Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1827

Li Kuangge stands above the Great Axe Group unique Great Magical Artifact arrow ship, intent is successful fully, Li Kuangge is the Great Axe Group talent, he with Zhang Feng is the same person, the talent character who in Northern Divergent Province is to also become famous, his strength very formidable, now is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, can say that in Northern Divergent Province, he is the star character who deserves, even if Ten Thousand Monster Sect several talent disciple, does not have the means to cover his radiance. Working high-sounding talk, even can say that somewhat rampant Li Kuangge, be much bigger than Zhang Feng in the Northern Divergent Province here reputation, no matter he arrives at there, will be hounded, even some ordinary cultivator, hear his name, will yield and withdraw, this also makes Li Kuangge believe that he is collection myriad loves in a talent character. However the matter after Zhao Hai appears, all changed, Zhao Hai success very valiant, radiance is unmatched, has covered his point completely, Li Kuangge starting from that time, seemed like robbed the child of toy, his envy and hate Zhao Hai soon was crazy. But along with the invasion of day Demon Realm, the Zhao Hai name does not reduce instead rises, after Zhao Hai defeats Heavenly Demon army twice, Zhao Hai name in Northern Divergent Province unmatched. Li Kuangge also wants to go to battle, he also wants to obtain the even bigger reputation, but he actually does not want to occupy under Zhao Hai, therefore he has not gone to participate in the Zhao Hai first regiment, is tenable to the second regiment, he under Black Tiger Group proposal, became Commander of second regiment, this made Li Kuangge always in having the feeling of one type of vast sky for the birds to fly. Li Kuangge does not hate Black Tiger Group. Great Axe Group is maintaining with Black Tiger Group good relationship. Moreover this Army Commander position, is the Black Tiger Group recommendation, therefore he does not hate Black Tiger Group, he is jealous Zhao Hai, he wants, in divides one high under to come out with Zhao Hai, lets Northern Divergent Province, even entire Cultivation World understand, his Li Kuangge is the first talent that in Northern Divergent Province deserves! Li Kuangge also really has the reason of happy, he presently in hand although, only then 1.5 millions army, the enemy but who he faces also has 2 million. But Zhao Hai in hand has 3 million armies, the enemy but who Zhao Hai must face has 5 million, looks like in Li Kuangge, the heaven is helping him. So long as he uses in hand 1.5 millions army to defeat opposite two million Heavenly Demon army, his reputation can certainly Zhao Hai. Li Kuangge looks like Freedom Alliance Sect Master in some Sect is the same, regarding day Demon Realm formidable, simply too many concepts, day Demon Realm army twice has not defeated in the hand of Zhao Hai successively, moreover rout that defeated a numerically superior enemy by Zhao Hai, this lets Li Kuangge they regarding day Demon Realm, has the one type of contempt. although said that afterward day Demon Realm army, twice has defeated the Hundred Flower Valley alliance and Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance successively, making them attach great importance to slightly. However that contempt from heart has not actually vanished, especially like Li Kuangge, Blood Qi Fang Gang, refused to accept anybody's young cultivator. Li Kuangge is bringing 1.5 millions army now, goes to welcome Zhan Tian Demon Realm army, second regiment opposite day Demon Realm army, when the first regiment motion, moved, throws toward the second regiment, the both sides army distance is about about one day the running regulation. Li Kuangge will not certainly sit in there waits for the opposite party to get the gate, if in fact Heavenly Demon army attacks in evening's 1 or 2 day, Li Kuangren had the person to hit. Li Kuangge is riding Great Magical Artifact, is Great Axe Group unique Great Magical Artifact, the arrow ship. The arrow ship did not mean that this on the ship can project the arrow, in fact the arrow ship cannot shoot arrows. Reason that the arrow ship called this name, was because arrow ship appearance looked like an looks like arrow , will therefore call the arrow ship. Also because of such appearance, therefore arrow ship very fast, attack strength very formidable, in Northern Divergent Province here is also quite famous one type of Great Magical Artifact. Population although of second regiment was inferior that the first regiment are many, but their Great Magical Artifact quantity are not less than the first regiment, Great Magical Artifact quantity also 100 of second regiment, but these 100 Great Magical Artifact, have ten is Black Tiger Group leaves, other Great Magical Artifact, are various Sect.

But Black Tiger Group these Great Magical Artifact are also not Undead Creature driving of Zhao Hai, but is the Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact operation squad drives, moreover before spending money recklessly, these time is leading Black Tiger Group people very low key, out of the ordinary lives without a point matter, directly oneself regard second regiment to be able an member. This is also Hu Liangchen tells them, lets their low keys as far as possible, now Black Tiger Group has sufficed sight, if too the high-sounding talk, will cause these small Sect dislike, this regarding Black Tiger Group is not the good matter. Spends money recklessly the advance party in the tiger on the ship surface, look at flies in the forefront arrow ship, sighed. His wife eleventh lunar month under puzzled look at his said : master, your What happened? Before spending money recklessly, referred to standing forefront arrow ship said : Li Kuangge in that on the ship, to be honest, I to this time motion extremely worried, before Li Kuangge this person me, has contacted, the strength was very strong, but crazily was too too arrogant, the complete not listening cloud others' words, such person, he may be good cultivator, might becomes Expert, however such person, absolutely was not good Commander, compared with Little Hai, his difference too many.” Under the moon/month shows a faint smile said : in entire Northern Divergent Province, the person who also several can compare with Little Hai, the master, we thinks how must maintain own strength, these time comes out with us, but has hundred thousand Black Tiger Group disciple, we must think the means to bring them to be good as far as possible.” Before spending money recklessly nodded, said : that two eyes shines Little Hai the will plan although to make our Black Tiger Group have some sacrifices, so long as this planned successfully, then Freedom Alliance was our Black Tiger Group.” Was saying, front army slowed down slowly, before spending money recklessly , before fixing the eyes on one, in their facing, dense tide is welling up toward their here. Before spending money recklessly knows that day Demon Realm army came, his immediately transmitted orders, making Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact stop, moreover suspended the lineup, at any time standing by. Because Black Tiger Group dispatches troops to hundred thousand. However Great Magical Artifact also has ten. Therefore they almost do not have cultivator to follow behind Great Magical Artifact to fly, now Great Magical Artifact stops, exhibits the lineup, Great Magical Artifact inside cultivator, flew from Great Magical Artifact, has exhibited the lineup in Great Magical Artifact behind, other Sect situations are also similar to them. Before spending money recklessly, their here just suspended the lineup, day Demon Realm army has killed, but day Demon Realm army does not have immediately/on horseback to attack, but about the place in their opposite kilometer stopped. Then a sound conveys said : team leader Cultivation World to go forward to reply.” Li Kuangge laughs said : Heavenly Demon children/my son, has the fart to put quickly!” Snort!” In opposite day Demon Realm army, has heard sound of the coldly snorted, this coldly snorted is similar to have a resonant voice. Sound very enormous, moreover is loud and clear, entire Cultivation World army hears clear, can hear, opposite party although is not Immortal Stage Expert, but strength also infinite close Immortal Stage.

Cultivation World cultivator, the mouth is forever fiercer than trick/hand and foot, in your Cultivation World, is that Zhao Hai also suffices to look, in the past he when our day Demon Realm. Also pursuing everywhere runs by our day Demon Realm, finally returned to Cultivation World, his method has, is don’t know your this kid has such method, if no such method, but leaves about the ruthless words, finally is the chart increases the laughingstock.” The opposite sound appears very peaceful, besides that coldly snorted, cannot listen to Fire Qi. Li Kuangge one hear of opposite that person of such quarts spoke Zhao Hai, cannot help but complexion changed. coldly snorted said : „can I compare favorably with Zhao Hai, that wanted under the hand/subordinate to see the true facts, your Heavenly Demon Race invaded my Cultivation World for no reason, my Li Kuangge vowed, must be ruthless you entirely!” HaHaHa. This is I have heard the most joke of pleasant to hear!” The opposite sound in one time conveys, is ruthless our Heavenly Demon Race? Feared that is Cultivation World nine Great Sect does not dare to say such words. Really was birth calf has not feared tiger, young man, you should be clear, best Spirit Vein, best medicine pill, should be better to innate skill, a strength stronger person enjoyed, your Cultivation World was cultivator shiftless, what qualifications has to occupy Cultivation World here? Gives us a Heavenly Demon clan here.” Fart!” Li Kuangge calls out said : „a Heavenly Demon clan is one group of not cultured demon bastards, has any qualifications with our Cultivation World place on a par with, suffers to death!” Said that Li Kuangge wields, said loudly: Attack, Great Magical Artifact, charge!” Along with his sound, more than 100 Great Magical Artifact full bygone days Demon Realm army flushes away, but the response of day Demon Realm army there somewhat is probably slow, their Great Magical Artifact have not charged to the present unexpectedly. Before spending money recklessly the tiger ship also charges, but he noticed that day Demon Realm army such response has cannot help but gawked, then complexion changes, deep voice said : informs all Black Tiger Group Great Magical Artifact, slows down charge.” Under the moon/month look at day Demon Realm army, deep voice said : was not quite reasonable, listening to Gang Master saying that the day Demon Realm army strength, came also to want on strong some compared with Cultivation World cultivator, was impossible to respond that was so slow, moreover some words also issues that just that Heavenly Demon said that he that commended Little Hai, how probably was the restless good intention?” Before spending money recklessly, coldly snorted said : does not resemble, is the simply restless good intention, he is looked certainly that Li Kuangge is young, on going all out quart Little Hai, has a look at the response of Li Kuangge, if Li Kuangge vitality, his point has achieved, if Li Kuangge is not angry, he does not have what loss, now that fellow's response is so slow, certainly has any plot, they were preparing to cope with our Great Magical Artifact.” The Black Tiger Group person very takes orders, Great Magical Artifact charge slow, slow is not very obvious, has fallen back from the first line slowly behind. The distance of both sides be only about the kilometer, such distance is not the very suitable Great Magical Artifact charge, your Great Magical Artifact has not promoted the topnotch, rushed to the front of enemy, this will affect the Great Magical Artifact attack strength. However Li Kuangge has not thought very much obviously, he very impulsive ordered Great Magical Artifact to start to charge, was only among in the blink of an eye, Great Magical Artifact soon rushed to front of day Demon Realm army, but day Demon Realm army there Great Magical Artifact, just now starts now, was not advancing, but was retreat. The day Demon Realm army trend, lets Li Kuangge excited, he goes all out lets the Great Magical Artifact in addition, in in addition! At this time, suddenly from day Demon Realm army, departed dozens incomparably huge Sword Qi, later was dozens Sword Qi!

These Sword Qi each dozens meters, golden, the ten points congealing reality, is similar to one is the same incomparably huge golden Giant Sword, Great Magical Artifact of direct second regiment cuts. Sees these golden Sword Qi, Li Kuangge complexion cannot help but changes, because he can look, these yellow golden Sword Qi, all are Immortal Stage Expert comes out unexpectedly, it seems like that the opposite party is early deliberate, must destroy their Great Magical Artifact. Was swindled to this time Li Kuangge understand finally, his very clear, in such war, if a side lost Great Magical Artifact, that can be any consequence, they feared that is share that only then comes under attack. However now Li Kuangge was regret also late, Great Magical Artifact did not say that changed can change, making Great Magical Artifact avoid Sword Qi that the front surface flew, that simply was impossible. When Li Kuangge complexion dying embers, these Sword Qi have cut on Great Magical Artifact of second regiment, because Great Magical Artifact of second regiment everybody strives to be the first, when not like the Great Magical Artifact charge of Zhao Hai command(er), suspended the lineup, charge in administrative levels, charge of this Great Magical Artifact, because various Magical Artifact was different, all appeared somewhat irregular, however had 50 many in the first row of Great Magical Artifact quantity, but the second row of quantity also had 30 many, only then third was ten Great Magical Artifact, moreover all was Black Tiger Group. Because Great Magical Artifact charge time, feared that was blocked own route by front Great Magical Artifact, therefore first row of Great Magical Artifact does not have what mask with second row of Great Magical Artifact, Sword Qi that day Demon Realm comes out, straight cutting on Great Magical Artifact of second regiment, first row of first Great Magical Artifact, minimum two Sword Qi has looked. These Sword Qi may be the people who Immortal Stage Expert comes out, each extremely powerful, Sword Qi, looked like cuts bean curd same cutting to break Great Magical Artifact energy protective shield, cut on Great Magical Artifact, along with one intermittent bang the sound, to forefront more than 50 second regiment Great Magical Artifact, was defeated by Sword Qi completely, lost the combat capability, even some Great Magical Artifact simply lost the power, fell toward the ground. But at this time, second regiment second row of Great Magical Artifact, by opposite party Sword Qi attack, but these Immortal Stage Expert in second regiment also finally responded at this time, Sword Qi that Sword Qi bygone days Demon Realm army release come moved forward to meet somebody, but a side is dark green presses make a move, a side is to actually be prepared to have, high under stands sentences, Sword Qi that second regiment Immortal Stage Expert release goes, directly striking to have dispersed by opposite party Sword Qi, opposite party Sword Qi, striking of being relentless on Great Magical Artifact of second regiment, was then good because of these Sword Qi already by second regiment Immortal Stage Expert Sword Qi counter-balancing part of Might, Might, Sword Qi only has not cut to break Great Magical Artifact protective shield, is minimal to the damage that Great Magical Artifact causes. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }