Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1820

This is actually some probes, is not the probe of Freedom Alliance to day Demon Realm, but is other Sect regarding a probe of Black Tiger Group, other Sect people, regarding the probe of Black Tiger Group, how these Sect want to look at Black Tiger Group fighting strength, wants to look that Black Tiger Group can use this time opportunity, struck at their past enemies. Because of this, in person who therefore these time goes to battle with along with Zhao Hai, many Expert, Immortal Stage Expert has not been person who only then Black turtle old person, other Sect Sect comes out, is not Core Disciple in Sect, is only some Inner Disciples. But this Zhao Hai dry very beautiful, although battle loss compared in one third about, but actually to little win me, at the 1 million military strength, has defeated day of Demon Realm 2 million army, includes 200 Great Magical Artifact and 50 Immortal Stage Expert, such victory, can be called fully wins. Not only such win can obtain defeats, what most important is, they can other Sect confidence, making other Sect firmer stands with Black Tiger Group in together resistance day Demon Realm army. The Freedom Alliance that after all Black Tiger Group they compose, is a very loose organization, if Black Tiger Group has not displayed to defeat Heavenly Demon Race army fighting strength, these Sect feared that must consider join to the alliance that in nine Great Sect composed, although such will possibly be planned by nine Great Sect, but was been also stronger than by Sect extermination. The Cultivation World people are selfish, first they consider forever is they, own benefit, oneself in the Sect benefit. Other anything are fake. When Zhao Hai they go to battle, runs up to Black Tiger Group there to wait for information on the has plenty Sect representative, they feared that their Sect loses is too heavy. Especially some small Sect. After war, Zhao Hai various Sect representatives welcome to Yama Ship on, these people these time to Yama Ship on, but previous time is more honest, previous time they regarding letting Zhao Hai come lead the army, but also many some are not convinced, after all Zhao Hai is fierce they not to see. Has heard the hearsay, but they do not believe the rumor, therefore wants to challenge the Zhao Hai status. However passed through just that war, they were honest, Zhao Hai was really competent, a person to previous 50 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, why although don’t know these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon will be repulsed, but this fully explained the Zhao Hai strength, facing such Expert. Their that also dares a little arrogant appearance. People welcome to the Yama Ship cabin. look at these honest people, why Zhao Hai understand they were at heart honest, Cultivation World after is one by the strength speech place. He dispersed has appeared his strength, naturally can win the respect of these people. Zhao Hai look at they, deep voice said : everybody. This fought us to win, although had sacrificed many people, but we actually defeated a numerically superior enemy, has defeated Heavenly Demon Race, the Heavenly Demon Race person and no big deal, they will also die. Also will defeat, will escape. We can definitely defeat them, even can project on day Demon Realm to go, seizes day Demon Realm!”

These cultivator static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, if beforehand Zhao Hai said this to come, definitely the has plenty person will snort contemptuously, but nobody will give any comment now, even they also felt burning with passion, because they won. Zhao Hai look at these person somewhat red faces, then deep voice said : I must thank everybody in here, if not your coordination, we are impossible to defeat them, you are great, is the heroes, my Zhao Hai in here thank you.” Said him to these person of gave a salute. These people have stood hastily, returns salute to Zhao Hai, on the face also some ashamed looks, some people are open the mouth and said: mister folded the ghost I to wait!” Zhao Hai has stood, beckoned with the hand , after inviting the people sat down, this open the mouth and said: Why can we defeat Heavenly Demon Race Heavenly Demon? Depends on is we unites, so long as our stick together, no matter day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon these Great Sect, nobody dares to bully us, therefore after I hope everyone/Great Clan, can like today, unite, only by doing so, we can not fear anybody!” Nod of people simultaneously, Zhao Hai then said : these time kills these Heavenly Demon Race, we have not obtained too much spoils of war, only obtained some damaged Great Magical Artifact, but it doesn't matter, later we will obtain many good thing, these Great Magical Artifact, after going back, insurance must fix, that is our spoils of war, most greatly best spoils of war!” Laughing that the people harness, the atmosphere more surged upward! Zhao Hai had put out some Spirit Wine at this time, today I also shovels coal to people said :, asking everyone/Great Clan to drink one glass of celebration liquor, but everyone/Great Clan may probably to our province, if liquor drank to go bankrupt me, I may probably rub to your there eat to rub drink.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed, to Zhao Hai the heart of awe reduced slightly, the heart of being intimate with actually increased, all people ran over to snatch the liquor to drink, the atmosphere has achieved at once high, moist. But all these were stood, in nearby another person looked in the eye, this person was Black turtle old person, Black turtle old person this time has not sat like the previous time in Zhao Hai side, his these time stood in the corner, static look at Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai a flip of the hand gather the clouds, the reassignment of another flip turns them to rain these cultivator mood, were being increased to his favorable impression by these cultivator finally, before , shadowless that obstruction at heart vanished did not have the trace. look at these are snatching cultivator that the liquor drinks, Black turtle old person cannot help but sigh, he really feels being startled very regarding the Zhao Hai ability now, not only strength extremely powerful, commanding a war ability a cut above others, this post-war processing, on people skills, that is also the top picks, such person no matter places that Sect, is extraordinary existence. He now also understand, why Black Tiger Group there person, to Zhao Hai such respect, even Black turtle old person can affirm that the Black Tiger Group present change, has certainly relationship with Zhao Hai.

And these people drank a while liquor, Zhao Hai have then made them go back, simultaneously army also entered the Cultivation World control area, Zhao Hai was worried that the day Demon Realm person will retaliate, therefore he let these Cultivation World and these small Sect between day Demon Realm control areas, prepares for that momentarily retreated, simultaneously he was bringing five hundred thousand people and 50 Great Magical Artifact keeps there to guard, making behind other person of returned to repair and maintain, simultaneously rear area let send reinforcement to come. Zhao Hai very clear, they among the war with day Demon Realm, possibly did not finish by the 1 or 2 field battle, that is not realistic, this will be a long-term war, what will spell will be the strength, similarly also will be the commodity, will be the manpower. Now Zhao Hai lets these small Sect leave, for does not make them have too many losses, after all these small Sect are also an influence, moreover their leave, will certainly carry off the resources that all practices use, these thing will not be obtained by the day Demon Realm person, such day of Demon Realm has not been supplemented from Cultivation World here. Strengthens the defenses and clears the fields, now Zhao Hai must do strengthens the defenses and clears the fields, did not make the Demon Realm person obtain various types of practice commodities for serveral days smoothly, this can slowly consumed with the Heavenly Demon Race person, has consumed the Heavenly Demon Race person unable to consume, retreated, they were the victories. Zhao Hai is not only paying attention to with day Demon Realm army fight , the situation of paying attention to hundred hua valley alliances and army fights, Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance and situation of day Demon Realm army fight. However what disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat is, these two alliances have not fought with day Demon Realm army now, hundred hua valley alliance there is in the assemble forces probably, Ten Thousand Monster Sect there is also similar. Heavenly Demon Race army altogether two that now Zhao Hai they must face, total number of people about 7 million, besides with this only Heavenly Demon army that they have fought, another Heavenly Demon army also leaves the Zhao Hai their this Freedom Alliance control domain not to be far, but that only Heavenly Demon army only then 2 million people, moreover Immortal Stage Expert is not many, Zhao Hai arrives temporarily does not need to be worried about there, but there is a such army , is also not the good matter, so long as they still in there, Zhao Hai they on have to branch out part military strength and they confront, the means full have not coped in front of them this partner. Enemies. But Heavenly Demon Race army that hundred hua valley that alliance there must face, about 6 million, but that Heavenly Demon army actually has not only divided forces, but army is stationed in there, is confronting with hundred hua Gu Lianmeng, meaning that both sides have not begun probably, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. Finally was the enemy who the Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance must face, enemy five that the Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance must face, the population about 15 million, the Heavenly Demon Race person has done a lot of work before the invasion obviously, they also know that in Northern Divergent Province here, that one Sect strength was strongest. Entire day Demon Realm has in the Northern Divergent Province here army quantity about 30 million, this quantity is really was too scary, but must say, population that Cultivation World here must be able to mobilize, will not be absolutely few, this is front impacts between two big plane, naturally is fire hua scatters, intense.

Enemy who Zhao Hai they must face now has 5 million, but he only leaves behind five hundred thousand people in here, 1 : 10 proportion, probably was too few, but Zhao Hai was actually not extremely worried, what now they are was the Freedom Alliance control domain, in here they can at any time has been supplemented, moreover their these time won, believes that Zhang Feng there was good to speak, will certainly send out reinforcement to support them to moment, place that they were, there are many small Sect, these small Sect person was evacuated, Zhao Hai will also be left behind Transmission Formation by them, has these to be small. Sect Transmission Formation, rear reinforcement can rush to his here to come within the shortest time, therefore Zhao Hai does not fear opposite five million army. Moreover in Zhao Hai Space the one of the present Undead Creature quantity in time increased, he does not fear Heavenly Demon Race army, but has not shone now oneself all strengths. Zhao Hai always faint feeling does not suit at heart, Cultivation World these Great Sect, that is not the generation of wily old fox, can't they look at the threat of day Demon Realm really? Since they can look, but also causes to seize power such matter to come, that this matter on some fishy, what thing behind this had is his don’t know? &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;