Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1812

Zhao Hai although already turn around, but he noted the smiling face on Li Xun painted face, but Zhao Hai had not been worried that now Hundred Flower Valley has had no way to have office Law Idol to compare with Black Tiger Group, Li Xunhua wanted to cope with him, was difficult. On the face of Zhao Hai to compared with also happy, because Zhao Hai this time the Elder Assembly proposition originally that Li Xunhua smiles has not settled any good intention, must know, a Elder Assembly establishment, so long as is not a monopoly of a single clique, that has plenty matter is very difficult to decide. But where is the battlefield? The minutes and seconds will live the change the place, one, but the matter cannot use the quickest decision, may decide direction of war very much. This Elder Assembly in the will of the people uneven situation, to cruel Heavenly Demon Race, that feared that is the share that only then loses, when the time comes entire Northern Divergent Province all Sect will cause heavy losses, only then Black Tiger Group can maintain the strength, when at that time, Black Tiger Group can fully make a move, so long as they have repelled day of Demon Realm, that Northern Divergent Province on nobody was the Black Tiger Group match, when the time comes Black Tiger Group can official substitution Ten Thousand Monster Sect, become entire Northern Divergent Province first Great Sect. Naturally is whatever Li Xunhua they want to break the plan of head impossible understand Zhao Hai, the plan of Zhao Hai was too virulent, gave to plan the entire Northern Divergent Province people, this time planning will make Northern Divergent Province innumerable cultivator be killed. However Zhao Hai may, no matter that many, this are not the kindhearted generation, what he wants is makes Black Tiger Group expand, other Sect lives, do not have with his 10 cents relationship. Zhao Hai has not returned to own Cave Mansion. But gave Zhang Feng them to send the letter directly. They said to Zhang Feng establishes the Elder Assembly matter, Zhang Feng they naturally are the agreements, simultaneously Zhang Feng also reorganized, all had relationship Sect to give Zhao Hai to arrange in order with Black Tiger Group, this was also Zhao Hai wants. Zhao Hai must come these Sect contact methods, this can go to relate with these Sect, he can get so far as a Elder Assembly seat. Looks at these Sect also is really many, over a thousand, must know in entire Northern Divergent Province, altogether also tens of thousands Sect. Currently with really has over a thousand people that Black Tiger Group establishes diplomatic relations, this was very extraordinary. Zhao Hai heard that has more than 1000 Sect, knows that he thinks visits was impossible, therefore Zhao Hai immediately has put out the signalling jade sword. Sends letter to these Sect people, making them come his here together. Zhao Hai has not planned to hide the truth from Heavenly Sword Sect, he knows that here is the Heavenly Sword Sect domain, conceals the truth does not conceal the truth, because cannot conceal the truth, therefore Zhao Hai the nature visibly comes, he found the Heavenly Sword Sect person directly, making the Heavenly Sword Sect person give him to arrange a big point conference room. Heavenly Sword Sect these people to have not felt embarrassed Zhao Hai, immediately have arranged big Cave Mansion to Zhao Hai, this Cave Mansion seems like martial arts training ground is probably same. However obviously was the process has cleaned, here do not say more than 1000 people, even if were more than 10,000 people also sits under. Zhao Hai there waited for not long after, with Black Tiger Group has various Sect of friendship arrived on one after the other, Zhao Hai has greeted in entrance there, received in all people martial arts training ground, altogether has 1573 people.

