Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1806

The Black turtle gate, is Northern Divergent Province very small Sect, his foundation time is not short, the Black turtle gate starts from the foundation now, more than 60,000 years, founded the Black turtle gate most from the beginning, is a turtle monster, that turtle monster initially founds the Black turtle gate time, only then Transcends Tribulation Stage level, because that turtle monster is heterogeneous, defends very fierce, general Immortal Stage Expert, cannot break through his defense, this made him occupy mountain gate/entrance, has established this Black turtle gate. This Black turtle gate establishes now, already soon 70,000 years, but according to legend establishes Black turtle gate that to be only old also to live the turtle to the present, moreover promote promoted into is Immortal Stage, strength very formidable, but these years are not making an appearance. This saying to is the has plenty person believes that general Monster Cultivator not necessarily compared with the long working life of person, but Sect Master of this Black turtle gate is an old turtle, the life of old turtle is very long, if he becomes Immortal Stage Expert, lives the present not to have quite strangely what. Generally speaking the Black turtle gate belongs to that small Sect in Sect, does not dare to offend Great Sect, but compares to general Rogue Cultivator to come, the day actually wants ~~ - feels better a lot. nearest/recent more than one year of time, Northern Divergent Province is also uneventful, although said pressure Black Tiger Group that Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants, but actually suppressed does not live, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect cannot immediately make war with Black Tiger Group, therefore during entire Northern Divergent Province to was falls into the one type of odd things draw to be permanent. Why on this day disciple of Black turtle gate should do, everyone is busy own matter, all as usual. To noon time. In sky unexpectedly getting dark of slowly, disciple of Black turtle gate stares suddenly, each and every one puzzled look at sky. Today's weather is very good. Just sunlight shone, so a while was how black. When they look at to sky time, this present, in sky don’t know, unexpectedly slowly braves Dark mist outward! Not wrong, general day, if cloudy time, from four directions gathering dark clouds. But this hands over them actually presently, these dark clouds brave from a place, resembled in sky suddenly appears to spurt the chimney of black smoke outward, very bizarre. cultivator in Black turtle gate was alarmed, current Sect Master has flown in midair, dark clouds that stern-faced look at that bunch braves. Before long that dark clouds more braved more, probably to give to block from entire sky, in this time, a suddenly keenly blowing sound is transmitting. complexion of Black turtle gate people all hears this sound changes. Because of this keenly blowing sound, was really too grating, can probably frighten the mind of person to be the same. Let person shook the spirit, the illusion from living. Sect Master complexion of Black turtle gate cannot help but changes, then said loudly: Opens Mountain Guardian Great Formation. Quick!” Some immediately people opened have protected Great Formation, Mountain Guardian Continent very special of Black turtle gate, their Mountain Guardian Great Formation looked like a turtle lies in there is the same, appearance very unusual. Mountain Guardian Great Formation of Black turtle gate has exquisite, this Mountain Guardian Great Formation with according to creating lord of that faction is only old Great Defense Formation that the turtle the carapace evolves, very formidable defensive power. Mountain Guardian Great Formation of Black turtle gate just supported. suddenly form appears in the sky of Black turtle gate, this person is a skinny old man. The bald, white beard, wears a cultivator clothing/taking, a point is also common. But the person of Black turtle gate, saw this old person, on the face has shown an excited facial expression, Sect Master of Black turtle gate bowed said : to see Old Ancestor to old person, Old Ancestor, how did you go out?”

old person turned the head to look at a Black turtle gate Sect Master point, deep voice said : immediately/on horseback has arranged the disciple leave Black turtle gate, the quicker the better, simultaneously gave surrounding all Sect present, said that day Demon Realm was trying to open the Space barrier, must invade Cultivation World.” Sect Master one hear of old person of Black turtle gate said that one in there, then complexion has changed said : Old Master, this, is this really day Demon Realm?” old person nodded said : not to be wrong, old man young time, participates in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, this absolutely is the day Demon Realm aura, will not be wrong.” Sect Master complexion of Black turtle gate one becomes very difficult looks, his look at old person said : Old Ancestor, now what to do?” old person deep voice said : immediately passes on information, leading the person in Sect to walk quickly, the old man monitors them in here, you use quickly arrives at Ten Thousand Monster Sect quickly, seeks an interview Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect Master, told Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect Master the here situation, if ten thousand knew Sect Master of sect not to see you, you sought an interview Black Tiger Group Gang Master.” Sect Master one hear of old person of Black turtle gate such spoke of stares, he looked at old person said : puzzled Old Ancestor, you say Black Tiger Group Gang Master?” old person nodded, deep voice said : more than one year lives at the Northern Divergent Province matter I also knows that I have felt very strange, Black Tiger Group these fellows, in being busy at anything, why they must such do, now I knew, feared that was they already knows day Demon Realm must invade, has been preparing, no wonder they did not retaliate Ten Thousand Monster Sect, moreover Northern Divergent Province spread the speech that day Demon Realm must invade, this view has spread had more than one year of time, before I had not cared, but, probably comes back after day Demon Realm from Black Tiger Group that Zhao Hai now, had this that. Plants the view, it seems like Black Tiger Group already present this point.” Sect Master one hear of old person of Black turtle gate said that also stares slightly, he has not thought of these, but one hear of old person said now that probably also is really such a matter. old person looked at dark clouds one of the space, sighed said : to fear that was Black Tiger Group already told Ten Thousand Monster Sect this matter, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect has not actually been serious, they also in going all out suppression Black Tiger Group, hey, Ten Thousand Monster Sect these idiots, they also really think one were Northern Divergent Province Eldest Child, went quickly, has remembered, protected good Sect disciple.” Black turtle gate Sect Master has complied with one, does obeisance to old person, then immediately has arranged, but at this time three big airborne dark clouds were getting more and more, keenly blowing sound also getting bigger and bigger. old person look at these dark clouds, sneer said : day Demon Realm. unwilling to give up, Cultivation World can also it be that so is easy to occupy.” Said that old person sat cross-legged to sit, unexpectedly during probably in wanting this to be void sits in meditation to sit in meditation general. The disciple of Black turtle gate is not many. Moreover the Black turtle gate is different from Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group builds the base, is makes all cultivator go , because the Black turtle gate runs extremely in hastiness, first therefore they shift definitely is these Core Disciple and Inner Disciples, because these disciple have the possibility passing around Black turtle gate Dao doctrines. two hours does not know does not sink passed, Black turtle gate Core Disciple and Inner Disciples already leave. Now is shifting Outer Disciple, but Sect Master of Black turtle gate, has loaded into Space equipment the commodity that in Sect saved now, the preparation carried off. In this time, that is cloudy in sky, suddenly appears the lightning of faint trace, the lightning were getting more and more, is getting stronger and stronger, finally turned into giant incomparable lightnings. That innumerable lightning. Like the electricity curtain of his one layer level, hangs down in Heaven and Earth.

Then sky probably was torn by a tremendous strength was the same, that electricity curtain also goes toward both sides minute. Huge Space rift appears slowly in sky. At this time Black turtle old person also opened eye, look at that two eyes decided said Space rift, strong Demon Qi. Flew from that crack, has filled entire Space. ! Sound of the giant keenly blowing, transmits from Space, then together person's shadow appears in Space rift there, Black turtle old person saw that person's shadow, the corners of the mouth has cannot help but shown a smiling face. Then silently said: Black turtle roar!” Along with his sound, giant turtle phantom appears around his body. This giant turtle opened mouth, calls a deep voice roar. Roar! With this roar, shuts white light Qi Strength, direct that Space rift strikes, but that person's shadow actually flashes body of Space rift there appears disappears, that shuts white Qi Strength to pass through Space rift, does not have the trace on disappearance shadowless. At this time Space rift getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, smiling face also vanish from sight on Black turtle old person face, instead to is more and more dignified, entered in this, in the suddenly incomparably huge black gas Sword Qi direct crack cut together toward Black turtle old person. Black turtle old person often stares, but his immediately responded, silently said: Black turtle shield.” phantom turtle in time appears , but this turtle actually shrank and foot, with the hardest carapace, welcomed that to say Sword Qi. Choke! Sword Qi strikes above the carapace of turtle, flashes through a ray of light star, then Black turtle old person in shout loudly: Black turtle shakes the mountain!” Along with his sound, turtle the four limbs have extended from the carapace, then makes an effort void stamps. During with a bang sound, this is void Qi Strength, such as wave same is proliferating toward all around, Space twisted probably. This sad and shrill sound conveys said : Heavenly Demon crack day!” Two huge Heavenly Demon fingernails have extended from of crack, grasps toward the old turtle. Black turtle old person two eyes flash of cold light, deep voice said : Black turtle defeated/carrying mountain!” Along with his sound, old turtle in one time four limbs withdraw to in carapace, then fierce upward hits. Hears with a bang sound, old turtle straight collision in that two evil clutches, the old turtle was downward fallen by the strength of counter- shaking, but that two Heavenly Demon claw also vanish from sight. Stands Black turtle old person in old turtle phantom, complexion also changes, on the face appears a pale color, in the eye has flashed through one with amazement. He has thought his defense capability is proud, has not actually thought that opposite party strikes, makes him be injured unexpectedly, this is he has not thought. Black turtle old person looked at one toward the Black turtle gate , the person in Black turtle gate now walked was similar, only then minority handymen disciple have not walked, Black turtle old person relaxed, then the personal appearance moved, falls in the Black turtle gate, the flashes body disappeared. However after Black turtle old person vanishes, Mountain Guardian Great Formation of Black turtle gate, Black turtle to was appears was thicker, originally Black turtle old person did not have leave, but goes to control Black turtle Great Formation.

Black turtle old person knows that only depends on his strength, is impossible to block the attack of day Demon Realm, therefore he wants to use Black turtle gate Mountain Guardian Great Formation, constrains the day Demon Realm person some time, lets the day Demon Realm invasion information, biography in Cultivation World is quicker, lets Cultivation World other people, has more time to prepare. But what Black turtle old person don’t know is, now in entire Cultivation World, matter like Black turtle gate here, not only, in nine Great Province, more than 20 Space rift, some Space rift appears places in outdoor, simply does not have cultivator present, making day Demon Realm army very relaxed on appears in Cultivation World. However has plenty Space rift by Cultivation World cultivator present, entire Cultivation World slowly was known day of Demon Realm invasion information, almost while this information proliferation, entire Cultivation World in an uproar, is piece of chaos. But these toward Rogue Cultivator that Black Tiger Group catches up with, when hears this information, immediately stares, they hear the summons of Black Tiger Group to catch up toward Black Tiger Group, now they know that Black Tiger Group lets their join, not only to increase the strength is so simple, but wants protect their life, this lets these Rogue Cultivator to Black Tiger Group cannot help but gratitude. Especially Liu Wenqiang they, Liu Wenqiang they now to settle down in Black Tiger Group, became Black Tiger Group disciple, they after join Black Tiger Group presently, the Black Tiger Group person probably in full preparation, why as for the Black Tiger Group person must such anxiously preparation, they and don’t know, but a little can actually affirm that these Black Tiger Group people, know anything probably, is adding on for one year that Zhao Hai said that Cultivation World drastic change that said that Liu Wenqiang was more curious. Now information of day Demon Realm invasion passes on, the Cultivation World drastic change that Liu Wenqiang immediately understand Zhao Hai said was anything, this let Liu Wenqiang to Zhao Hai gratitude, he knows that Zhao Hai definitely already knows day Demon Realm must invade Cultivation World, will therefore make him relate many Rogue Cultivator outside, making these Rogue Cultivator join arrive at Black Tiger Group, like this on equal to changed to protect these Rogue Cultivator lives. Not only Liu Wenqiang, all enters Black Tiger Group Rogue Cultivator with Liu Wenqiang, has been full of the gratitude to Zhao Hai. In various Cultivation World Sect heart busy foot chaotic preparations deal with the invasion of day Demon Realm, Black Tiger Group here had already prepared, even when hears this information, the feeling that Black Tiger Group some people one type of relaxed, they have been preparing in more than one year, for copes with the invasion of day Demon Realm, now day Demon Realm has invaded finally, in other words, the preparation of Black Tiger Group has not wasted. Even is in Black Tiger Group some cultivator, they also feel some happy, because of a day Demon Realm invasion, must change the Cultivation World situation, making the Cultivation World influence reshuffle, but Black Tiger Group were more than setup time other Sect, this year setup time was really too important, this made Black Tiger Group walk in others' front, let Black Tiger Group in this drastic change, walked in front. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, spreads in information of day Demon Realm invasion, Ten Thousand Monster Sect was not having the time to manage Black Tiger Group, they also in the invasion of full dealing day Demon Realm, even nine Great Sect already alliance left the call-up, making all Sect send out Expert to attend the slaughter demon congress. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;