Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1819

Rumor originally real! Black turtle old person when sees Zhu Elder they, immediately has thought of that rumor in beforehand Cultivation World at heart, according to legend Zhao Hai, when with Wandering Soul Group to the war, Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Supreme Elder killing, naturally, this is only the one type of view, the one type of view is, Zhao Hai when attack Wandering Soul Group, has met two Immortal Stage Expert, finally he killed that two Immortal Stage Expert. The one type of rumor said that nobody believes that because the people have thought that Wandering Soul Group Immortal Stage Expert, certainly by Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert massacring, has not believed that was Zhao Hai massacres, everyone/Great Clan believes that Zhao Hai can be very good in the Immortal Stage Expert in hand support some time. As for the second rumor, simply nobody believes that looks like in these people, the second rumor, spoke irresponsibly completely, what existence Immortal Stage was Expert? Then in entire Continent, on equal to is the ultimate military force, is the invincible symbol, had only heard Immortal Stage Expert has killed Immortal Stage Expert, had not heard that Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert can jump the ranks to strike to kill Immortal Stage Expert, that is impossible. However now Black turtle old person has actually believed the good rumor, Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, feared also was really struck to kill by him, can tie down 50 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon to look from him, his strength real very formidable. To saw finally Zhao Hai gives kill these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, then directly turned into Undead Creature time, Black turtle old person cannot bear feel that the whole body was cool. He a little feared. His present understand, why the status of Black Tiger Group to this Immortal Stage, has not cared probably, said that accepted him to accept, had Zhao Hai this monster, accepted his simply no big deal. Black turtle old person secretly rejoiced now that initially has not made any excessive matter luckily, has not offended Black Tiger Group, otherwise, feared that now must turn into Undead Creature. But at this time. Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Expert has been repulsed, Zhao Hai actually received these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, turned the head to fly toward battlefield here. Black turtle old person some look at Zhao Hai of awe, Zhao Hai also looked at Black turtle old person one. However to his nod of gently, anything had not said that but Black turtle old person was actually understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, other people have not noted Zhao Hai there fight, has not noted Zhao Hai becomes the Undead Creature matter Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon Transformation, it seems like Zhao Hai does not want too many to know this matter. Thought of here, how Black turtle old person immediately understand must do, oneself should better shut the mouth, close the tighter the better. Zhao Hai returned to on Yama Ship, Black turtle old person also arrived on Yama Ship. Both sides that look at fought, Black turtle old person deep voice said : mister, our losses are many, the loss of opposite party are also many, generally speaking now has hit an evenness, our Great Magical Artifact to cultivator help even bigger some, but the population of opposite party are more.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „the quick solution has fought, after these Immortal Stage Expert go back, will make fine day Demon Realm not to send reinforcement. That is not wonderful.”

Black turtle did old person nod said : to want my fully make a move? I want such quickly to rout them!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use, gives me, are more than person with me? He He, joke.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in Zhao Hai all around. The hand of Zhao Hai proceeds to wield, these Undead Creature threw toward Heavenly Demon Race. These Undead Creature suddenly appears . One made both sides that killed to get angry both sober, for serveral days the Demon Realm person presently, their Immortal Stage Expert information had then disappeared, but Zhao Hai still stood on Yama Ship, carried on attack to them. These made Heavenly Demon Race army one flurried, they in idiot also understand, their these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, have defeated now, by Zhao Hai being defeated. What method although their don’t know Zhao Hai with has defeated these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, however the Zhao Hai strength was proven, this is their startled reasons. These Heavenly Demon quantity although very numerous, but their actually very clear, they cannot block an attack of Immortal Stage Expert, now not only Zhao Hai standing well in there, Zhao Hai side also Immortal Stage Expert, this is the place that these Heavenly Demon most are worried about. However made these Heavenly Demon Race more surprised matters live quickly, they presently these Undead Creature fighting strength unexpectedly very formidable, they must cope with these Undead Creature strenuously. What most important is, these Undead Creature are arranging the neat formation, the fight time, the living change that their lineups can also keep, these Heavenly Demon Race although strive to excel compared with these Undead Creature strengths, but actually how these Undead Creature, what most important is, these Undead Creature attack, regarding these Heavenly Demon Race, are very useful. But at this time Cultivation World the attacks of these cultivator were more ferocious, because these cultivator also saw Zhao Hai, presently Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon suffered defeat and fled, this makes their morale inspire greatly, the attack was also naturally more ferocious. Under is in inverse proportion, Heavenly Demon Race army finally appears a confusion, moreover this confusion is expanding slowly. But this is Zhao Hai most is also desired. Zhao Hai understand, Heavenly Demon Race army is in fact similar to their situations, Heavenly Demon Race army is also comprised of various Sect allied armies, generally speaking, is similar to the allied armies that Zhao Hai receives as agent for somebody else now, just Heavenly Demon Race army underwent. the training of time system, the coordination well

Now lived the accident, these people will also be scared, because they are also in day Demon Realm various Sect elites, if loses are too many, will make Sect that they are at be unable to recover, this is any Heavenly Demon undesired. Zhao Hai look at Heavenly Demon Sect these people, show a faint smile, turn the head to Black turtle old person said : „the Black turtle elder, please make a move, at one fell swoop rout them.” Black turtle old person also present change in battlefield, he admired to Zhao Hai now, one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has complied with one, then the personal appearance moved, turned into huge Black turtle , direct day Demon Realm these people threw. Black turtle old person was established Immortal Stage Expert, his attack strength although was inferior that his defense strength was so strong, but to ordinary Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, absolutely was extremely powerful, this overran, under the hand/subordinate simply gathering, all day of Demon Realm people will not have been killed. Flurried even bigger of day Demon Realm these people, but what is strange they have not run, some day of Demon Realm people, but also blocks Undead Creature and attack of Black turtle old person in the organization people. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but slightly has narrowed the eye, this situation somewhat stems from his unexpected, Zhao Hai careful look at for serveral days Demon Realm person, some little time he finally present, in the these days Demon Realm person, some day of Demon Realm people, their war armor is somewhat special, with other day of Demon Realm war armor, their war armor is not the blood red, moreover their few make a move, are only stands in there, general is stands in one crowd of day of Demon Realm cultivator behind, their command(er) fight, will not be only will fight in there, probably what not. Does, but all day of flurried Heavenly Demon Race, see these people, is complexion changes, finally has to brace oneself, then with Undead Creature to war. Combat enforcing detachment! In Zhao Hai mind immediately flashes through this word, the Heavenly Demon Race people of these red clothes armor, are the combat enforcing detachment, Zhao Hai have not certainly thought that the day Demon Realm person will be equipped with the combat enforcing detachment in army unexpectedly, no wonder arrived at this degree, day Demon Realm army was still insisting. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the personal appearance moves, Law Idol appearance, in direct day Demon Realm army threw, his target is the supervising combat armed forces that these wear red fight armor. The supervising combat armed forces that these wear red fight armor, the strength does not compare in other Heavenly Demon Race many, naturally possibly is not the Zhao Hai match, supervising combat armed forces by Zhao Hai massacring, but these cannot see to supervise Heavenly Demon Race of day armed forces, probably also lost last scruples at heart, became is more flurried. Along with Zhao Hai and chasing down of Black turtle old person, day Demon Realm army was more flurried, finally appears the military deserter, the appears military deserter will have provoked the chain-reaction, the quick large quantities of day Demon Realm person started to retreat. Saw that some people retreat, Zhao Hai their attacks were more ferocious, this also caused that more day Demon Realm person retreats, day after day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact started retreat, do not say these ordinary soldiers.

Finally, after Zhao Hai has killed Heavenly Demon of more than 100 combat enforcing detachments, Heavenly Demon Race army, starts appears the large-scale rout, all people went all out in the future will run, nobody wants to remain. But at this time, the Cultivation World person must do was very simple, chases down, they must do chases down. However Zhao Hai actually does not want to these person too many opportunity, after they pursued a while, Zhao Hai ordered all people to draw back, then has carried off all dying in battle cultivator, by these complete Great Magical Artifact, held to lose fighting strength Great Magical Artifact that these were damaged, has drawn back slowly. Reason that Zhao Hai such does , because day Demon Realm reinforcement came out, moreover in these reinforcement, Immortal Stage Expert, new Great Magical Artifact, if did not draw back at this time, they might be given one by day Demon Realm reinforcement very much ruthlessly, by that time, fearing of retreating was they. army returned to again in Great Magical Artifact, retreat slowly, simultaneously Zhao Hai also has been looking like Zhang Feng they to send the letter, told Zhang Feng them the frontline tactical situation, this service, they kill the enemy ten fifty thousand about, the side lost about fifty thousand, 3 : 1 battle loss ratios, are not low, but is not high, must know they face, but Heavenly Demon Race, this battle loss is not higher. Naturally, these Heavenly Demon Race people of dying were also turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, but cultivator that these died he has not actually moved, after these cultivated him prepared the belt to go back, to bury, no matter what, these people also shoulder to shoulder were the ally who fought with him, his although wants to obtain many Undead Creature, but will actually not start to these cultivator corpses. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;