After all people entered martial arts training ground, Zhao Hai also arrived in martial arts training ground, Zhao Hai looked at these cultivator, first is bows to these people. Then shows a faint smile said : brothers Zhao Hai to see everybody, was courteous, was courteous.” These people return salute hastily, the Demon Blade Zhao Hai reputation in Northern Divergent Province is very loud, that is possibly with the person of Immortal Stage Expert to war. Their that dares to neglect, although they to this view some suspicions. However did not have the idiot to question Zhao Hai to the present. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : everybody, little brother makes everybody to come today, is looks like everybody to accompany the ritual, today little brother's words, establishing the matter of alliance stirring, have sorry.” These cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that slightly stares, then laughs, in the mouth even/including isn't [say / way] strange, Zhao Hai has also smiled, he beckoned with the hand, asking the people to sit down, this said : today asks everyone/Great Clan to come, to discuss with everyone/Great Clan, the Elder Assembly seat issue, what opinion don’t know everyone/Great Clan has?” As soon as these people listened to Zhao Hai saying that raise the spirits, is discussing with the person who oneself got to know each other well, Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, knows that they a short time cannot discuss anything came, Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile said : everybody, I looked that came to say by me first, this time our Black Tiger Group target was one of the nine Great Elder seats, but also asked everybody to help.” These cultivator have not thought that Zhao Hai is so direct, cannot help but stares, the Zhao Hai look at that cultivator appearance, shows a faint smile said : everybody, the do not blame me speech is direct, the proposition of this Elder Assembly is I raises, our Black Tiger Group naturally must win a seat, moreover I prepare to increase the add some seat in this Elder Assembly, these recently added seats, although was inferior that nine Great Elder are authorized, effect that but most at least can play an inspector general, moreover I can representative Black Tiger Group, comply to form an alliance with everybody, so long as our Black Tiger Group had these nine Great Elder seats, I ensure our these Sect benefits can obtain in a big way. Guarantee.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these cultivator humming sound the discussion, very much obviously the proposition of Zhao Hai, very much has made them move. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, shows a faint smile said : everybody, this time slaughter demon congress although made a start, but nine Great Sect are any points, I think that everybody should also understand, Ten Thousand Monster Sect, ten thousand know the sect to make anything, I said to everyone/Great Clan, nine Great Sect must use this time opportunity, when the time comes the concentration of power to their hands, resists day Demon Realm the time, making us work as the cannon fodder, when we die almost, they in coming out to clean up the aftermath, not only when the time comes they can become hero who defeated Heavenly Demon Race. Can biggest authority of smooth in hand to various Great Province, even becomes nine Great Sect blows the minute nine Great Province aspects, does everybody want to see this aspect? More at this time, we more wanted stick together, only then we can resist with them like this.” These Sect representatives static is listening to the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one. deep voice said : everybody, franks, information of day Demon Realm invasion, our Black Tiger Group already knows, but told everybody at that time, feared that everybody is not willing to believe that therefore our Black Tiger Group has release information, said that day Demon Realm must invade, but does don’t know everybody believe that but everybody must know. Our Black Tiger Group for this Heavenly Demon invasion, has prepared for more than one year, sufficiency of our preparation next minute, so long as we form an alliance. No matter Ten Thousand Monster Sect or Heavenly Demon Race, we do not need to be afraid.” These person of Zhao Hai said that starts to whisper, they have not thought really that the information [say / way] of day Demon Realm invasion is Black Tiger Group release comes, this lets their accidents very. Some little time, the one Sect representative stood got up to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, I want to ask, if you can strive to enter the Elder Assembly quota, how this quota can assign?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this I not to have the means to answer you now. I said that now anything is empty talk, speaks the truth with you, I have contacted the Hundred Flower Valley person now, we prepare to strive for nine Great Elder positions, if strove, we can let more person join Elder Assembly, but wanted many person of join Elder Assembly, now has not grasped, because wanted join Elder Assembly, must result is we and Hundred Flower Valley that person equal division. Therefore I cannot answer you now, because I don't care said of pleasant to hear, that is the idle talk, when does not have at the last moment, no one can reach an agreement.”

