Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1810

Zhao Hai coldly snorted said! ’, If the person does not know, only if Mo Wei, what good matter you from has done, your don’t know? Snort, entire Northern Divergent Province knows that the Black turtle gate, is first present day Demon Realm invasion Sect, invades in present day Demon Realm, Black turtle gate Old Ancestor, Black turtle old person alone remained to keep off the day of Demon Realm army two days fully, was not only passed to entire Northern Divergent Province by own disciple information of day Demon Realm invasion, but also made Black turtle gate Sect Master notify to Ten Thousand Monster Sect specially, but your did Ten Thousand Monster Sect do? You deduct Black turtle gate Sect Master unexpectedly, but also all enters the Black turtle all trades person to Yangming city to deduct completely, compelling Black turtle old person to obey, this has not calculated that you in bright in the city, have sealed unexpectedly still all shops , the people in all shops have buckled, I to ask that your Ten Thousand Monster Sect does want to do? Your actions, does make alliance leader? I said in here, so long as is Ten Thousand Monster Sect, when alliance leader, my Black Tiger Group does not participate in this time making treaties of alliance, my Black Tiger Group does not have the coward, day Demon Realm invades, relationship to entire Cultivation World, my Black Tiger Group fights the last person, with the day Demon Realm resistance, but like Ten Thousand Monster Sect, invades taking advantage of day Demon Realm, seize the opportunity expands itself, only for Sect that oneself worry, if has become alliance leader, that this alliance, my Black Tiger Group does not participate! ” Zhao Hai said that coldly snorted sat, but entire Northern Divergent Province all Sect representatives, one hear of Zhao Hai said that is in an uproar, they have not received this information to the present, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they know this matter, all people could not sit still. Ten Thousand Monster Sect on stage represents is also complexion changes, he has not really thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly public this matter saying, him has wanted to call this matter has not spread, becomes this alliance leader directly, when the time comes has the position of alliance leader in the hand, in having these people buckles in hand, naturally can more relaxed control these Sect, but by a Zhao Hai such saying, under these small Sect vigilance, most important is, this alliance leader position, they have not taken. Not only Ten Thousand Monster Sect representative, on stage other eight Great Sect representatives, one face looks at idiot same look at Ten Thousand Monster Sect that representative, they have not thought before really that Ten Thousand Monster Sect will do such matter to come unexpectedly, their these Great Sect, although calls king dominate in Great Province who each one is, but they handle any matter, must consider an under consequence, if were given capture by these small Sect really the handle, to them a cold resistance, that they is also very not easy to do. This is in they do not have in the situation of competitor, like Heavenly Sword Sect, in Central Saint Province here, completely is a monopoly of a single clique, words that they said that nobody dares to oppose that was one complies in public but opposes in private at most, because of Heavenly Sword Sect although overbearing, but they worked or have the bottom line, was small to these The Sect benefit will also consider some, because of Heavenly Sword Sect person very clear, so long as they can have the support of these small Sect like this. But the Ten Thousand Monster Sect situation, entire Cultivation World knew now, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is also a monopoly of a single clique, but they did not have to looking like Heavenly Sword Sect that degree in a big way, regarding Northern Divergent Province control, was falls far short compared with Heavenly Sword Sect to Central Saint Province control that. But in more than one year, Ten Thousand Monster Sect has been suppressing Black Tiger Group, actually cannot be what kind of Black Tiger Group, instead to was makes Black Tiger Group also many two Sect domains, in this case, Ten Thousand Monster Sect dropped regarding Northern Divergent Province control ability much. At this time, they did such matter to come, Black Tiger Group naturally cannot let off this time opportunity. Jian Wuya somewhat angry looked at Ten Thousand Monster Sect representative one, this time slaughter demon congress is good opportunity of nine Great Sect centralizations, so long as this noon alliance is founded, authority big increase of that nine Great Sect in hand, but at this time, Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually caused one, this almost can affect the establishment of this alliance. Jian Wuya turned the head to look at Northern Divergent Province region like being in commotion, deep voice said : everybody, be please peaceful, today the establishment of this alliance, for better coped with Heavenly Demon Race, did not have no relationship with other matters, I think that Ten Thousand Monster Sect such did also has their considerations, arrow does not need to be worried.”

However Northern Divergent Province these Sect actually do not admit being in the wrong, although Heavenly Sword Sect in formidable, but Northern Divergent Province is very far from them, Heavenly Sword Sect cannot manage Northern Divergent Province there to go, if Heavenly Sword Sect dares to run up to Northern Divergent Province there to deal with the Northern Divergent Province person, that will certainly trigger the reaction of entire Northern Divergent Province, therefore Northern Divergent Province person, regarding the Heavenly Sword Sect power and influence and have no interest. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, the representatives of hundred hua valleys have stood, hundred hua valleys did not catch cold to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, now had opportunity to cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, their can not say that this opportunity hit a person when he is down. The representatives of hundred hua valleys are an elder in hundred hua valleys, he looked at Jian Wuya one, deep voice said : Sect Master Jian, is not we do not give you face, but you also know that these time copes with day Demon Realm, that is the entire Cultivation World matter, is not that Sect independent matter, but is the entire Cultivation World matter, now the monster sect makes such matter to come again, we really do not have the means to become our Northern Divergent Province alliance leader by him, I may feel relieved only not be planned others' Sect to lead by one like this, because we cannot front in resist with Heavenly Demon Race, behind. Also must be worried that some people plan us, such fight does not have the means.” His saying, entire Northern Divergent Province region was in an uproar, everyone/Great Clan creates a disturbance, scene at once one chaotic. Not only a Northern Divergent Province region confusion, region of several other states also chaotic. Jian Wuya looked that this situation does not know well, if region of other states are also chaotic, that today's this congress did not use, this alliance simply did not have the means to be tenable. Jian Wuya quickly said: Peaceful, since the Northern Divergent Province friend did not agree that Ten Thousand Monster Sect becomes Northern Divergent Province alliance leader, that asked you to put out a regulation to come.” Ten Thousand Monster Sect that represented one hear of Jian Wuya saying that complexion cannot help but changed, as soon as he listened to sword non- Lou Zheme saying that on understand, Jian Wuya this was plans to give up Ten Thousand Monster Sect. In fact his also understand, according to at present this situation, Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants into Northern Divergent Province alliance leader, that is impossible. But Jian Wuya such asked that to the Northern Divergent Province person stumping, they were just only the matters that atmosphere Ten Thousand Monster Sect handled, but did not make Ten Thousand Monster Sect come, when alliance leader, how that Northern Divergent Province there must cope with Heavenly Demon Race, they have not thought.

In the Jian Wuya eye flashes through a contemptuous facial expression, he just intentionally asked that he already looked, Northern Divergent Province these people, simply have not thought how is good to do, most people with disturbing, him must use these words, suppresses the Northern Divergent Province arrogance, making Northern Divergent Province honest. Zhao Hai looked at Jian Wuya one, has sneered, then has stood, smiling to Jian Wuya gave a salute said : „, since Sect Master Jian such asked that then stirred up courage to say a few words below, a whose regulation alliance can have alliance leader? I proposed that the Northern Divergent Province alliance does not suppose a alliance leader duty, selects nine Sect by all Sect on behalf of the voting, by these nine Sect Sect Master, establishes Elder Assembly, comes common processing Northern Divergent Province to cope with the day Demon Realm matter by this Elder Assembly, what matter nine elders if there are to discuss the solution, under various topethesia proud how?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Northern Divergent Province person one peaceful, then boisterously applauds, Zhao Hai the proposed fantastic, has been just right for the hope of Northern Divergent Province person. But Jian Wuya one hear of Zhao Hai said that is actually complexion changes, because the Northern Divergent Province person one such does, held a precedent on equal to, if the people in several other states must like Northern Divergent Province, establish Elder Assembly to come common management this alliance, that nine Great Sect authority will be compressed to is smallest. Jian Wuya has not thought that Zhao Hai suddenly within such short time, will find out such his means that although Zhao Hai the means that look like aim at Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but all people can look, this means same suiting in several other Great Province. Really, in the Zhao Hai voice falls, several other state that region also chaotic, below has transmitted intermittently humming sound sound. Jian Wuya looked that this situation knows, the matter is not good, now he in thinking the control scene was impossible, therefore he stood hastily got up said : well, since everyone/Great Clan had the different opinions, that today's conference arrives at here, after inviting well everyone/Great Clan everybody went back, in discussed that broke up.” As soon as the people listened to Jian Wuya saying that has stood, walked outward, but the Ten Thousand Monster Sect representative has also stood, look at that two eyes cold light sparkled Zhao Hai that people together followed outward. Zhao Hai felt that has the intense enmity vision to shoot to him, he cannot help but turns the head to look, is being the Ten Thousand Monster Sect representative, Zhao Hai does not care, but shows a faint smile, turned the head to walk.

Their Black Tiger Group has had with Ten Thousand Monster Sect Qiu Zaojiu, this time he has gone bad the Ten Thousand Monster Sect good deed, can say that this enmity could not untie, only then a side perishes, this hatred is the termination, but Zhao Hai can affirm, demise certainly will not be Black Tiger Group. When Zhao Hai leave Great Hall, a suddenly sound conveys said : Mr. Zhao Hai to please do not bother to see me off.” Zhao Hai turns the head to look, was the representatives of hundred hua valleys, Zhao Hai cannot help but stopped the footsteps, bowed to that person said : originally is hundred hua valleys senior, Zhao Hai was courteous.” That of hundred hua valleys represents is actually laughs said : Demon Blade Zhao Hai so to be unexpectedly polite, really stems from the anticipation of old man, but mister should not be so polite, my Cultivation World all take the strength as Venerable, the mister strength is equally matched with me, if mister shows due respect for the feelings, calls the old man a Senior Brother foot.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought , the representatives of these hundred hua valleys unexpectedly so polite, his quickly said: So Zhao Hai offended, does not know that Senior Brother stopped by calling out below has any instructions? the representatives of hundred hua valleys regarding Zhao Hai such manner appreciation , does he he he chuckle said :just want to be intimate with Junior Brother, slightly how sits Junior Brother to my Cave Mansion in? In my Cave Mansion also has hundred hua that brings from hundred hua valleys to ferment, the flavor is good, can Junior Brother be willing to accept this invite?, &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;