Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1802

~ date: ~ in November o1 date ~ Liu Wenqiang face excited look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought, oneself one day with looking like the contact of Zhao Hai type influential figure such short distance.(, Powerful literary network A Zhao Hai look at face excited Liu Wenqiang, shows a faint smile, he almost can understand Liu Wenqiang's mood, therefore he does show a faint smile said : Liu Wenqiang? Are you person who that time participates in the Black Tiger Group open the entrance inspection?” Liu Wenqiang nodded said : is, Liu Wenqiang has seen senior.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „I am not senior, calling me mister to be good, I have said that so long as were the person who that time participated in the inspection, took Jade Token to find Black Tiger Group, we with every effort helped certainly, you said that what matter these time did come Black Tiger Group to have?” As soon as Liu Wenqiang listened to Zhao Hai saying that one of the throwing gave Zhao Hai to kneel down, flowed eye said : please first Chapter 727 personally to treat and cure to live to rescue my Younger Brother.” Zhao Hai wields, Liu Wenqiang felt that a great strength raids, his cannot help but stood to get up sea then said : „saying that your Younger Brother What happened? Liu Wenqiang has scratched tears said : mister, I am Rogue Cultivator, when my over ten years old, my parents by the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person killing, at that time my Younger Brother was only five years old, now he was 15 years old, in bright in the city Medicine Shop, when Apprentice, but in former several days, he carefully has not dashed Ten Thousand Monster Sect Inner Disciples, that Inner Disciples has actually kicked a foot, received the internal injury, we have used all medicine, has not cured, eye look at he did not want the line, I asked mister to help.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so that's how it is. Good, happen to I today do not have what matter, with you.” Said that Zhao Hai has stood. Zhao Hai stands. Felt that in Cave Mansion a peace, he takes a broad view looks, presently Liu Wenqiang they several people of dull look at he, Zhao Hai looks at their expressions, knows that these people are thinking anything. His present status is not ordinary, one of the Black Tiger Group Core Disciple, commanding officer of Black Tiger Group two big base bases.(, The powerful literary network position feared that early morning his Chapter 727 personally do not treat and cure such Great Clan Patriarch difference compared with Hu Liang, by his present status, for unexpectedly Rogue Cultivator leaves to go to the Yangming city personally, this feared that is all people cannot think. Zhao Hai has not cared, he looked at several people of one, showed a faint smile said : to be good, left is so surprised, happen to I also want to go to Yangming city there to transfer the extension, Liu Wenqiang. let's go.” Flowing that Liu Wenqiang look at Zhao Hai appearance tears cannot stop, many years, was born to start from him. Their these Rogue Cultivator, had not taken has been seeing, now Zhao Hai unexpectedly for his matter. Is willing to run personally a Yangming city, this is the big face, has placed the body of Black Tiger Group in this time Liu Wenqiang's heart completely.

Liu Wenqiang plump has knelt to Zhao Hai, has knocked three heads respectfully, this has stood, walks with Zhao Hu outside. Zhao Hai one time has not been stopping Liu Wenqiang. Shows a faint smile, making Liu Wenqiang walk outward. Before long their // quickest writing renewals did not have the advertisement // to arrive at Transmission Formation square here of Wandering Soul Group base, then they got up Transmission Formation, flash of white light, vanished in Transmission Formation. Next quarter they appears in Transmission Formation square there of Yangming city, they just one walked from Transmission Formation, immediately had cultivator to walk, he looked at Zhao Hai and Liu Wenqiang, in the eye has shown a puzzled facial expression, but deep voice said : two, used Transmission to come, person of a piece Crystal Stone.” Zhao Hai has not said anything, hand turned puts out two low level Crystal Stone to lose to that person, getting Liu Wenqiang to walk outward. That person looked at Zhao Hai one puzzled, because he has not seen clearly the Zhao Hai strength, this person of is in itself Gold Core Stage cultivator, he has not seen clearly the Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly, this is also his puzzled place. However he looked Zhao Hai that happy has handed over Crystal Stone, has not cared Zhao Hai, in his opinion, the Zhao Hai strength is certainly not much, but practiced one type of to hide oneself aura Cultivation Method, will therefore make the person unable to see clearly his strength. The person who because this person very clear, oneself cannot see clearly the strength had two situations, one type is has practiced special Cultivation Method, hid the strength, making him unable to see clearly, the second type were too more than him, therefore he could not see clearly the opposite party practice, if the one type of person, his strength certainly will not be strong, therefore can only the little darling has handed over Crystal Stone, but so long as the second person showed own strength, here Transmission Formation simply used casually, naturally cannot give him Crystal Stone. Liu Wenqiang somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, his understand, why Zhao Hai still will not proceed to that person Crystal Stone sea, Liu Wenqiang follows in the Zhao Hai side, suddenly Zhao Hai deep voice said : „are you strange, why do I want to give him Crystal Stone?” Liu Wenqiang stares, then one startled, he thinks that Zhao Hai is blaming him being impolite, his quickly said: Invited mister original startled, I truly was somewhat puzzled.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, because does not have that necessity, he in my eyes, but ants like existence, is not worth me taking offense, said it, Crystal Stone regarding me, simply is not useful, I do not need for that two Crystal Stone, making him know that my strength, here is the Ten Thousand Monster Sect domain, Ten Thousand Monster Sect must kill me repeatedly, I do not want to make Ten Thousand Monster Sect know that I went to the Yangming city.” Liu Wenqiang stares, then his deep voice said : asked mister feel relieved, Wen Qiang certainly to for mister secret.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to arrive at also the water to, I do not want to make Ten Thousand Monster Sect know that I come to the Yangming city, is not because I fear them, Ten Thousand Monster Sect also how me not to, I do not want to conflict with them, Wen Qiang, you have remembered, in having about one year, in Cultivation World will have an important matter to live, this important matter relationship to entire Cultivation World, if when the time comes you want, can look for me to Black Tiger Group.”

Liu Wenqiang somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, but he had not asked that but bows to Zhao Hai said : is, the villain took down.” Zhao Hai sighed these words that said : I spoke, you can tell with Rogue Cultivator that you requested, if when the time comes really had the matter to live, you can bring their together to come Black Tiger Group to look for me, you want certainly to know that what matter was? Does not need to think, when the time comes you knew.” Liu Wenqiang has complied with one, was not asking, at this time they left the Transmission Formation square, Zhao Hai looked at all around said : you to guide.” Liu Wenqiang has complied with one, when flies first in a direction, Zhao Hai also followed, before long they went out of town, outside the city has a big Stone house, but these Stone houses look like very worn-out, Zhao Hai looks on understand, here certainly was the slum in Yangming city. Liu Wenqiang leads Zhao Hai to fly the sky that their family was, embarrassed to Zhao Hai said : mister, here is the place that we live, toward a forward flight point was being our family.” Why did Zhao Hai nod said : you not to live in in the city? Can the in the city house collect fees?” Liu Wenqiang nodded said : is, the in the city house must collect fees, because in the city is richer than outside the city Spiritual Qi, therefore the in the city house almost got up by day Yang Meng control, they can these houses rent to these competent Rogue Cultivator, every month must charge certain fee, we cannot pay the expense, therefore can only live in outside the city, here was called the fish pond, because the here people are the fish, lets the person to prey, but might also soar, but Leap Through Dragon Gate dragon.” Zhao Hai nodded, Liu Wenqiang decreased in altitude, fell in courtyard, in this courtyard also several cultivator, these cultivator strengths were not very strong, moreover could look, the age is not small, standing that now several people looked distressed in there, low voice speech. At this time these people looked at Liu Wenqiang to fall, oldest first somewhat vigilantly looked at Zhao Hai one, then turned the head to Liu Wenqiang said : Wen Qiang, you ran that to go, the small skill is not quickly good, this was?” Liu Wenqiang deep voice said : Hao Ye, this is I invites rescues the small skill.” Said that turned the head to Zhao He ritual said : mister, my Younger Brother called Liu Wen yi, these were my father and grandfather's good friend.” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : Hello everyone to these people, my advanced small skill.” Said that turn around walks toward in the room, Liu Wenqiang follows hastily in the Zhao Hai side. As soon as they enter room Zhao Hai to stare, he has not thought really that in Cultivation World here, really also has such crude house, the entire house only then two rooms, each room has spread the one layer straw cushion on the place, is not having other thing, now looks like the 14 ~ 15 years old child, frontage like spirit money same lying down in there, breath very rapid, a air vent are many, enters air/Qi few appearances.

Zhao Hai has not said anything, the hand wields, one group of white light cover on the body of that child, then white light submerging slowly to the body of child , the breath of child slowly gentle, on face also slowly was good, then Zhao snort|hum arrived at the side of child, capture the wrist|skill of child, Spiritual Qi input in within the body of child, transferred a circle in careful within the body, the children were presently good, Zhao Hai feel relieved. However on the face of Zhao Hai suddenly has shown an astonished facial expression, he has cannot help but closed the eye, was transferred in within the body of child by own Spiritual Qi carefully, this has taken back own Spiritual Qi, look at this child who then his two eyes shines. Liu Wenqiang's puzzled look at Zhao Hai, then in a soft voice said : mister, small skill he how?” Zhao Hai one recovers, he turned the head to look at Liu Wenqiang one eyes, showed a faint smile said : not to have relationship, the small skill he was completely good, a while can wake, you came with me, I had several words to you tell.” Said that Zhao Hao, walked toward the room outside. Liu Wenqiang, to outside, Zhao Hai presently Hao Ye they also has stood in there hastily, he has not cared, shows a faint smile to several people, nodded, then deep voice said : Wen Qiang, small skill child is not an average person, in his body includes air/Qi of extremely strong sharp [gold/metal], if I have not guessed that wrong, he should be Metal element Divergent Warlock , but has not awakened, if you agree, I go back the small skill belt, making him I help disciple, how do you look?” As soon as Liu Wenqiang listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but the great happiness, was bowing said : „to take responsibility depending on mister to Zhao Hai, youngster did not have absolutely won't object.” Zhao Hai nodded, in this time, is hearing in the room a voice of child to transmit said : Elder Brother, Elder Brother, you where?” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;