighting to be the same, but only Zhang Feng knows, fighting has six people, one is Zhao Hai, another five Ten Thousand Monster Sect that five Immortal Stage Expert. Zhao Hai did not know that five people, Zhang Feng actually knew, that five people are very famous in Ten Thousand Monster Sect, was known as that changes color five old, is Ten Thousand Monster Sect there grown nearly ten thousand years of Expert, they are Monster Cultivator, the main body chameleon. This changes color five old biggest skills, is sneak attack, because their main bodies are the chameleons, this also made them have one type of race innate skill, this race innate skill was the stealth, therefore this changed color five always before has not become elder time Expert, the most famous forms of combat were the stealth attack Chapter 723 Strength completely present, they in Gold Core Stage, use the magic of making oneself invisible, general Immortal Stage Expert presently, to Nascent Soul Stage is so. Dies is changing color five old in hand cultivator don’t know to have many, especially their stealth sneak attack, are makes innumerable Expert cherish hatred at the scene. These time changes color five old movements to make Zhang Feng be startled, he has not thought that Ten Thousand Monster Sect will send to change color five to cope with Zhao Hai unexpectedly in old age, those who make him not think, changed color five to be old however only sneak attack, then has appeared the personal appearance, this probably was not their fight styles, this was also the Zhang Feng puzzled place. But makes Zhang Feng feel that surprised Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai person on the ship clashes, changes into five, changed color five Old Zhan with that in one, a point could not look at that is a person. Zhang Feng and don’t know. This all because of Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique relationship. Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique unified Cosmos Profound Technique, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation and Doppleganger Profound Technique in top Body-maneuvering Technique, most does not fear the group war. Do not say, only then 50 people, even if ten people, 100 individuals, Zhao Hai can also deal with, Zhao Hai now with this Body-maneuvering Technique, keeping is fluctuating the position, changes color five always to fight in together, moreover looks like has not dropped the wind probably. Changes color five old present cannot help but to have Chapter 723 The strength completely present regretted. To be honest they have not paid attention to Zhao Hai, in their eyes, Zhao Hai is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, no big deal. Sect makes their five people also attack, really a little makes a fuss over a trifling matter. Also because of this, therefore they the forms of combat that gives up themselves most being good, has not carried on stealth attack to Zhao Hai, but was one has appeared the personal appearance, has not actually thought that directly by Zhao Hai tying down.

However Zhao Hai fell quickly leeward, this did not have the matter of means that although his Cultivation Method was strange, however his true strength. Must miss compared with Immortal Stage Expert on many, in a short time possibly blocks Immortal Stage Expert, if he wants to run, general Immortal Stage Expert cannot leave behind him, but if wants the long time fight, that is not good. Zhang Feng actually can only stand in the one side staring on helplessly eyeball, because now fights of Zhao Hai with changing color five old between has carried on degree of superheating, his simply cannot meddle. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai is wielding, big city appears in changing color five old a head of person. The overhead has pounded. Changed color five old already to guard against Zhao Hai this obviously, five people of personal appearance moved, simultaneously raised head, from their mouths, departed an uneven long incomparable tongue. Welcomes toward the Fire God city that Zhao Hai release comes. Heard with a bang sound, the Fire God city to fly upside down directly. Five old bodies actually shake, has not been injured, but Zhao Hai complexion is actually one white, but immediately restored. Five old here changed Zhao Hai attention, laughs said : Zhao Hai, your too underestimated we, your methods, we already knew, possibly to be how unexpected your this? You think that depending on your strength, can drag our such long time really? We are want to take a look at your Magical Artifact are any thing, good, is good thing, above can say, this time must be able to butcher you, your thing, was our.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, coldly snorted said : wants to obtain my treasure, had a look at you to have that strength.” Said that Zhao Hai attack was quicker, meanwhile five of once for a while release Fire God city to will always carry on attack, but makes Zhang Feng feel what accident is, does not have release that type to block the Immortal Stage Expert metal beast Zhao Hai to the present, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhang Feng. Quick Zhao Hai fell leeward, although he often will carry on attack with the Fire God city, but that five Immortal Stage Expert dealt with be getting more and more convenient, falling that Zhao Hai does not need to avoid to leeward, at this moment, Zhao Hai hand suddenly wielded, the Fire God city in attack, this Fire God city became is very small, be only the a piece brick size, toward changing color a five old person pounded. Because the Fire God city changed small, target was also naturally small, changed color five old not to think that Zhao Hai will come such one move, before they also imagined, same block, the Fire God city was impossible, changed the small Fire God city changes color a five old person to pound directly. Changes color five old that person of complexion cannot help but changes, then calls out one, directly changed the body has become a incomparably huge one, the chameleon, great tongue directly his mouth in this only color deterioration Dragon's Mouth projected, welcomed toward the Fire God city.

