Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1822

What you said is really?” Iron Zhan Tian face serious look at Zhang Feng asked. Zhang Feng nodded, deep voice said : in fact Little Hai there currently had seven Immortal Stage Undead Creature, separately is Ten Thousand Monster Sect Zhu Elder, Wandering Soul Group the color deterioration of Supreme Elder and Ten Thousand Monster Sect five old, Zhu Elder and Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder, is I copes with Wandering Soul Group with Little Hai, destroys completely Wandering Soul Group that service to receive, changes color five always I to go with Little Hai, Yangming city there open the entrance receives disciple, changed color five always besiege, Zhao Hai uses Zhu Elder, with Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder, in adding on his strength, after changing color five always to destroying completely, receives, because has these Immortal Stage Expert assumes personal command, I dare to receive Black turtle old person to join a group.” Iron Zhan Tian they, as soon as listened to Zhang Feng saying that gawked, then the people could not have borne and held breath a cold air, they still were Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert insufficient worried before that actually there thinks, Zhao Hai unexpectedly not making a sound one received seven Immortal Stage Undead Creature, this too also abnormal? Before iron Zhan Tian look at Zhang Feng said : that you, why didn't say?” Zhang Feng has smiled bitterly next step: Martial Uncle, can this matter say? You at that time were Black Tiger Group Gang Master, if I told you, that finger erratically gave people a hard time Cultivation World to know, at that time day Demon Realm had not invaded, if made these Great Sect know that Little Hai the ability, did not need day Demon Realm to invade, these Great Sect must come to give to extinguish us, they feared that Little Hai grew, gave to extinguish them.” Iron Zhan Tian silent. Then nodded said : well. At that time Little Hai had not said was right, I just listened to you saying that Little Hai in the front won a battle . Moreover the corps that composed opposite party 50 Immortal Stage Expert repelling, it seems like Little Hai began these Undead Creature, now these people feared that also knows, but the present the chaos, nobody in has been able to keep in balance Little Hai well, this to our Black Tiger Group, to was a good matter.” Zhang Feng nodded said : „. I am also this knowledge think that if Little Hai does not use such strength, he is impossible to defeat these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, although Little Hai did not have detailed to say the front situation. What however I can also imagine obtain the front situation am.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, then he knit the brows said : Little Hai stirring nine Great Sect that slaughter demon congresses, this in my expected, no big deal, making me be what is surprised, why Little Hai must propose that this Immortal Stage system, how many wars Little Hai life don’t know has experienced, he gradually hits from Lower Realm, can you don’t know this Elder Assembly system and not suitable battlefield? Why does he want to carry out Immortal to make?” One hear of iron Zhan Tian said that the people stare. Then somewhat puzzled look at iron Zhan Tian, only then Hu Liangchen two eyes one bright, his look at iron Zhan Tian said : you said right, I have also felt for this matter strange, if thinks like you, the was plan of that Little Hai too probably big?”

Zhang Feng somewhat puzzled look at Hu Liangchen and iron Zhan Tian said : Martial Uncle, Uncle Hu, what meaning are your this saying? How can't I understand?” Hu Liang early morning look at Zhang Feng, sighed said : you, compared with Little Hai. Tender, Little Hai came from Lower Realm ascend worthily, really vicious and merciless, I mean, Little Hai intentionally proposed that Elder Assembly system. Because of the Elder Assembly system and not suitable battlefield, each decision. Must spend for a long time, as the matter stands, it can be imagined, cultivator in day Demon Realm Yu Dou, will certainly suffer a loss, owing that Cultivation World eats is big, after representing the future has been expelling day of Demon Realm army, the Cultivation World strength is small, at that time, so long as our Black Tiger Group has enough strength, even can dominate entire Cultivation World!” One hear of Hu Liangchen said that Zhang Feng they have held cannot help but breath a cold air, they have not really thought that Zhao Hai proposed the Elder Assembly system, will really have such one layer meaning, was this probably too ruthless? Iron Zhan Tian shouted tone said : although saying that the plan of Little Hai was somewhat vicious, but has to recognize, this actually most suit the plan of our Black Tiger Group, our Black Tiger Group tenable time although was not short, but compared to these Great Sect to come, our inside story must miss on many, if cannot use such move of technique, pulled closer the distance of both sides, our Black Tiger Group forever do not want to overtake these Great Sect, ok, is this was also only our ideas, don’t know Little Hai this meaning, no matter what, today's matter no one must the to divulge to an outsider, him rottenly to the belly, on, when what. The matter has not lived.” People simultaneously has complied with one, their very clear, today's matter, if passes on, that bad luck not only Zhao Hai, entire Black Tiger Group with bad luck, outside has countless people to think what excuse must with cope with Black Tiger Group, if they said this matter, then has given others the excuse on equal to, they may not have these stupid. Appearance that iron Zhan Tian looks at the people, knows that people already understand his meaning, his deep voice said : present most important is makes other Sect quick points send out reinforcement toward frontline, no matter Little Hai is any point, we cannot make these Sect extremely in easy and comfortable, their although is our allies, is not our Black Tiger Group person, we may not have the duty to take care of them, Xiao Feng, I sit in in the gang, information that I am promoted successfully can release go, simultaneously must make other Sect speed up the degree to dispatch reinforcement.” Zhang Feng complied with said : is, Martial Uncle, my immediately managed.” Iron Zhan Tian nodded, deep voice said : was good, you go, I also need to consolidate my boundary, was right, our beforehand guesses asked that Little Hai, has a look at him is any meaning, if, that must coordinate Little Hai, this is our Black Tiger Group opportunity.”

Iron Zhan Tian is not honest and good-natured person, to be honest Zhao Hai the plans although ruthlessly very spicy, but actually very much suits his appetite, so long as this plans successfully, rising of their Black Tiger Group, will be irresistible. The people complied with one, turn around walked, Zhang Feng after leave iron Zhan Tian Cave Mansion, immediately has put out the signalling jade sword, gave Zhao Hai to send the letter directly, simultaneously his also immediately/on horseback ordered to be promoted iron Zhan Tian is Immortal Stage Expert information, spread over entire Black Tiger Group, this almost announced to entire Cultivation World on equal to. After completing these two matters, Zhang Feng immediately starts to urge other Sect, quick point sending out reinforcement. Regarding the Zhang Feng other urging Sect people to is understandable, after all the frontline situation is also less optimistic, if they cannot send out reinforcement as soon as possible, if frontline there had an accident, they also with bad luck, therefore regarding this matter, various Great Sect people very coordinates. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, in hand is taking the signalling jade sword, this jade sword Zhang Feng gives him, content also very simple in jade sword \; first, to inform him, iron Zhan Tian promote promoted into was Immortal Stage Expert, before second was to ask him, proposed that the Elder Assembly system had any profound meaning. Looked that Zhang Feng such asked Zhao Hai on understand, his plan certainly by person present, but also it doesn't matter, now was all people knew his plan was also what kind , the person were selfish, Zhao Hai proposed the Elder Assembly system, was good for Black Tiger Group, but other people actually may not think, because they did not understand that Black Tiger Group true strength, these people were impossible to give up in Elder Assembly the authority of elder, therefore the Elder Assembly system was Zhao Hai raises, rather was Zhao Hai says for these Sect person. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that own plan will be seen through, besides the Black Tiger Group person, nobody can see through his plan. Zhao Hai gives Zhang Feng to reply in writing quickly, congratulates being promoted of iron Zhan Tian, two are to tell Zhang Feng, he really has that plan, third was to tell Zhang Feng, the attack of Heavenly Demon Race must start. Zhao Hai has not spoken irresponsibly, the attack of Heavenly Demon Race truly must start, the Heavenly Demon Race person will not be resigned to be defeated, was short of double cultivator to give to defeat compared with them specially, this is the Heavenly Demon Race institute is more unsupportable, therefore after their reinforcement these defeated troops receive, but has carried on reorganization slightly, immediately/on horseback has attacked, these time their target natures are Zhao Hai their here, but the entire quantity of this time their army are more.

Zhao Hai already carried on the surveillance to day Demon Realm army, the day Demon Realm army trend naturally did not hide the truth from him, he first present Heavenly Demon army intention, after giving Zhang Feng sent the letter, his immediately all also kept frontline here Sect representatives welcome to Yama Ship on. Now these Sect representatives, very believe to Zhao Hai, heard that Zhao Hai invited them, their immediately came, after all people arrived in the hall sat, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : tells everyone/Great Clan one not to calculate that good information, day Demon Realm army in one time opened toward our here, the day Demon Realm army quantity that these time came were more, they had 1 million reinforcement, in adding on originally also had 100 many people, now their total military strength has achieved more than 2 millions, us just facing the Heavenly Demon army quantity were more, therefore we following must facing was. One struggles hard, we cannot retreat, our retreat, give Heavenly Demon army on equal to the big piece land, what most important is, if we retreat, nearby us that several Sect General Hall will be seized, our reinforcement cannot through there Transmission Formation quick supports us, to us only disadvantageous, therefore we can only keep off in here.” All people nodded, nobody makes noise, they know that Zhao Hai also has certainly as follows, they are waiting for Zhao Hai as follows. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : only depends on our these military strength, wants to block more than 2 millions Heavenly Demon Race army, is almost impossible, but that is also almost, now our here also 50 Great Magical Artifact, want to block Heavenly Demon army, must think these 50 Great Magical Artifact essential, I have not wanted to let everyone/Great Clan bringing death in vain, if everyone/Great Clan wants protect own life, only then means that your Sect Great Magical Artifact, give me to come command(er), only then we may block the attack of day Demon Realm like this.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }