Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1816

Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, in his side, skinny old person, this old person look at Zhao Hai, on the face is having a curious color bit by bit. This old person Black turtle old person, Black turtle old person knows Zhao Hai, is spreading Zhao Hai various rumors in entire Black Tiger Group, he is thinks that don’t know is also difficult. But the curiosity of Black turtle old person to Zhao Hai, not only because of this point, Immortal Stage Expert, in Cultivation World here, absolutely was actually considered as on was topest existed, even if in Ten Thousand Monster Sect such Great Sect, Immortal Stage Expert, minimum must to a status of elder, well raised the person, the status wants much stronger compared with the common elder and Core Disciple. In adding on the reason of strength, therefore general cultivator, when sees Immortal Stage Expert, some little intense feeling, performance very respectful. However Zhao Hai does not have, Black turtle old person can feel, Zhao Hai does not fear him, treats his although a little to respect, actually because of his age, because of his strength, this does not let Black turtle old person to Zhao Hai very curious. although Black turtle old person now is Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, but he will not shout to drink to Zhao Hai, because he does not have that qualifications, Black turtle old person regarding status very clear of Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group, can say that Zhao Hai now although is a Core Disciple status, but status of Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group, wants on high some compared with this Supreme Elder absolutely. Because of Zhao Hai such manner, lets Black turtle old person to his very curious, why he wants to know Zhao Hai to be able such calm facing him. Zhao Hai also felt the Black turtle old person vision. However he has not cared, Immortal Stage Expert he died, not only 1 or 2, but also there is anything to be good to fear. Zhao Hai turned the head to visit him behind. In his also with hundred Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact has some are Black Tiger Group, some are actually other Sect, Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact are most, 50, other Sect Great Magical Artifact add altogether to have 50 fully. 100 Great Magical Artifact, look like probably is not many. However this war was different from the past, in the past drove the Great Magical Artifact person, the strength not necessarily strongly, in Great Magical Artifact will have some servants and so on, therefore before , person who on each Great Magical Artifact, can fight, generally about thousand people, but these time went to battle, person who in all Great Magical Artifact rode. Lowest is the Gold Core Stage skilled people. Population in each Great Magical Artifact, cannot the bottom in ten thousand people, in other words. 100 Great Magical Artifact, that is million army. But Zhao Hai is these million army Commander, moreover is highest Commander. However he can direct command(er), only then about the Black Tiger Group two hundred thousand person, other Sect people, have representative command(er) that various Sect Sect comes out, but Zhao Hai can only order to these representatives, actually cannot other direct command(er) Sect people.

Regarding this method. Zhao Hai does not like, but he does not like not having the means. Other Sect although formed an alliance with Black Tiger Group, but wants to make them trust Black Tiger Group completely is impossible, they also feared that Black Tiger Group works as the cannon fodder with them. Looked at one to follow in his behind these Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai cannot help but to sigh, he saw in these Great Magical Artifact collision city car(riage) that the great strength helped, saw sinking Sand Bang sinking Sand Bang, if gave him operate these Great Magical Artifact, their fighting strength minimum can enhance about three layers, but Zhao Hai actually knows that was impossible, regarding these Sect, Great Magical Artifact was no less than elder time Expert Ultimate Weapon, was impossible to operate at will, do not say has operated, was the visit feared that was not the line, because each one type of Great Magical Artifact had his unique refinement method, Operates the method to be also various, like collision city car(riage) that the great strength helps, certainly has the one type of very unusual operation method, but the great strength will help not to make other Sect know this method, because one, but you knew this method, will have the means to cope to hit the city car(riage), that equal to has given the enemy own weakness exposition, that person such will not have done. To be honest, leading a such army to go with Heavenly Demon army to the war, Zhao Hai also really somewhat to lack confidence, before although him, command(er) 1 million army are fighting right, but his army most at least by his command(er), now these people truly can receive fearing of his command(er) at that time is not many. Zhao Hai turns the head, sighs. Black turtle old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, deep voice said : Little Hai? What matter has?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Black turtle old person one, forced smile said : elder, I was for this motion was worrying that you also saw, these his although said by my command(er), when hit truly what can be, that difficultly said.” Black turtle old person lived such big age, any matter team has not seen, he naturally also agreed that Zhao Hai said lives, he turned the head to look at these Great Magical Artifact one, sighed said : this not to have the matter of means that like the alliance, originally not very sturdy, can collect these many army to come, was very good.” Zhao Hai sighed, in thinking these, no matter what, he will have completed the worst plan, Laura they have made several contingency plans in Space, to prepare emergency requirement. Zhao Hai has thought that if these people listen his , if not listen, he will not go to the lives of tube these people, so long as maintained the good Black Tiger Group strength to be enough. More than hundred Great Magical Artifact, enormous and powerful proceeds, this kind of giant fleet, no matter places there, will make people feel a formidable pressure. Great Magical Artifact flew about one day, Zhao Hai made all Great Magical Artifact slow down, because immediately must enter to Heavenly Demon Race frequently lurking region.

The invasion of this Heavenly Demon Race, is really early deliberate, their invasion way also very unusual, they invade is not quick, before after they Space passage opened, starts surrounding Sect to clean up, after these Sect destroyed completely, starts in there to build the base, then in expanded to four sides, they expanded was not quick, in domain that but all was seized by them, in having any resistance force existed. Domain that also in other words, they seize, already by their complete control. What most important is. This Heavenly Demon Race has not left behind a cultivator living witness unexpectedly, the place that therefore was seized by them, cultivator will be cleaned up cleanly, kills the none remaining. This method although very ruthless spicy, but similarly, very effective, they all gave to kill these cultivator. That Cultivation World here almost lost his control power to these places, cannot obtain a point information, lets Cultivation World and day Demon Realm to time, has been by the hole time. Fleet after slows down, Zhao Hai immediately sends out the scout squad that five Great Magical Artifact have composed, in Great Formation surrounding carry out reconnaissance stand guard. Naturally, these five Great Magical Artifact are Black Tiger Group, but all Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact, all by the Undead Creature control of Zhao Hai. All around Zhao Hai does not dare to send few people to go to scout. Because such may destroying completely by Heavenly Demon Race very much. Sends Great Magical Artifact to go to scout, on each Great Magical Artifact, meanwhile has ten thousand cultivator. This has met the attack of Heavenly Demon Race, they will have certain self-preservation ability, can insist that Zhao Hai they rescue. After release scout ship. Zhao Hai various Sect representatives welcome to Yama Ship on, in Yama Ship already have prepared Assembly Hall, various Great Sect representative one after the other arrived, after all people come, has said a hello with Zhao Hai, simultaneously to sitting in nearby Black turtle old person gave a salute. Black turtle old person is only sitting of calm in there, closes one's eyes. Probably fell asleep was the same, to these to the person who he saluted. He also pays no attention, this also made Zhao Hai experience a Immortal Stage Expert status. Quick, all representatives were in attendance, Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, deep voice said : everybody, today looks for everyone/Great Clan to come , because our immediately must enter to the Heavenly Demon Race control area , the in other words fight might anytime live, after inviting everybody will go back, must be ready to be good.” The people complied with one, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, then said : we now are an alliance, but this motion, I was Chief Commander, therefore I hope that everybody can coordinate my work, I will not make everybody bring death, but if who were carrying out my order to sell at a discount, then sorry, I will handle him with Military Law, I also will suggest simultaneously that Sect that he was, kicked the alliance, and will chase down his Sect, if now who to my had the opinion, you can stand to come out.” These people hear the Zhao Hai words to stare, they have not thought that Zhao Hai actually will say such words to come, in these Sect, although has some Sect strengths not to be weak, but if at this time, they were kicked the alliance by Black Tiger Group, and chased down words, that feared that must break Dao doctrines.

What most important is, presently in the room also sits Immortal Stage Expert, but this Immortal Stage Expert or Black Tiger Group, this lets these people at heart to Zhao Hai dreading. However cultivator has stood, to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, we since now together moves, you are our Commander, we also listen your should be, but how you can guarantee that you can certainly achieve fairly?” Zhao Hai looked at this person of one, this person he knew that the sinking Sand sect representative, sinking Sand sect has the contradiction with Black Tiger Group, therefore they feared was planned specially by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai deep voice said : we now the common enemy is Heavenly Demon Race, I will not cope with you using Heavenly Demon Race, after all you are also a Cultivation World member, if you do not believe I, I do not have the means that you can leave, not join this motion, if you want to remain, under me the order, must not the bad execution.” The Zhao Hai such strong manner is these people have not thought that simultaneously their also understand, what Zhao Hai said is right, what their this time must face is Heavenly Demon Race army, if cannot achieve to unify command(er), that might suffer a loss very much, therefore Zhao Hai although will say very strong, but these people at heart actually will not be dislike. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, before deep voice said : „more than one year, I participate in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, has fought with the Heavenly Demon Race person, I can affirm told you, Heavenly Demon Race was not good to deal with, if we did not add carefully, finally will certainly suffer a loss, such did not have the advantage to anyone, therefore I hope you, no matter wanted, must obey my order!” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;