Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1803

Liu Wenqiang hears the Younger Brother sound, quickly said: Literary arts do not fear, I. * 1 * 1 * said that bows to Zhao Hai, turn around runs toward the room. At this time Hao Ye their several people had also encircled, nodded to Zhao Hai, walked toward the room, when entered the room, they also curiously looked at Zhao Hai one, obviously they also want to know that Zhao Hai was who. Zhao Hai has not cared, he not in room, but has stood in courtyard, he knows that at this time made Liu Wenqiang speak with his Younger Brother to well well. Before long Liu Wenqiang is leading Liu Wen skill walked out, just Liu Wen yi hid in there, Zhao Hai has not thought anything, the appearance that now looks at Liu Wen yi, Zhao Hai also cannot help but shook the head, Liu Wen skill very thin, looks like looks like the malnutrition is the same, but eye very big, appears very smart, but the figure is not tall, although 15 years old, but looks like has the height of 13 ~ 14 years old child probably. Liu Wenqiang leads Liu Wen skill to come out from room, arrives at Zhao Hai, Liu Wenqiang Liu Wen yi has then knelt, they knocked three heads to Zhao Hai, Liu Wenqiang to Zhao Hai said : mister, thanks a lot you have then rescued the small skill, your benevolence to our brothers, we forever bore in mind, Wen Qiang also thanked you to be able the small skill to receive mountain gate/entrance in here, too thanked.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not to need to be polite, quickly, I also settled on innate skill of small skill, I believe that the small skill innate skill soon must awaken, Wen Qiang, my matter are many, cannot in here dull too long time. This. I lead the small skill to go back first, you can look at him at any time, I can also make you go with my together now, but remembers I come time to words that you spoke? One year, one year later, you in look for me, can lead many people to lead many people.” Liu Wenqiang one on understand meaning of Zhao Hai, his although don’t know one year later will live any matter, but can make Zhao Hai attach great importance, that certainly is not the small matter. Moreover listens to the meaning of Zhao Hai, that matter also will possibly threaten their life, therefore Liu Wenqiang immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, invited mister feel relieved. I know how should do.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at Liu Wen does yi, show a faint smile said : your to name be Liu Wen yi is? Do you want to revenge? To let your Elder Brother on auspicious day?” Liu Wen yi knows that was Zhao Hai has rescued his life, his although was young, because worked outside since childhood, the mental ratio ordinary child was much maturer, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that nod said : that he made an effort was mister, I want to revenge, my wish let Elder Brother on the auspicious day.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to revenge. Wish makes your Elder Brother on auspicious day follow me.” Liu Wen yi looked at Liu Wenqiang one eyes, in Liu Wenqiang eyes has one does not abandon, is more is actually gratified, his look at Liu Wen skill said : literary arts, go along with mister, the elder brother has the time to visit you.” Liu Wen yi nodded, he arrives at the Zhao Hai side, thanks a lot mister gives shelter to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, traces his head said : to be good, you did not need such politely. In the future the two brothers will reunite, but I want to make your Elder Brother help my working sentiment now, wanting earlier can reunite with you.” Liu Wen yi sensible nod, has not been saying anything, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Liu Wenqiang. The hand wielded, steals „the here surface had some Crystal Stone to his Space Bag said :. 1(1) sufficed your one year to use, Magical Artifact, you were also keeping using, has remembered, one year later.” Said that he and Liu Wen yi body flew, flies toward bright in the city, before long on vanish from sight.

Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, Hao Ye immediately has arrived at Liu Wenqiang's said : Wen Qiang, who is that person? Did you invite from there? Did he bring to there the small skill?” Liu Wenqiang goes to Black Tiger Group to invite the person time, has not told Hao Ye them, because Liu Wenqiang knows that Hao Ye they will certainly not agree, therefore Hao Ye they and don’t know Zhao Hai status. Now one hear of Hao Ye said that Liu Wenqiang has cannot help but smiled, he looked at Hao Ye their several people of eyes, deep voice said : Hao Ye, we entered the room to say.” Said that then Hao Ye they walks toward the room, Hao Ye they not polite, entered the room with Liu Wenqiang. Liu Wenqiang invited after the room in Hao Ye they sits down, this deep voice said : Hao Ye, just that person is Black Tiger Group Demon Blade Mr. Zhao Hai, I took Black Tiger Group to go to Black Tiger Group there to seek an interview Mr. Zhao Hai to my Jade Token before, has not thought that mister came unexpectedly.” Hao Ye who just sat down they, one hear of Liu Wenqiang said that cannot help but gawked, one of the then sigh has stood, Hao Ye look at Liu Wenqiang said : you were said that just that was Mr. Zhao Hai? Demon Blade Zhao Hai? Black Tiger Group Zhao Hai?” Liu Wenqiang nodded said : well, just that was Mr. Zhao Hai, Demon Blade Zhao Hai, after previous time participated in the inspection, mister told us, the person who all participated in the inspection, can keep that Jade Token , if there is any difficulty, can look for him to Black Tiger Group, but afterward many people do not believe that Jade Token throwing, me was keeping Jade Token , actually considered for the literary arts, I think in the future one day, waited for the literary arts to grow up, I led him to go to the Black Tiger Group try one's chance, has not actually thought that the literary arts were injured unexpectedly, my means that cannot finally Black Tiger Group there tries, I cannot the look at literary arts such.” Hao Ye they are some have not responded that moves also motionless look at Liu Wenqiang, some little time Hao Yecai responded, his great happiness said : that just Mr. Zhao Hai carried off the literary arts, is wish lets his join Black Tiger Group?” As soon as Liu Wenqiang listens to Hao Ye such to ask, the smiling face on face cannot help but more, he nodded said : well, mister settled on innate skill of small skill, must let small skill join Black Tiger Group, has not thought really that this is willing such quickly to realize.” At this time another person was one does not have, one of the but sigh has stood, ran outward, Liu Wenqiang looked at that person of one, showed a faint smile has not made noise, he knows why that person worried, because before that person of Younger Brother, participated in the inspection, moreover was living, his Younger Brother in hand also had a piece Jade Token . In the past said that must discard. Also don’t know discarded, if discarded, that was a pity. Hao Ye they naturally also knows this matter, therefore looked at that person of one, has not said anything. Hao Ye turns the head look at Liu Wenqiang said : Wen Qiang, you go to Black Tiger Group to pray for rescue, how will Mr. Zhao Hai come with you personally?” One hear of Hao Ye said that on Liu Wenqiang's face cannot help but appears a smiling face, he has smiled said : Hao Ye, you are don’t know. The Black Tiger Group there person, is very polite to us, I went to an explanation status, the Black Tiger Group person. immediately leads me to see mister, mister received me personally, heard that the small skill the matter, mister said that he happen to does not have what matter, must come to see personally, recalls really that all these also like have a dream.” Another cultivator is actually somewhat puzzled look at Liu Wenqiang said : Wen Qiang, before mister, to one year that you said what's the matter?” As soon as Liu Wenqiang listened saying that was also silent. said : mister told me, he said that when has less than one year, Cultivation World will have a drastic change, this drastic change will possibly change the entire Cultivation World pattern, he said that if when the time comes our these Rogue Cultivator do not have the place, can go to Black Tiger Group to look for him.”

Hao Ye they, as soon as listened to Liu Wenqiang saying that cannot help but gawked, Hao Yegeng was what drastic change mister does have to Liu Wenqiang said : in the final analysis is?” Liu Wenqiang shook the head said : this mister to not saying that but evidently probably is not the minor matter, you also saw. Just mister explain/transfer my good several times . Moreover, this drastic change, possibly the danger will cooperate evidently our life.” Hao Ye knitting the brows head, what meaning then look at Liu Wenqiang said : that is mister? Does he want to make us go to Black Tiger Group? Will Black Tiger Group accept us?” Liu Wenqiang looked at outside the room. Pulls down sound speaking sounds: Hao Ye, you also knows. Black Tiger Group does not cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, this Black Tiger Group one has recruited the hundred thousand person, has exempted conspicuously, if a Black Tiger Group move of person are too many, Ten Thousand Monster Sect these fellows will comply? Black Tiger Group to avoid suspicion, these time has only recruited the hundred thousand person, but nearest/recent they in the hiring, now in the hiring, that will be inconspicuous, mister said for one year later, Cultivation World will have the drastic change, that definitely will have, when the time comes Ten Thousand Monster Sect feared that from giving a thought to the flaw, naturally did not have the time to manage Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group receives too many people, will not have the matter.” Hao Ye somewhat scruple said : „, but Black Tiger Group receives that many people, do they have place An Zhi?” Liu Wenqiang smiles said : Hao Ye, you have forgotten, Black Tiger Group extinguished the roaring flame sect and Wandering Soul Group, can they not have the place? I heard, roaring flame sect and Wandering Soul Group person, Black Tiger Group how many, but has not left behind, can the domains of three gangs, by Black Tiger Group control, Black Tiger Group all not have the place? I thought that they are lack talented person to be right.” As soon as Hao Ye listened to Liu Wenqiang saying that has gawked, then nodded is reasonable, although don’t know real situation that said : said that but I thought that was very likely like you said that moreover before this, Black Tiger Group with the war that five Great Sect turned continually, was planned by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, lost is not small, I think their population now certainly am the serious insufficiency, therefore Black Tiger Group wanted the hiring not wrong, what in this year the drastic change was, to has some worries by me, can be Black Tiger Group must resort to violence to Ten Thousand Monster Sect?” Liu Wenqiang shook the head said : I not to look like, quick of although Black Tiger Group show, but must mention the strength to come, Black Tiger Group also falls far short compared with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, said it is Black Tiger Group must begin to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, that is also the Northern Divergent Province matter, but is impossible to affect several other Great Province, relationship that mister said to entire Cultivation World.” Hao Ye nodded said : „seems like this, but no matter what, we prepare not to have the mistake, I look at this, these days we relation well one all around person, all with our intimate people, we relates, was right, in rescues the small skill the matter also to pass on mister, as the matter stands these in hand have the Black Tiger Group Jade Token person, on careful taking care Jade Token , if alike mister says, one year later, what Cultivation World has drastic change, these person can also first think of Black Tiger Group.” Liu Wenqiang nodded said : Hao Yexiang completeness.” Hao Ye shows a faint smile, then deep voice said : you may are more careful, I looked that nearest/recent you hide, this Yangming city although is day of Yang Meng is taking responsibility outwardly, but ascends the sky actually Yang Meng these fellows, is the Ten Thousand Monster Sect running dog, if we disseminate information, day Yang Meng these bastards, might ask you to trouble very much.” Liu Wenqiang nodded said : this point I already to think, day Yang Meng these fellows are not good thing, I will be careful a little.” Hao Ye nodded, look at Liu Wenqiang, smiles said : your youngster luck is really good, mister this equal to has given you duty, you must playing well become, later entered Black Tiger Group, has mister to cover, your youngster will not eat anything to owe.”

Liu Wenqiang nodded, is at heart feeling pleased, he has not thought that he was compelled a matter that not bears to handle, finally will turn into this unexpectedly, he also has the one type of not real feeling to the present. Hao Yepai has patted Liu Wenqiang's shoulder said : Wen Qiang, assurance time opportunity well, the small skill join Black Tiger Group, you must record the Black Tiger Group benevolence now, like Mr. Zhao Hai, to our these Rogue Cultivator so polite Sect disciple, my such big age, has not seen exactly, believes you, will not have the mistake with mister.” Liu Wenqiang has complied with one, Hao Yezhan got up said : „, since we have decided that that separately handles affairs, Wen Qiang, you must add carefully.” Said that Hao Ye turn around walks outward, Liu Wenqiang has delivered to out of the door him, this returned to own room, secretly is considering. Rogue Cultivator has the Rogue Cultivator lifestyle, Rogue Cultivator has Rogue Cultivator survival Space, Rogue Cultivator also has own friend, has own life circle, in that circle, possibly has touch of humanity some, looks like poor person get together of troop, they will help mutually, but rich person get together of troop, they are possibly manipulating strategically. Liu Wenqiang since childhood is Rogue Cultivator, they naturally have their survival circles, Rogue Cultivator also has own family member, own friend, therefore Rogue Cultivator wants to transmit any information words, easy. Zhao Hai leave bright outside the city the second day of fish pond, information passed from fish pond here, said fish pond here Liu Wenqiang, Younger Brother that to soon die, is taking Black Tiger Group Jade Token , asked the head of Black Tiger Group, finally Black Tiger Group helped, has revived his Younger Brother, because his Younger Brother innate skill was good, but also was received in Black Tiger Group directly, became Black Tiger Group disciple. This information passes on, fish pond here in an uproar, the people do not believe this information most from the beginning, but afterward passed on a lot, biography more real, the people slowly have also believed this information, simultaneously this information, by one type of extremely fast, is disseminating in entire bright in the city, all participated in Black Tiger Group inspection cultivator unable to sit still, these also had Black Tiger Group Jade Token serious of cultivator happy, but these discarded Jade Token cultivator, actually went back seeking that threw the Jade Token place to go all out, no matter because this information is true or false, this information has always given them one. Silk hope! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;