Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1830

Bang! Moli Ke makes an effort has pounded on the table, said : maliciously ties to withdraw!” Moli Ke does not want to issue this order, but actually has to issue this order, fights with the first regiment from them now, already past seven hours, these seven hours, they not only cheap has not been asking, even also lost 100,000 people, Immortal Stage Expert was constrained, Great Magical Artifact is unusable, that this weaponry hits called an aggrievedness. What most important is, passed through such long time attack, Heavenly Demon fighting strength soon saw the bottom, if in did not retreat, that loss only met even bigger. Reason that Moli Ke thinks that is because he presently Cultivation World that in 3 million, but also has plenty person in fighting strength is very strong, he also observed Cultivation World Great Formation a long time, he presently Cultivation World that Great Formation, coordination good of , many cultivator, even can in the fight, be protected by other people in the middle rest some time, do not look that the time of rest was not long, but regarding cultivator, for sometime can the air/Qi very heavy probably slowly. In adding on the bodies of these cultivator may bring medicine pill, they rest, eats medicine pill, it will not take long, bursting with energy, this is also Moli Ke has to the reason that ordered to retreat. Moli Ke can command(er) this kind of 5 million people of Heavenly Demon army, his status not be naturally simple, but he studies, is how command(er) Battalion person fights, Moli Ke has thought own command(er) ability is very good, but compares with Zhao Hai. He actually presently falls far short. Moli Ke has cultivator in the fight to rest very much long time ago. He also wants to let these Heavenly Demon Race , in the fight has the rest, but he presently simply line of motionless, whenever he wants to let Heavenly Demon rests the time, will have cultivator to carry on attack to them, making them not have point relaxation time. Moli Ke knows, reason that like this, because of the Zhao Hai command(er) ability compared with him, lets in his superiority complete will unable to wield completely, Moli Ke can affirm, reason that he today the population of loss is less than two hundred thousand. Completely is because Heavenly Demon Race fighting strength be stronger than cultivator, if Zhao Hai command(er) cultivator, there is Heavenly Demon Race same fighting strength, the loss of that Heavenly Demon Race can even bigger. Now the attack of Heavenly Demon Race reached the limit. In does not retreat to fear that must walk, therefore he issued decisively retreated the order, although his was very not willingly. Along with his order, day Demon Realm army retreat, these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon also start retreat slowly slowly, even these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon side Moli Ke also flew, shields retreating of army. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has not ordered to pursue, similarly ordered Battalion retreat slowly, he knows. After these 78 hours of fights, these cultivator also felt very tremendous pressure, if making them rush now, could not ask for any good, to be honest, he has satisfied. Both sides army simultaneously retreat slowly, drew back returned to army Encampment, generally speaking, Cultivation World occupied superiorly, day Demon Realm ate slightly to owe. However is not big. However this fights also lets in the first regiment all cultivator, was sincerely convinced to Zhao Hai, they at the price of twenty thousand person, struck to kill near two hundred thousand Heavenly Demon, such success. No matter places there, is very dazzling.

