Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1814
After Zhao Hai returned to Black Tiger Group is less than one day, these with Sect that Black Tiger Group forms an alliance, sent the representative to rush to Black Tiger Group, discussed matter that formed an alliance. This matter Zhao Hai not many participation, his present status, but also is only Black Tiger Group Core Disciple, Zhang Feng that Black Tiger Group takes responsibility truly, if he many participation are not good. Zhao Hai now attention centralized to him by that Space of Transmission past, Zhao Hai when comes out from that Space, has made Cai'er to investigate to that Space, does not look up don’t know, has a scare, that Space unexpectedly extraordinary big, does not have presently that Space end to present Cai'er in there. Makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in that Space is to have inexhaustible Yin Qi probably is the same, moreover there has plenty Undead Creature, these Undead Creature strengths also very formidable. The strengths of these Undead Creature worst equivalent to Law Idol times, are strongest, Immortal Stage Expert is absolutely fiercer than Zhao Hai has met. there unexpectedly is undead Space! Like initially Underworld, just initially Underworld there also will have some plants, will also have all kinds of undead, even also existence in Blood River. However now in this Space, anything does not have, all are pessimistic, only then undead, moreover that undead like human, they can be said as Zombie one type of, because level is very high, seems like same as Daoist/actual person. Does not have plants in this Space, does not have Blood River, has Stone, ash-gray soil. undead. Yin Qi, in not other thing. After seeing that Space situation, Zhao Hai came the interest, he was more curious to that Space, he wants to know how that Space forms, why will exist. Zhao Hai also tried to catch in Space Undead Creature in that Space two, fortunately, these Undead Creature wanted Space, will be subdued by Space, became his under the hand/subordinate. He also on feel relieved. Zhao Hai has not swallowed the idea of that Space now, his strength could not have achieved, in that Space undead don’t know has many, but these undead strength very formidable. Zhao Hai wants to subdue these undead, the price that must pay was too big. Examined that Space has used Zhao Hai three days, these three days, Zhang Feng has also reached an agreement with these Sect representatives the matter of alliance, this alliance was decided the pledge of known as freedom by Zhang Feng, main point to cope with Heavenly Demon Race, if repels after Heavenly Demon Race, the alliance can continue to exist, but the person in alliance, can the withdrawal alliance at any time. In these three days. Day Demon Realm army started to move in Northern Divergent Province in all directions, altogether has destroyed completely ten small Sect, all dares to keep off in front of them small Sect, was given to destroy completely by them, in Sect all rebel people, were killed completely. Day Demon Realm is like this ruthless spicy method, all cultivator have not thought that it seems like that the day Demon Realm person these time really did not plan to want the living witness.

Not only Northern Divergent Province, on entire Cultivation World Heavenly Demon army in all Great Province all moved, only three days. They in Cultivation World, altogether have destroyed completely about hundred Sect, although these Sect are not Great Sect, even is not including medium grade Sect, can only be small Sect. However such also truly is makes entire Cultivation World feel that is startled with scared. In Sect that comes Black Tiger Group to meet , two by attack. However that two Sect when by attack, directly thing Sect the person and Sect, have moved to the Black Tiger Group base, their losses are not big. Three days later, the pledge of freedom has established finally, simultaneously various Sect also agreed that they simultaneously the faction went out Expert, formed the allied armies, first positive with the Heavenly Demon army fight, punctured the Heavenly Demon army arrogance. Now the Heavenly Demon army arrogance was extremely was really rampant, their simply has not paid attention to the Cultivation World person, this made the Cultivation World people feel suffocated, therefore Zhang Feng they decided that first well fought with Heavenly Demon army. However they assemble the manpower also to want some time, when they assemble the manpower, Hundred Flower Valley sends out the messenger to pay a visit Black Tiger Group unexpectedly, this is Zhang Feng they have not thought that before although Zhao Hai, has told them, he complied to form an alliance with Hundred Flower Valley, but has not actually thought that Hundred Flower Valley unexpectedly real send people to come. The Hundred Flower Valley person in Northern Divergent Province that is the arrogance of becoming famous, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect face does not give, has not actually thought that now sends for Black Tiger Group visiting unexpectedly, this was unprecedented first one. These time leads Black Tiger Group, is still Hundred Flower Valley looked for flowers Young Master Li Xunhua, although Li Xunhua nearest/recent these years does not have what fame in Northern Divergent Province, but the people of the older generation were actually know that this Li Xunhua in the past was also in Hundred Flower Valley a talent of becoming famous, strength very formidable, the authority in Hundred Flower Valley was not small, but was afterward old, has placed in more energy the valley at the matter, little took a walk outside, this nobody slowly in mentioning him. But also because of this, therefore Li Xunhua now the status in Hundred Flower Valley only high was not lower, because the matter in management valley, he now in Hundred Flower Valley is the character who a real power sent, before according to was much sighter. Zhao Hai also knows that Li Xunhua came, but he has not acted, now arrived at Black Tiger Group, this matter naturally must give Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng heard that Li Xunhua comes, welcomed hastily, Hundred Flower Valley in strength formidable that Northern Divergent Province became famous, even if the present Black Tiger Group strength increases, but Zhang Feng does not dare to neglect. After Zhang Feng and Li Xunhua see exchanging greetings, Li Xunhua looked at all around one, why does this turn the head not to see Zhao Hai Junior Brother to Zhang Feng said :? Hasn't he come back?”

Zhang Feng smiles said : Little Hai currently to have something to process, now our here established an alliance, immediately must go to battle goes to Heavenly Demon army to fighting, was Little Hai preparing this matter, what? looks for flowers mister to look for Little Hai to have the matter?” Li Xunhua shook the head said : that to arrive does not have, but chatted with Zhao Hai Junior Brother in Heavenly Sword Sect there was very happy, therefore wants to see him, I also delivered the Zhao Hai Junior Brother two bottles of our Hundred Flower Valley hundred flowers to ferment, don’t know he has drunk.” Zhang Feng smiles said : so that's how it is, looks for flowers mister to invite, meets me to call the person to look Little Hai.” Said that to hand signal that Li Xunhua has been making invitation. Li Xunhua also holds the fist in the other hand to Zhang Feng, they then shoulder to shoulder walk toward Black Tiger Group, Li Xunhua also in while is sizing up Black Tiger Group the base, before Li Xunhua although had not come Black Tiger Group, but knows regarding the Black Tiger Group here situation, he had not actually heard Black Tiger Group has a such underground base, now looks like, before Zhao Hai said that Black Tiger Group already prepared to deal with the invasion of day Demon Realm, was not meaning plays. But Zhao Hai was taking Li Xunhua to give his two bottles of liquor at this time, Zhao Hai has not drunk, but raises one's wine cup directly to Cai'er, making Cai'er one next minute board to these two bottles of liquor. Cai'er raised one's wine cup has put Universal Analyzer, in Universal Analyzer has transmitted before long prompt speaking sounds: Many medicine synthesis hallucination wines, to regard as narcotic one type of, has intensely becomes hidden, one, but to become Yin, will be individually uncorrectable, by person control.” Zhao Hai hears this prompt sound cannot help but complexion changes, two eyes flash of cold light, he has not thought that Li Xunhua copes with him with this type of liquor unexpectedly, it seems like Li Xunhua approaches him most from the beginning not according to any good intention. What most important is, this type of liquor is one type of is similar to narcotic thing unexpectedly, with this thing control person, but compared with using the other thing control person safety, moreover opposite party simply does not need to be worried that the betrayal of opposite party, naturally, this is also the most sinister most and ruthless one type of method. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, walked out from own Cave Mansion, currently Zhang Feng also has with Li Xunhua chats in there, a subject has not spoken. Before long Zhao Hai arrived at outside Zhang Feng study room, stands two Black Tiger Group cultivator outside Zhang Feng study room, saw Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Gang Master, Mr. Zhao Hai.” Zhang Feng quickly said: Little Hai came, quick please come in.” Zhao Hai pushed the door to walk, on his face has shown also a smiling face, after entering the room, he first was to Zhang Feng gave a salute, turned the head to smile said : to Li Xunhua not to think that looked for flowers Senior Brother such quickly to arrive, because the little brother had the matter not to go to greet, Senior Brother excused me.”

Li Xunhua has stood hastily, smiles said : to be polite, Junior Brother you were too polite, taking the liberty that Senior Brother these time comes, to disturbs master disciple, come, this is Senior Brother gives Gang Master and Junior Brother gift.” The hand turns, in hand were also many four jars, beverage bottle that red warm made of jade becomes. Zhao Hai looked at that four jars, on the face has cannot help but revealed even bigger smiling face said : so on thanks a lot Senior Brother.” Said that has met four beverage bottles, this turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, you are Gang Master, does not lack the liquor to drink, your two bottles of liquor, make me help you preserve first.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but jumps at heart, Zhang Feng with was long, to Zhao Hai completely understand that Zhao Hai was together, he knows that Zhao Hai was not interested in these thing, now Zhao Hai gives to take away these liquor unexpectedly, these had certainly any issue. However Zhang Feng after the person of great storms, he has not displayed, but ridicules said : you, ok, takes away.” Zhao Hai then grinning received in that four beverage bottles Space. But Li Xunhua looks at the Zhao Hai movement, in the eye is actually twinkling brightly, were many in eyeground a happy expression. Li Xunhua too understand this type of liquor was any thing, this type of liquor was not Li looks for flowers the said hundred flowers ferments, the hundred flowers fermented are the Hundred Flower Valley secret recipe one type of liquor, had the advantage regarding the practice of person, but can also guarantee constructs to build up strength, but this type of liquor was actually not, this type of liquor had the one type of very special name, called the viper the beautiful woman. Listened to this name to know, this liquor flavor was very beautiful, looks like an outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, she will make you graceful, but this beautiful woman was actually viper feelings, she will corrode your heart slowly, control your body, through your body, control your thought that control all your, was letting your complete submitting to finally in him, was because of this characteristics, will therefore have this name. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;