Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1804

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " Zhao Hai was bringing Liu Wen skill returned to Black Tiger Group, looked for Zhang Feng directly, now Zhang Feng is generation of Gang Master, had any matter naturally to look for him. Zhang Feng is processing the official business in original iron Zhan Tian study room, heard that Zhao Hai looks for him, his immediately welcomed, comes out he to stare, because he noticed that Zhao Hai is actually leading a child. The Zhao Hai look at Zhang Feng appearance, shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, today has the matter to look for you.” Zhang Feng laughs said : what you to be polite with me, went to say that who this youngster was?” Zhao Hai walks toward inside with a smile, walks while said : cultivator of today's Yangming city is to look for me, that person was called Liu Wenqiang, his Younger Brother had been injured, was this youngster, this youngster called Liu Wen yi, I happen to was also idling being all right, looked, has not actually thought that unexpectedly present a talented person, I when treated an illness to this youngster, presently this youngster within the body actually includes strength of the Gold Essence, but has not awakened now, so long as has awakened, that in the future he on will be Metal element Divergent Warlock , therefore I on came back his belt..” They was saying already while entered the room to sit, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but looked at Liu Wen skill two eyes. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Liu Wen skill said : literary arts, this is Black Tiger Group generation of gang Master, Zhang Feng, you later called to open Martial Uncle, First Senior Brother, you looked how this child can arrange?” Does Zhang Feng turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : what? you not to receive this child is a disciple?” Zhao Hai stares, when shook the head said : I saying that can receive this child is the disciple? thing that I study is different from thing that he must study. what? our doesn't Black Tiger Group have Metal element Divergent Warlock ? If some words, made this child learn with him, with me feared that was this child delaying.” Zhang Feng stares. Then patted head said : I to is gives to forget, good, Si the family had an elder is Metal element Divergent Warlock , made this child learn from him.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Liu Wen skill said : literary arts, one will say that Martial Uncle will arrange Master to you, is quite easy to learn with your Master. Your Big Brother for the in the gang management, one year can arrive at in the gang to come now, when the time comes your brothers can reunite.” Liu Wen skill is bowing to Zhao Hai said : thanks a lot Martial Uncle, invited Martial Uncle feel relieved, my certainly earnest study.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, and you go, some while naturally people get you to get down.” Liu Wen yi nodded, at this time Zhang Feng also made one to lead Liu Wen skill to rest. After Liu Wen skill gets down, Zhao Hai then turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother. Elder Brother Liu Wenqiang who I have let Liu Wen yi. Drew in the person in Yangming city there, so long as when the time comes a day Demon Realm invasion, Liu Wenqiang their immediately will bring large quantities of Rogue Cultivator to arrive at Black Tiger Group. We must prepare to be good.” Zhang Feng nodded said : this not to be a problem our Black Tiger Group two bases both not to be filled up with now, did not fear in some people, to provide against contingencies. You looked that is finding the way to make a base to come out in there?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this is really not easy, wants the base to have energy to be for this base revolution to be good, now wants to look for a such base, is not quite good to look.” Zhang Feng nodded, he also knows Zhao Hai this saying the meaning, but he has another idea. His deep voice said : you can make a special hide people base, in that base. Should better be able to plant some thing, or some minerals and so on, day Demon Realm must invade Cultivation World, this dozen, feared that was not a day or two can finish, we must prepare completely safe being good.” Zhao Hai nodded, he thinks, then two eyes suddenly one bright, deep voice said :First Senior Brother, I to have thought a place, that place is absolutely appropriate, although does not have what power, Spiritual Qi also very thin, but will win in some people will not pay attention ~~ ef = " &\; 1 t \; >\; - net Renewal ~~ there, moreover there we also natural helpers help us. ishu. ” Zhang Feng puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what landlord? The place that you said my how don’t know?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how possible don’t know your, you knew certainly, that place does not see the valley, initially my dull place.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that one was shocked, his look at Zhao Hai doesn't said : see the valley? You are not crack a joke? there although nobody pays attention, what thing but also has to help us?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : how not to have, does not see valley there, but huge eating [gold/metal] Shuqun, there are these thing to cover to us, that was in good not to have, moreover these ate [gold/metal] Shu, but can also provide some metals to us.” Zhang Feng stares, then two eyes bright said : „did you say really? If is really such, that arrives is the good deed, good, this matter also non- pipe, looked in any case your, it's up to you.” Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : your such generation of Gang Master I first time to see, ok, this matter gives me, I guarantee to handle, right First Senior Brother, sends some people toward Yangming city there, when necessary, can help Liu Wenqiang their.” Zhang Feng nodded, Zhao Hai has then stood, turn around walked. After Zhao Hai returned to Wandering Soul Group base there explain/transfer one next, returned to did not see valley there, does not see valley there now also by large quantities of Undead Creature look at, there is Zhao Hai mountain gate/entrance, similarly is also entire Black Tiger Group Forbidden Land, nobody can go. Zhao Hai these time to did not see valley there, immediately makes Insect Race coordinate these to eat [gold/metal] Shu, eating [gold/metal] Shu that underground cave in an extension, completes a huge underground base. Naturally Zhao Hai has not thought must expel from there the food [gold/metal] mouse, later this underground base, eats [gold/metal] Shu and Black Tiger Group cultivator shares. Because here approaches does not see valley, Zhao Hai can nearby the reconstruct commodity, therefore the Zhao Hai plan builds a permanent underground medicinal herbs planter base in here. Zhao Hai very attaches great importance to this medicinal herbs base, just as is, invasion of this day Demon Realm Zhang Feng said that but also don’t know must hit how long, the day Demon Realm strength does not allow to look down upon, but their Immortal Stage Expert has plenty, Zhao Hai also has to prepare completely safe. Actually must build a underground medicinal herbs base is not that easy, defends the growth of these medicinal herbs is needs first up, is adding on the growth of medicinal herbs needs Spiritual Qi generally, Spiritual Qi the darker the better, moreover must have the appropriate temperature and humidity is good. But Zhao Hai the underground medicinal herbs base, established quite to be troublesome, not only need have the light, but must have the water, had the wind, but also some people of Spiritual Qi. Is good cannot stump Zhao Hai because of these, Zhao Hai full in does not see valley there to decompose these trash, then establishes each and every one formation with these materials in there, lets these formation to all that this medicinal herbs base provides to need. But these formation are also needs person to look, also needs the power, but this formation power is quite special, the person can use Crystal Stone to make the power, can use medicine pill that these abandon but talisman Yao makes the power, insurance must puts law in the formation these medicine pill and Paper Talisman, formation automatically will operate, this is also the one type of method of recycling waste. However these formation energy are not very big, if uses in the defense or the attack definitely is incorrect, but uses on medicinal herbs. Following some time Zhao Hai in being busy this matter, for this medicinal herbs base, Zhao Hai has spent many pains, this medicinal herbs base is not only Space Universal Manufacturing Machine designs, needs material also has plenty, even if by the energy of Zhao Hai, in adding on help of Undead Creature and Insect Race in Space, is made great efforts this base establishes.

But the construction of this base, spent Zhao Hai several months, this was also a time longest base that Zhao Hai spent. Zhang Feng also like Zhao Hai said that to this matter was no matter did not ask that probably his simply had not said was the same. However these months, to is some once for a while Rogue Cultivator, takes previous Zhao Hai to come Black Tiger Group here to seek help in Yangming city there Jade Token , regarding some reasonable seeking help, the truth that Black Tiger Group naturally has not complied with, all helped these people handling, this let Black Tiger Group in entire Northern Divergent Province Rogue Cultivator, won the good reputation. But Liu Wenqiang also comes Black Tiger Group here to look at Liu Wen skill several times, other time he in the Yangming city there activity, gang Black Tiger Group pull people, dry to is dramatically. Liu Wen yi had already done obeisance an elder teacher of Si family, that elder himself is also Metal element Divergent Warlock , Cultivation Method that he practices, Divergent Warlock practice of very suitable Metal element, some that elders' devoted guidances, Liu Wen yi practice to is quick, moreover he has also awakened his Metal element Divergent Technique, progressive god. Naturally, Liu Wenqiang in the activity of Yangming city there, has brought to the attention of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, had Ten Thousand Monster Sect cultivator, in secret searched Liu Wenqiang, was good also sent for toward Yangming city there because of Zhang Feng, under the help of these people, Liu Wenqiang to is found by the person who Ten Thousand Monster Sect sent, was shocking but not dangerous. But iron blade gate these by Black Tiger Group Sect, nearest/recent to very honest, after Zhao Hai has tidied up, these Sect honest, in has not provoked Black Tiger Group, they also know that they cannot provoke Black Tiger Group. However the dry Fujimoto there day was sad, Zhao Hai their Reaching Sky Vine kill . Moreover the Reaching Sky Vine root that they get so far as newly, plants dead, this made dry Fujimoto lose oneself biggest taking advantage, now dry Fujimoto there also once for a while by other Sect attack, the loss was been serious, was not having the qualifications to speak the last words with Black Tiger Group. Dry Fujimoto there situation, reminded to other Sect, making other Sect know the Black Tiger Group fierce place, his iron blade gate their several Sect, these Sect know specially, dry Fujimoto behind had the support of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, now feared that was given to exterminate an entire family, now dry Fujimoto there soon turned into Ten Thousand Monster Sect one to divide, inside lived in massive Ten Thousand Monster Sect cultivator. In fact Northern Divergent Province all Sect know this matter, but everyone/Great Clan pretends don’t know, especially with these Sect that dry Fujimoto has a grudge, they should attack dry Fujimoto also attack dry Fujimoto, probably simply don’t know, what there lives is the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person is the same, reason that the people dare such to do, has settled on, Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not dare to acknowledge that these people are their people, therefore they seize the opportunity makes Ten Thousand Monster Sect suffer loss without redress. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;