Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1821

Zhang Feng received the report of Zhao Hai, now he early morning they are sitting with Hu Liang in his study room, face excited takes Zhao Hai to deliver the signalling jade sword that. excited of Hu Liangchen also face, obviously he also knew the content in jade sword, the look at Zhang Feng appearance, Hu Liangchen is also he he the chuckle, deep voice said : Gang Master, now should tell other Sect representatives this information?” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile said : I to look does not use, they feared that was knew, does not do well some people to visit us now, I did not believe the person in their Sect, met does not tell them this information, good, Little Hai this dry attractiveness.” Hu Liangchen is also a happy expression of face, but he after the person of big storm, happy turned over to happy after all, was actually very calm, his deep voice said : this Little Hai delivered 50% people to repair and maintain, the front only left behind five hundred thousand people, was really too dangerous, I thought that we wanted immediately/on horseback to organize reinforcement, Heavenly Demon Race these fellows, but such will not give up.” The happy expression on Zhang Feng face has also drawn back, he nodded said : well, now should support Little Hai one, five hundred thousand people kept there are really too dangerous, what they must face was five million army.” Hu Liangchen nodded, in this time, outside suddenly is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Reported Gang Master, iron blade gate, sinking Sand sect, great strength gang, Ghost Spirit sect, bone Jiazong and other Sect alliance interviews.” Zhang Feng turns the head early morning said : to look that to Hu Liang, came, the noses of these fellows are very spirit. Just right that does not come. Now should also let they shed a blood the time.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : „to shed a blood, now person official exchange hands of we and Heavenly Demon Sect, if they in do not send out reinforcement, that may a little not can be justified, walks, sees them.” Zhang Feng nodded, has stood, early morning together outward walks with Hu Liang, Zhang Feng naturally impossible to see these people in own study room, although his study room is very big. However generally is discussed when Black Tiger Group own matter, in his study room, will see these people naturally to arrive in the special meeting hall. Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen arrived at the meeting hall time, in the hall sits several hundred Sect representatives. These Sect representatives is a happy expression of face, sits is discussing anything in there. Looked that Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen has come, these person of immediately stood got up salutes to Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen, they know that these people were so polite to them, completely was because Zhao Hai has fought a big successful battle outside, but they also confidently received it, did not have was uncomfortable, after all Zhao Hai representative, but entire Black Tiger Group. Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen arrived at front of conference room to sit, Zhang Feng beckoned with the hand. Following these slowly peaceful, Zhang Feng then deep voice said : everybody, I thinks that you received information, this Little Hai brings the free first regiment to leave Zhan Tian demon army, the war wins, this regarding us, absolutely is good information, this war has made our Cultivation World power and prestige, making day Demon Realm these fellows know that Cultivation World cultivator is not affable.” The people applaud loudly. Effort is clapping the palm of the hand, just as was Zhang Feng said that the invasion of day Demon Realm, looked like the a piece big stone same pressure in the heart of people, but this big stone slightly became less crowded now. Because of this time win, making Cultivation World cultivator see. The day Demon Realm person is not invincible. Zhang Feng has also patted clapping with the people, then beckoned with the hand, after the people stop has gotten down, Zhang Feng then said : „the present first regiment has 50% armies in the round trip to catch up, they draw back the conditioning, we need to increase reinforcement for front, don’t know representative what do you think?”

These Sect representatives also know that Zhang Feng will certainly mention this point, at the matter this was also they want saying that the front with the army that Heavenly Demon Race army confronted, only then five hundred thousand, how did this let them feel relieved? If makes day Demon Realm army kill the Freedom Alliance control area, that but actually he also will be with bad luck. Therefore these people have not made noise opposition, but has not made noise to cater, such way to is Zhang Feng has not thought that he looked at these person of one, deep voice said : everybody, what the first regiment must face is enemy about 5 million army, we have to guard, therefore I suggested that is formed a 3 million people of army by various Sect, to frontline, merges into the first regiment, defends the attack of day Demon Realm, simultaneously forms one is no less than the second army of 1.5 millions person, nearby only Heavenly Demon army with us confronts in addition, how does everybody think?” Representative discussions of these Sect in a low voice, to be honest, regarding the proposition of Zhang Feng, they did not have what meaning, that Zhang Feng proposes to increase the quantity of armed forces, in their acceptable range, but this matter they cannot take responsibility. At this time the representative of iron blade gate has stood, bowed to Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen said : Gang Master, Elder Hu, this matter we were the agreements, but made the decision finally, was our Sect Master, therefore I must report this matter, listened to the opinion of Sect, but two invited feel relieved, I also will inform Sect Master my opinion.” Other Sect representatives were also this opinion, Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, sighing that not bore, he wishes one could immediately to send reinforcement to Zhao Hai now, because he feared that the time grew, Zhao Hai there will have an accident, but their this alliance although in name are alliance leader, but was the least bit does not have to following these Sect control ability, therefore various Sect representatives must report his Sect Master, he did not have the means to prevent. However as the matter stands, will lose a lot of time, regarding the battlefield, will possibly live the unpredictable matter. Therefore after Zhang Feng listened to the words of these representatives, deep voice said : I understand everybody, but everybody should also know, in the battlefield, the time is the life, Sect disciple now also has plenty in frontline, by five hundred thousand to 5 million, this is any concept, everybody should be clearer than me, therefore I hope everybody, when reported Sect, can make various Sect answer as soon as possible that otherwise frontline had any accident. Not only that our Black Tiger Group matter.” The people have complied with one. Zhang Feng must exhort a few words, suddenly astonishing imposing manner transmits from the Black Tiger Group base deep place, Zhang Feng stares slightly, then complexion changes, this imposing manner obviously is a Immortal Stage Expert aura, but now base here, should not have Immortal Stage Expert to be right, raises Immortal Stage Expert of enemy, rushed in the base to come? Thought of here, Zhang Feng immediately has stood. Turned the head to look at face Hu Yi Hu Liangchen, Hu Liangchen now is also a surprised color of face, obviously he also to this aura making fainted. They think that some people rushed in the base, but quick also denied this idea. Because that imposing manner transmits from base, but in other people Black Tiger Group base, opened the defensive measure now, even if Immortal Stage Expert cannot go, how in a there appears Immortal Stage Expert aura? suddenly they have thought a face, the surprised color on face turned pleasantly surprised, Zhang Feng turns the head to these Sect representative said : everybody, in the gang has situation suddenly, asking everybody to return to respective Cave Mansion, matter reporting of increasing troops. We want immediately/on horseback to process.” These Sect representatives are not the fools, they also felt that Immortal Stage Expert aura, they know certainly, in Black Tiger Group has certainly the matter to live, but looks at Zhang Feng their appearance probably is the good deed. The Immortal Stage Expert aura, is meddlesome, that only then, Black Tiger Group some people promoted Immortal Stage, but this person was not difficult to guess that certainly was Black Tiger Group former Gang Master. Iron Zhan Tian!

Iron Zhan Tian closes up attacks the Immortal Stage matter, in Northern Divergent Province here is not secret, many people know, but iron Zhan Tian had not succeeded, therefore everyone/Great Clan also on slowly this matter forgetting. Now looks like, iron Zhan Tian feared that was attacks Immortal Stage to succeed. But this situation very heavy wants. Must know that Black Tiger Group composes this Freedom Alliance, is some middle-and-small Sect, in these in small Sect, some simply do not have Immortal Stage Expert, some have Immortal Stage Expert, quantity also very few, only then one to about two, now Black Tiger Group suddenly were also many Immortal Stage Expert, was the strength enhanced a big truncation on equal to, what influence this will bring not to say to Freedom Alliance. Because must report this situation to respective Sect, therefore these representatives have not remained, returned to fast own Cave Mansion, then has put out the signalling jade sword, the matter of increasing troops, iron Zhan Tian possibly becomes the Immortal Stage Expert matter, reported to Sect. But at this time, Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen, hurried to toward the deep place of Black Tiger Group base, makes the same movement with them, in Black Tiger Group other real power characters, their present ideas are the same with Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen, they want to know that imposing manner is iron Zhan Tian comes out, if so, that Black Tiger Group strength will increase. The quick people arrived at that aura appears place, sees that aura appears place, the happy expression on Zhang Feng their face were stronger, because there is Cave Mansion that his iron Zhan Tian closes up. That Immortal Stage Expert aura is getting stronger and stronger, finally however has restrained spatially, slowly vanished, Zhang Feng their although is not Immortal Stage Expert, but regarding this situation they knows that they know just that aura, when is iron Zhan Tian just entered Immortal Stage reveals, at that time iron Zhan Tian did not have means control that aura, must wait till slowly can control that aura, that aura hiding, is true has stabilized Immortal Stage boundary, obviously now iron Zhan Tian already slowly stable own boundary. not long after, that formidable aura has restrained completely, then in Cave Mansion transmits sound speaking sounds: You came, comes.” Zhang Feng they entered Cave Mansion hastily. In Cave Mansion, a tall person is sitting in there, look at people of face smiling face, he was iron Zhan Tian, iron Zhan Tian looked at people one eyes, showed a faint smile, what was saying, did suddenly frown said : Little Hai not to come? What matter lived?” Because iron Zhan Tian is closing up the practice, did not understand outside matter, therefore he looked that Zhao Hai has not come, thinks to have an accident, this will have this one to ask. Zhang Feng said to iron Zhan Tian more than one year time fresh matter hastily, naturally also tells iron Zhan Tian Zhao Hai to command troops now outside, not having the time to come back. Listened to the Zhang Feng words, iron Zhan Tian cannot help but to sigh said : also really to come, this day Demon Realm invaded, regarding Cultivation World, definitely was a catastrophe, don’t know has many small Sect Dao doctrines to vanish.” Zhang Feng deep voice said : Martial Uncle, Little Hai lead the army outside, we are just thinking now makes other Sect people compose reinforcement to support Little Hai, Martial Uncle, since you went out, that later in the gang matter, give you takes responsibility.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : What happened? not to work as this Gang Master? You have forgotten, I now am Immortal Stage, according to our Black Tiger Group guild regulations, I now is Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, impossible, when Gang Master, later Black Tiger Group has handed over give you, you starting today, were Black Tiger Group official Gang Master, HaHaHa, your youngster also thinks that doesn't do? Don't you want to do Gang Master also to do?”

Zhang Feng one hear of iron Zhan Tian said that cannot help but forced smile said : Martial Uncle, speaks the truth with you, did Gang Master is really too tired, I do not want to do, I want to deal with the day Demon Realm person with Little Hai together, you were don’t know, fought with Little Hai together, but that feeling the person of very relax clothing/taking, makes a debut from Little Hai now, when I did not have presently him to suffer a loss.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhang Feng said that cannot help but laughs said : your youngster, now is still thinking these, you did not have opportunity, later you were Black Tiger Group Gang Master, relieved worked as your this Gang Master, was right, you did not say that Little Hai there did need reinforcement? When these Sect can reinforcement? If too late, that Little Hai may be dangerous.” Zhang Feng one hear of iron Zhan Tian said that complexion cannot help but changes, he lowered the head to think for quite a while, turned the head to look at people one eyes, this deep voice said : Martial Uncle, everybody, I did not fear to tell you, actually my security to the Little Hai was not worried, even if were that five hundred thousand people have been annihilated, Zhao Hai will not have the matter, not only this because of him can Space Divergent Technique, because of his another one type of special ability.” Speaking of here he to stop, looked at people said : Little Hai to obtain the one type of very special ability in Transcends Tribulation, that can let Undead Creature, maintained before death strength, Zhao Hai was a Dark Magician family background, his in hand Undead Creature has plenty, but before Little Hai these Undead Creature, refined with Secret Technique, will have that strong strength, but, now he cannot turn into Undead Creature dead cultivator now, can maintain his before death strength by this Undead Creature, was Immortal Stage cultivator is also same.” Hiss! all people could not bear hold breath a cold air, they listened to the meaning of understand Zhang Feng, but also because listened to understand, therefore they such will be startled! Let Undead Creature maintain before death strength? Immortal Stage can cultivator also turn into Immortal Stage Undead Creature? Did this ability also go against heaven's will? All people show the facial expression that was unable to believe! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;