Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1824

~ date: ~ in November o8 date ~ , Nbsp \; immediately/on horseback relates other Spaceship!” On the side of Moli Ke look at all around environment, first successive deep voice to his humanity. His person immediately/on horseback has also complied with one, release several signalling bat. However these signalling bat just leave Moli Ke Great Magical Artifact, the eye of in the blink of an eye ripping crushed by all around invisible pressure, simply did not have the means to be used for Transmission information. Sees this situation, Moli Ke was startled, then his immediately/on horseback said : with the demon sign, must relate within the shortest time to other Great Magical Artifact.” His person immediately/on horseback has complied with one, a hand revolution, has put out a piece metal small token, the token palm of the hand size, directly is an ugly face of devil, but the back is anything does not have. After that Heavenly Demon puts out this demon sign, immediately with the finger in carving characters that the back of demon sign makes an effort, because of area of demon sign in that pendulum, he has only been carving dozens characters, could not be carving anything, then let out the demon sign. However after these demon signs release goes to this, in the Great Magical Artifact surroundings has actually circled, toward the distant place, this situation is not Moli Ke has not thought. His complexion very ugly said : „?” The person of his side that release demon sign, deep voice said : here was twisted by one type of Force Field completely, demon sign simply cannot feel the aura of other people, therefore his don’t know flies toward there.” Moli Ke complexion became was uglier, he looked at all around these planet one, presently some planet already slowly moved toward their here. Wants attack their here one presently to make Moli Ke complexion ugly evidently, Moli Ke coldly snorted, turns the head to walk toward Great Magical Artifact. Moli Ke the Great Magical Artifact looks like looks like a incomparably huge scorpion, but in carrying on the back of this scorpion, several accesses, Moli Ke entered in the Great Magical Artifact surface from an access. Other Heavenly Demon Race person very clear have Moli Ke done, these time comes out along with Moli Ke, more than 30 Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert, in this Great Magical Artifact. They are used to cope with Zhao Hai, these Immortal Stage Expert that because went back before, have looked like Heavenly Demon Race upper layer to report the Zhao Hai matter, Heavenly Demon Race upper layer to this matter attach great importance to. Reason that they make these Immortal Stage Expert centralized in this Great Magical Artifact, wants unexpected massacring Zhao Hai. Heavenly Demon Race these High level very clear, if Zhao Hong can turn into Immortal Stage Undead Creature Immortal Stage Expert, was too big regarding their threats, he can turn into Immortal Stage Undead Creature Immortal Stage Expert, can also turn into Undead Creature other cultivator in the situation of preserved strength, such is the Cultivation World here military strength more hits on equal to, but their military strength on more hit are less, that their invasion plans on being doomed to be defeated. Because, therefore Heavenly Demon Race Expert these time sends out a batch Immortal Stage Expert based on this consideration. Specially to cope with Zhao Hai, but is very obvious, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will cope with them with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation unexpectedly, lets their plan complete failing. But Moli Ke does not have means now, he comes serious undervaluation regarding Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation Might, his very clear, with their present strengths, is impossible to run out of this Great Formation, only then means these Immortal Stage Expert make a move, as soon as possible breaks these Great Formation, they can clash.

Moli Ke very clear, this Great Formation is impossible likely attractively, day Demon Realm army that if comes with him by trapped here. That consequence is dreadful, therefore kills Zhao Hai now is secondary. Carries over this big the formation is most important the these days Demon Realm person safely. Really, in Moli Ke entered to Great Magical Artifact in not long after, in Great Magical Artifact departed more than 30 Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert appears , immediately all around these stars carried on attack likely. Immortal Stage Expert attack is not jokes, all around these stars had some were hit the bubble directly same broke, some also hit downward sank. However that starry skies do not have any issue appears , the starry sky is still the starry sky, they still do not have the means to exit, this also lets Moli Ke worry. But at this time, Freedom Alliance first regiment the feelings of these cultivator were actually complete was different, they have handed over Great Magical Artifact command, but Zhao Hai told them, when these Heavenly Demon Race people, if entered in Great Formation, they can optional attack, but they actually cannot come out from respective Great Magical Artifact, can only in Great Magical Artifact, to Heavenly Demon of Heavenly Demon Race carry on attack with own Magical Artifact. When these cultivator of Freedom Alliance first regiment, saw more than 2 millions Heavenly Demon blots out the sky toward time that they clash, they felt really a chill in the air from the bottom of the heart liter, cannot rise immediately leave Great Magical Artifact to run away, because they are the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation constituents, therefore their present simply could not see that what change Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation has. They see Great Magical Artifact, is deferring to certain rule to fly, simply could not look that has anything to change, but at this time, Heavenly Demon Race army has killed. Is ready in full battle array in these cultivator, even can say prepares with these Heavenly Demon Race army have put together the time, actually suddenly present, Heavenly Demon Race army, has not seen them to be the same probably, has crashed directly in their behind that big stretch of open areas, then starts to spin in there, is seeking for anything's appearance. cultivator of first regiment making to be shocked by the Heavenly Demon Race person, are their don’t know these Heavenly Demon Race people also doing, entered in Great Formation along with more and more Heavenly Demon Race people, entire Great Formation appeared somewhat crowds. At this time, on which Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact, suddenly appears some Heavenly Demon, these days demon imposing manner very formidable, after these days demon appears , immediately likely all around attack, most from the beginning the cultivating cheese of first regiment also some anxious, but they were not quickly anxious, because of them presently. These Heavenly Demon attack very special. They are taking any thing as his target probably, however final attack all has not actually projected on the person, even if has projected on, has projected on Heavenly Demon Race Great Magical Artifact or the Heavenly Demon Race person, they do not have what loss, this lets cultivator of first regiment, feels very strange. However quick, Great Magical Artifact of several first regiments also received attack, after all this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation radically Great Magical Artifact of first regiment, these Heavenly Demon people. Even if blind ignorant, can hoodwink to several. Because make a move is Immortal Stage Expert, their attack strength very formidable, several by Great Magical Artifact that attack arrives. although under the operation of Undead Creature, has flashed through vital part, but also all was actually injured, basically lost the ability of fight. Was adding on the Heavenly Demon Race person who Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations big in the formation entered is really too many, this affected the revolution of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation greatly, therefore Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation also appears not a steady situation.

Zhao Hao on Yama Ship, static look at all these, he knows that Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation cannot surround these Heavenly Demon Race person too long time, if uses is Great Magical Artifact that his Liquid Silver turns into, but can also support a longer time. Now they use, is only ordinary Great Magical Artifact, feared that is supporting the 1 or 2 hour to support does not live. However was good because of various present Great Sect reinforcement had to these small Sect Sect Headquarters, these people under Zhao Hai arrangement, were receiving them, they, in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation behind, dispelled the battle formation, although now the population was also not many, but Zhao Hai has not worried. After 1 or 2 hour, they come will be many, when the time comes they had with these Heavenly Demon Race strengths of army frontage war. Zhao Hai knows, if he must use Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation to oppose the enemy, that other Sect cultivator cannot be involved. They must participate, he can only hide on Great Magical Artifact. With their Magical Artifact attack Heavenly Demon Race person, such attack, regarding general Heavenly Demon Race, will not play big doing to use, because these people do not understand Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, if lets their appears in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, will only affect the utilization of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. Naturally Zhao Hai can also use Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation with Undead Creature, in that case, fully can these Heavenly Demon Race person in dire straits in here, but Zhao Hai actually cannot do, not only will expose his strength, does not conform to his plan, so long as his reinforcement has sufficed, he must with Heavenly Demon Race head-on fight, only then this can defeat Heavenly Demon Race, meanwhile can let own plan smooth working. In fact Zhao Hai thinks own present does has sufficed well, most at least his in hand had five hundred thousand people time, the lives of intentional waste these people, have not made these people bring death in vain, but has used Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, has constrained Heavenly Demon army, this is very benevolent. But is opposite with Zhao Hai, now Moli Ke is actually worry, these Immortal Stage Expert attack not to stop already some time in the past, but this Great Formation still does not have too many changes, this lets Moli Ke worries also in the secret heart is startled. The time passes attack that fast, unknowingly, Heavenly Demon Race these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, continuously have kept nearly one hour, but Moli Ke has not made them stop, because Moli Ke saw disappearing, he saw the Great Formation energy that they are at probably is reduction slowly, he believes that so long as is trying harder, it will not take long, this Great Formation will be broken. Just as is such that he thinks, nearly one hour, this Great Formation energy completely had vanished, Moli Ke they saw all around other Heavenly Demon Race people finally, but sees other Heavenly Demon Race people, Moli Ke suddenly has one type of the impulsion that wants to spit blood, arrives at here that more than 2 millions Heavenly Demon Race person with him, now only remaining more than 1 million, in this two hours time, unexpectedly one lost three hundred thousand unexpectedly. These Great Magical Artifact, follow to be also many in his Great Magical Artifact quantity, complete Great Magical Artifact altogether about 60, but now also the complete Great Magical Artifact quantity feared that less than 30, lost half to be many, this is his ten thousand never expected. But Moli Ke also saw, in their opposite not far away, is building up cultivator army, the quantity was fearing that no less than 1 million, but in this only army, more than 30 complete Great Magical Artifact, but other cultivator, actually appear full of vigor, compared with his under the hand/subordinate Heavenly Demon army, but on striving to excel were many, his under the hand/subordinate Heavenly Demon army was also very much stranded in Great Formation obviously near two hours, but these army in this two hours time, certain are in wants means attack Great Formation, obviously their consumptions are also many, now could be said as the tired soldiers and worn-out horses. Moli Ke is mad clenches teeth, if possible, he doesnot can give the swallow alive Cultivation World this only army Commander ruthlessly, but is very obvious, his simply not that ability. The loss of army makes Moli Ke love dearly, but these Immortal Stage Expert conditions make Moli Ke have the headache, attack that two hours of keeping, although these Immortal Stage Expert are in turn attack, but also has appeared a weary condition, Moli Ke very clear, this weary condition is not because Spiritual Qi of their within the body consumes oversized, because of their pressure too big reasons at heart. The attack of two hours non- compartment, attack target is these don’t know is true or false planet, this lets these Immortal Stage Expert, felt exhausted, exhausted at heart.

Moli Ke very clear, by the army condition, is not suiting with army positive hard of Cultivation World now has spelled, if in spelling, they opposes the enemy by the exhausted master, certainly will not ask to be good, now the most correct procedure retreats. Thinks of here, Moli Ke some are not cannot help but willingly, he is staring at Cultivation World army stubbornly, he can look, Cultivation World these army, just organized probably, lineup row is not standard, but Essence, Qi and Spirit of these people are actually good, if attacks now, definitely cannot ask. Moli Ke deeply has attracted two tones, was calmed down, then deep voice said : by oneself deploys troops, all Great Magical Artifact of damage, can drag, drags to me.” Along with his issuing an order, Heavenly Demon Race army quick suspended the lineup, has to recognize, accept alliance training Heavenly Demon army, came compared with Cultivation World army, truly wanted Elite to be many. Zhao Hai calm look at Heavenly Demon Race army suspends the lineup, he has not ordered to attack, has not ordered to deploy troops, this makes other cultivator very puzzled, only then Zhao Hai knows that Heavenly Demon Race army feared wanted retreat. Moli Ke look at does not have silk bold sound Cultivation World army, clenching teeth of maliciously, then deep voice said : defense lineup, ties slow to draw back!” His person has gawked, thought to misunderstand, but looked at Moli Ke complexion, immediately knew has not misunderstood, immediately ordered. Day Demon Realm army has formed before long defensive type Great Formation, slowly goes toward retreat, but Zhao Hai still has not actually attacked, his very clear, day Demon Realm that Commander is not simple, draws back, but is not chaotic, if at this time they attacked, definitely could not ask, newly arrived these reinforcement have not passed through integrate limitedly, fighting strength also, he required more time integrate these armies, had the strength that and day of Demon Realm one fought.( To be continued.. , …… com { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }