Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1809

In Zhao Hai calm sitting Cave Mansion, in this hole is Heavenly Sword Sect gives him to arrange, he just arrived at Heavenly Sword Sect here to receive the Zhang Feng letter, received Zhang Feng letter Zhao Hai immediately to the base of Black Tiger Group to carry on the surveillance, has carried also on the surveillance to Yangming city there, what he presently this Black turtle old person says was real, his these disciple were grasped, Zhao Hai then made Zhang Feng accept Black turtle old person. However Zhao Hai also knows, matter although that Black turtle old person said real, however his choice actually not necessarily like such that he said that Black turtle old person said that he wanted to look for Ten Thousand Monster Sect to revenge, was the real situation everyone don’t know, don’t know he must look for Ten Thousand Monster Sect to revenge, was being forced by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, infiltrated to the Black Tiger Group interior, therefore Zhao Hai will let change color five always to assume Black Tiger Group. Zhao Hai also like Hu Liangchen, he is hopes Black turtle teacher is the sincerity can join Black Tiger Group, such words Black Tiger Group strength will be stronger, later has the energy to resist Ten Thousand Monster Sect. Now Zhao Hai although sits in here, but in Heavenly Sword Sect many disciples, their bodies had been arranged the Liquid Silver dust by Zhao Hai, like the dust equally tiny Liquid Silver needle, for monitors Heavenly Sword Sect, he to wants to have a look, this Heavenly Sword Sect they cause such a slaughter demon congress, has any point. The place that regarding Heavenly Sword Sect here, Zhao Hai already carried on before actually could not monitor Zhao Hai, monitors, is in Heavenly Sword Sect, the quite far away place, the Heavenly Sword Sect core, he does not dare to monitor, because Heavenly Sword Sect here Expert were too many, if he monitors Heavenly Sword Sect, that may be able very much by Heavenly Sword Sect present. Arouses the Heavenly Sword Sect vigilance from. Now he arrived at Heavenly Sword Sect here, naturally cannot let off this to monitor Heavenly Sword Sect opportunity, moreover now had many Sect people. To Heavenly Sword Sect here, Zhao Hai is the present monitors Heavenly Sword Sect, they do not know that is who is monitoring them. Zhao Hai now the piece of Cave Mansion, is only Heavenly Sword Sect one specifically is used to entertain the place of guest evidently, is the there status very common guest, therefore to Heavenly Sword Sect true core position, there is a certain distance. Zhao Hai saw many other Sect representatives in here. However he actually not, in here sees in nine Great Sect other eight Great Sect representatives, in other words, other eight Great Sect have the dwelling. But this is also the place that Zhao Hai most is worried about, nine Great Sect these time seemed like alliance got up, if they think was really using this time opportunity, seized the chance to seize power, that instead to made him be worried. Thinks that here Zhao Hai also cannot help but felt being shortsighted of nine Great Sect, day Demon Realm has invaded, but they are still actually thinking seizes the chance to seize power. Really in vain is Cultivation World Kui. However he does not have the means to change this situation now. Only can be has a look saying that perhaps is these nine Great Sect, does not care about day Demon Realm. Therefore will seize power at this time. The Heavenly Sword Sect person to their greeting is very good, he needs anything, some immediately people delivering. Zhao Hai even tried to want some Spirit Wine, Heavenly Sword Sect person also immediately sending, this arrived somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai changes mind one to want also to feel relaxed, where Heavenly Sword Sect is, first Great Sect that in Cultivation World recognizes, if the successive selects Spirit Wine unable to take. That was not too disgraced. Zhao Hai the although person sits in here now, but actually time is paying attention the Ten Thousand Monster Sect there situation. Simultaneously also has the Yangming city there situation. Ten thousand know the sect and Yangming city there to is calm, without any appearance of army reassignment, this also makes Zhao Hai feel relieved many.

Now although Black Tiger Group there Transmission Formation is still using, but there only then several Transmission Formation can come in handy, moreover foreign Transmission Formation is only then three have the use, other Transmission Formation internal, the bystander wants to transfer army to attack Black Tiger Group through Transmission Formation not to be impossible. To attack Black Tiger Group, only passes transfers army, encircles Black Tiger Group from the six, but obviously Ten Thousand Monster Sect did not have such plan now, this also let Zhao Hai feel relieved. For those Yangming city there, making Zhao Hai somewhat be worried that the Yangming city there situation, to Black turtle old person said that there complete by Ten Thousand Monster Sect to control, in the city various Sect had been let in the shop that there opened, sent for giving to safeguard by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, besides minority was not the Northern Divergent Province shop, other Northern Divergent Province Sect opened in the there shop, looked like, the person was also covered. Institutes of these shops, Yangming city there all does not have join Black Tiger Group Rogue Cultivator, immediately was recruited, has not to dare join they, was killed. Movement such rapidness of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, to somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai somewhat thinks understand, why Ten Thousand Monster Sect such do not do, he wants with these people to come, when the hostage does threaten various Sect? But looks at the person in shop, is component probably insufficient? Did they settle on thing in that shop? Also is not probably right, Ten Thousand Monster Sect dominate Northern Divergent Province these many years, what good thing not to have, as for a little thing, offends all Northern Divergent Province Sect? If not these reasons, that is for what? Zhao Hai understand Ten Thousand Monster Sect did not have any point temporarily, therefore can only monitor, to does not have what motion, but the person of Black turtle gate, he to had found, but he has not begun to save others. Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, the day of slaughter demon congress, Zhao Hai anxiously leaving, not long after, had not been having Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator on this day is here looks for him. Zhao Hai walks with that Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator outward, Cave Mansion Zhao Hai presently, in other Cave Mansion also has plenty cultivator is the same with him, walks along with Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator outward. Zhao Hai looked at this situation on understand, the slaughter demon congress that in this Cultivation World, smart person not only his, nine Great Sect these time made absolutely, was any point, now also nobody knows, therefore various Great Sect to this time congress some dislike, will therefore have such response. Zhao Hai with Heavenly Sword Sect that cultivator, went to the Transmission Formation square, then these Lu Xuyou person also Transmission Formation square there. On each Transmission Formation is standing several other Sect people, several Heavenly Sword Sect people, after waiting for on Transmission Formation to stand the person. flash of white light, next quarter Zhao Hai they already appears in another Transmission Formation square there. In this Transmission Formation square here, has plenty Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator, these Heavenly Sword Sect cultivator arrive at Zhao Hai they, very polite salutes with them, then asked Zhao Hai they to leave the Transmission Formation square. Zhao Hai walks toward the Transmission Formation square outside, while is paying attention to this place. This is a summit of mountain, but the summit draw of this mountain, on this summit, is actually constructing many constructions. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai knows that they feared to the Heavenly Sword Sect sword level ground. The sword level ground, the Heavenly Sword Sect core is, Legend has it that this is a mountain, afterward Heavenly Sword Sect the lord of quarrying a mountain. A mountain law of sword handle mountain dividing. Has become a area giant platform, then in here open a sect and establish a school, has become present Heavenly Sword Sect. But this platform, has been called the sword level ground. The sword level ground is the same on equivalent to Black Tiger Group General Hall, is the Heavenly Sword Sect most important place. The important personage in Heavenly Sword Sect, lives in sword level ground here, this sword level ground since the date of completion, had not been attacked and captured, at the matter by the attack number of times was been few, because the Heavenly Sword Sect strength was too strong. Nobody can achieve this point.

In Heavenly Sword Sect the leadership of that cultivator it, before Zhao Hai they were arriving at Great Hall, quickly. This Great Hall very wide is big, inside has chocked up the chair, now before Great Hall, is standing several cultivator, these nine cultivator cultivator clothing/taking colors vary, the appearance is also different, is nine Great Sect representatives. When at the back of cultivator of sword, saw first Zhao Hai they arrived, immediately/on horseback laughs said : everybody, Jian Wuya this was courteous, Heavenly Sword Sect has the place that anything neglects, but also asked everybody to excuse me.” Zhao Hai one hear of this people register also stare, because this Jian Wuya Heavenly Sword Sect current Sect Master, he has not thought that Heavenly Sword Sect these time is Sect Master personally acts unexpectedly. Other cultivator have also gawked, but their also immediately to returning salute, does not dare hastily, Zhao Hai naturally also in this row. Jian Wuya looks returns salute numerously, this even/including [say / way] was polite, asking the people to enter Great Hall. Above this Great Hall has filled chair, these chairs have been divided into several parts, in front of each major part the flag, above writes this China , Saint Lucia, eastern Saint and so on inscription, understood at a glance that writes the region. Zhao Hai arrived has written north different two place of character, presently on each chair