These cultivator when among have rest. They rest, besides eating medicine pill, observes the situation in battlefield, they have to recognize, the Zhao Hai command(er) process, simply be an art, at 3 million military strength, confronts 5 million Heavenly Demon army, lets Heavenly Demon army transferred running around in circles, the time of moment rest does not have, what most important is, but can also make the loss of one's own side be fallen to lowly, such command(er) ability, they do not have the means to refuse to accept. But Zhao Hai all Immortal Stage Expert welcome to the Yama Ship cabin, look at these Immortal Stage Expert, Zhao Hai have not spoken at this time, first gave a salute, then deep voice said : thanked senior to listen to the youngster verbal command, today can make such progress, really had been lucky senior, before youngster, to senior, many disrespected, but also asked senior to forgive.” These Immortal Stage Expert one hear of Zhao Hai said that all has actually stood, one of them also he he chuckle said : Zhao Hai you may be too polite, your youngster commanding a war ability, I and others very much admired, later wants in the fight, you order by all means that I and others took certainly orders!” Other Immortal Stage Expert also hastily echo, today's fight has made them see the Zhao Hai ability, they naturally were sincerely convinced to Zhao Hai. These Immortal Stage Expert mind are very broad, but the Immortal Stage Expert dignity is not who can provoke, before Zhao Hai to these Immortal Stage Expert very impolite, but they consider for the general situation, has not moved Zhao Hai, what character they have wanted to have a look at Zhao Hai are. However through today's this war, their understand, Zhao Hai must to achieve must listen to his order, how correct, by the injury of twenty thousand person, extinguished opposite party near two hundred thousand, such success, making these Immortal Stage Expert also hold in high esteem to Zhao Hai, therefore they so relaxed puts down and grievances between Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai one hear of these Immortal Stage Expert said that this relaxed, in the mouth said : so, Zhao Hai on thanks a lot senior, youngster has actually prepared several altar|jar Spirit Wine, senior please slightly make the rest in here.” Said that a hand revolution, has put out several altar|jar Spirit Wine, has put the ground, took some jade cups simultaneously this in the room also automatically to raise some tables and chairs, sat down the rest for these Immortal Stage Expert. These Immortal Stage Expert to not polite, sat, chatted, but Zhao Hai actually to people gave a salute, turn around leave. A Zhao Hai leave room, Immortal Stage Expert cannot help but sighed that said : really talented person, the Black Tiger Group good luck, not to have thought that the person who leads from Lower Realm, will really have such strength, is really rare.” Another Immortal Stage Expert said : this person works systematic. The onset and retreat has the moment. Is a rare talented person, what most important is, the strength of this person returns very formidable, moreover is skilled in Formation, is good at command(er), such talented person, was too rare, heard that now in Black Tiger Group, his status point also no less than Black Tiger Group current Gang Master Zhang Feng, most from the beginning I hear this information. Some have not believed that but I actually believe now, if our Sect has this kind of talented person, I will also give him a higher status.” The people nodded. However at this time people also suddenly thought that Black turtle old person also sits in the room, the vision of all people changed Black turtle old person.

Black turtle old person looked at people one eyes, shows a faint smile said : everybody I not to be long to the Black Tiger Group time, but regarding the Black Tiger Group situation, I knows, Black Tiger Group strength formidable, moreover regarding this Heavenly Demon invasion preparation full of , what most important is, reason that Black Tiger Group will make such preparation. Completely because of Zhao Hai, before Zhao Hai more than one year, participated in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, comes back later Black Tiger Group to start to begin to prepare, can say, when Heavenly Demon practiced wushu, Zhao Hai already present day Demon Realm plot, but went to day Demon Realm there cultivator to be many, actually only then he presently, this itself explained the issue, everybody did not want blame Zhao Hai not to tell various Sect, considered. Zhao Hai said that how many people also there are to believe? Day Demon Realm really has invaded, fears is in Black Tiger Group some does not believe that do not say other people.” Black turtle old person spoke of here, cannot help but let out a long breath. deep voice said : this Heavenly Demon invades, Black Tiger Group does not draw support from any external force. Also can alone block the attack of day Demon Realm, the old man is also all has been said that if everybody really does not believe that that.” These Immortal Stage Expert were silent, suddenly Immortal Stage Expert look at Black turtle old person said : Black turtle Old Friend, you are school of Supreme Elder, do you want join to be inadequate to Black Tiger Group really?” Black turtle old person looked at that person of one, presently that person of sinking Sand sect Supreme Elder, the meaning of his also understand this fellow, this fellow saying will look like probably is held responsible his future whereabouts, actually also the meaning of to drive a wedge between. Why Black turtle does old person show a faint smile said : to want leave Black Tiger Group? I before was Black turtle gate Supreme Elder, now is still Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, in Black turtle gate there, I must worry for entire Sect, assembled the commodity for Sect, the working with the heart labor force, now is much good, was working as Supreme Elder, the status in Black Tiger Group was also very high, what most important was, I may also accept the disciple in Black Tiger Group, passed on my Black turtle [lineage/vein] Dao doctrines, why not? Now makes my leave Black Tiger Group I unable leave.” As soon as the people listened to Black turtle old person saying that was good a silence, they arrived at Immortal Stage, crossed the age of that striving for hegemony, to their this boundary, thought what were more was how promotion own strength, how increased own life, but did not go to and has the battle, therefore these Immortal Stage Expert, regarding the Black turtle old person words, to agreement. Regarding cultivator, the most important matter is also three \; first, strength \; second, the life, three were the Dao doctrines inheritance, strength this is needless saying that in Cultivation World, did not have the strength, you were difficult, life that was needless saying that Cultivator for what? Also is not goes against heaven's will the line, with the Heaven and Earth same longevity, third is the inheritance of Dao doctrines, the cultivator although has plenty people are Wuqing/ruthless does not have the righteousness, but they actually very attaches great importance to the inheritance of Dao doctrines, even if Immortal Stage Expert, hopes that own Dao doctrines can inherit smoothly. But Black turtle old person currently was the strength has the life to have, the Dao doctrines inheritance was actually an issue, he now not, when like young, oneself went to mountain gate/entrance, that laborious, only then he knows that he will not do, oneself went to open the entrance, expenditure time was too long, has that time, he also wants to practice, increased a life, therefore now he not in open the entrance, that in Black Tiger Group, when Supreme Elder was also good, can accept several apprentices, passed around Dao doctrines of Black turtle [lineage/vein], on. Like him said that why not. in the room these Immortal Stage Expert, is the person of old becoming a ghost characters, how they can unable to look, because of sinking sand sect Supreme Elder a few words, some atmosphere differences in hall, therefore following people in had not discussed that the Black Tiger Group matter, at will chatted, the atmosphere unexpectedly was at once warm. happy that they drink, naturally will not pay attention to outside matter, outside army quick on returned to Encampment, now these 3 million people of army, Zhao Hai elects to construct Encampment in several small Sect, this Encampment does not construct at will, this Encampment has completed, can take that several small Sect General Hall as surrounding Stronghold, not only can prevent the attack of Heavenly Demon army, but can also quick pass these small Sect Transmission Point the replenishment supply and reinforcement. In the place that adding on Zhao Hai chooses, on the mountain, can clear seeing clearly all around change, let day Demon Realm army is thinks that other place attacks the Freedom Alliance domain not to be impossible, can say that day Demon Realm army wants to attack the Freedom Alliance domain, must the first Encampment that Zhao Hai constructs extinguishing, this nail/saboteur does not pull out, Heavenly Demon army do not want to capture to the Freedom Alliance domain.

After Encampment, Zhao Hai immediately arranges these injured cultivator not to rest, goes to wound treatment in the arrangement person to these injured cultivator, but these died in battle the cultivator remains, must deliver returned to through Transmission Formation in their Sect, then burial well, can say that the matter is many. It was simple as for day Demon Realm, their simply does not need to fight the Dead-soldier soldier remains the matter to worry for processing, Heavenly Demon Race that because their these died in battle, became Zhao Hai Undead Creature, naturally did not need them to process. However Zhao Hai has not actually thought wants immediately to oppose the enemy with these Undead Creature, because of Zhao Hai very clear, if he has done, that Heavenly Demon Race will certainly adjust all army, first gave to extinguish him. Zhao Hai knows that he uses Immortal Stage Undead Creature to oppose the enemy, was very conspicuous, if he , the day Demon Realm person certainly will not let off him excessively, because of day Demon Realm person very clear, if keeping him, will bring a huger injury to them. However Zhao Hai also knows that all people believe that Undead Creature that a person can transform, some quantity limits, after certain quantity, cannot transform Undead Creature the corpse, nobody thinks that he really has existence of Space, can unlimited transforms Undead Creature the corpse, therefore he must keep this secret, with the aim of can wield doing of even bigger to use in the future, because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai can not need these Undead Creature to oppose the enemy. After handling these matters, Zhao Hai immediately has put out the signalling jade sword, sent the letter to in the gang, questioned the second regiment there situation, purity that actually the second regiment there situation, Zhao Hai knew, because in Black Tiger Group all Great Magical Artifact, are almost passes through him to refine or repair now, when repaired these Great Magical Artifact, he in these Great Magical Artifact some places, has put in Liquid Silver, through these Liquid Silver, he can clear awareness, second regiment there live anything, but he must ask that an below, will otherwise be suspected. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }