Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1825

The Black Tiger Group base, in Zhang Feng study room, did Zhang Feng look at front information, turn the head to Hu Liang early morning said : Uncle Hu, how the Little Hai there situation?” Hu Liangchen smiles said : day Demon Realm army to draw back temporarily, various Sect reinforcement is still catching up toward there, before you proposed that at the supplement military strength 200 five hundred thousand matters, various Sect also agreed that this Little Hai in hand should have enough military strength, moreover this will cause the military strength to arrive within two days.” Zhang Feng nodded, let out a long breath said : Little Hai there does not have the matter to be good, forming of second regiment? What opinion these do Sect have?” Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : does not have what opinion, but their opinion is, this second regiment cannot by our Black Tiger Group person command(er).” Zhang Feng one hear of Hu Liangchen said that cannot help but stares, then two eyes narrowed the eyes, has hesitated a while said : Uncle Hu, your opinion?” Hu Liang early morning deep voice said : this is these fellows' probes, these fellows noticed that our Black Tiger Group were also many an elder time Expert, felt that was at heart restless, they feared that our Black Tiger Group uses this opportunity to sit in a big way, therefore they want control army, like this our Black Tiger Group will not sit in a big way, I thought that should promise them.” Zhang Feng stares, then the brow unfolds said : well, now was unable to make them suspect us, if otherwise these fellows do not coordinate, even has surrendered Ten Thousand Monster Sect has troubled, but Uncle Hu, as the matter stands, the loss of our in the gang was big.” Hu Liangchen shows a faint smile said : these fellows to want with this method to let our Black Tiger Group loss manpower is not that easy matter. Xiao Feng. Before this time I prepare to let under flower, and moon/month with, their strengths has also achieved Transcends Tribulation Stage, moreover our Hu Clan Technique of Joint Attack is also very famous, moreover before these year of flowers, slowly handled the Hu Clan matter, was after some to gain experience, but he did not have what name in Cultivation World, making him go , not only can protect my Black Tiger Group strength, not bring to the attention of these person, did you look?” Zhang Feng wants not to nod said : well, before that lets the flower , and moon/month gets down. However Uncle Hu, before you must let flower, careful, this second regiment does not turn over to our Commander after all, against these fellows.” Hu Liangchen at heart move. However in the surface is actually shows a faint smile said : Gang Master feel relieved, they will not have the matter, now in Freedom Alliance, my Black Tiger Group can be said as a monopoly of a single clique, makes the courage to these person of days, they do not dare to plan our Black Tiger Group person, said it, our although cannot the control second regiment, actually be able to select with our Black Tiger Group relationship good Sect, making them come the Commander second regiment. This will not have the matter.”

Zhang Feng nodded said : that well, but before letting under the flower , and moon/month this on the battlefield to the little husband and wife, I a little has not been cruel enough, but Uncle Hu you give up, I also can only agree, he he.” Hu Liangchen listened to Zhang Feng saying that also has smiled, this was also their Hu Clan custom, what Hu Clan practice was one type of Dual Cultivation Cultivation Method, a person of life only then Dao companion, this Dao companion will follow their life. Moreover they because of the Dual Cultivation reason, their skill cultivation level are almost exactly the same, almost it can be said that lives and dies together , because of this main point, their names will appear somewhat strange. Like Hu Liangchen, his spouse. Also after is his Dao companion marries him, changes name to call the beautiful scene, but Hu Liangchen grandson, before calling spent money recklessly, but his granddaughter-in-law called under the moon/month, the beautiful scenery on a beautiful day, spent month before last, this was their names. Hu Liangchen looked at Zhang Feng of face smiling face, deep voice said : Gang Master, I thought that this matter must to Little Hai say for good, making him also know that the in the gang situation, must remind his, these Sect had gotten suspicious to us, making him add carefully.” Zhang Feng nodded, then smiles said : to Hu Liangchen Uncle Hu, you called me Xiao Feng, like this was kind, do not call me Gang Master, what status you were, served a need to be so polite with me? Little Hai there I will go to believe that this you do not need to be worried, but I think that Little Hai feared already thought of this point.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : Little Hai there I to too not to be worried really that in the Little Hai method, these fellow simply how him not to.” Zhang Feng he he chuckle said : „, the Little Hai method truly is very outstanding, these Great Sect do not say that sent 200 five hundred thousand reinforcement to go, even if to send 1 million, Little Hai also handled.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : that well, Xiao Feng, before my going back lets the flower, prepares, now the second regiment has soon been established, our Black Tiger Group must select some people to participate in the second regiment, Xiao Feng, do you look at the candidate of this second regiment?” Zhang Feng thinks that deep voice said : takes some people to participate from all levels of cultivator, this cannot avoid, if, they had any accident, took care of their family members well, even if they for our Black Tiger Group sacrifice.” Zhang Feng although said probably does not have the energy to be the same very much, but Hu Liang early morning actually understand, what Zhang Feng said is right, these time goes to the person of second regiment, feared that will not have any good fruit to eat, because second regiment there after is not calculation that Black Tiger Group said that even if other Sect looks in the Black Tiger Group face, will not be brought death by them, but the second regiment Zhao Hai has not assumed personal command, this on by Zhang Feng they will be thought lacks in resonance.

In fact not only Zhang Feng, Hu Liangchen also thinks that his although is very confident to own grandson, but he actually has to recognize, his grandson come compared with Zhao Hai, has fallen far short, simply does not have the means compared with Zhao Hai. But at this time, Zhao Hai was putting in order the armed forces, along with the unceasing arrival of reinforcement, Zhao Hai presently the in hand military strength approached 2 million, the in hand Great Magical Artifact quantity also in one time approached 100, simultaneously came, about 50 Immortal Stage Expert, obviously attaching great importance to degree of various Sect to here. However did not mean that these armies arrived, Zhao Hai can day Demon Realm army have attack likely, that is impossible, these newly arrived people, but also needs to undergo some time training to be good, moreover Zhao Hai must these newly arrived people, disrupt the establishment, carries on assignment again. Naturally he will not do went too far, he will make other Sect people manage oneself Sect these cultivator, but this Manager is actually assigns by Zhao Hai, but person who Zhao Hai assigns, before is, with he has fought person, will not violate the person who he orders. However as the matter stands had an issue, before with Zhao Hai has fought these people, in various Sect is not some people of being in good graces, in reinforcement that but their strength also is not very strong, present these Sect fists send, is actually has plenty Expert, even is Core Disciple, you make Inner Sect disciple go to command(er) Core Disciple, that can command(er) result to call strangely. Zhao Hai quickly has also realized this issue, but he has not actually taken back the order, conversely, he very decisive make a move, has handled several Core Disciple, naturally, he has not abandoned that several Core Disciple, in any one Sect, the Core Disciple status is very Expert, if his optional these Core Disciple processing, that will certainly trigger the reactions of these Sect, therefore Zhao Hai has not moved these Core Disciple, but hurried back to their Sect these Core Disciple directly, and gives them Sect the letter, explained the situation. After Zhao Hai has expelled more than 20 various Sect Core Disciple, these Core Disciple finally honest, the person who their finally understand, in this first regiment, calculation that said had one, that person was Zhao Hai, their Core Disciple status, in the first regiment, simply, no matter used. After Zhao Hai and day Demon Realm army battles third day, 200 five hundred thousand army all arrived finally, Zhao Hai presently the in hand military strength, has achieved 3 million, Great Magical Artifact be only 100, the although Black Tiger Group present Great Magical Artifact quantity are many, but they will not take their Great Magical Artifact, such will only make other Sect feel scared. Naturally this various Sect have also sent out Immortal Stage Expert, altogether 50, these 50 Immortal Stage Expert belong to different Sect, but after they arrive, Zhao Hai is actually very explicit told them, their although was Immortal Stage Expert, however in the first regiment, they did not have any duty, all motions must listen to command(er), otherwise also invited their leave.

In Cultivation World in history, dares such to speak to Immortal Stage Expert, feared that is only then Zhao Hai, but these Immortal Stage Expert although are angry at heart, has not said anything, after all their Sect many disciple in the first regiment, but now the first regiment turns over to the Zhao Hai tube, their Sect let them to the first regiment, there are to make them consider the meanings of these disciple, if because and the conflict of Zhao Hai, by Zhao Hai expelling, then to their Sect advantage, who knew Zhao Hai can't find the excuse to be awkward their Sect. Is adding on Zhao Hai itself to have is not inferior in Immortal Stage Expert fighting strength, Black turtle old person in the one side, these Immortal Stage Expert wants to have the conflict with Zhao Hai, does not have what energy. These Immortal Stage Expert knew through various types of channels, the Zhao Hai beforehand person with 50 Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon wars, finally don’t know compelling to have drawn back the opposite party with any method, but a little can actually affirm that Zhao Hai does not fear them, therefore Zhao Hai treats these Immortal Stage Expert with this strong manner, these Immortal Stage Expert , can only receive. However these Immortal Stage Expert feel suffocated at heart, they also want to look for the trouble of Zhao Hai, is staring at Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai dares to feel embarrassed their Sect, even feels embarrassed other Sect, these Immortal Stage Expert will certainly look like Zhao Hai to be difficult, but these Immortal Stage Expert were quickly disappointed, because of them presently, Zhao Hai does not have the silk to feel embarrassed others' meaning boldly, but wholeheartedly in the entire armed forces, understood that various Sect fight, were also understanding various Sect fight characteristics, with are then giving according to these fight characteristics to them carry on minute of right, compared with recording to say the person of spirit air throttle, on by the Zhao Hai specially difference. Went to Scout Team, because their is quickest. But other Tie Zhan gates and several were divided together by sword cultivator Sect by Zhao Hai, attack strength very formidable of these people, act in unison to wield biggest doing to use. But defense strength like great strength sect strong was also divided together, they are the meat shields. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }