Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1801

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " Liu Wenqiang look at to the cultivator that walked, his cannot help but somewhat is at heart anxious, he does not have the means not to be anxious, thinks that his Rogue Cultivator, simply any backer, Great Sect he has not been one time has not gone, if this time not compelled does not have the means that he will not come Black Tiger Group. Liu Wenqiang is previous time participates in one of the Black Tiger Group open the entrance inspection Rogue Cultivator, when by his strength, nose might die very much, but his being in luck although very walked slow a point, but actually lived to walk from nine revolutions of holes. although lived to walk, but he actually not through inspection, the words that but Zhao Hai spoke he to heard, he also very precious preservation that Jade Token . Actually after the inspection, has plenty Rogue Cultivator discarded Jade Token , at that time when Zhao Hai said these, these Rogue Cultivator one excited, kept Jade Token , but they think afterward that had such good deed, you immaterial Rogue Cultivator, these Great Sect that can manage your life, the difficulty certainly helped, this hear was the polite speech, looked like in these Rogue Cultivator, Zhao Hai at that time also nothing but was that a saying, by Black Tiger Group in these person kept a good impression at heart, nobody will take this Jade Token Black Tiger Group to seek the help. As for Zhao Hai said that can make their Clan disciple formally join Black Tiger Group matter, has plenty Rogue Cultivator not care, in their opinion, if Clan disciple is outstanding enough, that naturally can Bai Ru good Sect, even can formally join look like Ten Thousand Monster Sect to go, that did not compare to do obeisance into Black Tiger Group much better. If innate skill is not good, Black Tiger Group same will not want, therefore afterward many Rogue Cultivator, directly that Jade Token discarding. But Liu Wenqiang does not have, his careful kept that Jade Token , because of Liu Wenqiang also Younger Brother, but his Younger Brother practice innate skill be much better than him, Liu Wenqiang is having a hope, he hoped some day his Younger Brother to grow, he can let his Younger Brother join with this Jade Token to Black Tiger Group. Liu Wenqiang has not thought must make his Younger Brother join arrive at Ten Thousand Monster Sect, because he has the big enmity with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, his father and mothers are Rogue Cultivator, once they exit to pick the medicine time, luck specially good, picked a ten thousand years of ginseng fruit, but has not actually thought that talent can arouse jealousy, Liu Wenqiang's parents have not thought that ten thousand years of ginseng fruit that this can change their destiny, made them lose one's life finally.

Ten Thousand Monster Sect disciple settled on that ginseng fruit, came a murder to seize the treasure directly, finally Liu Wenqiang's parents were killed by that Ten Thousand Monster Sect disciple, but then Liu Wenqiang was only 17 -year-old, his Younger Brother is only five years old. His parents' corpse is other cultivator helps to transport, Liu Wenqiang also knows that whose hand his parents die, therefore he naturally cannot make his Younger Brother enter Ten Thousand Monster Sect. However he wants to look for Ten Thousand Monster Sect to revenge is impossible, because in Northern Divergent Province here, not having Sect dares to offend Ten Thousand Monster Sect. However the nearest/recent situation had some changes, Ten Thousand Monster Sect in suppressing the Black Tiger Group matter, almost all Northern Divergent Province people knew, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect had not actually yielded any result, moreover Black Tiger Group also more hit probably is stronger, probably did not fear Ten Thousand Monster Sect, this made Liu Wenqiang see the hope, because saw the hope of revenging, therefore Liu Wenqiang hoped his Younger Brother to be able join to Black Tiger Group. However this time Liu Wenqiang comes Black Tiger Group, actually does not want to let his Younger Brother join Black Tiger Group, because his Younger Brother soon died. Liu Wenqiang after Black Tiger Group that inspection, although has not died, but cannot join Black Tiger Group, like their these Rogue Cultivator, unable join Sect, that only to return to the beforehand life, Liu Wenqiang is also same, he returned to the beforehand life, he has made duty, this time duty was mines, so long as he dug seven days of ores, on can obtain the a piece Crystal Stone reward, the although reward were not many, but regarding their these strength not high Rogue Cultivator, was actually the safest work. After Liu Wenqiang has dug some time ore, has made other duty, last duty helps Medicine Shop pick the medicine, when he has handed over duty, being filled with joy takes the reward to go home, presently own Younger Brother is actually given to injure. Them Rogue Cultivator like Liu Wenqiang, must exiting work since childhood, his Younger Brother is also same, but Liu Wenqiang is grieved his Younger Brother, has not made his Younger Brother do the heavy labor, but makes him go to bright in the city Medicine Shop, when partner/shop assistant, does not use the dry heavy labor as the matter stands, two come to study some thing, to let his Younger Brother becomes this partner/shop assistant, he has taken many efforts, but also has put out the complete savings, bribed slightly Medicine Master in Medicine Shop, this obtained this opportunity. But this time his Younger Brother is injured, is matter that because works in Medicine Shop, his Younger Brother when Medicine Shop work, because must help Medicine Master take the medicine anxiously, has not dashed cultivator carefully, but that cultivator Ten Thousand Monster Sect Inner Disciples, that Ten Thousand Monster Sect Inner Disciples rashly gives him a Younger Brother foot, kicked the severe wound his Younger Brother directly, was rescued by his neighbor went home, already soon not line. although has used many medicine, but his Younger Brother has actually been hanging the one breath, simply any appearance of change for the better, Liu Wenqiang has not listened to old Rogue Cultivator saying that what his Younger Brother receives is Ran Shang, wants in curing his Younger Brother sickness, wants some on ~~ ef = " &\; 1 t \; >\; - net

