Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 18 - Chapter 1800
Iron Zhan Tian anxious in the room roves, since Lu Li they come back, iron Zhan Tian knows that lived any matter, this is also the reason that he worries. Now Zhao Hai cannot have matter, because to Black Tiger Group, Zhao Hai was really too important, in Hu Dingshan cannot in the make a move situation, Zhao Hai be Black Tiger Ultimate Weapon, if Zhao Hai had the matter , the loss of that Black Tiger Group was big. Iron Zhan Tian after listening to Lu Li words, immediately sent for Yangcheng bright there, although had not brought Great Magical Artifact, but these time sent, may be elite Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert in Black Tiger Group, however the final result had not actually found Zhao Hai. At this moment, a suddenly jade sword flew into the room, iron Zhan Tian received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, immediately saw the inside in seventh hundred 25 chapters The transfer of power accommodates, sees inside content, he cannot help but relaxed. This is Zhang Feng transmits the jade sword, Zhang Feng told him, they have truly met attack, but had actually been repelled by Zhao Hai, now in the counter- navigation, asking iron Zhan Tian not to need to be worried. After iron Zhan Tian immediately Zhang Feng replied a letter, orders these to seek for Zhao Hai their squad to come back, does not need to look. Zhang Feng has not told iron Zhan Tian, undead about Zhao Hai fresh will maintain the strength the words, he complied with Zhao Hai not saying that naturally will not say, naturally Zhang Feng all was not because such did to the commitment of Zhao Hai, what most important was, he has to listen to Zhao Hai now. Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, if he told iron Zhan Tian this matter. May have others to know very much, if makes others know that entire Cultivation World slowly knew. Such words to Black Tiger Group, to Zhao Hai, do not have any advantage, especially to Black Tiger Group. Zhang Feng very clear Zhao Hai strength, even if the entire Cultivation World people with Zhao Hai for the enemy, Zhao Hai runs up to subspace at the worst one dull, Cultivation World there person simply does not have the means with him. However Black Tiger Group is different, the person in Black Tiger Group like Zhao Hai, cannot the seventh hundred 25 chapters The transfer of power runs up to subspace, finally they certainly by other Sect extinguishing, therefore considers for Black Tiger Group, Zhang Feng will not tell iron Zhan Tian this matter. Underwent some time navigation, Zhao Hai stopped in a mountain side area, then made Undead Creature enter Transmission Formation, he and Zhang Feng harnessed Yama Ship to enter Transmission Formation directly. returned to Black Tiger Group. Now Black Tiger Group here. These squads that iron Zhan Tian sends came back, to add on Zhao Hai their this to come back, Black Tiger Group was removed the bottom has also completed this time open the entrance. This open the entrance enrolls the disciple hundred thousand person. This hundred thousand person cannot certainly make them huddle together, iron Zhan Tian has completed has assigned, this hundred thousand person divides to scatter. Divided in Black Tiger Group various halls, has left behind about 70,000 people in raging fire valley base here, the remaining thirty thousand people were assigned the Wandering Soul Group base. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng after returned to Black Tiger Group, have said a hello with iron Zhan Tian, on returned to Wandering Soul Group base there, after they arrived at Wandering Soul Group base there. Hu Liangchen on returned to the raging fire valley base, now Hu Liangchen became the iron Zhan Tian right-hand man. Iron Zhan Tian simply cannot leave him.

When the time of their returned to Wandering Soul Group base, the entire Wandering Soul Group base has constructed, this can hold with ease the base of hundred thousand person, now only lives about 70,000 people, in the base has the disciple who thirty thousand newly sweeps receives, altogether has the handymen disciple fifty thousand person, the Outer Disciple 15,000 people, four thousand Inner Disciples, 1000 are Core Disciple. Manager of entire base is Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, the matter that no matter Zhao Hai or Zhang Feng, need to handle is not many, the Black Tiger Group various halls division of labor is clear . Moreover the elder level character who base here Black Tiger Group old person has plenty, in the gang these are responsible for managing are also many, there are these people, simply cannot make any trouble, therefore Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng majority of time are used to practice. However this day quick on the past, iron Zhan Tian they delivered to Wandering Soul Group base here to help Zhao Hai the iron hawk, but he actually adjusted returned to Zhang Feng raging fire valley base there, then announced that directly he must close up, lets a Zhang Feng temporarily substituting for Black Tiger Group Gang Master value, but Hu Liang early morning became Vice-Gang Master, helping Zhang Feng together manage entire Black Tiger Group. This order issues, entire Black Tiger Group in an uproar, they have not thought that iron Zhan Tian actually will close unexpectedly up at this time, but was very well high in the in the gang human spirit in former Zhang Feng, let his temporarily substituting for Gang Master value, opposed to also nobody. When Zhao Hai hears this appointment also stares, but he has felt quickly relaxed, it seems like Gang Master this was wants to promote own strength, has carried on the power transfer while convenient. Zhao Hai already the present iron Zhan Tian strength soon can attack Immortal Stage, but why his do not understand iron Zhan Tian had not done, now looks like iron Zhan Tian grows when other Zhang Feng their this group of people, some people can replace his position, he will attack Immortal Stage. Zhao Hai to does not have other any idea, the Wandering Soul Group base here matter, mostly gave the iron hawk them to manage, but he placed in the main spirit the practice. Naturally that is only the superficial phenomenon, Zhao Hai was actually in returned to Space rests, simultaneously watched a next day Demon Realm there situation, fog hidden and nine revolutions of hole there situations. These most make his curious is nine revolutions of hole there situations, nine revolutions of hole there were too big, Zhao Hai has used the massive Liquid Silver flying needle, used more than ten days to clarify nine revolutions of holes, the entire nine revolutions of holes looked like a huge underground world, but the control of this underground world all was the snake, was not the person. Naturally most makes Zhao Hai curious, is these Little Jin snakes, these Little Jin snakes are only Zhao Hai calculate the quantity has about thousand, this figure will only increase will not reduce, must know that these Little Jin snakes may all have the Immortal Stage strength, about thousand the Little Jin snakes of Immortal Stage strengths, in did not leave not abandoned protection same thing, this makes Zhao Hai really feel curious incomparable. Simultaneously this is also the reason why Zhao Hai does not dare to cope with these Little Jin snakes, if he copes with many Little Jin snakes, these fellows annoying wool. Words that kills from nine revolutions of holes, then regarding Cultivation World, absolutely is one greatly does not have after the catastrophe. Zhao Hai very clear. Now their most important match or day Demon Realm, less than one year, the day Demon Realm person must invade Cultivation World, Zhao Hai cannot annoy these snakes at this time. But plants various herbal medicine matters in fog hidden there, very smooth that also Zhao Hai carries on, moreover he still opens the grounded exchange system in fog hidden there, many originally fog hidden there no thing. Currently had, naturally these systems are to place in the church, this also lets the fog hidden there person, was more reverent to belief of Zhao Hai. Now fog hidden there under Zhao Hai control, Zhao Hai has been able to get so far as large quantities of Strength of Faith from there completely, but these Strength of Faith Zhao Hai have not put out Space, gave Laura them to use.

The fog hidden there person their life are presently better than to be too more than before, had the exchange system, had crops of various high production. Their life had very big improvement. They can oneself unnecessary thing, exchange thing that oneself need, such day regarding the fog hidden person. Really is fantastic. Naturally now some of they also more and more much time prayed, Strength of Faith that Zhao Hai obtains were also getting more and more. Zhao Hai also present a point, that is the life of fog hidden there person. The life of fog hidden there person is very long, lives ordinarily several hundred years old is very normal matter, over thousand years old are not considered as that longevities, they most can live about 2000 years old. However their fertilities are actually under very low, although their status are very good, but is very difficult the child. This is also has must lose. Other cultivator that if changes into, want to rule fog hidden. Also is really not that easy, except for like beforehand that Ghost Cultivator, otherwise general cultivator, definitely has met to fog hidden here is not familiar with, because fog hidden here does not have Spiritual Qi, you can only grounded eat thing to absorb Spiritual Qi, moreover these Spiritual Qi also very difficult to absorb, wants to practice with these Spiritual Qi, is almost impossible. Except that like Zhao Hai, has Space to provide the Spiritual Qi person to him, other cultivator will enter fog hidden, the strength slowly will drop, finally became in the person with fog hidden is the same, cannot practice, cannot use any Spell. Zhao Hai also tries to untie fog hidden there not to have the fan of Spiritual Qi, but actually has achieved nothing finally, fog hidden there is not big, but is not small, entire Continent does not look like any difference, if only one by one different thing is anything, feared that was that gathers round fog hidden the mist, but these mist Zhao Hai actually simply could not bump into, because there is one layer transparent protective shield, has kept off these mist, Zhao Hai simply cannot be feeling. Zhao Hai originally thinks that that layer protective shield under that Space protective shield in cold deep pool is the same, only prevents the soul thing, but was quick he presently to delimit, that protective shield can block any thing, even by his present strength attack that protective shield, that protective shield is a response does not have, this also made Zhao Hai to there more curious. However no matter he is curious, he does not have the means to know that now these mist are any thing, therefore can only be look at stares on helplessly. He to is knows how now beforehand that Ghost Dao cultivator enters to fog hidden, he that Ghost Dao cultivator turning into Undead Creature, later naturally all asked. That Ghost Dao cultivator is when with person battle, had been killed, then in waking, changes became a child in fog hidden, later he presently there does not have Spiritual Qi, without the means practice, has thought finally one type of method, that is the soul of personnel practices. When words that Zhao Hai in hearing this fellow spoke, has been shocked, he has not thought that the matter can be this unexpectedly, the experience of this Ghost Dao cultivator, sees likely is by the novel of his lead, but this lead, has run into the Zhao Hai this even bigger lead finally, therefore on tragedy. Time past bit by bit, Cultivation World here resembled calm, especially Northern Divergent Province, was Ping Biao extraordinary, Ten Thousand Monster Sect there has not spread changes color five always killed information, they did not have to begin to Black Tiger Group. But Black Tiger Group does not have to expand own domain, does not have optional goes to other attack Sect, on the noise-maker blade gate, sinking Sand sect, dry Fujimoto helps them not go to cope with the great strength, probably does not care to be the same the beforehand matter. However don’t know why, the entire Northern Divergent Province person, can feel that one type of depressing atmosphere, probably before is the storm approaches the tranquility, that type makes people feel that tranquilly somewhat suffocates. However no matter what, the entire Northern Divergent Province people know that the Black Tiger Group strength is very strong, they cannot annoy, hundred hua valley not too has existed the alternative that Ten Thousand Monster Sect pays attention, does not sweep annoys Black Tiger Group, do not say other people, but Black Tiger Group most performance also very strange, their although contacts with other Sect, however Black Tiger Group disciple actually little took a walk in Northern Divergent Province, they every time send is Expert, moreover these people are also exiting in groups, you are want to begin to them not to be impossible.

Why Black Tiger Group must such do, actually nobody can talk clearly, but people present, since Black Tiger Group receives the disciple after Yangming city there open the entrance, Yangming city there day Yang Meng, actually started to alert, probably some worry people must cope with them to be the same, this cannot help but let some people recollections in close succession, between don’t know day Yang Meng and Black Tiger Group lived anything not to be happy The quickest writing Renews -&\; 1 t \; >\; - adless But another makes people feel that the odd things matter also lived, Yangming city there does not have Sect Rogue Cultivator, is excellent regarding the impression of Black Tiger Group, mentioned Black Tiger Group, these Rogue Cultivator each and every one probably were mentioned that own Sect same pride, but why they will have such performance, made the person somewhat unable to feel the brains. Afterward also some people of release sound of the wind/rumor came, said that Black Tiger Group pledged to these Rogue Cultivator, so long as these Rogue Cultivator had any difficulty to look for Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group certain help. Hears this view, all people will snort contemptuously, looks like in these Great Sect, this is a polite speech, simply nobody cares. However is quick they to know one have made a mistake, these words and are not only a polite speech, these words really useful. In Zhao Hai they recruit disciple in the Yangming city a five months later day, cultivator arrived at Black Tiger Group, this cultivator black cultivator clothing/taking, looks like, only then over 20 years old, but can look, his cultivator clothing/taking somewhat was worn-out, obviously is mixing is not the good person. This person of strength only then builds up the god time, is not very strong, in Cultivation World here, belongs to most low level cultivator, like cultivator, if goes to other Sect, feared that looked some people will not look at his one eyes, but now this cultivator actually appears in Black Tiger Group Transmission square here. Black Tiger Group looked that disciple of Transmission square sees this person, actually cannot help but stares, then knitting the brows head of gently, because he can affirm that this person is not Black Tiger Group disciple, in Black Tiger Group, cultivation level like this person, is handymen disciple, but is Black Tiger Group handymen disciple, will not mix such looks like him to be miserable, Black Tiger Group handymen disciple, will put the cultivator clothing/taking every year, definitely will not have the person to wear such worn-out clothes. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;