Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1799

Was saying in happy Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai that cannot help but slightly stares, then his immediately understand Zhao Hai this saying was any meaning, he also nod of cannot help but. His very clear, Zhao Hai this saying said very right, if makes others know that Zhao Hai has this ability, not at any cost will surely give to massacre Zhao Hai, especially Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Ten Thousand Monster Sect copes with Black Tiger Group repeatedly, this in Northern Divergent Province is public secret, Ten Thousand Monster Sect also knows that Black Tiger Group definitely knows is they are coping with him, but they believe that their strength, they cannot go to attack Black Tiger Group on own initiative, that will make the entire Northern Divergent Province everybody feels insecure. But if Black Tiger Group comes attack they, was given to destroy completely by them, that cannot blame them. Therefore Ten Thousand Monster Sect meets times to make others cope with Black Tiger Group, provokes Black Tiger Group, obviously they had killing intent to Black Tiger Group. If at this time, making them know that Zhao Hai had this ability, then on equal to, so long as Zhao Hai undead, his strength more will hit is stronger, was representing, so long as can Zhao Hai opportunity, a strength of Zhao Hai person, be able entire Ten Thousand Monster Sect. But retaliation heart that Zhao Hai became famous, in entire Northern Divergent Province, almost all annoys Black Tiger Group Sect not to have, suffered a loss, if makes the Zhao Hai strength stronger, that consequence is dreadful, Ten Thousand Monster Sect certainly will not hesitate when the time comes all representatives, full destroying completely Zhao Hai. Even not only Ten Thousand Monster Sect, nine Great Sect several other Great Sect feared that will be also involved, Zhao Hai Zhao Hai the ability goes against heaven's will. If cannot Zhao Hai kill, that sooner or later day of Zhao Hai threaten their status. If this time nine Great Sect were coping with Black Tiger Group, coped with Zhao Hai. That Black Tiger Group absolutely cannot block, those who when the time comes are bad luck is they. Thinks instantaneously understand Guan Qiao, Zhang Feng cannot help but let out a long breath said : good, my understand, whose this matter I no one with will say that will not say Gang Master, your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded. deep voice said : thanks First Senior Brother, walks, I think that in having others will cope with us, these time will suffice on the Ten Thousand Monster Sect heart his pain period of time.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : well, when the time comes may suffice the Ten Thousand Monster Sect heart pain a while.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, the Yama Ship direct distant place flies. In this time, suddenly Zhao Hai is hearing Cai'er to call him in Space. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turn around to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother. I go to the cabin rest a while, summoned these Immortal Stage Undead Creature is very exhausting, was using these Magical Artifact in addition. I must rest to be good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : to go quickly, here has my look at.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you not to need to manage, these harness Undead Creature of ship to know the return to the gang road. Rests, placed by oneself the optimum condition, facilitates to know that Ten Thousand Monster Sect can send for coping with us.”

Zhang Feng thinks that also nodded, they walk toward the cabin, to cabin. Zhao Hai has arranged a cabin to Zhang Feng, oneself also entered a cabin. After waiting for the cabin, this in returned to Space. To Space, Zhao Hai presently Cai'er they have stood outside, Zhao Hai puzzled look at several people of said : What happened? Cai'er shows a faint smile, puts out Bread Fruit, has given Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you have a look at this Bread Fruit to have any differences.” Zhao Hai received that Bread Fruit puzzled, carefully looked, this Bread Fruit does not have what different place, is exactly the same as Bread Fruit that in Space produces. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Cai'er said : what this does not have different place, isn't Bread Fruit that in Space produces?” Cai'er smiles said : you to have a look carefully.” Zhao Hai carefully looked at that Bread Fruit, then suddenly complexion changes, felt carefully, does this turn the head not to have Spiritual Qi to Cai'er said :? In this Bread Fruit doesn't have Spiritual Qi? this, what's going on? Cai'er shows a faint smile said : you guess right, in this Bread Fruit has Spiritual Qi, but you have not felt.” Zhao Hai stares, he felt carefully this Bread Fruit has not felt Spiritual Qi, his flash of intuition suddenly, one opened this Bread Fruit, Bread Fruit immediately turned into the a piece bread, Zhao Hai has torn down a scrap bread, put the mouth to eat one, then gawked, because this bread was really too delicious, but in this bread was also bringing thick Spiritual Qi, Bread Fruit Spiritual Qi that even planted former Space was thicker. Zhao Hai look at Cai'er said : „? Is variety that Space comes out newly-opened?” Cai'er shook the head said : these Bread Fruit is Bread Fruit that fog hidden there produces, now fog hidden there already by our conquer, to improve the life of there people, I transplanted some grown Bread Tree toward fog hidden there, has not thought that these Bread Tree moved to not long after to live, and has had Bread Fruit, but this Bread Fruit actually with Space was different, Spiritual Qi in this Bread Fruit rich, the taste was also better.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then looked at his in hand Bread Fruit said : you saying that this Bread Fruit was fog hidden there produces unexpectedly? Is this possible? Fog hidden does there have Spiritual Qi? Why in this Bread Fruit will have Spiritual Qi?” Cai'er smiles said : also has astonishingly, fog hidden there, no matter the earth or Stone, Spiritual Qi crossing of, compared with high of other places, even if an ordinary leaf of there, puts Cultivation World here, feared that can regard medicinal herbs to use, however there person although can through eating thing absorbs Spiritual Qi, but the practice is not good, the there person got down one type of to curse probably is the same, not means practice.” Zhao Hai does said : have this matter? Was this too strange?”

Cai'er smiles said : is such strange, but Elder Brother Hai, fog hidden there is actually suiting us, because there not only can provide Strength of Faith to us, but can also become our medicinal herbs planter base, what kind of?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this give you arranges, was right, the air/Qi of Faith there produces now, you must use, do not forget.” Cai'er they have complied with one. However this has not ended, Cai'er then said : also has Elder Brother Hai, I just present nine revolutions of hole end.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : really? You determined that there is nine revolutions of holes end?” Cai'er nodded said : to be definite, because the Liquid Silver flying needle has given to transform first choice passage of nine revolutions of holes, finally present there, but there is a blind alley.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Quick, leads me to have a look quickly.” Cai'er has complied with one, several people entered the villa, Zhao Hai sat on the sand, look at screen, but now the scene on screen, lets some Zhao Hai scalp hemp. This is a snake hole, inside has the countless snakes, all kinds of snakes, these snake dense and numerous entangling in together, are wriggling, entire cavern very big, but in besides the snake, did not have other thing probably, in the middle of this cavern, a Sheshan, this Sheshan was comprised of the snake, these snake very strange, they all over the body were the golden color, but was not long, each snake about one meter, only then the winecup was thick or thin. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, these snake aura unexpectedly all are Immortal Stage Expert, this was really too strange. Does Zhao Hai turn the head deep voice said : these golden small snakes what's the matter?” Cai'er shook the head said : to return don’t know, but can look, these small snakes are the heads of all snakes, moreover these golden small snakes never leave one li (0.5km), they are protecting any thing probably, what what a pity is, they are wrapping thing is anything, I actually cannot look.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this, you arrange, receives some snakes to Space, having a look at there to have anything to change, if can receive that golden small snake to enter to Space, that was better, but this matter cannot worry, these Little Jin snakes compelling anxiously, otherwise feared that will be trouble.”

Cai'er nodded said : well, this Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, I will process, right Elder Brother Hai, fog hidden there, because in Spiritual Qi in earth and water very sufficient, planter thing, succeeds is not slow, you looked that what good we do want to plant?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this I don't care, what you want to plant to plant what were good, I don't care, but to the there person good, right Cai'er, you looked that can also get so far as fog hidden there to go the exchange system?” Cai'er nodded said : we to make, Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved.” Zhao Hai then nodded, then let out a long breath said : present this busy almost finished, then waited, when day Demon Realm there will not attack.” Laura deep voice said : should be quick, just we looked, day Demon Realm there preparation Jobs is done were near the end completely, it will not take long ended, remaining opens the door.” Zhao Hai nodded, then lightly wrinkled under brow said : „to say that Cultivation World here also was really very strange, their here has put through that many subspace unexpectedly, moreover can opened the door, was too strange.” Laura their how many people also nodded, deep voice said : good, Cultivation World here was really too strange, moreover I suspected that Cultivation World here can also other link subspace, Elder Brother Hai, you not think strange? Cultivation World here Immortal Stage was Expert probably too few? Especially shape help like Black Tiger Group, properly speaking after Hu Dingshan, Black Tiger Group must other appears Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert, if, appears , that almost can live the present? How finally on only remaining Hu Dingshan?” Zhao Hai also knit the brows said : I also to feel strange, the day Demon Realm there environment comes compared with Cultivation World, must miss on, moreover there battle fierce, but day Demon Realm there Immortal Stage Expert, to are instead more than Cultivation World, isn't this is unreasonable? But what's the matter, we now are actually sound of the wind/rumor have not received, this is the strangeest place, it seems like we must wait previous some time, can slowly looked for the answer.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;