That represented one hear of Zhao Hai to say. To did not have to say anything, but nodded. Bowed to Zhao Hai, sat, Zhao Hai looked at people said : everybody, I must say told everybody, everybody can go back later to discuss, so long as before tomorrow met to me answered that was OK.” As soon as these people listened to Zhao Hai saying that nodded, stands to bow to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, Zhao Hai look at his type appearance, showed a faint smile has not said anything. After Zhao Hai returned to own Cave Mansion, once for a while will receive the signalling jade swords of various Great Sect representatives, these jade swords agreed that supports him to fight for nine Great Elder seats, only one day, Zhao Hai received such jade sword more than 1400, this also let Zhao Hai complete feel relieved, it seems like in these people majority is willing with a Zhao Hai heart. Zhao Hai then gave Li Xunhua to send a letter, Li has looked for flowers the reply to say his there also preparation was similar, Zhao Hai then relaxed, table static was waiting for the next day arrival. On cultivator that actually Zhao Hai in these form an alliance with Black Tiger Group, has installed the Liquid Silver needle, what response these cultivator are, the purity that he knows, in these people majority of supports Black Tiger Group, only then few many, but Zhao Hai has not cared. one day on the past, the Heavenly Sword Sect person also will invite quickly Zhao Hai next morning, Zhao Hai also arrived with the Heavenly Sword Sect person left the day the hall, divided region to sit, nine Great Sect people still sat on the stage, their complexion were not quite attractive. Really, Jian Wuya just open the mouth and said: Everybody, yesterday the matter of discussion, I thinks that is listening to the opinion of everyone/Great Clan.” Under the stage nobody makes noise, the Jian Wuya sword color was uglier, in this time, cultivator suddenly has been standing, said loudly: Our spirit air throttle supports the alliance leader system, this resistance day Demon Realm is the important matter, each decision, relationship to the result of doing fighting, if establishes Elder Assembly, when the elders met, possibly the weaponry has fired off, therefore I represent the spirit air throttle to support the alliance leader system.” His words just fell, some immediately people jumped got up said : I also to support the alliance leader system, I think that Ten Thousand Monster Sect can definitely represent our Northern Divergent Province.” This represents one in Northern Divergent Province, but Zhao Hai understood at a glance that he is the Ten Thousand Monster Sect person. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, looked on a stage to have smug look Ten Thousand Monster Sect to represent one, has not spoken, he wants to have a look at these people also to have any move of technique. Then several cultivator have stood, was said that supported the alliance leader system, moreover nine Great Province people had, saw this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, he now real don’t know these nine Great Sect will become such stupid, they such did, won't cause other Sect even bigger dislike? Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in there, how he is to have a look at these people also to the acrobatics develop, really before long had the Sect representative to stand to oppose, both sides noisy being heavily engaged , the liveliness of entire hall like grocer, hit make a move on the difference at once greatly.

Sitting that Jian Wuya unemotionally in there, he has not thought really that also really some people dare to stand to oppose his words unexpectedly, moreover person who these people really have Central Saint Province, this makes his face put toward that thinks of here, he cannot help but changed to the body of Zhao Hai the item polishing, all issues are Zhao Hai cause. Zhao Hai also noted the Jian Wuya vision, he secret shaking the head, to be honest, his person to nine Great Sect was really too disappointed, at this time still in here playing a game, Zhao Hai suddenly had the one type of agitated feeling, he does not think that was accompanying these fellows to play, did not have the meaning. Thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but stood, this stands, before long the person in hall unexpectedly all peaceful, all person look at he, wants to have a look at him to say anything. The person in hall knows that the yesterday Zhao Hai words, that this alliance has formed, because of Zhao Hai, therefore the person in hall, such will pay attention to Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to stand, all people were staring at him, wants to have a look at him also to have any astonishing action. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, on the face did not have what expression, he shook the head said : everybody, failing to agree half a word are many, now resists the Heavenly Demon Race important time, did not have that many time to accompany everybody to do a lot of talking in here below, if everybody supported the alliance leader system, that everybody stayed behind, below first return to Sect, said goodbye.” Said that turn around outward walks, simply looked that does not look at Jian Wuya their complexion. Jian Wuya they now are pale face, they have not thought that Zhao Hai such certainly, direct turn around walked unexpectedly, before this lets him, plan that prepares, looked like fights with the fists in the vacancy, absolutely did not have the strength. This has not calculated that Zhao Hai stands, immediately/on horseback also had large quantities of Sect representatives to stand, followed Zhao Hai turn around. Li Xunhua looks at the Zhao Hai movement, cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, but he also has then stood, turn around walked, this walks, there are large quantities of Sect to represent, entire Northern Divergent Province region there has vacated big piece region immediately. This entire hall was more chaotic, in several other state region, is not some people of leave, entire congress really piece of chaos, had the meaning of breaking up. On the Jian Wuya face a paleness, he never expected can be this, now he had a mortal hatred of Zhao Hai, looks like such that Zhao Hai thought that these stood saying that most from the beginning agreed the person who alliance leader system was he arranges, because his yesterday present, Central Saint Province there, has plenty small Sect was also connecting, for also caused a Elder Assembly system, how this he can agree that he made that several Sect person stand to say agreed with the alliance leader system, was to by other's Sect be known their Ten Thousand Swords Sect manner, by suppressing the arrogance of these person, he has not actually thought that the unexpectedly really have person dares. Stands the opposition, moreover Zhao Hai also comes such one, this makes him somewhat be caught off guard. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;