inscribes the character, was various Sect names, Zhao Hai also understand is any meaning, he found the Black Tiger Group chair to sit. Other Sect people, found to represent oneself Sect chair to meet. But in the Great Hall innermost abreast in row is placing nine chairs, these nine chairs are placed on a short stage, although this short stage is not high, the place that but actually they sits with Zhao Hai, very good discrimination, that is prepares to nine Great Sect representatives very much obviously, Zhao Hai look at toward micro looked that to that nine represents nine Great Sect of chair, the corners of the mouth cannot help but hung up a line to sneer. Before long nine Great Sect representatives sat on that nine chairs, the people who under their look at sits, on the face have shown a smiling face. Jian Wuya looked at one also in the people of whispering, coughed lightly, after people calm gets down, his then deep voice said : everybody, today our nine Great Sect common placards, invites everybody, for must discuss with everyone/Great Clan, jointly copes with the Heavenly Demon Race matter, everyone/Great Clan also knows that a Heavenly Demon clan defended however had the aggression to my Cultivation World, this shameless act, we were absolutely intolerable, therefore our everyone/Great Clan wanted alliance to get up, expelled Cultivation World Heavenly Demon Race.” Zhao Hai they have not made noise, they want to listen to Jian Wuya also to have anything saying that Jian Wuya looked at people one eyes, then deep voice said : everybody, what race Heavenly Demon Race is, I think that everyone/Great Clan also understand, warlike, instinct for wicked, such race invades Cultivation World, is big of my Cultivation World is absolutely unfortunate, but we must acknowledge, Heavenly Demon Race strength or very formidable, therefore our nine Great Sect meet alliance to believe to everybody, is hopes that our Cultivation World can form an alliance, jointly copes with Heavenly Demon Race.” The following person humming sound discussion, obviously under these people also has guessed correctly this result, therefore the sound is not very big. Jian Wuya was actually lightly wrinkles under the brow, deep voice said : invited peacefully.” Waited for all people peaceful, his then said : even must form an alliance, needs to lead the person, otherwise could not achieve to act in unison, that this alliance with not having being established was also different, I proposed that this alliance to be divided into nine parts, each state for an independent small alliance, Central Saint Province took my Heavenly Sword Sect as alliance leader, Eastern Saint Province on Eastern Saint Academy was alliance leader, Eastern Buddha Province takes Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery as alliance leader, Western Saint Province takes Western Saint Academy as alliance leader, Western Demon Province by Wonderful Sound Pavilion for alliance leader, Southern Saint Province on by Southern Saint Academy for alliance leader, Southern Barbarian Province on by ten thousand beast gates for alliance leader, Northern Saint Province on by Northern Saint Academy for alliance leader, Does Northern Divergent Province take Ten Thousand Monster Sect as alliance leader, what opinion don’t know everybody has?” The people under stage are one piece humming sound the sound of discussion, this sound be just bigger, obviously people although has guessed correctly this result, when to this result actually also is very discontented. I opposed!” In the people discussed that sound suddenly passes on, the people went along the prestige, this sound conveyed from Northern Divergent Province seat there, then saw appearance ordinary cultivator to stand, nine people on their bright look at stage.

The has plenty person does not think that this cultivator, all people use one type of unusual vision look at this person at once, in their opinion, this person feared that must have bad luck, dares such public does not give nine Great Sect faces, wasn't that does not want to live? Feared that is links his Sect to be implicated. Jian Wuya looks at the person one eyes that has stood, facial expression said : that on the face has revealed understanding clearly originally is Mr. Zhao Hai, does not know that what opinion mister does have?” The person Zhao Hai that stands, Zhao Hai one hear of Jian Wuya said that cannot help but bows said : Zhao Hai to see Sect Master to Jian Wuya, Zhao Hai to the proposition of Sect Master, does not have the too big opinion, but I opposed that Northern Divergent Province alliance leader holds the post of by Ten Thousand Monster Sect, others can become Northern Divergent Province alliance leader, is not good on Ten Thousand Monster Sect.” Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that in the eye has shown a really such expression, but he is be with smile on the face said : does not know why mister opposed Ten Thousand Monster Sect holds the post of Northern Divergent Province alliance leader, isn't Ten Thousand Monster Sect strong in the Northern Divergent Province strength?” Was saying him also while looked at one, the station sits in the one side, complexion pale Ten Thousand Monster Sect representative. Zhao Hai looked at Ten Thousand Monster Sect that to represent one, coldly snorted said : „the Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength suffices, but he actually has not become the alliance leader material, because of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, when alliance leader, my feel relieved, by the welldoing of Ten Thousand Monster Sect, really did not wear into Northern Divergent Province alliance leader.” Ten Thousand Monster Sect that represented could not be sitting still, he made an effort patted the chair to stand, was pointing at Zhao Hai shouted: Zhao Hai, you talk clearly to me, how my Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not wear into Northern Divergent Province alliance leader, if you do not talk clearly, do not blame the old man my impolite, you insulted my Ten Thousand Monster Sect blatantly, my Ten Thousand Monster Sect will not let off your Black Tiger Group!” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : „, if the person does not know, only if oneself not for......” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;