Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1817

Fleet enormous and powerful advancing, standing of Zhao Hai calm in sky of bow look at distant place, Black turtle old person was entering to the cabin, only then a Zhao Hai person stands in there. The conference had several hours in the past, the conference several hours, this time conference was successful in the past, Zhao Hai has talked clearly with these people, if they cannot carry out his order, that will certainly be retaliated by him, these person of although also some anxieties, but no matter what, was hits to comply finally, this made Zhao Hai have confidence regarding this fight. Actually before Zhao Hai , can definitely the release scout ship, he not have the Liquid Silver needle, regarding the Heavenly Demon army situation, he now is clearer than anybody, but he must such do, he cannot make others presently any have existence of relation with Space. In this time, Cai'er suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, is detecting the ship on the 5 th present the enemy, already on exchange hands.” Said picture appears in Zhao Hai mind. Detects the ship on the 5 th is a tiger ship, driving is also Zhao Hai Undead Creature, the on the ship person is also the Black Tiger Group person, scout is very important, regarding other Sect people, Zhao Hai also really some not feel relieved. However now that tiger ship, is being besieged by several Great Magical Artifact, that several Great Magical Artifact look like looks like an only giant octopus, that tentacle is their weapon, altogether uses four Great Magical Artifact, on each Great Magical Artifact, has eight tentacles. At this time Zhao Hai communication device had also made a sound, Black Tiger Group these people were reporting them to him by the attack situation. Looks at this situation, Zhao Hai immediately orders Battalion to change, direct that tiger ship was flown by the attack direction. Simultaneously ordered all warships to get ready for action, other four detected the ship, has depended toward Battalion. These scout ships to Battalion are not very far, is adding on the operation tiger ship is Zhao Hai Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are by Laura their command(er), therefore day Demon Realm although has sent out four Great Magical Artifact, however a short time also really how the tiger ship not to. Situation that before long Zhao Hai their sees battlefield. Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact also saw fleet, their immediately wants to leave leave, but does not have that opportunity, was detected the ship constraining one by that along with Zhao Hai Yama Ship also with quickest catches up toward there. That four chapter of fishing boat looked that tied down, the people of other three ships also want to rescue most from the beginning, but looked that enters half little while unable to rescue, if not walk quickly, they possibly could not get away. Therefore another three chapter of fishing boat turn around ran. Only leaves behind that tie down continues in there with the tiger ship dogfight, can look, the stayed behind that chapter of fishing boat was given up. At this time Zhao Hai Yama Ship also rushed to the battlefield. Without demur, overran toward that octopus island directly, just he had paid attention to the forms of combat of that chapter of fishing boat. The impulse is not very strong, however his eight tentacles of this octopus island are actually very fierce, on each tentacle, has installed the barb, this tentacle brandishes, looks like a whip of banding barb is the same. attack strength very formidable.

Tentacle of this Great Magical Artifact very flexible, movement also very fast. However Zhao Hai can actually look, waving of these tentacles are orderly, after all this chapter of fishing boat is not the genuine octopus, the genuine octopus can also be waved by own eight tentacles, but will not project on itself, but the chapter fishing boat is not good, a chapter of fishing boat is comes control by the person, wish lets eight tentacles, simultaneously moves, each other will not hit in together, needs certain rule the line. Therefore this tentacle although looks like very flexible, but actually each tentacle has own motion route, is the one type of quite inflexible way. But Cai'er they calculated the wielding rules of this octopus on the ship these tentacles when Space, had found a flaw, therefore Yama Ship overran directly, in the chapter fishing boat made the avoidance the movement, Yama Ship battering ram one flew, shot directly on the hull of octopus island, this battering ram itself had the ability of break the formation Spirit Snake needle, these gave to pierce the chapter fishing boat directly. Chapter fishing boat although is Great Magical Artifact, after being pierced, but can also continue to fight, but can actually look, octopus Gold Ship came under some influences, in which two tentacles cannot move. A itself chapter of fishing boat must cope with a tiger ship already the very wasteful vigor, now was injured, is adding on Yama Ship, that ended, before long that octopus island has been scarred. At this moment, Zhao Hai complexion suddenly changes, the hand wields, tiger ship and Yama Ship with quickest goes toward retreat, two ships just retreat returned to about hundred meters, hears with a bang sound, that chapter of fishing boat already explosion. Just reason that Zhao Hai retreat, was because Cai'er reminded him saying that energy fluctuation suddenly on that Yama Ship big, the appearance that probably momentarily must explode, possibly wanted self-exploding, Zhao Hai very to trust revolting of Cai'er, therefore his immediately withdrew. Even if were retreat leaves went to several hundred meters, but that formidable explosive shock wave, let Yama Ship and tiger ship rocked fiercely. Finally two on the ship protective shield broke unexpectedly, that broken shock-wave then passes, the fleet also received affects, but has a distance in the fleet to the battlefield well, has not received anything to lose. After letting the tiger ship returns to the unit, Zhao Hai immediately orders the fleet to continue advancing, but the fleet has actually been careful, Zhao Hai although in one time sent out to detect the ship, but detected the ship actually unable to leave the fleet to be too far, so long as the nearby of fleet inspected.

Fleet moving forward time, Zhao Hai is also monitoring the Heavenly Demon army trend, obviously just these four chapter of fishing boats, is only the Heavenly Demon army patrol boat, now Heavenly Demon army there received information that Zhao Hai their fleet arrived, Heavenly Demon army moved. This only Heavenly Demon army strength or very formidable that Zhao Hai they must face, is only Great Magical Artifact more than 500, Immortal Stage Expert has hundred people, army quantity about 5 million. Zhao Hai regarding the Heavenly Demon army quantity is to know, but he believes that the Heavenly Demon army army will not send out to cope with them, what Heavenly Demon army wants seizes entire Cultivation World, but the place that now Heavenly Demon army is, had been constructed a military base by them, this base naturally has no alternative but to keep the armed forces to defend, therefore Heavenly Demon army all will not send out to cope with them, so long as they are not all send out to cope with them, that Zhao Hai has confidence to defeat the opposite party. Really like such that Zhao Hai thinks, day Demon Realm has not gathered all army to cope with them, but the obvious day Demon Realm person, is the preparation gives information them at one fell swoop, therefore they have sent out 200 Great Magical Artifact, the army quantity of sending feared that is also about 2 million, moreover 50 Immortal Stage Expert accompanying, the strength, must cope with Zhao Hai they to be enough. However Zhao Hai wants to fight one fight with the opposite party, the although opposite party has Immortal Stage Expert, but their here also has Immortal Stage Expert, is adding on Zhao Hai to be confident to own Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact of other people are any situation does not go to manage him temporarily, Black Tiger Group these 50 Great Magical Artifact, may all be operates by him, he believes that he can certainly defeat the opposite party with Great Magical Artifact. The day Demon Realm army quite interesting place lies, their ordinary soldiers, will not enter to Great Magical Artifact, but follows to fly behind Great Magical Artifact, the quantity of Great Magical Artifact inside person is not many. Two army slowly is approaching, about one hour, two army have been able to see to the regiment, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback orders, therefore Great Magical Artifact according to beforehand agreement, discharges the attack lineup, actually fell not excessively, slowly welcomed toward the opposite party. When two sides are distanced about two kilometers, stopped as if by prior agreement, then from Heavenly Demon Race army Great Formation, spread huge sound speaking sounds: In Cultivation World Person in Charge please come out to reply.” Ten points impolite that this saying said that probably is calls own servant to be the same, Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : Heavenly Demon Race really melts outside the people, selects the politeness not to understand.” His sound distant spreading, but actually fair and honest peaceful, cannot listen to point Fire Qi. A words exit / to speak of Zhao Hai, Heavenly Demon army is a disturbance, obviously Zhao Hai this saying has enraged the opposite party, the Heavenly Demon Race custom too big words, feared that was these days Demon Realm person flushed.

That sound coldly snorted that before spoke said : Cultivation World is such arrogant, always thinks were one center of world, the world should gather round you to transfer? One group of pitiful fellows, in passing on the big Heavenly Demon Race surface, you are one flock of ants.” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : ants? Your day Demon Realm invaded Cultivation World is not once or twice, that time you asked to be cheap, spoke our Cultivation World person to be arrogant? What I look truely am arrogant is your these days Demon Realm person? You are not only arrogant, moreover turned was arrogant, but also great Heavenly Demon Race, HaHaHa, I want to know, your great that? Wasn't only will be great to open mouth? HaHaHa!” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Cultivation World here cultivator has laughed other, other various Sect representatives, has smiled, army that to be honest, look at day Demon Realm that blots out the sky, their lacks self-confidence at heart, many people very anxious, but a Zhao Hai such saying, these people such smiled, that tense feeling vanish from sight at heart. Simultaneously this smiles, let that obstruction vanish from sight between them and Zhao Hai. Before Zhao Hai met, said that let them, no matter is willing to obey his order, other although these Sect representatives considered for the general situation, has not locked horns with Zhao Hai at the scene, however their at heart actually some obstructions, but now such smiles, their obstructions vanished unexpectedly. The day Demon Realm person got angry snort|hum said : „, the chart flaunted the advantage of argument, your Cultivation World cultivator was the villain who these will only talk to hide, today I must make you know, fierce of my Heavenly Demon clan.” Said that Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact moved slowly, starts, prepares to charge, simultaneously from Heavenly Demon Race army, departs 50 person's shadows instantaneously, these person's shadows very fast, their appears immediately had revealed own Law Idol, throws toward Cultivation World army, these people all are Immortal Stage Expert. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;