But at this time, appears of suddenly around his personal appearance 12 metal giant beast, these 12 metal beast great appears , directly threw toward that only giant chameleon. That giant chameleon obviously has not only thought that Zhao Hai really also has this move, he stares slightly, at this moment, 12 metal beasts have killed his body successive, 12 attack struck directly on his body, the chameleon body has hurt greatly, incomparably huge tail, direct 12 metal beast draw offs. At this moment hears with a bang sound, changed the small Fire God city hits finally when that only huge color deterioration dragon's head, the head of that chameleon was only pounded crushes, a body spasm, then the four limbs extended, fell toward below. Mischievous sea that will let off this opportunity, his hand wields, received in Space to turn into Undead Creature that chameleon directly. But at this time changed color five old several other to respond that they looked their brothers were battered to death unexpectedly in their front, their eyes one was red, shouts wildly to throw toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sneers, the hand wields, three person's shadow appears in his front, these three person's shadow Qi were fat, a Qi is thin, one is actually a green robe. These three person aura are the Immortal Stage Expert aura, their appears , directly toward changing color five old other four people welcomed. But 12 metal beasts also changed color five always to welcome at this time toward one, Zhao Hai also copes with one to change color five old with 12 metal beast together, remaining four change color five old, one was blocked. Zhang Feng actually looked in there was scared, he could certainly look, after Zhao Hai, that three people who release came, before was, in Wandering Soul Group has run into that pig elder, in Wandering Soul Group that thin Immortal Stage Supreme Elder like skeleton, last just changed color by that Zhao Hai massacred five old, these three people now were not living person, they turned into Zhao Hai Undead Creature. But makes Zhang Feng feel what is surprised, these three Undead Creature strengths, unexpectedly are Immortal Stage, their strengths are not weaker than before death! Is this possible? Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, is its strength same as them before death? Did this too exaggerate? All Undead Creature that if Zhao Hai accepts, can maintain before death strength, that Zhao Hai presently in hand these Undead Creature strengths strong? Thought of here, Zhang Feng cannot help but startled spirit has had a shiver, he felt a chill in the air, from own vertebra direct impact on his top of the head, his scalp intermittent hemp. Zhang Feng knows now that his too underestimated Zhao Hai, no wonder Zhao Hai has not been willing too many to say his Undead Creature, no wonder he can creation miracle, miracle really accidentally not probably come, in the miracle back, must have the deep strength to be the backing. When he is thinking these, suddenly is a pitiful yell transmits, Zhang Feng fixes the eyes on toward the battlefield in looked that presently changes color five old by a Zhao Hai Fire God city being battered to death by that Zhao Hai and 12 metal beasts besieged, then Zhao Hai wielded, was handing over that changes color five always to take in Space, then came in release, that changed color five old really to restore before death strength, threw the past toward other three people.

Zhao Hai will not certainly let off this opportunity, threw, Zhang Feng actually can only stand on Yama Ship, thing that the dull look at battlefield, he sees today, already complete left his imagination, he felt now one did not have the elaborative faculty. To little strike many, in adding on Zhao Hai in hand also has Fire God city Ultimate Weapon, changed color five old remaining three, not long after also by Zhao Hai tidying up, Zhao Hai was also one by one received certainly in Space them, turned into Undead Creature. After waits to fight, Zhao Hai received all thing, this flashes body returned to on Yama Ship, Zhang Feng had one type of completely strange look look at Zhao Hai, did the Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, show a faint smile said : First Senior Brother? Feels being startled very?” Zhang Feng nodded, his look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this what's the matter? Why your does Undead Creature maintain before death fighting strength? Like this, your did in hand have seven Immortal Stage Undead Creature? That may on equivalent to seven Immortal Stage Expert.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, my Undead Creature can maintain before death fighting strength, but this ability is also nearest/recent has, since I after day Demon Realm there Transcends Tribulation, I presently I had this ability, before my Undead Creature, fighting strength was impossible to be so strong, these Undead Creature, were the useful special way refines, after Transcends Tribulation Stage, I presently, I in Undead Creature that changing comes out, had their before death strengths, I was also after repeatedly the smelting trial knew.” The Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai appearance is not deceiving him probably likely, cannot help but sighed said : your youngster luck is really fantastic, can obtain this ability unexpectedly, but this to our Black Tiger Group was also the good matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : naturally is the good matter, but First Senior Brother, this information told unable to reveal, not only otherwise I, entire Black Tiger Group greatly troublesome.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;