Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1832

Zhao Hai puzzled look at Hu Dingshan, Hu Dingshan look at Zhao Hai appearance forced smile said : good, for live is longer, in the final analysis the person of our Cultivator, pursues is the elder, however in Cultivation World here, was fettered by Law of the Heaven and Earth, cultivator life generally about ten Yuan , some have the fortuitous encounter, or the monster life, their lives can be about 15 Yuan, but some impossible people to have lived absolutely 15 Yuan.” Zhao Hai has not calculated, Hu Dingshan look at his appearance, deep voice said : „, but Fourth Layer Interface is different, Fourth Layer Interface there, the class of although time is quick, but after there, you actually most can have 20 Yuan life, has remembered, in the Fourth Layer Interface there 20 Yuan.”. Zhao Hai these was understand, most can live 15 Yuan in Cultivation World here, to Fourth Layer Interface there, has actually been able to live 20 Yuan, no wonder everyone/Great Clan wants to go to Fourth Layer Interface. Hu Dingshan then said : if, moreover you entered Fourth Layer Interface, Interface that you were, Sect that the person was, will obtain many advantage, looked like these ten-thousand realms battlefields under our Black Tiger Group control, naturally there also called Tower of Babel, this was our Black Tiger Group person, after rising into to Fourth Layer Interface, to Sect, because had these thing, our Black Tiger Group can have today.” Zhao Hai nodded, Hu Dingshan then said : day Demon Realm originally can also enter Soaring Dragon Realm, they can enter to Soaring Dragon Realm time, our Cultivation World was unable to enter, afterward in a time battle, our Cultivation World won day of Demon Realm. Day Demon Realm was expelled Soaring Dragon Realm, but our Cultivation World entered in Soaring Dragon Realm, was for this reason, therefore our Cultivation World and between Demonic Dragon tied the dead enmity. Day Demon Realm constantly does not want to suppress our Cultivation World, substitutes for our Cultivation World status, enters to Soaring Dragon Realm.” Zhao Hai nodded, his present understand why day Demon Realm and Cultivation World once for a while will always carry on one time to fight, originally really also has this reason in inside. Hu Dingshan then said : these year of Cultivation World has plenty Immortal Stage Expert entered Soaring Dragon Realm, but this Soaring Dragon Realm also very special characteristics, were you can only enter one time, if you entered in Soaring Dragon Realm. Also came out, you could not be going, you said does not have the mistake, day Demon Realm there Immortal Stage Expert will be more than our Cultivation World. Because Cultivation World many Immortal Stage Expert entered in Soaring Dragon Realm, nine Great Sect were impossible to make these Immortal Stage Expert come out from Soaring Dragon Realm, because one, but they came out, in cannot go, that loss was very big. But if to the moment of life and death, had feared that was nine Great Sect cannot attend to that many, making these Immortal Stage Expert come out from Soaring Dragon Realm, copes with day Demon Realm.” Speaking of here Hu Dingshan let out a long breath said : richly Soaring Dragon Realm there Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. Practices in there, be quicker than in Cultivation World here. Therefore if nine Great Sect recall Soaring Dragon Realm there Immortal Stage Expert, defeats day Demon Realm people should not be a problem. Naturally, if day Demon Realm returns have any room for maneuver, that has regarded as another matter, I think that nine Great Sect biggest taking advantage are this, but day Demon Realm against is also nine Great Sect.” Speaking of here Hu Dingshan cannot help but to sigh said : these year of although in Cultivation World here, there are many Immortal Stage Expert to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, but these Immortal Stage Expert were nine Great Sect people, other Sect little had Immortal Stage Expert to go to Soaring Dragon Realm there, nine Great Sect almost Soaring Dragon Realm there, have regarded their private property, this regarding the Cultivation World powder was very disadvantageous, therefore these years nine Great Sect strengths compared with former, but the entire Cultivation World strength, was the difference were many compared with before.” Zhao Hai finally understand why nine Great Sect probably have confidence to cope with day Demon Realm now, originally they have such a subsequent party, no wonder the day Demon Realm main strength has threatened the border, they are still thinking seizing power.

But day Demon Realm these Heavenly Demon also know some Cultivation World people obviously in Soaring Dragon boundary there, therefore they have only sent few part of Immortal Stage Expert attack Cultivation World various Great Sect, left behind majority of Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon to prepare to deal with Cultivation World these to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm Expert, when now nine Great Sect call returned to Cultivation World to come Soaring Dragon Realm there Immortal Stage Expert, when they called these Immortal Stage Expert, feared that was a heaven-shaking war must launch, but as the matter stands, Cultivation World various small Sect on must be bad luck. It looks like such that Hu Dingshan said that Cultivation World small Sect, now Immortal Stage Expert in gate is few, if involved to two big battles, that will definitely not have the auspicious day. Zhao Hai stood came, thanks a lot Master dispelled doubt to Hu Dingshan said :, these time regarding our Black Tiger Group absolutely was good opportunity, waited for after this time matter, our Black Tiger Group can certainly become Northern Divergent Province, even entire Cultivation World famous Great Sect.” Hu Dingshan shows a faint smile said : I to believe you, by your present strength, even if a Black Tiger Group person is motionless, you can tidy up day Demon Realm these people, went to go ahead, Black Tiger Group looks your.” Zhao Hai to Hu Dingshan gave a salute, this turn around leave, returned to Space Villa, Zhao Hai then let out a long breath, today with the Hu Dingshan words, making the Zhao Hai feeling place deepest is, he presently this world is much more splendid , the road that later he who he imagines must take also had is very long. After returned to Space Villa, Zhao Hai sits in there, in the head is to actually keep is thinking day Demon Realm Cultivation World matter, matter between day Demon Realm and Cultivation World is really not that simple, it seems like they made have adjusted, wanted, when day Demon Realm and Cultivation World Immortal Stage Expert he curled, making Freedom Alliance have the strength of self-preservation. Not wrong, Zhao Hai must make entire Freedom Alliance have the strength of self-preservation, now Zhao Hai regarded to make Freedom Alliance is the Black Tiger Group it's in the bag, naturally must protect Freedom Alliance, if later Freedom Alliance dares not to listen to Black Tiger Group, that Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite. Naturally, Zhao Hai will not have too big moving to do before that the plan that before made does not need to change greatly, must change adds on several, before war time, besides the fight of Freedom Alliance here, other places of fight, Zhao Hai almost not received in Space to turn into Undead Creature there cultivator or the Heavenly Demon Race person, because was too far, moreover Zhao Hai also feared by the person present. However seems like is not now good, he must within the shortest time, receive in Space to turn into Undead Creature other places in all people who in the fight died, no matter day Demon Realm person or Cultivation World person.

This is Zhao Hai has thought that promotes oneself strength the method, no matter Immortal Stage Expert formidable how, Zhao Hai can die he with the huge-crowd strategy pile, naturally, has been able not to sacrifice these Undead Creature do not sacrifice these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature can provide Strength of Faith to him, that is thing that Zhao Hai most needs. Zhao Hai and Hu Dingshan said anything, Cai'er they also know, but how their don’t know Zhao Hai thinks that now, therefore looked that Zhao Hai sits in there does not make noise, they do not make noise, is only static look at Zhao Hai. Some little time has made decision Zhao Hai, this grew in the mouth to be mad said : Cai'er, now has the Cultivation World 9 Province map saved to Space in?” Cai'er nodded said : „, saved to enter, besides nine Great Sect core areas, other places almost all saved, other Sect always, almost saved, only then minority Sect has not always saved.” Zhao Hai nodded battlefield there that said : that several other state and day Demon Realm fights, is saving also in the map?” Cai'er nodded said : to have in map.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : good, starting today, so long as in other battlefields has the deceased person, what no matter death is who, draws to me to Space in turns into Undead Creature.” Cai'er has gawked, then nodded said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, I complete certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : now my in hand population to be many, but Expert are too few, what a pity, in here, any Immortal Stage Expert, is not that easy on fallen, thinks that train Expert, is not that easy.”

Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that suddenly smiles, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you have forgotten a place? there can provide many Expert to you, but we must be colored the strength to be good.” Zhao Hai said : where? My how does don’t know have where can provide Expert to us?” Cai'er smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, how you have forgotten, previous time you come back from Heavenly Sword Sect there, had been planned, went to that to resemble the Hell Space place, there may all be Undead Creature, moreover Immortal Stage Undead Creature were many, because at that time rushed to time, therefore has not stopped in there, you also made me take in the Space map there, now there took in the Space map, there so many Expert, why didn't you go to there to make an arrest?” Pa! Zhao Hai has patted the forehead, to be honest, he also really this matter forgetting, the nearest/recent light has been busy going to war, already does not remember that also had this matter, his mood was actually excellent, he turned the head look at Cai'er said : you to remind me fortunately, must otherwise I already this matter recording, right Cai'er, Expert of that place are many?” Cai'er he he chuckle said : many, that Space area had almost Northern Divergent Province to be so big, has filled Death Qi, the very suitable Undead Creature practice, in Hell Space compared with Space, did not miss many, what most important was, there Undead Creature don’t know survived how long, the there Undead Creature quantity to was not extremely numerous, only then about hundred thousand, but these Undead Creature strengths, were actually very strong, universal are the Transcends Tribulation Stage strengths, Undead Creature about thousand Immortal Stage strengths, so long as got so far as in them Space, that we on did not lack Expert, was we to ascending the sky Demon Realm, did not use in being worried. Anything.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this hundred thousand Undead Creature, I wanted!” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }