Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1813
Person who leave in the eye look at hall had one third, how such congress also went on, how regardless of Jian Wuya has not thought that this time slaughter demon congress can be such a result finally unexpectedly. Zhao Hai does not have the time tube now that many, he somewhat has been really tired, look at these person of each and every one act in a play in there, Zhao Hai feels tired. Wants Zhao Hai to go to the Transmission square time, Li Xunhua overtook Zhao Hai, he looked at Zhao Hai said : brothers, the matter that you handle today is a little impulsive, these Heavenly Sword Sect offending.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be tired, also wants to accompany them to play, but I have not actually thought that they to this situation, day Demon Realm invade unexpectedly stupid now, they still wasted the time in there, I do not think that was accompanying them to play.” Li Xunhua looked at Zhao Hai one, shook the head, sighed said : who not to be bothersome lightly, but that can have any means that situation compared with person.” Zhao Hai shook the head, turns the head look at Li Xunhua said : leave also no big deal, after I prepare, with forms an alliance with Sect that we are on good terms, together copes with Heavenly Demon Race, but my this alliance is only a loose alliance, but to cope with Heavenly Demon Race exists, waited to repel Heavenly Demon Race, the alliance has dismissed.” Li Xunhua nodded said : this to be also good, now this situation, forms an alliance to be also good, but now everyone/Great Clan regarding alliance anything, is quite sensitive, must be careful a point to well.” Zhao Hai also nodded. look at Li does Xunhua, show a faint smile said : Senior Brother Li also to form an alliance?” Li Xunhua nodded, deep voice said : day Demon Realm this threatening. only depends on 1 or 2 Sect wants to cope with them, is not that easy.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, was good, Li Big Brother, if Hundred Flower Valley interested, can with our Black Tiger Group composition alliance, after all many friend many roads. Moreover today we may be Ten Thousand Monster Sect and nine Great Sect offending, later everyone/Great Clan wanted stick together.” Li Xunhua laughs said : „saying that after this matter my returned to Sect, immediately looks like Sect to report that I believe Sect will agree.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : I must tell Sect this matter, the matter that but I comply with, should be able to keep a promise, if Hundred Flower Valley agreed forms an alliance really with our Black Tiger Group. Can to come Black Tiger Group to discuss directly. Senior Brother Li, the little brother first asked to be excused.” Said that holds the fist in the other hand to Li Xunhua, turn around walks toward Transmission Formation there. However he has not waited to arrive at Transmission Formation there. These with various Sect representatives who Black Tiger Group allied Zhao Hai sphering, they had planned, must be Zhao Hai strives to nine Great Elder seats. However today looks at the appearance in hall, these people on understand, had feared that is the system of that Elder Assembly thinks to establish, was difficult.

These people are not the fools, their eyes can look, today in the hall these support the alliance leader system. Is nine Great Sect beforehand arranges, but these oppositions obviously does not arrange. However both sides such greatly make in the hall, certainly will not have any result, when the time comes nine Great Sect get up in alliance, words that various together Sect exert pressure likely, that finally alliance leader system, nine Great Sect result in the power. Also because present this point, therefore these talented people with the Zhao Hai together leave hall, because they know, if they do not withdraw, certainly will not have any good fruit to eat. here is the Heavenly Sword Sect domain, yesterday Zhao Hai makes the matter that they meet, the Heavenly Sword Sect person definitely knows, if Zhao Hai withdrew, they also keep hall there, when that any alliance has been founded, they are the cannon fodders of not passing on responsibilities. Nine Great Sect are any spirit, these person of purity, they near that Zhao Hai followed, Zhao Hai have curled nine Great Sect faces, has gone bad their good matter, these people will certainly cope with Zhao Hai, their these near person who Zhao Hai followed, will be tidied up by nine Great Sect together, nine Great Sect will not manage them to form an alliance with Zhao Hai, so long as you walked with Zhao Hai in together, that was they copes with your excuse, nine Great Sect dealt with the person, only needed a excuse on to be enough, this was nine Great Sect dominate Cultivation World these year of fostering one type of is aggressive. Also because knows that nine Great Sect are any good, therefore these Sect representatives come out with Zhao Hai together, the meaning of Zhao Hai tomorrow very obvious, they wanted alliance to resist nine Great Sect, now comes out with Zhao Hai, does not have anything not to be good, they can form an alliance, when the time comes has repelled day Demon Realm, so long as there are their this alliances, nine Great Sect also how them not to. Zhao Hai looked at itself these people sphering, he also stopped, showed a faint smile said : to these people everybody, here was really not the speech place, if everybody intended, after returned to Sect, can send for in Black Tiger Group specific discussed that what do you think?” As soon as these people listened to Zhao Hai saying that in looked at all around, here, but the Heavenly Sword Sect domain, their immediately nodded, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, on then Transmission Formation, returned to own Sect. Zhao Hai also got up Transmission Formation, after having adjusted the Transmission Formation Coordinate, flash of white light, vanishes in his Transmission Formation. However what Zhao Hai don’t know is, he just disappeared in Transmission Formation, a Heavenly Sword Sect person on appears in the Transmission Formation side, then Heavenly Sword Sect that look at Transmission Formation person, half step arrived at the side of that person, bows to that person said : elder.” Did that person nod said : to handle? Truly delivered to there the person?” That person nodded said : is, invited elder feel relieved.” That person nodded, turn around walked. This many person looked in the eye, but did not have him to care, they only saw Zhao Hai to sit Transmission Formation leave, and don’t know these two said anything. white light flashes, Zhao Hai presently the appears place is not Black Tiger Group, his appears place probably is subspace, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in this subspace, is flooding very intense dark energy unexpectedly. So-called dark energy is actually one type of yin attribute Spiritual Qi, this Spiritual Qi helped regarding Ghost Cultivator very in a big way, naturally, too strong dark energy Ghost Cultivator could not enjoy.

In this time, the under foot of Zhao Hai is transmitting with a bang sound, Zhao Hai stares, downward looked, presently his Transmission Formation exploded, although has not wounded him, but Transmission Formation actually destroyed. Zhao Hai stares, but also understand, he certainly by Heavenly Sword Sect planning, the Heavenly Sword Sect person, on Transmission Formation trick/hand and foot. However Zhao Hai has not worried, here although has filled Yin Qi, but is an influence does not have to him, to be honest, here Yin Qi of Yin Qi in Hell Space with his Space compares, missed far. Four looking around of Zhao Hai in this Space, this is piece of grey Space, inside only then the soil and Stone of grey , cannot see green plants. Zhao Hai wrinkled under the brow lightly, looked at all around one, this is very enormous Space, does not look to the end, if here is really subspace, that is one is not inferior to any foreign Space subspace. The Zhao Hai intention moved to fly, looked at one toward all around, because here all were grey méngméng, anything did not see clearly, Zhao Hai thinks, gave up immediately exploring the plan of this Space, he wants immediately/on horseback returned to Black Tiger Group to go now, because other Sect people will certainly go to Black Tiger Group there to discuss matter that formed an alliance , he if went back was too late, Zhang Feng they will certainly be worried. Zhao Hai through Space immediately returned to in Black Tiger Group, he just appears in Black Tiger Group, immediately by person present, that Black Tiger Group Senior Brother of person immediately to his gave a salute said :, First Senior Brother said that makes you come back later immediately to look for him, was right, several other Sect people arrived at our in the gang.” Zhao Hai nodded, flies toward Zhang Feng study room, not long after Zhao Hai on returned to in Zhang Feng study room, Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning was sitting in study room, they were discussing bit by bit anything probably, the sound was not very big. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai to come, stood hastily got up said : Little Hai to come back, what's the matter? How you come back compared with other people also late?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, do not ask that a short time not talking clearly, did come several Sect, how the situation?” Reason that Zhao Hai does not have to explain one have done anything in Heavenly Sword Sect there , because he believes that Zhang Feng they knew the Heavenly Sword Sect there situation. Zhang Feng deep voice said : present is also only some small Sect, does not come is Sect Master, these Sect Master also go together the Heavenly Sword Sect there representative, I from their there know that general situation, good, Little Hai, you do is very good, there are these small Sect to support us in the back, we can definitely form our alliance, did not need to look at these Great Sect face , but has not thought that your youngster so was unexpectedly fierce, stirred that slaughter demon congress giving yellow.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he just knows from Cai'er there, because leave Sect are too many, that slaughter demon congress cannot go on, has to end carelessly, face of nine Great Sect these representatives also were really at that time attractive enough.

Zhao Hai also understand, why Heavenly Sword Sect must cope with him, his these time has gone bad nine Great Sect important matters, moreover in the Heavenly Sword Sect domain the hand, Heavenly Sword Sect that can swallow under this tone. Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : says that other situations, day Demon Realm completely opened Space passage now, their army already official entry to Northern Divergent Province . Moreover the multi-thread advances together.” After Zhao Hai nodded said : we and other Sect people, what to do in wants to measure to, we can only cope with Heavenly Demon army now, several other, made Ten Thousand Monster Sect they deal with, for serveral days the Demon Realm person will not manage you are any Sect, what they wanted was entire Cultivation World.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „, in day Demon Realm army, two to our Black Tiger Group distance are not very far, three are very near to the Ten Thousand Monster Sect distance, that two Heavenly Demon army looked like wants us to cope, Ten Thousand Monster Sect will not help.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to think makes them help.”!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;