Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1815
Zhao Hai should feel lucky, because of the liquor of this known as viper beautiful woman, Hundred Flower Valley also just manufactured not long after, but takes the cauldron furnaces in some of their valleys to perform some experiments, whose body did not have true using on, reason that previous time Li Xunhua will be bringing this type of liquor, wants the cloudy person to use when necessary, but he has met Zhao Hai just right, therefore on has given Zhao Hai this type of liquor, planned that regards Zhao Hai is first target of viper beautiful woman. Zhao Hai takes away four bottles of liquor, is feared that meets Zhang Feng one excitedly, this liquor drinking, but his movement in Li Xunhua eyes, actually represents Zhao Hai to be poisoned at the depth, could not leave the viper beautiful woman. Zhao Hai received the liquor, several people sat again, Li Xunhua look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Junior Brother, I heard, after previous time our leave, the slaughter demon congress did not have the means in opening, now nine Great Sect then with their intimate small Sect, have also established the respective alliance, the alliance that naturally, nine Great Sect established compared with the alliance that we established is on strong many, but I think that nine Great Sect very felt suffocated, if you that under one, that they almost on cannot unify Cultivation World.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : nine Great Sect to be too rampant, I did not like, alliance that now we establish, isn't it better? was right, Senior Brother, your this time, for matter of forming an alliance? Said, what meaning is Hundred Flower Valley to our Black Tiger Group?” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed said : I to say Junior Brother, I like your such disposition. Refreshed. Good, I have not been circling, the meaning of our Hundred Flower Valley is, with your Black Tiger Group, forms the offensive and defensive alliance, naturally, includes two alliances that we compose, do you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this matter do not ask me, I will not take care that many matters in in the gang, you should look for First Senior Brother to discuss.” Said that looked at Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : to Li Xunhua „, since looks for flowers mister to form an alliance. I naturally welcome, but this offensive and defensive alliance, is any meaning, but also asked mister to indicate clearly.” Li Xunhua deep voice said : present Heavenly Demon army entered Cultivation World. Your Black Tiger Group and our Hundred Flower Valley, do not want by nine Great Sect control, therefore we have formed the respective alliance, however speaks the truth, the strengths of our alliance, is not very strong, is most minimum, compared with the alliance that nine Great Sect compose comes, to miss far, now our equal to has two enemies. One is Heavenly Demon army, Heavenly Demon army, no matter we have any grievances with nine Great Sect, in their opinion, we are the Cultivation World people, damn, therefore they will not be forgiving to us, the second enemy is the people of nine Great Sect people, we have gone bad nine Great Sect good matters, nine Great Sect will not let off our, therefore they will certainly retaliate our. We must frequently against they.” Speaking of here, Li Xunhua stopped, he looked at the response of Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, looked that they nodded, agreed with his words. His then said : our strengths, compare with these two sides. Must fall far short, therefore among us needs to form an alliance, one place is in difficulty, another side must give the support, only then we can cope with Heavenly Demon army and nine Great Sect like this, doesn't know two what do you think?” Zhang Feng nodded, Li Xunhua said to not wrong, the present situation looks like such that Li Xunhua said that they had an archenemy, is Heavenly Demon army, now offends nine Great Sect, naturally against nine Great Sect were coping with them, if can form the offensive and defensive alliance with Hundred Flower Valley, that arrived is very good choice. Zhang Feng was saying anything, Zhao Hai suddenly open the mouth and said: First Senior Brother, I thought that this matter should ask Uncle Hu's meaning, you also know that Uncle Hu his Senior is very high in the in the gang prestige, if we cannot win his approval, this afterward is very troublesome.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, he too understood Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai said that first made him do not comply obviously, Hu Liang early morning was a excuse, now Hu Liang early morning is very careful regarding the Black Tiger Group matter, if Zhang Feng has made the decision, Hu Liangchen not instead, Zhao Hai with Hu Liangchen, when gave a pretext, reason that meaning on very obvious, Zhang Feng changed complexion, because of Zhao Hai the manner, before Zhao Hai, first delivered his liquor taking away Li Xunhua, now is blocking the matter of forming an alliance., It seems like Zhao Hai definitely knows some of his don’t know matters, therefore such will do, obviously Zhao Hai has very strong vigilance to Hundred Flower Valley. But Li Xunhua listens to Zhao Hai this saying, in the eye cannot help but to flash through a none remaining, the Black Tiger Group beforehand internal strife matter, gives people a hard time Northern Divergent Province not to have don’t know, Hu Liangchen given name he has also heard, Hu Liangchen with him, but the same generation of character, the reputation was not weak in this at that time looks for flowers Young Master.

Afterward Hu Liangchen had placed at more energy the Clan matter, therefore in the Northern Divergent Province here reputation compared with must early, but Li Xunhua who Li Xunhua disappears actually does not dare underestimated this person. But just Zhang Feng turned hostile, looks like in Li Xunhua, is to Hu Liangchen dreading, this made him think many thing, in his opinion, Black Tiger Group internal strife feared did not have the complete still, conversely, feared that now was the Black Tiger Group power has been lost. Thinks that secretly rejoiced the information Li Xunhua cannot help but psychology, simultaneously he also in observing Zhang Feng dislike, sees the Zhang Feng complexion number changes, finally let out a long breath, turns the head to look for flowers mister to excuse me to his said :, this matter no small matter, we need in the elders with Sect to discuss that is making the decision.” Nod said : that Li Xunhua understands this is not a small matter, should discuss well.” Zhang Feng has stood, holds the fist in the other hand said : „to look for flowers mister to stay a while in Black Tiger Group to Li Xunhua, so long as our here has the result, my immediately told looks for flowers mister.” Li Xunhua also holds the fist in the other hand said : „saying that all listen to Gang Master.” Zhao Hai also hugged to Li Xunhua has held the fist in the other hand said : Senior Brother please first to rest, two days I had the time, was accompanying Senior Brother drinking well two cups.” Li Xunhua laughs said : well. Said it and meant it.” Said that followed Zhang Feng arrangement cultivator turn around of Black Tiger Group. When Li Xunhua walks. Zhang Feng immediately to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what's all this about? I thought that you have the vigilance to the Hundred Flower Valley person probably very much?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : these fellows, are not good thing, waited a while Uncle Hu to come, I said in together.” Said that sat, Zhang Feng also sat, before long Hu Liangchen arrived. After inviting Hu Liangchen sits down, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : previous time, when Heavenly Sword Sect there, my first day the stirring slaughter demon congress, proposed the Elder Assembly system. The congress is forced to break up, later this Li Xunhua found me, his meaning very obvious, supports my procedure. Also agrees with the Elder Assembly system, moreover matter that we also general said forming an alliance, afterward when I must walk, he gave me two bottles of hundred flowers to ferment, because had the matter, therefore I had not moved that two bottles of liquor, in just, me heard after he came, this thought that two bottles of liquor. I have put out one bottle, research, you also know that my Divergent Technique decomposes the synthesis, I want to take a look at that liquor to breed with any thing, alcoholic how, but after I decomposed that liquor, present, that liquor can let person of to become Yin unexpectedly, is one type of hidden poison, so long as has drunk this type of liquor. After that could not be leaving this type of liquor, when the time comes the whole person must by Hundred Flower Valley control, therefore I just snatched that four bottles of liquor, this Hundred Flower Valley this time forming an alliance, on looked like does not have what issue outwardly. However I am some not feel relieved.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but pats table said : good Hundred Flower Valley. Planned our heads to come, but also formed an alliance, he had a dream.”

Hu Liangchen has hesitated, then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, haven't you made that Li Xunhua know you already present the use of that type of liquor?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, I believe that Li Xunhua does not know I already present the use of that type of liquor, he even might think me the liquor to be poisonous.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : this to be good, that this offensive and defensive alliance, I thought that we to can promise him, so long as he has not gotten suspicious to Little Hai, they will not suspect us, such isn't it better? that Li Xunhua said actually right, now we are both sides receive the enemy, needs an ally.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think to form an alliance, Hundred Flower Valley although has planned me, but I the move, we happen to cannot use this point now, moreover now the Hundred Flower Valley there situation, is not better than us on many, they want to ally with us to also real.” Zhang Feng calm, his let out a long breath said : has formed an alliance now, but we must against a Hundred Flower Valley fellow, these fellows not be good thing.” Zhao Hai sneers said : these fellows unable to turn any storm to come, so long as fights together, all are easy to do, our Black Tiger Group match has nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm, Hundred Flower Valley, he is unqualified.” One hear of Zhao Hai words, Zhang Feng and Hu Liang early morning cannot help but stare, then they felt that a heroic spirit from raises at heart, good, the Black Tiger Group match always nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm, Hundred Flower Valley, does not match is the Black Tiger Group match. Hu Liangchen stood got up said : I not to see that fellow person, this time matter on give you two, complied with that fellow the matter of forming an alliance, our present immediately must go to battle with Heavenly Demon Race, cannot offend Hundred Flower Valley at this time, these fellows were not good thing, but first maintained good relationship with them, will make us omit many matters.” Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai nodded, Hu Liangchen walked on turn around, Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, I do not want to see that old youngster, by your this Gang Master laborious one.” Said the Zhao Hai personal appearance in a flash on vanish from sight. Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly, sent for inviting Li Xunhua, discussed with him the matter that forming an alliance, this formed an alliance looks like two countries forms an alliance, did not have the division of no alliance leader, two Sect were equal, was only one place is in difficulty, another side must support, this was only a simple offensive and defensive alliance. Li Xunhua has not certainly suspected anything, he also asked Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng said Zhao Hai had duty to exit, Li Xunhua has not thought that after all Zhang Feng said that their Black Tiger Group prepares to begin to day Demon Realm now, that matter was more certain, Zhao Hai was in Black Tiger Group famous Expert, the busy point to was normal. However Li Xunhua was actually thinks Zhao Hai the liquor to be poisonous, this type of liquor was poisonously silent, even if the people of poison will not feel, because the body of this liquor toxin to person did not have what fear, even can also help you practice, but was lets you in the practice, felt that comfortable, let your custom feeling slowly, finally made you unable to leave this feeling completely. Li Xunhua does not believe Zhao Hai presently that liquor secret, therefore he has not gotten suspicious.

The Hundred Flower Valley there also has plenty matter must process, therefore Li Xunhua has not stayed, decided the matter of forming an alliance with Zhang Feng, on leave Black Tiger Group. But Black Tiger Group also started official entry to the state of war. These Sect that because forms an alliance with Black Tiger Group, to Black Tiger Group not too far Sect, to Ten Thousand Monster Sect near Sect, does not dare to form an alliance with Black Tiger Group, because such will offend Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Sect that therefore forms an alliance with Black Tiger Group, is Black Tiger Group peripheral Sect, naturally also includes the iron blade gate, sinking Sand sect and great strength gang, but originally with dry Fujimoto who Ten Thousand Monster Sect is on good terms, after Heavenly Demon invades not long after, lifted sect join to Ten Thousand Monster Sect, became Ten Thousand Monster Sect branch Hall, but their Sect domain, was also given to blow the minute by other several Sect, Black Tiger Group also obtained a piece dry Fujimoto. Domain. Because of this, therefore Black Tiger Group proposed that must dispatch troops to cope with Heavenly Demon army, these small Sect had not opposed, Heavenly Demon army that because Black Tiger Group must cope with Black Tiger Group quite near one, to their Sect quite near one, copes with that only Heavenly Demon army similarly, is favorable for their all Sect. Black Tiger Group regarding this time motion also attach great importance to, since this has been their alliance establishes the first motion, this motion can only win, cannot lose, has won, the alliance will unite, will increase the centripetal force, right to speak of Black Tiger Group in alliance meets even bigger, lost, might make some small Sect lose the confidence to this alliance very much, when the time comes will not do well the alliance to dismiss, therefore Black Tiger Group regarding this motion, but will attach great importance to, not only will be by the Zhao Hai personally team leader, also please come out to sit Black turtle old person. Black turtle old person arrived at Black Tiger Group already sometime, had regarding Black Tiger Group has understood, he thinks Black Tiger Group most from the beginning, only then Supreme Elder Hu Dingshan an elder time Expert, moreover heard that Hu Dingshan for a long time did not go out, was associating to the Hu Dingshan age, Black turtle old person also understand, Hu Dingshan feared that is the lifespan does not grow, therefore cannot go out, this Immortal Stage Expert status, can call king dominate in Black Tiger Group fully. Can when he has not moved, his suddenly present, oneself solidly had been locked by five Qi, this kingly way Qi is five Immortal Stage is unexpectedly strong, this presently makes Black turtle old person cannot help but have a shiver, he underestimated Black Tiger Group, from then on he was presently honest, in does not dare to have any illegal thoughts. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;