Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1805

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " Looked, entire one year, came back already entire one year from day Demon Realm to Zhao Hai, this annual many matters, change biggest is Black Tiger Group, nobody knows that in this year means anything regarding Black Tiger Group, only then Black Tiger Group know. ishu. The Black Tiger Group three big bases, were operational now, the Black Tiger Group main base, the raging fire valley base, there is the entire Black Tiger Group center, the Black Tiger Group fighting strength strongest person, in there. The Wandering Soul Group base, there is the Black Tiger Group sub base, equal to is the developing person with professional skill center, naturally, there defense force does not allow to look down upon, does not see the valley base, there regarding Black Tiger Group many people, don’t know has a such base to exist, but this base regarding Black Tiger Group is actually very important, because this base has become by Zhao Hai transform the Black Tiger Group logistics supplies base, here can plant massive plants, in adding on these eats [gold/metal] Shu also to decompose some metals, very heavy regarding Black Tiger Group wants. However does not see valley base here, is actually very secretive, because this base equal to is Black Tiger Group bloodline, so long as does not see valley base here to exist, that Black Tiger Group will have slowly unceasing medicine pill and Magical Artifact supply, in the later war, engages in a decisive battle many small advantages. But Zhao Hai has also done another matter in this year time, that with two huge passage, has linked three bases in underground, this was a incomparably gigantic project, Zhao Hai uses many Insect Race to complete this project, this huge passage, deep in the underground kilometer about. Even if Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to use their spiritual force presently these two passage. These two passage each can allow five Great Magical Artifact parallel, highly also in hundred meters Zuo people. The so huge project, feared that is anybody cannot think. But these two passage matters, Zhao Hai has not told the Black Tiger Group person, no one has told, Zhang Feng don’t know, but these two passage accesses, have completed have covered show. When Zhao Hai has not used these two passage, these two passage simply cannot by the person present. Now entire Black Tiger Group entered the alert posture completely, even Liu Wenqiang they, started to shift toward Black Tiger Group.

This year time, Liu Wenqiang in the Yangming city there activity, Yangming city there also has had most from the beginning aims at Liu Wenqiang's motion, but afterward Zhao Hai make a move several times, had tidied up bright in the city some day Yang Meng people, day Yang Meng hitting honestly. Does not dare in Liu Wenqiang. Liu Wenqiang moves naturally is ~~ ef = " &\; 1 t \; >\; - net Renewal ~~ was freer. although day Demon Realm has not invaded Cultivation World now, but Zhao Hai actually knows that day Demon Realm soon invaded. Day Demon Realm army has prepared, will invade Cultivation World on these days, moreover day Demon Realm this invasion. But plan by long, they will dispatch simultaneously troops to Cultivation World nine Great Province, Yangming city there was when the time comes dangerous, therefore Zhao Hai gave Liu Wenqiang to order directly, making him bring to be willing to come the Black Tiger Group person, directly entered to Black Tiger Group. These Rogue Cultivator that have not to be willing to enter Black Tiger Group. However for Zhao Hai does not bring to the attention of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, has not made Liu Wenqiang they pass Yangming city there Transmission Formation to come Black Tiger Group. But allowed them to enter a nobody's remote mountain, has constructed large-scale Transmission Formation in there Zhao Hai, was specially prepares to them, this not by the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person present, even if were the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person present, that was also some time later matter, when the time comes feared that was day Demon Realm must invade, Ten Thousand Monster Sect not time tube Black Tiger Group. Enters with Liu Wenqiang to Black Tiger Group Rogue Cultivator has plenty, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, these Rogue Cultivator are tied down by care of one's family, in them besides the potential of some young man some exhibitions, has plenty old person their simply did not have what show potential, even if to other Sect, other Sect will not want. However Zhao Hai does not have a meaning of exclusion, conversely, he to is very happy, these do not have the old person arrival of potential, to liberated many handymen disciple, and because of the arrivals of these old person, eases the crisis that Black Tiger Group disciple was insufficient greatly. Black Tiger Group disciple is insufficient, therefore also enhanced these handymen disciple allowance in this year, now these handymen disciple allowance, were similar to beforehand Outer Disciple, this also lets them, when handymen disciple, really a little wasted. After these old person arrive, Zhao Hai immediately arranged not to see valley base there them, making them hold Medicine Garden, this person of work very relaxed, so long as everyday added Paper Talisman that add some waste pill or discarded to be good toward these law in the formation surface, was pays attention to these medicinal herbs growing trends, basically did not have what physical strength to live. Moreover these old person also know one are any position, although they in Black Tiger Group are only handymen disciple allowance, but this allowance was very good, before them that type frequently must go all out to attain 1 or 2 block Crystal Stone duty, various Sect handymen disciple allowance are very good, what is most important, they can have place relieved raising old.

As for these old person these family members, they did not need to be worried, after Black Tiger Group, these young man immediately were conducted an inspection, so long as were not aptitude is too bad, had been absorbed Black Tiger Group Outer Sect, became Black Tiger Group Outer Disciple. These old person also know own this did not have what hope for a lifetime, therefore they cared was own child, especially these innate skill good children, these children entered Black Tiger Group Outer Sect now, has become Black Tiger Group official disciple, these old person naturally also on feel relieved, but this Black Tiger Group altogether received about five hundred thousand people. Five hundred thousand people, this is not a small number, in these people except some old person, with some innate skill unsatisfactory people, enters Black Tiger Group Outer Sect disciple to have about three hundred thousand, but in these three hundred thousand people, can select near fifty thousand innate skill very good young disciple to carry on key training unexpectedly, this proportion is very big. although said various Great Sect not too heavy these Rogue Cultivator, but around the Yangming city, one has 500,000 people to vanish, this is not a small matter, the Yangming city and Ten Thousand Monster Sect there immediately has carried on investigation to this matter, but the result is anything does not have presently, that 500,000 people are walk. However anything does not have presently, is one type of present, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person is not a fool, their understand, these Rogue Cultivator ran certainly, as for running up to there went, Ten Thousand Monster Sect these people do not need to want also to know that certainly is Black Tiger Group. Regarding Black Tiger Group the movement that makes in Yangming city there, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person is knows that but they have not cared, in these Great Sect eyes, Rogue Cultivator originally is dispensable existence, Sect like Ten Thousand Monster Sect, they almost does not need to supplement by these Rogue Cultivator own Sect strength, using that the talented people who because their Sect creates have more than enough. These Great Sect will not have slightly too big potential disciple for the elder, or lets these disciple leave Sect directly, disperses own Clan influence to some place, after his Clan influence unfolds, they can their Clan disciple, deliver to Sect studying, Sect had the fresh blood, but Clan will also obtain the asylum of Sect, this on is various Great Sect show patterns. Before Black Tiger Group, is this show pattern, they in each region also has plenty Clan influence, but these days, Black Tiger Group show was too quick, these fellow influences deliver to Black Tiger Group to come disciple in Clan, Black Tiger Group is short of manpower, therefore Black Tiger Group will recruit these Rogue Cultivator. However the Rogue Cultivator foundation compared with the Clan influence, must miss on many, after all these Clan influences exit from various Great Sect, thing that they study, comes compared with these Rogue Cultivator, is on striving to excel many. But the Ten Thousand Monster Sect too big casualties, have not expanded the domain, therefore they also need to supplement any disciple on simply, therefore they naturally will not care these Rogue Cultivator. However this Black Tiger Group has actually made 500,000 people, this makes Ten Thousand Monster Sect somewhat be worried that is 500,000 people, is not a small number, 500,000 people put in any influence, is the idea strength that cannot be estimated lightly, even if these 500,000 people, is strength very strong cultivator, but 500,000 people, if simultaneously goes all out, cultivator in that also at risk of life many Sect, Ten Thousand Monster Sect then understand, originally before Black Tiger Group, what hits is this idea.

Along with the matter of young man, making Ten Thousand Monster Sect even entire Northern Divergent Province not think that entire Northern Divergent Province Rogue Cultivator, looked like crazy one has rushed Black Tiger Group, but Black Tiger Group looked like a gluttony is the same, many swallowed many, all spilled into Black Tiger Group Rogue Cultivator all by Black Tiger Group to the cleanness of digestion, this made entire Northern Divergent Province be surprised. Must digest these Rogue Cultivator, is not that easy matter, received these Rogue Cultivator Sect, needs the commodity to raise them to them, if you cannot raise them, that waits for them to cause trouble. Regarding these Rogue Cultivator, enters to various Great Sect, for a better practice, you , if no that many commodities to raise them, what these do disperse cultivation level also to want join Sect? Was saying of pleasant to hear? These Rogue Cultivator are not the fools, they will not do this matter. Now Black Tiger Group one received that many Rogue Cultivator to enter to them helps, but these Rogue Cultivator did not have the noisy matter, what did this explain? This indicated that Black Tiger Group can raise them, in other words, Black Tiger Group has plenty commodity. Black Tiger Group medium grade Sect, how so many commodities? Do these commodities come from there? These issue immediately appears in other Ten Thousand Monster Sect and in Sect High level mind, then their immediately realized that feared is Black Tiger Group for this day, has prepared for a long time. After having thought through this truth, Ten Thousand Monster Sect High level was mad at that time results in complexion to be pale, they want to suppress Black Tiger Group, but Black Tiger Group has used more than one year of time, on a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain, easily under their eyes hid the show to expand, now they are think that was preventing also late, looked like in Ten Thousand Monster Sect these High level, Black Tiger Group dares to reveal that now their cards in a hand, that represented the method that they were certainly having to deal with them to suppress, otherwise Black Tiger Group not such easily on by these Rogue Cultivator join Black Tiger Group, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person was intertwined! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;