Renewal ~~ and other medicine pill is good, but these high grade medicine pill they are actually one cannot afford. For his Younger Brother, Liu Wenqiang must have the last hope, takes these time to pick the reward that the medicine obtains, sat Transmission Formation, arrived at Black Tiger Group foreign Transmission Formation square here. That Black Tiger Group cultivator, has arrived at Liu Wenqiang, has sized up Liu Wenqiang one eyes, deep voice said : this friend from there? What matter has to my Black Tiger Group?” Liu Wenqiang swallowed. The saliva, careful said : Martial Uncle hello, I am Rogue Cultivator of Yangming city, my name was Liu Wenqiang, previous time I participated in the inspection of expensive gang, regret has not passed, but afterward Mr. Zhao Hai stayed behind to my a piece Jade Token , said that so long as I had the matter to Black Tiger Group to seek help, today I am come Black Tiger Group to seek help.” That Black Tiger Group cultivator one hear of Liu Wenqiang said that cannot help but slightly stares, then he nodded said : mister had said such words, with shows me your Jade Token .” Liu Wenqiang immediately took own Jade Token , gave Black Tiger Group that cultivator, Black Tiger Group that cultivator looked, nodded said : „is really Jade Token that Zhao Hai Martial Uncle put, Martial Uncle has the command, all held this Jade Token to come the Black Tiger Group person, can go to the Wandering Soul Group base to look for him, I led you to go.” Liu Wenqiang's excited serious, he bows to that Black Tiger Group cultivator said : thanks a lot Martial Uncle, thanks a lot Martial Uncle!” In that Black Tiger Group cultivator beckoned with the hand, getting Liu Wenqiang to arrive around Transmission Formation to be good, getting Liu Wenqiang to get up Transmission Formation, flash of white light, their appears in Wandering Soul Group base Transmission square here. Their appears Wandering Soul Group base Transmission square here, immediately had cultivator to walk, what matter two Junior Brother came to the Wandering Soul Group base to their said :? But needs to help.” Liu Wenqiang looks, young cultivator, look at of face smiling face they, that Black Tiger Group cultivatorhad seen Senior Brother to this young cultivator said : at this time, Senior Brother, this is Liu Wenqiang, he is Rogue Cultivator of Yangming city, today takes Zhao Hai Martial Uncle to give his Jade Token to come specially to seek help, the little brother led him to come. That young cultivator one hear of he said that stares slightly, then quickly said: „, Two came with me.” Said that makes them walk toward base, arranged in them Cave Mansion of base, making them rest, his immediately went to report Zhao Hai this matter. Before this is also , order under Zhao Hai, if there is Yangming city there Rogue Cultivator, holds Jade Token to seek help, wants first to tell him. Reason that Zhao Hai must such do, for is the standing timber monetary reward, the daughter sells horse bone, he must make Yangming city there Rogue Cultivator have a look, their Black Tiger Group means what he says. Before Black Tiger Group can receive some Rogue Cultivator to enter to Black Tiger Group, because feared that Ten Thousand Monster Sect responded excessively, therefore they have only recruited the hundred thousand person, moreover all was some Inferior level cultivator. However Zhao Hai actually gives Yangming city there other Rogue Cultivator, Jade Token , for makes a good impression to these Rogue Cultivator, if these Rogue Cultivator have any matter, asked their heads, they can also help, such these Rogue Cultivator on understand, this Jade Token were effective, they had any matter, first thought naturally was Black Tiger Group, will have a sense of belonging of silk to Black Tiger Group, this on was enough. This sense of belonging possibly cannot look at anything when normally, but if Cultivation World is facing an unprecedented catastrophe, this sense of belonging will play huge doing to use, so long as when the time comes Black Tiger Group calls from a high place, they meet join Black Tiger Group, that Black Tiger Group strength can expand instantaneously.

although said these Rogue Cultivator strengths not necessarily strongly, commodity that but regarding Black Tiger Group, they do not lack training these Rogue Cultivator, what they lack is the person. Snake holes in Zhao Hai research nine revolutions of hole in Space, Cai'er is telling him, some people look for him, probably the Transmission Formation custo in Wandering Soul Group base, Zhao Hai then came out from Space, making that Transmission Formation custo enter his Cave Mansion. That custo entered Cave Mansion, has seen Martial Uncle to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at that custo said :to deploy troops, has any mountain Said. ” As soon as that custo listens to Zhao Hai to call his bright character unexpectedly, a he cannot help but excitement, take deep breaths calm one own mood said : Martial Uncle, Rogue Cultivator of Yangming city, took you to give his Jade Token to come to pray for rescue, do you look?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then arrived came the interest, showed a faint smile said : some people to come finally, he he, went, brought to come to here him.” Deployed troops to comply with one, turn around asked Liu Wenqiang. Before long that Black Tiger Group cultivator and that Liu Wenqiang arrived in Zhao Hai Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai sits in there, look at these two people, his eyes saw a Liu Wenqiang of old clothes, turns the head to look at another person, cannot help but has actually gawked, then smiles said : 6 to raise, your did youngster run up to here to come? Do you also want to pretend to be Rogue Cultivator of Yangming city to be inadequate?” 6 raise smiles said : „my to dare that Martial Uncle, this Brother Liu younger brother took Jade Token to find my there, I led him to come.”( To be continued. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;