Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1828

Li Kuangge has not been injured, although said that Sword Qi very formidable, but Li Kuangge also has the real skill, even if Immortal Stage Expert wants to kill him, must take some efforts, let alone he also stands on Great Magical Artifact, attack his is also Sword Qi that Immortal Stage Expert release comes, therefore a Li Kuangge wound by, however his arrow ship actually had not been destroyed. The eye of Li Kuangge was completely red, he has not thought that can be a such result, such result regarding his attack was really too big, oneself first command(er) fought, the first charge was such a result, how this let him to accept. Li Kuangge lost sanely, the personal appearance moves directly toward flushing away, must rush to day Demon Realm army, goes all out with the day Demon Realm person. When Li Kuangge must move, big hand capture he, Li Kuangge blood red eyes turned the head to look that presently grabs his person, is Great Axe Group Supreme Elder, Immortal Stage Expert. Now this Supreme Elder angry-looking look at Li Kuangge said : „do you want to do? Has not made remaining Great Magical Artifact retreat, the preparation repel the enemy quickly, although lost these Great Magical Artifact, but you have not been losing, your back also bit by bit more than 1 million army.” Li Kuangge one calm, the two eyes scarlet has also drawn back, he to a that Immortal Stage elder ritual, then turned the head to look at front one, simultaneously he turned the head said loudly: Great Magical Artifact, ties slow to draw back, Immortal Stage Expert brings up the rear, all cultivator, tie to meet the enemy!” Has to recognize, Li Kuangge also be a smart person. He the order under this time, does not have what mistake, Great Magical Artifact ties slow to draw back, can guard against second attack of enemy. But makes Immortal Stage Expert bring up the rear, can prevent opposite party Immortal Stage Expert suddenly attack, must their lineups, make cultivator tie a preparation to oppose the enemy randomly, had the protection. However Li Kuangge has actually forgotten, the opposite party also wholeheartedly prepares to defeat him . Moreover the force ratio of opposite party they must occupy superiorly, he uses this method to cope with the opposite party. It is not ideal. The order of Li Kuangge just issued, sees in opposite Heavenly Demon Race army to depart dozens forms, these forms were Immortal Stage Expert, Cultivation World this Immortal Stage Expert also note this to move the shade. Also moved forward to meet somebody, the both sides Immortal Stage Expert quantity is similar, in airborne dogfight continuous, before long on leave main battlefield here. However this has not ended, started to charge along with day after tomorrow Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact. The Great Magical Artifact quantity of day Demon Realm this army are less than Cultivation World, even also wants on few some, because of this, therefore Li Kuangge dares to come up to make Great Magical Artifact charge. Has not actually thought that was given one to deal a head-on blow by day Demon Realm. Now Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact. Is tying the lineup slowly toward retreat, but day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact has actually killed at this time.

Day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact toward has flushed. Day Demon Realm army also flushed, side retreat, before a side is clashes, among this has very big disparity, now Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact equal to does not have the strength to hit back, waited for others to hit. Li Kuangge presently have made a mistake, they should at this time by Great Magical Artifact retreat of their team, such words only make the attack of day Demon Realm quick. Li Kuangge deeply has attracted two tones, looked that Great Magical Artifact drew back has not used, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Great Magical Artifact stops, ties to meet the enemy!” His voice just fell, day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact flushed, but at this time, Cultivation World Great Magical Artifact also stopped, but what is strange, day Demon Realm clashes in forefront Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly is these chapter of Yu Chuan, but is not other impulse stronger Great Magical Artifact. Chapter fishing boat very flexible, when Great Magical Artifact dogfight very useful, but must mention the impulse, compared with flying apsaras iron gong centipede and so on warship, but missed much, the day Demon Realm person took the lead with the chapter fishing boat unexpectedly. Spends money recklessly the advance party in tiger on the ship, a look at getting closer and closer chapter of fishing boat, the two eyes none remaining sparkles, his fierce ordering said : all tiger ships prepare, accumulates the energy storage quantity, prepares attack at any time.” This Great Magical Artifact accumulates energy storage to measure attack, is the one type of ability on Great Magical Artifact, but this ability common few people will use, because such does, regarding the injury of Great Magical Artifact is very big, but arrived at this degree now, before spending money recklessly, could not control. A chapter of fishing boat that under the moon/month look at flies, deep voice said : „a day Demon Realm chapter of fishing boat, heard that by flexible and famous, they send a chapter of fishing boat to take the lead, is very likely crosses the defense line that our these Great Magical Artifact compose directly, attack cultivator this, such words trouble was big, if cultivator this washing out, us defeated.” Before spending money recklessly, nodded said : well, I want almost also to be this, therefore I let the tiger ship preparation, so long as the opposite party must attack cultivator this, our make a move.” Sublunar point nod. At this time a chapter of fishing boat was very near to Great Magical Artifact, before spending money recklessly, ordered all tiger ship preparations, at this moment, a chapter of fishing boat tentacle suddenly one motionless, as the matter stands the front direction of chapter of fishing boat one was changed, from the direct forward flight, to has flown toward slanting above, looked at such, may leap Great Magical Artifact very much, then direct attack cultivator this.

Li Kuangge also saw this point, he felt one of my head bang to blast out, his very clear, if made these chapter of fishing boats crash in cultivator this, they thoroughly defeat today. However Li Kuangge does not have the means to prevent, although said theoretically Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator to Great Magical Artifact, can opposite party Great Magical Artifact hitting, but these words will use in normally will be effective, will use is not absolutely suitable in the battlefield, the idiots know that on opposite party Great Magical Artifact, will certainly have the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert protection, you sends out Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert at this time, impossible to cause anything to injure to opposite party Great Magical Artifact. Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert make a move is useless, Immortal Stage Expert tied down, Great Magical Artifact is at the static condition, simply does not have the means to block opposite party Great Magical Artifact, in this case, he can only look at opposite party the chapter of fishing boat of helplessly crash in cultivator this of one's own side, gives to chaotically Great Formation of one's own side. When Li Kuangge despairs. suddenly kicks out ten giant shadows from Great Magical Artifact, these ten shadows one threw these octopus on the ship, was one intermittent rumbling loud noise. Li Kuangge is overjoyed, he fixes the eyes on looks. Is being the Black Tiger Group tiger ship, the Black Tiger Group ten tiger ships, now day Demon Realm these chapter of fishing boats stepping on under foot, two can move before grasps, often in claw that octopus on the ship makes an effort, but that several chapter of fishing boat, looks like by old tiger is stepped on the under foot, came ashore. Left the big octopus of water, can only in the there futile effort is struggling. Such change is the player and enemy both has not thought that the attack of Heavenly Demon Race actually has not stopped, their Great Magical Artifact still proceed. But at this time the Cultivation World Great Formation defense line finally had also stabilized, although was unable the counter-attack, but not in retreat, keeping off firmly in cultivator this front. This has not calculated that cultivator this there these team leaders are not the idiots. Looked that this situation knows blocks Great Magical Artifact of enemy to fear by Great Magical Artifact not so was easy, therefore cultivator this toward retreat a distance, and helped their lineups also became loose, to help avoiding the impact of Great Magical Artifact. The sound of Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! great fierce hit. Day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact, hit directly on Great Magical Artifact of second regiment. Great Magical Artifact of although second regiment stops in there, but day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact in charge. However is good because of the distance of both sides is not very far, day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact, has not achieved the topnotch, impulse is not very strong, therefore their although Great Magical Artifact of second regiment hitting, however own also slow, wants to cause anything to injure to second regiment, was impossible. The original day Demon Realm person has not thought must cope with second regiment with these charges Great Magical Artifact, they are counted on that several chapter of fishing boat, has not actually thought that before being spent money recklessly, inserted a beam horizontally, gave to block their chapter of fishing boats, making their plans fail. These Great Magical Artifact lost the impulse, if in putting on of second regiment, that had been finished, must opening by the people of second regiment has not been possible. Day Demon Realm Commander completely understand this truth, therefore he makes Great Magical Artifact withdraw decisively, simultaneously makes day Demon Realm army rush, but the people of second regiment after these days adjustment, slow, fights with the day Demon Realm person who these clash in one.

But Li Kuangge also participates during the fight now, he understand, command(er) this plants 1 million people of wars now, is difficulty how, before he also wants to measure strength with Zhao Hai, now looks like, he fall far short compared with Zhao Hai. At this time the war of both sides was still continuing, but the second regiment fell on obviously leeward, after all their population have been short about five hundred thousand compared with the opposite party, was adding on Cultivation World cultivator, must say that the strength was possibly similar to the day Demon Realm person, but must compared with beginning burnt ruthlessly, missed compared with the day Demon Realm person much, as the matter stands naturally also fell leeward. In this time, suddenly formidable imposing manner, is non-stop flying to come from the distant place, this imposing manner very formidable, all people can feel, this is Immortal Stage imposing manner, what most important is, all people can feel, this person of although imposing manner formidable, but absolutely is Cultivation World cultivator. Cultivation World had reinforcement to come! although only then a person, but this person is actually Immortal Stage Expert, at this time, Immortal Stage Expert, can change the entire battlefield aspect fully, no matter the day Demon Realm person or Cultivation World person understand this truth, the facial expression of both sides changes. Cultivation World cultivator naturally is happy extremely, but the day Demon Realm person is actually complexion very difficult looks, at this moment, the day Demon Realm army Commander sound in one time conveys said : to tie slow to draw back, Great Magical Artifact stand guard.” Along with his issuing an order, day Demon Realm army starts retreat slowly, although draws back, but is actually not chaotic, making the Cultivation World person not have opportunity to pursue. Moreover their has encircled in Magical Artifact, on Great Magical Artifact also gathered large quantities of Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, even if Immortal Stage Expert wants to cope with these Great Magical Artifact not to be impossible. These Immortal Stage Expert that simultaneously distant place fought also gave up, returned to in abundance in Great Formation of oneself side, Immortal Stage Expert although of both sides had several to be wounded, but actually nobody damages to fall, generally speaking, this time war although is a little ugly, loses is actually not very heavy that Cultivation World hits. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }