Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1808

One hear of Black turtle old person said that Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng greatly surprised, Hu Liangchen quickly said: „Did senior this saying say? Now entire Northern Divergent Province has spread over, Northern Divergent Province first present day Demon Realm invades, with Sect that day Demon Realm fights, was your Black turtle gate, your Black turtle gate had great kindness regarding Northern Divergent Province, person who who dares to buckle the Black turtle gate? Don't they want to live?” Black turtle old person mournful long smiled said : their there not to live, they were want to compel the old man to obey, good Ten Thousand Monster Sect, good Northern Divergent Province first Great Sect.” One hear of Black turtle old person said that Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng were startled, their look at Black turtle old person said : your meaning is, the one who withholds the Black turtle gate is Ten Thousand Monster Sect? Can information be accurate?” Black turtle old person forced smile said : reliable, is the old man personally sees, actually my these disciple have not entered Ten Thousand Monster Sect, they went to the Yangming city, then by my grand-disciple, present Black turtle gate Sect Master goes to Ten Thousand Monster Sect there to deliver a letter, tells them the day Demon Realm appears matter, has not thought that my grand-disciple went to covering by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, then Ten Thousand Monster Sect immediately advanced the Yangming city, under the pretext of guarding against day Demon Realm invasion, started to make an arrest in the city, the person of our Black turtle gate, was almost all grasped, had several smartly not by capture, the old man was also from. The matter that in their mouths knows.” Hu Liangchen looked at all around one, deep voice said : senior, here is not the speech place, we went in the speech.” Black turtle old person has stabilized mood, nodded, early morning they walks toward inside with Hu Liang. Before long the people arrived at the Black Tiger Group receiving callers hall. After the minute guests and hosts sit down, Hu Liangchen Zhang Feng this Black Tiger Group generation of Gang Master introduced that to Black turtle old person, Black turtle old person has not cared. Nodded to Zhang Feng, this is very good, do not forget, Black turtle old person is Immortal Stage Expert, he sees Zhang Feng such junior, can not clean to shout completely. After waiting for several people to sit down, Black turtle old person look at Zhang Feng said : Zhang Feng Gang Master. This old man comes, wants join Black Tiger Group, Ten Thousand Monster Sect bullies me, they think that has deducted my these disciple, can make me obey, they were not saying that the old man is the root of Black turtle gate, the old man arrives at there, the Black turtle gate in there. although old man not grieved these disciple. However this tone old man actually cannot swallow, the old man must revenge.” Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng looked at one mutually, saw puzzled from the opposite party eye. Zhang Feng deep voice said : does not know why senior has selected my Black Tiger Group?” Black turtle old person laughs said : old man naturally to choose Black Tiger Group, because takes a broad view at entire Northern Divergent Province, dares with Ten Thousand Monster Sect puts to Sect. Only then Black Tiger Group, therefore old man naturally must look for your Black Tiger Group.” Zhang Feng thinks that deep voice said : is open about the facts senior, youngster although is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, however the has plenty matter, actually cannot sit the lord. Must with the in the gang people discuss that is good, but invited senior feel relieved. senior arrives at Black Tiger Group, no matter the result, my Black Tiger Group certainly fully helps how senior rescue these disciple, asking senior to rest first, allowing us to discuss, was giving the senior answer.” Black turtle old person to is understood that Zhang Feng words, he after is Immortal Stage Expert, Black Tiger Group, if direct anything did not ask that accepts him, that on the contrary will make Black turtle old person has suspected, Cultivation World is not other where, in here slightly is the normal matter, possibly is unusual.

After Black turtle old person bring down rests, Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning they frown to sit in there, don’t know must how handle the Black turtle old person matter. Zhang Feng deep voice said : „does Uncle Hu, how you see this matter?” Hu Liangchen has hesitated next step: Looks at the Black turtle old person appearance, likely in saying hurriedly, but Little Hai is not at now, in our Black Tiger Group, can suppress Black turtle old person, only then Supreme Elder, but Supreme Elder is closing up, cannot be light, if we accept Black turtle old person, I feared that nobody can unable to stand he, if when the time comes he cause disturbance , the matter somewhat is troublesome.” Zhang Feng nodded, but his hand turns, has put out a signalling jade sword, then has input some contents toward the jade sword , a hand revolution, released for flight the signalling jade sword. Hu does Liang early morning puzzled look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, you deliver a letter to whom?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : to Little Hai, this matter must look at the meaning of Little Hai, after all in entire Black Tiger Group can unable to stand Black turtle old person, only then he, if Little Hai lets our feel relieved accepts Black turtle old person, we accepted.” Hu Liangchen shows a faint smile, nodded said : this principle, but I looked that Little Hai 80% will approve, that youngster is a bold person.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, then deep voice said : also don’t know Martial Uncle situation how, if he becomes Immortal Stage Expert, our Black Tiger Group strength was more formidable, accepts Black turtle old person to be also a cinch, right Uncle Hu, what to do do you watch the matters of Black turtle gate these people to? Do we want to save others really?” Hu Liangchen thinks that shook the head said : „the present is also not the time, do you have this matter tell Little Hai? Must save others also can only let Little Hai make a move, now the Yangming city there affirmation got up to control by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, we want to save others, does not have that ability.” Zhang Feng nodded, was saying the voice, a jade sword has flown Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, then complexion happy said : Uncle Hu, Little Hai said that can accept Black turtle old person, can him a Supreme Elder status, but can also make him accept the disciple in Black Tiger Group, he said that he has the subsequent party, does not fear Black turtle old person.” Zhang Feng not jade sword to Hu Liangchen, because in the jade sword has some contents, Zhang Feng was unable to make Hu Liangchen know now.

These cannot let the content that Hu Liangchen knows, about Undead Creature, Zhao Hai said to Zhang Feng in the letter, he, has stayed behind in his Cave Mansion changed color five old, changes color five old is in itself Immortal Stage Undead Creature, keeps Black Tiger Group to assume personal command them, that naturally is absolutely safe, even if Black turtle old person has anything to change, changes color five old also to tidy up him with ease. cross the border in changing color five old matters, Zhang Feng was unable to make Hu Liangchen know, therefore he only said that Zhao Hai leaves leeway the subsequent party in Black Tiger Group, what subsequent party but is, he had not said. Hu Liangchen had not asked that he nodded said : well, is so best, that such settled, I invited Black turtle old person, had a look at his meaning.” Zhang Feng nodded, Hu Liang early morning turn around walked. Reason that wants Hu Liangchen to go to invite personally, to appear takes seriously Black turtle old person, no matter what, that is Immortal Stage Expert, does not attach great importance to good. Before long Black turtle old person went to the receiving callers hall with Hu Liangchen, Zhang Feng has stood in in front of the door of hall is waiting for Black turtle old person, looked that Black turtle old person came, Zhang Feng bowed said : senior to please sit down to Black turtle old person.” Black turtle old person returned to a casual greeting, this sat, Zhang Feng also sat, this asked senior to come here to Black turtle old person deep voice said :, wants to senior saying that about senior join my Black Tiger Group matter, senior wanted join Black Tiger Group, my Black Tiger Group naturally was welcome, my Black Tiger Group can ask senior to become one of the I Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, all allowance were equal to Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, but senior also knows that Ten Thousand Monster Sect control the Yangming city, we now want to rescue now Black turtle gate numerous position Senior Brother, was really some difficult, my Black Tiger Group can pledge, So long as there is opportunity, certainly Black turtle gate numerous position Senior Brother rescuing, if senior wants to accept the disciple in Black Tiger Group, we also completely agreed that doesn't know senior your what do you think?” Black turtle old person one hear of Zhang Feng words, two eyes cannot help but narrows the eyes, he has not thought, Black Tiger Group such quickly complied with his join unexpectedly, before Black turtle old person, has certain finding regarding Black Tiger Group, he knows that Immortal Stage Expert in Black Tiger Group are not probably many, but is such Sect, more does not dare to accept Immortal Stage Expert easily, now Black Tiger Group such relaxed complied, then on explanation Black Tiger Group, pressure system his strength, did not fear that he is dishonest in Black Tiger Group. Thought of here, Black turtle old person cannot help but has carried on appraisal again to the Black Tiger Group strength, but his these time came is also the sincerity wanted join Black Tiger Group, therefore his immediately nodded said : old man not to have the opinion, so old man official join Black Tiger Group, later Gang Master had anything to have a need for the place of old man, performed please open the mouth.” Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning they have stood, bows to Black turtle old person, Zhang Feng said : „the present is very special period, therefore can only all conform to simplicity, we pay a visit Supreme Elder in here.” Hu Liang early morning their also simultaneously bows said : to pay a visit Supreme Elder!” Black turtle old person looks at Black Tiger Group so to him the face, cannot help but the old bosom greatly consoles, stood hastily got up said : everybody not to need to be polite, Gang Master please do not need to be overly courteous, folds the ghost old man, the old man also paid a visit everybody in here, Gang Master, had anything to tell that performed please speak frankly.”

Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : senior not to need to worry, now my Black Tiger Group nothing, the matter of day Demon Realm invasion, my Black Tiger Group already knew, has made the arrangement, senior please have rested, if needs senior make a move, naturally can send for inviting senior below.” Black turtle old person nodded said : so old man first to ask to be excused.” Said that to Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning they good a casual greeting, this turn around walked, outside naturally has Black Tiger Group cultivator, leading Black turtle old person to go to Cave Mansion that he prepares. The look at Black turtle old person back, Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : Xiao Feng, can we in Yangming city there also some people? If there is a person, can make them look up this matter, has a look, if real, we who he said accept him, to does not have anything, if not real, we must guard against him carefully, although Little Hai has the arrangement, but if he at crucial moment, in our back comes on under one, suffices us.” Zhang Feng nodded courteous that said : Uncle Hu said that my immediately arranges, we in Yangming city there, but also has several people , the status of that several person is very confidential, moreover join to day of Yang Meng, has believed that some people will not suspect their.” Hu Liangchen nodded said :to hope what he said is real, such words my Black Tiger Group strength in time increase. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;