Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1811

Zhao Hai knows that his idea, hundred hua valleys did not cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect very much, now Black Tiger Group does not cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, the enemy of enemy is a friend, therefore the representative of this hundred hua valleys, desirably is intimate with him. However this regarding Zhao Hai does not have what fault, Zhao Hai to know, before he said formed the matter of Elder Assembly management alliance, that was needs some people to support, hundred hua valleys were an appropriate candidate. These years contradictions between hundred hua valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect in Northern Divergent Province are almost everybody know that Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not have not to think must cope with hundred hua valleys, but hundred hua valleys are not the soft persimmon, lets your casual pinching, can say that Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not have what means with hundred hua valleys. Natural hundred hua Gu Gan such do against with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, has the reason, in the back of hundred hua valleys, support of many small Sect, but these small Sect support hundred hua valleys, does not think that really hundred hua valleys sit in a big way. These small Sect support hundred hua valleys , because hundred hua valleys will do against with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, the people of these small lots, the although strength is not strong, but this did not express that they are the fools, conversely, they are very intelligent, their very clear, if any one Sect does not dare to cope with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, then regarding them absolutely is not the good deed, therefore they need one not to fear that Ten Thousand Monster Sect Sect comes to resist with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, very obviously hundred hua valley not one Sect like this. Because of this, therefore these small Sect people, support hundred hua valleys in the back, hundred hua valleys then have the energy to speak the last words with Ten Thousand Monster Sect. In fact in more than one year. Also has plenty small Sect has met with Zhang Feng or iron Zhan Tian. Reached this and that cooperation agreement with Black Tiger Group, can say that now Black Tiger Group also had the support of small Sect, because Black Tiger Group also showed to dare with the strength that Ten Thousand Monster Sect resisted. The after that units place elder of Zhao Hai and hundred hua valleys arrives at Cave Mansion that he lived, Zhao Hai I and Senior Brother to that elder deep voice said : of hundred hua valleys chatted such long time, but also don’t know imitation given name, but also asked Senior Brother to excuse me.” That elder thinks little, smiles said : Junior Brother don’t know to be also normal, normally I also little take a walk outside, in next Li, the name seeks hua!” Zhao Hai stares. Then is busy to that person of ritual said : originally is seeks hua Young Master face to face, please below my faulty vision, seeks hua Young Master, but senior, I was discussing with the senior person of the same generation hand over was inappropriate. Also asked senior to forgive the impoliteness of Zhao Hai.”

Li Xun hua shows a faint smile said : Junior Brother not to need to be so polite, I already said that our Cultivation World takes the strength as Venerable, the Junior Brother strength in that pendulum, I was discussing with the Junior Brother person of the same generation hands over well, if Junior Brother were so polite, then may probably be angry below.” Zhao Hai looked at Li Xun hua one, shows a faint smile said : „, since Senior Brother so said that Zhao Hai has been disrespectful, Senior Brother these time was called the little brother. For the Elder Assembly matter that I do say?” Li Xun hua has not thought that really Zhao Hai directly soars the subject unexpectedly, he shows a faint smile said : well, for this matter comes, Junior Brother you may know, your proposition, not only but offended Ten Thousand Monster Sect, but gave to offend nine Great Sect.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to know, but this is also because Jian Wuya they excessively before, any slaughter demon congress, I look at am nine Great Sect want in a even bigger step expansion from authority. This point everyone/Great Clan saw, but nobody dares saying that the little brother is one takes the lead, said it, nine Great Sect also sight was long enough. This time Heavenly Demon invades them to think really so will be simple on the past? I look not necessarily.” Li Xun hua stares, then his look at Zhao Hai puzzled said : „is the meaning of Junior Brother?” Zhao Hai sneered said : this Heavenly Demon Race to prepare for a long time. Can they giving up easily? Is absolutely impossible, you told that previous time I participate Heavenly Demon practices wushu, present day Demon Realm had to change, after coming back, I want to tell Ten Thousand Monster Sect this matter, is Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually in the suppression of going all out my Black Tiger Group, I told them, they do not believe that but our Black Tiger Group does not want to make a Cultivation World preparation not have, therefore our release information secretly, said that day of Demon Realm on must invade Cultivation World, but still has not actually aroused anybody's vigilance, snort|hum, now day of Demon Realm, they still in have wanted. Fights for power and profit, nine Great Sect, degenerated now fellow of one crowd of being shortsighted.” Li Xun hua one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion cannot help but changes said : Junior Brother, you meant that in Cultivation World day Demon Realm about information that must invade, is your Black Tiger Group release goes?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, information that our Black Tiger Group release goes, this time Heavenly Demon practices wushu, entered to day Demon Realm I present the differences, day Demon Realm there probably already knows that we came out from there, we just came out, sent for carrying on chasing down to us, this time chasing down, did not practice wushu with beforehand Heavenly Demon, this time chasing down very thorough, looked comes out, the day of Demon Realm person on does not want to be lived coming back by us, they sent are Expert that came out, moreover was divided into the squad, swept straight stops up. In our appears place, our appears , immediately chases down us, afterward was entire day Demon Realm is carrying on to besiege and pursue to block off to us, this situation was not quite absolutely normal, I suspected that what matter day Demon Realm had not to think us to know, day Demon Realm with our Cultivation World not Egypt, what matter but can also have to make them so anxious? I have thought of the Heavenly Demon invasion! I must tell Ten Thousand Monster Sect this matter, but the matter after coming back you also knew, did I also tell them? Even if told them, feared that is they will also regard that is my scheme, simply does not believe.” Li Xun hua complexion cannot help but becomes very difficult looked, not only because Ten Thousand Monster Sect has not believed that at the matter hears Cultivation World there about the rumor that day Demon Realm must invade, they have not believed that otherwise clearly know nine Great Sect will not want to do, eager came.

Does not have the idiot in Cultivation World here, no one has regarded whom is a fool, what slaughter demon congress nine Great Sect saying must hold, almost entire Cultivation World person understand they must do, but they came, why? Also is not because this day Demon Realm invades, moreover is threatening, they confessed that no matter what a strength, definitely cannot block, therefore has to come here by nine Great Sect air/Qi. In fact in Cultivation World here, what momentous change no matter lives, first bad luck certainly is these small Sect. Because the small lot lets has a weak foundation, cannot withstand any tossing about, therefore they are clearly know nine Great Sect want to do, has to brace oneself, because they , if not agree, that feared is among in the blink of an eye own Sect must by day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon destroying completely. But if these people if obtained information ahead of time, had the completely safe preparation regarding this invasion, that situation greatly is uncertain, they can definitely be well prepared, when Heavenly Demon comes, can have the countermeasure, but does not use like the present, must look at others' complexion conduct. Li Xun hua is feeling for the plan fault of hundred hua gates certainly annoying, but his thought one revolution, then is actually two eyes one bright, his two eyes dies to stare at Zhao Hai said : Junior Brother, said that your Black Tiger Group has prepared for regarding this Heavenly Demon invasion?” Zhao Hai look at Li Xun hua, shows a faint smile said : well, the little brother I in Black Tiger Group also a little status, Gang Master also calculate the trust to the little brother, after obtaining little brother's situation, Black Tiger Group started to carry on to prepare to this Heavenly Demon invasion, he he, fortunately, Heavenly Demon Race has invaded, otherwise the little brother may want the Black Tiger Group criminal.” Li Xun hua felt that own tooth a little itchy, especially sees Zhao Hai that proud vast appearance, he felt one special wants to bite. However he is deep voice said : „, no wonder the brothers you dared not to give the Ten Thousand Monster Sect face, the proposition of Elder Assembly but this time you proposed was very good, but this Elder Assembly also had saying that the seat in Elder Assembly was decided that whose Elder Assembly was listens, if the person in Elder Assembly were all good with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, this Elder Assembly also on equal to was not Ten Thousand Monster Sect, therefore we must thinking well, relate some Sect many, occupied two seats many line.” Zhao Hai cannot help but has held in high esteem to Li Xun hua, he has not thought really that Li Xun hua can think of this point unexpectedly, but Zhao Hai on also shows a faint smile said : „, so long as has regulation, this Elder Assembly seat in many are also useless, we can come a vote veto to him, so long as any in nine Great Elder did not agree that they are in good also to be useless, therefore we who said that must fight for several seats on sufficing, moreover this Elder Assembly not only also nine Great Elder, we can also be increased many elders by Elder Assembly, when the time comes they want. control Elder Assembly difficulty.” Li Xun hua one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, but his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Li Xun hua cannot help but nodded, compared thumb said : brother to be really fierce to Zhao Hai, this point has thought that good, that such managed, I thought that both of us contact with a servant now, wants to fight over in two seats to nine Great Elder, did you look?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that is natural, so, the little brother first asked to be excused.”

Li Xun hua nodded, then cannot help but patted head said : you to have a look at my this memory, I said that must ask the brother to drink, has not actually drunk to the present liquor, patronized is saying the matter, come, Brother, hundred hua of these bottles of our hundred hua valleys fermented, the brother do not shut out.” Said that in his hand has put out several jade bottles, these jade bottles all over the body are become by red warm made of jade, moreover fine that very manufactures, looks like looks like in full bloom red hua, was too attractive. Zhao Hai received Li Xun hua in hand beverage bottle, showed a faint smile said : that little brother actually to be disrespectful, the little brother first asked to be excused.” Li Xun hua sent out Cave Mansion Zhao Hai, the look at Zhao Hai back, the corners of the mouth has revealed one to mean smiling face that was difficult to be bright. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;