Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1831

Zhao Hai sits in Space Hot Spring, comfortable soaks Hot Spring, Laura their several is also sitting in Hot Spring, once for a while euphonious laughter. Meg looked that Zhao Hai closes one's eyes to sit in there one, tour slowly Zhao Hai side, gently to the Zhao Hai massage, Zhao Hai comfortable light sighed, deep voice said : Meg, the craftsmanship of person was really getting better and better.”. Meg shows a faint smile said : I not like several Elder Sister, anything will do, I do not have them the ability, but I, so long as you served Young Master on the line.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, is only look at Meg, said : pressed you in a soft voice.” Meg shows a faint smile, is actually a happiness of face. At this time Laura had also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do then can? On the current situation, wants to catch up with great power Demon Realm to go day Demon Realm army in a short time, feared that is impossible, today I saw through Liquid Silver, day Demon Realm rear area, but came and other low level Heavenly Demon much, is collecting medicinal herbs, collects all kinds of ores, it seems like they were also ready that went to war for a long time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like this, but now is also not our fully make a move time, and so on looked that I always felt, nine Great Sect there have any secret to be the same probably, moreover day Demon Realm there has also retained, they are waiting for anything probably.” Laura frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, how will you have this feeling?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „did you forget? I when day Demon Realm, small cloud Demon Sect really has several Immortal Stage Expert. If day Demon Realm must attack Cultivation World really fully, will send only out a little Immortal Stage Expert to come? Now their Immortal Stage Expert quantity, although are more than us, but not necessarily are also many to there goes. Doesn't this suit very much?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura has cannot help but gawked, then thinks that nodded said : truly is so, now Cultivation World here, various Great Sect almost send all Immortal Stage Expert in Sect, just blocked the attack of day Demon Realm, but day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Expert actually absolutely not only such several. This matter truly is some does not suit.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : also responses of nine Great Sect, fierce of nine Great Sect don’t know day Demon Realm? But they when day Demon Realm attacks, is still actually thinking internal strife, is thinking seizing power. This also is not very normal, nine Great Sect can become Cultivator 9 Province Kui, not stupidly to this degree, therefore I believe that nine Great Sect have certainly any trump card not to cause, but day Demon Realm also knows this matter probably. Therefore they do not have full attack, probably is waiting for nine Great Sect to come out to be the same their trump card brightly, this is not very normal.” Laura thinks, suddenly two eyes bright said : Elder Brother Hai. Have you forgotten a servant? You can ask Hu Dingshan, this matter should Hu Dingshan know?”

Zhao Hai stares. Then makes an effort pats own head said : I is really a fool, puts a understand person not to ask. Want to break head in here, gets what one deserves, good, a while I asked.” Laura smiled, said : Hu Dingshan now in is very good, everyday that in Space stays with Grandpa Green some of their research thing, they drinks to select small liquor with Grandpa Green comfortably, the ten points that the day passes.” Perhaps Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is he has thought life, ok, did not think that many, I must ask him, after nine Great Sect had anything.” Said that Zhao Hai has stood, has worn the clothes, looks Hu Dingshan. The Hu Dingshan day passes truly very comfortable, now with Green utilization of their together research formation, but their formation utilization of present research, is such as lets the person is more comfortable, few research have fought Fighting Technique. Zhao Hai has not managed them, they liked research anything any being good on research, Hu Dingshan heard that Zhao Hai looked for him, immediately came out. Zhao Hai bows to Hu Dingshan said : Master, I have a matter to ask you today, now day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, has invaded Cultivation World, but I presently they probably do not have fully, but nine Great Sect do not fear them probably, is what secret nine Great Sect also has?” Hu Dingshan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not to think you have thought of this point, good, after nine Great Sect really have, the moment that but has not arrived at the life and death, they feared that will not use.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Hu Dingshan, the Hu Dingshan look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : this Universe is comprised of innumerable plane, many plane, nobody can talk clearly, except lowest level some small plane beside, cultivator there can only calculate at Second Layer plane, but Cultivation World here, is Third Layer plane, is upward, the plane strength is formidable, naturally Law of the Heaven and Earth is formidable, the pressure is also also bigger, like you, if enters to Fourth Layer plane, feared that wields including 1/1000 of present strength does not come out, only then before , three layers position, not. Then tremendous pressure.” Zhao Hai first time listened to Hu Dingshan to say these, cannot help but more earnest, he knows that Hu Dingshan said these to him, certainly was very useful. Hu Dingshan look at Zhao Hai, before then said : „, three layers plane, you, so long as the strength has sufficed, can ascend come up, will not have too many troubles, but wants from Third Layer plane, to rise Fourth Layer, on has plenty has troubled, why do you know Cultivation World here with making ten-thousand realms battlefield such thing?”

Zhao Hai shook the head, puzzled said : did not say that to elect the capable person from Lower Realm? Is these ten-thousand realms battlefield same thing that senior almighty refines.” Hu Dingshan nodded said : this saying to be also right, but is not right, the ten-thousand realms battlefield truly promotes thing of talented person from Lower Realm, but the ten-thousand realms battlefield is actually not Cultivation World cultivator refines, but is Great Sect of Fourth Layer position grants.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Hu Dingshan, Hu Dingshan deep voice said : in Cultivation World here, is similar to ten-thousand realms battlefield such place, just such place is not who can go, only then various Sect Immortal Stage Expert, are qualified for there.” Zhao Hai was shocked, thorough was shocked, he has not thought that really also has ten-thousand realms battlefield such place to exist in Cultivation World here, before this is him, cannot think. Hu Dingshan said : „the Cultivation World here ten-thousand realms battlefield, compared with Lower Realm ten-thousand realms battlefield formidable, certainly will then be suppressed in there your strength, Immortal Stage Expert, can wield the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert level, even if were Expert, regarding suppressed very fierce of strength, what most important was, Cultivation World the ten-thousand realms battlefield, was the district, altogether was divided into a 9x9 = 81 area, but our Cultivation World here belongs to the 72 nd area, moreover did not mean that you in the management scales of 72 areas, you were qualified to the ten-thousand realms battlefield, naturally, the Cultivation World here ten-thousand realms battlefield did not call. ten-thousand realms battlefield, but called Soaring Dragon Realm.” Soaring Dragon Realm? a fish leaping through the Dragon's Gate?” Zhao Hai muttered. Hu Dingshan nodded said : well, is this meaning, Soaring Dragon Realm there is not who wants to enter can enter, without the Immortal Stage strength, you cannot go, has not been under permission of Fourth Layer Interface, you cannot go, but Third Layer Interface that can go, also did not go in has been able forever to go, Third Layer Interface that if you were , the strength was too weak, you will be expelled Soaring Dragon Realm, was the entire Interface people are expelled Soaring Dragon Realm.” Zhao Hai understand meaning of Hu Dingshan, in other words this Soaring Dragon Realm goes in has regulation, individual strength is insufficient, the plane strength is insufficient, you do not have the means to enter to Demonic Dragon. Hu Dingshan said : „the Fourth Layer Interface person, every other about ten thousand years, in the existing position to Soaring Dragon Realm will then do an inspection, your Interface strength is too presently weak, all people of your Interface in Soaring Dragon Realm, will be expelled Soaring Dragon Realm, in letting a strength do not enter Soaring Dragon Realm compared with Interface strong Interface that you are, but enters the person in Soaring Dragon Realm, must practice in there, the smelting trial, the direct Fourth Layer Interface person thinks that you were qualified, your income to Fourth Layer Interface, will become Fourth Layer Interface Sect disciple, but under your Sect will also be enjoyed similar. In ten-thousand realms battlefield same place, if you were unqualified, about hundred years in Soaring Dragon Realm will be pursued Soaring Dragon Realm.” Hu Dingshan spoke of here, does not want underestimated only to stay for 100 years in Soaring Dragon Realm to Zhao Hai deep voice said : to be caught up, must know that the Soaring Dragon Realm there time class was Cultivation World here about five times, you stayed for 100 years in inside, on equivalent to in Cultivation World here 500 years, moreover there very dangerous, various Monster Beast strength extremely powerful, in adding on the battle between various Realm, the battles among various areas, Immortal Stage Expert, in there fallen in normal.”

Zhao Hai has cannot help but held breath a cold air, he has not thought that really will have such place, the time class can be Cultivation World here five times unexpectedly , the in other words Cultivator person, enters Soaring Dragon Realm, the life one went to 4/5, can live the one thousand years person, lived for 200 years to the end, such time class, truly was makes people feel fearful. Hu Dingshan then said : because this time class issue therefore Fourth Layer Interface person meets regulation, only then Immortal Stage Expert can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, must know that the Fourth Layer Interface time class is Cultivation World ten times, in other words, you have ten Yuan life, to Fourth Layer Interface, had one Yuan life.” Zhao Hai in one time has tarried, he has not thought really that the Fourth Layer Interface there time class is unexpectedly higher than Soaring Dragon Realm there, why Cultivation World person also goes all out can enter to Fourth Layer Interface? The look at Zhao Hai puzzled appearance, what Hu Dingshan he is thinking on understand, Hu Dingshan deep voice said : is thinking, why the Cultivation World here person, why can go all out wants to enter to Fourth Layer Interface? Therefore doesn't hesitate to reduce long-lived ten times?” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : truly is so, will reduce long-lived that many to fourth week Interface unexpectedly, why also in?” Hu Dingshan has smiled bitterly next step: For live is longer!” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }