Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1829

Li Kuangge face pale standing in there he, position that now they returned to Encampment of second regiment, Li Kuangge was, is second regiment Cave Mansion of meeting. In this Cave Mansion besides Li Kuangge, other Sect representatives arrived, meanwhile has other Immortal Stage Expert, in these Immortal Stage Expert, really also has iron Zhan Tian. Iron Zhan Tian is last rushes to Immortal Stage Expert of second regiment, is his appears , making day Demon Realm army have to retreat, can say, if were not the arrival of iron Zhan Tian, what that second regiment also real don’t know can be now. Atmosphere constraining in hall, did not have one to start talking, some little time Li Kuangge deep voice said : everybody, I must apologize to you, today is fault on my command(er), will cause the so massive loss, asking everybody to forgive.” One hear of Li Kuangge said that all people stare, then shook the head from the person, must say that this matter although is not right, but they who Li Kuangge manages do not have to go to that well, when facing day Demon Realm, is confusing maneuver occurred frequently, thinks also to suffice to blush. They also think that before Heavenly Demon Race no big deal, knows now one have made a mistake, the day Demon Realm person in beginning, will not be absolutely loathsome, comes up is killing strike . Moreover the strength is not worse than them, even also wants on strong some compared with them, such match, does not cope really easily. Li Kuangge looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, today we fight a time with day Demon Realm army. although does not think recognize. However I actually must result in recognize, if the frontage spells hardly, we definitely will suffer a loss, if today is not the iron Zhan Tian elder helps, we were dangerous.” The people nodded, Li Kuangge then said : „the present looks like, spells with the day Demon Realm frontage hardly, truly is not the good choice, I think that we should take the defensive, takes our present Encampment as the base. Establishes to defend together, through various formation, blocks the attack of Heavenly Demon Race, what do you think?” Below has transmitted one humming sound sound. Because the proposition of Li Kuangge somewhat stems from their unexpected, what most important is, this proposed how to sound to be so familiar-sounding, probably is Hundred Flower Valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect copes with the day Demon Realm method, before they also ridiculed that Hundred Flower Valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect are coming. Li Kuangge has not made noise, his although is Army Commander of second regiment, but this Army Commander may not have Zhao Hai that a few tricks, does not have prestige of Zhao Hai in first regiment, he wants to coerce the following these people, is almost impossible. Therefore he got up to decide, has to listen to the opinions of other people, if other people did not agree, he had decided was also useless.

At this time spent money recklessly the advance party, deep voice said : everybody, I agreed that opinion of Army Commander, we have fought with day Demon Realm, the Heavenly Demon Race level how, I think that everyone/Great Clan has known at heart also how things stand, cannot for the face. Not awfully, now is not attaching great importance to face-saving time, we must protect our Sect, that took the defensive, was the most correct decision.” The people also nodded. Before spending money recklessly, although that this saying said is not quite of pleasant to hear, but actually is really that a meaning. Reason that they must take the defensive at the discussion, before now also not because of a face, spends money recklessly, such a saying, they to also let loose. Looked at their one eyes, before spending money recklessly, then said : ten points suddenly of this day Demon Realm army attack, we also ate a point to owe, so long as we can block the attack of day Demon Realm, when the time comes we can be ready, certainly can expel Cultivation World the day Demon Realm people.” Before spending money recklessly the voice falls, the people applaud, before spending money recklessly, to people gave a salute, this sat under is, these time opposed to take the defensive in also nobody the matter. The matter has decided quickly, various Sect also fully support the proposition of Li Kuangge, they do not have the means not to support, in although Li Kuangge this war displays is not very good, but they cannot say that takes Li Kuangge takes, in that case, feared that will let the Great Axe Group envy and hate they, if Great Axe Group does not coordinate, no matter who becomes Army Commander of second regiment, the day will not feel better. Therefore Li Kuangge must sit in this position, since makes Li Kuangge sit in this position, the matter of that decision must support, does not support, bad luck, not only Li Kuangge also has their Sect person, therefore various Sect people do not want, will support Li Kuangge. Iron Zhan Tian sees this situation, cannot help but relaxed, reason that he comes the here help, was Zhao Hai said that Zhao Hai he came here to support the second regiment, otherwise iron Zhan Tian not appears in here. Iron Zhan Tian has felt very strange, why Zhao Hai when with day Demon Realm army to war, but can also note the second regiment here situation? However stemming from the trust Zhao Hai, iron Zhan Tian came, actually happen to catches up, rescued the entire second regiment. Thought of here, iron Zhan Tian cannot help but has to be worried, he wants to know, now Zhao Hai there situation how.

The Zhao Hai present situation is very good, is very good, his Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, has blocked day of Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact attack, enabling day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact positive impact first regiment, although as the matter stands, Great Magical Artifact of first regiment cannot use, but this is also good, everyone/Great Clan cannot use Great Magical Artifact, that can only put together the strength, whose strength, who wins. Like this seems like Zhao Hai suffers a loss, the first regiment compared with the opposite party little about 2 million people, like this compare naturally is Zhao Hai suffers a loss. However these time is different, this Zhao Hai passed through the entire armed forces first, moreover his order, these people do not dare to violate, under Zhao Hai command(er), the first regiment looks like a very precise machine, the division of labor is different, but the strength is actually tremendous. But day Demon Realm army does not have this few tricks, although their population are many, after some time joint practice, but day Demon Realm army is also only in mixture ratio general Cultivation World army, compared with the Zhao Hai entire armed forces the first regiment comes, actually must miss on many. In the first regiment the bodies of all Junior Captain 1st level people bring communication device, Zhao Hai to order to him directly, so long as they do according to the order and that's the end, can say that these cultivator at this time, turned into Zhao Hai in hand chess piece, how Zhao Hai has wanted to suspend how suspends. But to be honest, suspends the person of this chess also is really not Zhao Hai, but is Lizzy their several, must mention the command(er) ability, Zhao Hai they have fallen far short compared with Lizzy, Zhao Hai naturally gave Lizzy this opportunity they. Because Lizzy their command(er), first regiment's fight with the day Demon Realm army hit dramatically, by 3 million, confronts 5 million, slight does not drop the wind, even can also kill Heavenly Demon army massively, but the loss of one's own side is very small. That is Zhao Hai doing now? Zhao Hai now in command(er) other Immortal Stage Expert in his Immortal Stage Undead Creature and first regiment, with the day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon war, how can say the 2 Realms final result, must think these Immortal Stage Expert. Today Zhao Hai does not have make a move, but he sent his in hand all person Immortal Stage Expert, must know that now in the first regiment the Immortal Stage Expert quantity, comes compared with day Demon Realm, was in the difference many, if he did not send in hand Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert of that first regiment will certainly suffer a loss.

The war of both sides has hit for several hours, has the damage mutually, but generally speaking, Heavenly Demon Race person suffered a loss, these hours of fights, day Demon Realm altogether lost near hundred thousand person, but the loss of first regiment actually does not arrive at ten thousand people, 10 : 1 proportions. Moli Ke naturally also knows that such battle loss ratio, such battle loss makes his complexion very difficult look, he knew, in addition when troops to on Cultivation World army, is one wins, but his here has suffered a loss unexpectedly once again, how this lets him to feel better. However Moli Ke does not have the means now, because Zhao Hai was really too hard to deal with, moreover although he had five million army, Immortal Stage Expert also be more than Zhao Hai, but he actually does not dare to put in these military strength into the attack, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation that because Zhao Hai arranged was also placed in there, he saw, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation or will move, if he sent to attack all strengths , a Zhao Hai Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation upward pressure, did not do well gives to eat his Great Magical Artifact regiment, therefore he left behind some Immortal Stage Expert to hold down, with entering has also stayed behind. Some ordinary Heavenly Demon Race, are feared that Zhao Hai copes with him with Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, this kind of he superiority in military strength, was not very obvious, to on entire armed forces the first regiment, suffered a loss cannot avoid. Zhao Hai is also paying attention to the Moli Ke appearance, he also feared that Moli Ke these military strength invests in hand remains in into the war, such words he will deal with be more strenuous, for this reason, therefore Zhao Hai did not have make a move, he will be against the opposite party, if the opposite party will put in the in hand military strength, he can block the opposite party, will then let Cai'er command(er) Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation, at one fell swoop opposite party Great Magical Artifact eating, so long as will destroy completely opposite party Great Magical Artifact, broke the arm of opposite party on equal to, their won on even bigger. However is very obvious, day Demon Realm Commander is not receives stupidly is, therefore has not made these people begin, can say that both sides are still refusing to budge now, everyone takes the opposite party not to have the means. Naturally, Zhao Hai such result, was very great, must know that now in entire Cultivation World, begins not to suffer a loss with day Demon Realm, is facing in the situation of fighting, but can also project on this degree, feared that is also only then Zhao Hai, other Great Sect could not achieve this point. Zhao Hai knows, reason that meets appears this situation \; first, because of his strength, he has that strength with day Demon Realm to the war, therefore day Demon Realm how him not to. Second because of the command(er) issue, no matter day Demon Realm is also good, is Cultivation World is also good, pays great attention is the strengths of various people, can say that day Demon Realm and Cultivation World, looked like these rivers and lakes real men of Earth last ancient times, they paid attention to cultivation level of various people, but regarding commanding a war, was actually not good. But the Zhao Hai beforehand experience, lets his understand, this large-scale has to make the war, the army is a better choice, one-on-one makes the war, the army possibly is not the wanderer match, finally but ten thousand people to the war, that wins certainly is the army! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }