Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1826

When cultivator there, Zhao Hai multiple command(er) cultivator has also made the war, but cultivator there, no matter hundred valuable sect Giant Spirit sects, these Sect forms of combat, besides some Body Cultivator, mostly by Magical Artifact to fighting give priority to, distances between two cultivator are actually very far, they many with Magical Artifact to war. However is different in Cultivation World here, Cultivation World here makes Main Force that fights is also cultivator, however here cultivator, many congealed Law Idol, but the utilization of Law Idol, making these cultivator fighting strength increase, but also made these cultivator not use Magical Artifact to fighting, but with Law Idol to the war, this let seem like more like near body fights many. Also because of this, therefore wants command(er) Cultivation World here cultivator to make the war, makes the war with command(er) cultivator there cultivator, is not quite same. Zhao Hai to let these cultivator better wields their fighting strength, has to let Analyzer, Lizzy their several, how research well one is a match for these branch of the services, branch of the services refinement, letting their coordination with each other, wields biggest fighting strength. Most from the beginning these want to look for Zhao Hai troublesome Immortal Stage Expert, looks at Zhao Hai these movements, actually all stopped, they presently Zhao Hai in feeling embarrassed them, if they also meddle in the matter of army, that will certainly not do such as Zhao Hai is so good. Now these Immortal Stage Expert to have been convinced, is adding on is also to the one type of approval of Zhao Hai strength, therefore they were honest, in has not looked for the trouble of Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai the armed forces. Only hua went to about seven days. These about seven days, day Demon Realm army there also in the entire armed forces, even their here has also carried on exploratory attack of some small scale to Zhao Hai, but both sides have not fought make a move, is only small-scale. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what happy is, in these seven days, hundred hua valley alliance and Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance there, made war with day Demon Realm army. Heavenly Demon army that hundred hua valley alliances must face only then, but the quantity is actually extremely numerous, has about 6 million fully. But hundred hua valley alliance there ** the army quantity of getting up are also many, 5 million, both sides have carried on a war, however the final result is actually hundred hua valley alliances routs. Lost about 1 million people, but does not depend upon the terrain, has arranged massive formation, complete transfer to has defended Stage. To be honest, Zhao Hai regarding such result, is not surprised, Cultivation World these fellows, not only regarding the invasion preparation of day Demon Realm serious insufficient, but also is also insufficient regarding attaching great importance to of day Demon Realm, will otherwise not live in Heavenly Demon Race invades. But nine Great Sect are still actually thinking seized power such matter.

The disastrous defeats of hundred hua valleys, let Northern Divergent Province in an uproar, but war between Ten Thousand Monster Sect and Heavenly Demon Race, was makes entire Northern Divergent Province almost lose the voice of speech afterward. The Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance is the entire Northern Divergent Province biggest alliance, they ** the military strength of getting up, fully about 13 million, but what they must face is about 15 million Heavenly Demon army. However this situation, if good of command(er), then Heavenly Demon Race cannot ask to be good completely, but the war of Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance. The final result actually with hundred hua valley extraordinary similar, the Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance altogether died about 1 million people, the rout returned, has to transfer the defense, does not dare to provoke Heavenly Demon Race army on own initiative. But such result. Has stemmed from the expectations of Northern Divergent Province all Sect completely, especially Freedom Alliance person. Freedom Alliance person, because Zhao Hai wins to two million Heavenly Demon with the 1 million person, has blocked the attack of more than 2 millions Heavenly Demon army with five hundred thousand people, finally compels to draw back the opposite party, had thought Heavenly Demon Race army is also mediocre, has had a proud mood unexpectedly. However hundred hua valley and fight of Ten Thousand Monster Sect there ended, entire Freedom Alliance one lost the sound, in Northern Divergent Province these three alliances, Freedom Alliance is smallest and weakest one, is alliance leader Black Tiger Group although nearest/recent powerful, but compares with hundred hua valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect such Great Sect, has actually fallen far short, but these small Sect in Freedom Alliance, reason that join Freedom Alliance , because Black Tiger Group strength is not very formidable, in adding on the Freedom Alliance environment very wide loosen, Black Tiger Group will not suppress them, therefore they join, but regarding Black Tiger Group fighting strength, they are not. Many confidence, otherwise not when Zhao Hai first time makes the war with Heavenly Demon Race army, they only sent out some Inner Disciples to probe. When hundred hua valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect there victory comes out, Freedom Alliance these small Sect suddenly realized that originally our Freedom Alliance is so powerful, you have a look, Ten Thousand Monster Sect and hundred hua valley established Great Sect, by day Demon Realm army hitting looks like grandson, only then our Freedom Alliance has fought the big successful battle, in turn hitting looks like grandson day Demon Realm, this comparison, is Freedom Alliance is good. Black Tiger Group has not thought that defeat of Ten Thousand Monster Sect and hundred hua valleys, unexpectedly invisible in has helped Black Tiger Group, making these small Sect to Black Tiger Group more intimate. But Moli Ke actually some happy, Moli Ke was not eats twice slightly to owe in the hand of Zhao Hai, but several other teams of Heavenly Demon Race army won, only then he has defeated, how this enabled Moli Ke to swallow under this tone, therefore the Zhao Hai entire armed forces seven days later, Moli Ke in one time completely had five million army to come the attack Zhao Hai first regiment. However was good because of the present Zhao Hai first regiment has reorganized, he did not plan that now has been defending, decisive brought 3 million armies to move forward to meet somebody.

This Zhao Hai has concentrated 100 Great Magical Artifact, has composed Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, places the Great Formation forefront, but other cultivator of fight, leave Great Magical Artifact, has exhibited the lineup in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation behind, prepares to rip to kill. Does this to make opposite party Great Magical Artifact not have the means positive impact their Great Formation, so long as Zhao Hai opposite party Great Magical Artifact constraining, the Heavenly Demon Race person has had to send out ordinary Heavenly Demon to Great Formation of Zhao Hai to carry on attack, moreover must bypass Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. However in Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation following cultivator Great Formation, with original different appearance, original army but has not passed through to reorganize, various branch of the services mixes in together, fight time, is rushing of noisy crowd, as the matter stands fighting strength naturally cannot go to there high. But now passed through reorganizing, various branch of the services by the Zhao Hai stroke together, had been composed new Battle Formation, but when this Battle Formation everyone attacks, attacks in that direction, what way attack with, must listen to Zhao Hai command(er), in this case, these Heavenly Demon Race people, if throws, definitely cannot ask to be good. Zhao Hai has not been remaining is waiting for the attack of Heavenly Demon Race same place, but brings Battalion to move forward to meet somebody, the distance not section of both sides is approaching, the war touches. But at this time, by Freedom Alliance another 2 million people of Heavenly Demon army also moved, clashes toward Freedom Alliance. Was good also forms to complete because of the Freedom Alliance second regiment, 1.5 millions army also left for frontline, but this only army Commander, was in Freedom Alliance Core Disciple of established medium grade gang, this medium grade gang known as Great Axe Group, Great Axe Group in Northern Divergent Province was an established medium grade gang of becoming famous, their strength very formidable, by Body Cultivator give priority to, good at using great axe, fighting strength very formidable, the Cultivation Method request that because practiced was very high, therefore the in the gang population were not many, this was the biggest reason that restricted them to unfold. This Great Axe Group before and Black Tiger Group relationship was good, because these two Sect Old Ancestor beforehand relationship were very good, moreover between two Sect, but also was away from several Sect, did not have what conflicts of interest, therefore this friendly relationship has continued now. The establishment of this second regiment, because Black Tiger Group cannot in holding the post of Army Commander of second regiment, therefore under the proposition of Black Tiger Group, the Great Axe Group person obtained this Army Commander position, this made relationship between two groups more harmonious.

Other Sect although also know that Great Axe Group control the second regiment, will not start to Black Tiger Group, but these people have also satisfied, no matter what, the second regiment not in Black Tiger Group in hand, although Black Tiger Group and Great Axe Group relationship is good, but after is two Sect, relationship between Sect is good, but that is because does not have what conflicts of interest, if Black Tiger Group wants to order the second regiment through Great Axe Group, that is impossible, Great Axe Group will not comply, by that time does not do well these two relationship good Sect, on will have a falling out, this was also just right for these small Sect intent.. These small Sect most do not hope in Freedom Alliance the appears a monopoly of a single clique influence, if in Freedom Alliance appears the a monopoly of a single clique influence, will be certainly influential to their benefits, although said them to be able withdrawal Freedom Alliance at any time, however their Sect after all also near Black Tiger Group, if Black Tiger Group real a monopoly of a single clique, that will certainly cope with them, but if they hire oneself Ten Thousand Monster Sect or hundred hua valleys has troubled, because of their Sect to Black Tiger Group nearest/recent, Black Tiger Group can dispatch troops to tidy up them at any time, but hundred hua valleys and Ten Thousand Monster Sect, the present are from giving a thought to not the flaw, that has the time the tube they, said it, hundred. the hua valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect are not quite reasonable, otherwise by day Demon Realm hitting looks like grandson. However eye look at Black Tiger Group is getting more and more formidable, but they cannot leave Black Tiger Group, that what to do? These small Noble on according to means that that are holding an influence, competes with Black Tiger Group, does not let Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique, most at least must have an influence to keep in balance Black Tiger Group, therefore Great Axe Group in this case, by other Black Tiger Group and small Sect, alliance advanced the onstage, became these small Sect is used to keep in balance a Black Tiger Group influence. As the matter stands Black Tiger Group has satisfied, no matter what, Great Axe Group now is good with their relationship, Great Axe Group not stupidly, when does not have what conflicts of interest, deliberately frames these to go to battle with Black Tiger Group cultivator that. Great Axe Group has satisfied, they obtained the even bigger authority, became in Freedom Alliance, besides Black Tiger Group, authority biggest Sect. These small Sect have also satisfied, in Freedom Alliance was not Black Tiger Group a monopoly of a single clique, their benefits can also be guaranteed, happy!( To be continued ....) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }