Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1818

Zhao Hai looked that day Demon Realm army moved, laughs good that said : comes, the Black turtle elder, please bring up the rear, other ships pay attention, Combatant, comes out from the ship, fleet, attack lineup, charge.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, threw toward these Immortal Stage Expert, but in Space, his personal appearance almost by one hundred, direct that 50 Immortal Stage Expert overran. Quick both sides on war in one, Zhao Hai by an enemy 50, but a field people sees is actually 100 Zhao Hai with 50 Immortal Stage Expert to the war, moreover does not drop the wind. This forms of combat, because of Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique, his stars universe change Body-maneuvering Technique, very formidable, was adding on Zhao Hai to carry on the improvement to this Mental Technique, now his Body-maneuvering Technique, already join Doppleganger Profound Technique, therefore he can by surface made the war with these Immortal Stage Expert. But Zhao Hai such forms of combat, made other people feel being startled, they have not thought that Zhao Hai met formidable to this degree unexpectedly, moreover Cultivation Method that Zhao Hai used, was really too mysterious. However they have not forgotten to record their duty, these cultivator in various Great Magical Artifact, with quickest flew from Magical Artifact, but in this process, Great Magical Artifact has actually been proceeding to charge, in addition. Two kilometers distance, said that probably is very far, but regarding Great Magical Artifact, really is not far, because Great Magical Artifact was just at the static condition, wants in in addition, not to be that easy, therefore has given Cultivation World these cultivator the time of Great Magical Artifact flying. Quick 2 Realms Great Magical Artifact hit in together, Zhao Hai their fleets were maintaining the charge lineup. But the opposite party is also same, both sides time may absolutely be the contest of meeting the tough head-on with toughness. However Cultivation World this, Great Magical Artifact of drivehead, is Zhao Hai Yama Ship. Day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact wants to give to crash Yama Ship, that is impossible, hears with a bang sound, forefront Heavenly Demon Race that Great Magical Artifact, by Yama Ship hitting a smashing. Yama Ship has not stopped, still proceeds, moreover instead to was quicker, but other Cultivation World here Great Magical Artifact did not have lucky that. Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact fortunately, these are the Zhao Hai manufactures, very formidable, other Sect Great Magical Artifact are not good. This charge, has damaged unexpectedly more than 30 Great Magical Artifact, naturally, day Demon Realm did not have to go to that well, this charge. They lost about 50 Great Magical Artifact, including three directly were given to ruin by Yama Ship, other also received the heavy losses, not having the means to fight. Cultivation World there Great Magical Artifact also is almost this. In their Great Magical Artifact, two were ruined completely. Because their Great Magical Artifact quantities are less than day Demon Realm, Great Magical Artifact was besieged by the enemy. Naturally also ruined. Flushed this Great Magical Artifact confrontation, Cultivation World, although was profiting, but has not actually taken the too big advantage, simultaneously both sides also made Great Magical Artifact stop, they did not hate to make Great Magical Artifact carry on one time to charge. Manufacture of each Great Magical Artifact, no matter in Cultivation World in day Demon Realm, is not an easy matter, this charge has destroyed that many Great Magical Artifact, makes both sides feel the heart pain, therefore both sides stopped, Cultivation World cultivator and day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, flushed finally, tangled warfare to together. The day Demon Realm person presently, they have made a mistake quickly, that is they should not make 50 Immortal Stage Expert also go to battle, but does not leave behind 1 or 2 to hold down, now that 50 Immortal Stage Expert, by Zhao Hai tying down, but Black turtle old person has not actually meddled, in day Demon Realm army, did not have Immortal Stage Expert now, naturally also on nobody is the Black turtle old person match, Black turtle old person in Heavenly Demon Race Great Formation able to move unhindered round trip, uninhabited can keep off. At once both sides both appears casualty, but Great Magical Artifact of both sides also comes the help, but Great Magical Artifact has not charged now, but wants disturbing of opposite party, the ratio is operate.

However the quick day Demon Realm person presently has made a mistake, they should not with the Cultivation World person compared with Great Magical Artifact operate, they should use the superiority in quantity, gives to crash opposite party Great Magical Artifact, that feared that is this side loses seriously should also do, because on Great Magical Artifact operate, they is really not the Cultivation World match. For serveral days Demon Realm person don’t know, if ordinary Cultivation World cultivator, they can also hit an evenness with the opposite party, even possibly also slightly opposite party some. However today what they face is Zhao Hai, in Great Magical Artifact that they face has the larger part is Zhao Hai Undead Creature in the operation, facing such Great Magical Artifact, they do not suffer a loss is strange. But all people have not noted, Heavenly Demon that these died, their corpses, when falls to the place is straight, all vanish from sight, but these cultivator corpses to do not have what change, after some cultivator died, when soon falls the ground, but also probably by person gently held with the hand, has not been injured by falling down. Zhao Hai now also being startled , the stars universe changes Body-maneuvering Technique, although fused Doppleganger Profound Technique, is different from Doppleganger Profound Technique, Doppleganger Profound Technique can melt External Body Incarnation, but Doppelganger are more, fighting strength is also worse, if Zhao Hai uses Doppleganger Profound Technique, branches out 10,000 Doppelganger to come, that each Doppelganger can have 1/1000 of his true strength to be good. But the stars universe changes Body-maneuvering Technique is actually not this, Body-maneuvering Technique that the stars universe changes, with the personal appearance in additional Formation, uses own, is adding on one type of unusual Body-maneuvering Technique that Spell forms, Zhao Hai do not look at now the Incarnation hundred people, but true and these Immortal Stage Expert to war, only then his. He uses mysterious Body-maneuvering Technique, with these days Demon Realm Immortal Stage Expert deal with, but Heavenly Demon Race these Immortal Stage Expert, gradually adapted to his fighting method now, Zhao Hai although gives back ties down the opposite party, but also felt that was getting more and more strenuous. However Zhao Hai until now, has still not used the Fire God city, has not let Zhu Elder or changes color five to enter the war in old age, he is waiting for opportunity. Finally, Zhao Hai in cannot simultaneously tie down 50 Immortal Stage Expert. Two day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Expert from withdraws with Zhao Hai wrapped around, threw toward Cultivation World Battalion. However at this time, before that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon bodies, suddenly appears seven person's shadows. These seven person's shadow appears , immediately attacks toward that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon stare slightly, immediately/on horseback meets head-on, but this begin the exchange, they present, from unexpectedly is not the match of opposite party, because the opposite party is also Immortal Stage Expert. Seven pairs two. That two Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Expert although very formidable, actually cannot support seven people of besieging, before long was killed, that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon dies. immediately was received in Space, then they came out from Space, but they turned into Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate now. Nine Immortal Stage Undead Creature, immediately bygone days Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Expert threw, day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Expert. Before also noted that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon situation, they think that Doppelganger rescued, however Zhao Hai attack suddenly strengthened, moreover incurred the move is some styles not awfully. Probably to put together a mutual wounds with them, making his Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon not have the means to save others. But they have not thought. Among in the blink of an eye, that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon turned into Undead Creature unexpectedly. Also attacks toward them. Immortal Stage cultivator that at this time day Demon Realm these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon then presently, before and that two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon fought, unexpectedly was also Undead Creature, no wonder before them, felt that seven Immortal Stage cultivator a little did not suit.

This presently lets their greatly surprised, they have not thought that can be this, Immortal Stage Undead Creature? When Cultivation World did here have this thing? However these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon can affirm that these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, have relationship with Zhao Hai! However now actually cannot allow them to think these many, that nine Immortal Stage Undead Creature, threw toward their here, is adding on one with their dogfight Zhao Hai, arrives at once making to be thrown into confusion them. Moreover these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon also present a very terrifying matter, before that is them, was killed, afterward was turned into the Undead Creature partner, its strength is not unexpectedly weaker than them before death, this is they most surprised place. In this time, suddenly Heavenly Demon is adding one miserably directly, the personal appearance under fell, his head had been smashed, saw with own eyes cannot live. Because many Heavenly Demon also these Undead Creature matters are startled, simply don’t know lived any matter, only then minority Heavenly Demon note, that Heavenly Demon looks like by one that Zhao Hai release comes brick same Great Magical Artifact being battered to death. This lets these Heavenly Demon everybody feels insecure, what method their really don’t know Zhao Hai currently also has not to cause, this among in the blink of an eye, died three Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, that is Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, is not the cabbage of roadside, such loss, day Demon Realm cannot undertake. However this has not calculated that just by that Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon that Zhao Hai was battered to death, has braved before long, other Heavenly Demon carried on attack likely, these remaining these Heavenly Demon somewhat flustered. although these Heavenly Demon are Immortal Stage, moreover must hold the superiority in the population, however at this time, they actually felt a chill in the air from inside to outside. Enemy although that they face only then Zhao Hai and ten Undead Creature, but they are scared, the enemy who because they present very terrifying matter, they must face, more will possibly hit, but they more will actually hit are less, but will have possibility next quarter them dead in own good friend in hand, how will this let them not to fear? These Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, although is also day Demon Realm, but they do not belong to one Sect, day Demon Realm there is also similar to Cultivation World, size Sect Lin Li/everywhere, they are come from different Sect, same Sect comes out are not many. Also because of this, therefore wants to let the these days demon and Zhao Hai goes all out, almost not possibly, because they slightly are the mainstays of one Sect, if they died in battle, their Sect, later will not have the auspicious day to cross, will fear is among in the blink of an eye is given to destroy completely by other Sect, in day Demon Realm there, will not speak any morality and justice, how they will not manage your Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon are die, so long as he died, that other Sect on will begin. For this reason, therefore these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon do not want to go all out with Zhao Hai, why this is also Zhao Hai can tie down these 50 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon reasons by a person of strength, if lets these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon fully make a move, goes all out to hit with Zhao Hai, even if in ten Zhao Hai, is impossible to entangle him. Now they looked that the Zhao Hai method emerges one after another incessantly, each and every one Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon died, finally also turned into Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, carries on attack to them, these Immortal Stage some Heavenly Demon jiao, but they have not retreated, they could not have put aside that face.

But at this time was Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon by a Zhao Hai Fire God city being battered to death, then two Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon died in Undead Creature in hand, Zhao Hai this aspect in the blink of an eye were also many three Expert, but their in the blink of an eye has been short of three Expert, these these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon could not endure finally, don’t know was that Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon runs first, as soon as he ran, other Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon also ran, dashed pell-mell at once, among in the blink of an eye these Immortal Stage day of Demon Realm on vanishing clean. Heavenly Demon Race army and cultivator that fought, have not noted the change of Immortal Stage Expert there, because of Zhao Hai and Immortal Stage Expert war, with some main battlefield distances, is adding on these cultivator and Immortal Stage Expert, has killed to get angry, that also has the time to pay attention to other anything. However the person actually noted, that person did not have Black turtle old person, the Black turtle old person although hear of Zhao Hai words, has assumed personal command in Cultivation World Battalion here, but he to the Zhao Hai there situation very cared that after all status of Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group was really too important, he does not hope that Zhao Hai lived any danger. Original Zhao Hai formidable has stemmed from his anticipation, these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon that but as an observer, his ratio and Zhao Hai fights, earlier present doing of Zhao Hai has fought the way and weakness, can say that Zhao Hai completely is relying on formidable Body-maneuvering Technique with enemy wrapped around, he a person can tie down 50 everybody now, but if said the opposite party, only then a person, words that Zhao Hai and enemy fight, is impossible to defeat the opposite party, but can tie down opposite party one, can say that to the previous person, with on 50 people, the consequence is the same, this Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique. Formidable place. However afterward appears Undead Creature, lets Black turtle old person greatly surprised, in Cultivation World here, the Immortal Stage Expert own circles, these Immortal Stage Expert protects is knew that no matter enters Immortal Stage time long Immortal Stage Expert, every time has a new promotion is Immortal Stage Expert, they know that is one is the Immortal Stage Expert circle specially, following cultivator simply don’t know has existence of this circle. Because of this, whose therefore Black turtle old person recognized that several Undead Creature quickly is, Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder, Ten Thousand Monster Sect Zhu Elder, changed color five old, this in Immortal Stage Expert, has number existence famously, he must know.! ~! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;