Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1833

First regiment opposite day Demon Realm nearest/recent is very honest, although once for a while will send some squads to come out, carries on to harass to the first regiment, but generally speaking, they have not moved the large-scale fight the meaning. The first regiment all people know that this is because of anything, Zhao Hai confronts 5 million with 3 million military strength, day Demon Realm army repelling, this has let day Demon Realm these person of understand, their first regiment is not affable, therefore they such honest. Mentioned this matter to come, the people of first regiment felt that such as, took a broad view at entire Northern Divergent Province fortunately, even entire Cultivation World, can have Battalion of first regiment such success, it can be said that was extremely rare, when other people lost to day Demon Realm, they won, this was the dazzling honor. Because of this, the person in first regiment, is sincerely convinced regarding Zhao Hai that now, they do not refuse to accept good, reason that these person of completely understand, they can defeat day Demon Realm army. Because of Zhao Hai command(er), the people of first regiment is command(er) is not completely good, but has fought with the day Demon Realm person also lets their understand the day of Demon Realm these Heavenly Demon fierce places, said honestly that they recall afterward, is do not understand Zhao Hai some details in command(er), but thought that more is ponders over more is felt marvelous precinct, this also makes them admire Zhao Hai. these days Zhao Hai once for a while will also send out some squads, carries on with the day Demon Realm army squad to the war, has the defeat to have the victory, but generally speaking wins defeats few, this also makes the people of first regiment to Zhao Hai more confident. But the Zhao Hai present is actually busy being similar in that to the Hell Space place grasps Undead Creature, that is similar to Hell Space Undead Creature strength very formidable of place. Transcends Tribulation Stage is not no need saying that Zhao Hai now in Space Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature are not few, attracts Zhao Hai truly these Immortal Stage Undead Creature. Immortal Stage did not mean that you can Immortal not be old, in fact this is only the one type of name. On behalf of your strength, otherwise these Undead Creature if as expected, can live, their live time also probably be longer than Immortal Stage Expert. In that does not know in bright Space, but also really some strength very formidable Undead Creature, are only Immortal Stage has about 1000, moreover these Undead Creature, because don’t know in this Space lived many years, some possibly must be longer than the Hu Dingshan live time. Therefore their strength also very formidable, want formidable compared with general Immortal Stage Expert, therefore Zhao Hai wants to cope with them is not that easy. Is good Undead Creature has in Zhao Hai Space is, moreover he also has several Immortal Stage Undead Creature. In adding on Space life form in other strength formidable, wanted to cope with these Undead Creature to be easier. Before Zhao Hai, does not dare to make other lives in Space enter the war, is feared that causes the suspicion of person, actually in Space strength formidable life form also really many. Likely is a Sea Dragon clan, Sea Race. Insect Race, even some Monster Beast, their strengths are very formidable, but beforehand Zhao Hai will not make them enter the war. Such will possibly expose existence of Space. However actually does not have that many problems in this small Space, in this small Space. These Undead Creature cannot exit, others cannot come. So long as Zhao Hai has subdued these Undead Creature, some that not person of present. In adding on Zhao Hai may not have the too much time to take your time with these Undead Creature now, therefore Zhao Hai these time sends that small Space copes with these Undead Creature various Space life form, is many, the quantity feared that has about 1 billion fully. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai copes is these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature near hundred thousand, this quantity did not calculate little, even if in the present first regiment, majority of cultivator, was Gold Core Stage and Nascent Soul Stage, truly achieved Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, the quantity about hundreds of thousands, now Zhao Hai one has also gotten so far as hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, this is very outstanding.

Ten hundred million formidable various Space life form, to hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, its result can be imagined, quick that hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, by Zhao Hai taking, has gotten so far as in Space, turned into his Undead Creature. After these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature get so far as in Space, Zhao Hai remaining target are these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai knows that wants to get so far as Space that 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, feared that is the ratio copes with that hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature to be difficult. These Undead Creature, had the wisdom of no less than person, in adding on their strength formidable, in this Space, these Undead Creature level has the strict division, each Immortal Stage Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate, Transcends Tribulation Stage Brother Undead Creature of troop, this is also Zhao Hai must cope with these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature reasons first, has tidied up these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature first, has cut off arms of these Immortal Stage Undead Creature on equal to, like this he is coping with these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, on was easy. But wants to achieve this point, first is quick, must with quickest that hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature tidying up, before these Immortal Stage Undead Creature have not responded, these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature tidying up, only then this can succeed. However wants to achieve this point, actually is almost impossible, if Zhao Hai does not have existence of Space, even if in his hand has 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, was impossible simultaneously tidying up hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature. But Zhao Hai has existence of Space, he can the military strength in Space, the optional delivery any place in Space map, be because of this, therefore he uses ten hundred million Space life form, suddenly hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature surrounding, stressed in Space directly, but these Immortal Stage Undead Creature have not responded, when they responded that Zhao Hai had handled matters. Zhao Hai tidied up that hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, immediately/on horseback has wielded the armed forces to give to surround these Immortal Stage Undead Creature. The Undead Creature responses of these Immortal Stage do not locate slowly, they before possibly some grievances. However now they actually gathered together, this is a Stone mountain, this Stone mountain very unusual, this Stone mountain seems from sky. Probably is one pours in the skeleton of ground is the same, the head, the body, each Bone is on Stone mountain comprised, looked like seems like enlarged the innumerable generation of skeletons. What most important is, Zhao Hai climbs mountains from this Stone, felt that very strong Strength of Soul, this is Zhao Hai how, regardless of not to have thought. His won't understand, why on this mountain really have Strength of Soul? However now does not let his research these times, that 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, gathers on this mountain. although Zhao Hai gave to surround them with more than a billion army, but he actually does not dare to attack at will, because of these Undead Creature strength real very formidable, attack rashly, will only bring some unnecessary loss to them. Zhao Hai row of audiences. Has arrived in front of these Immortal Stage Undead Creature not far away, look at these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, each and every one strength very formidable. Moreover they look like are the Zombie appearances, is adding on the strength to be very strong. Also in other words, they looked like with the genuine person cannot miss many. The clothes that on that 1000 Zombie wears are full body armor. Style also very ancient, now that 1000 Zombie coldly look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bows to that 1000 Zombie said : Hello everyone, below Zhao Hai, this was courteous.”

That 1000 Zombie have not made noise, still coldly look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also look at did they, some little time smile said : everybody not to say what?” In that 1000 Zombie, walks on one to put on the scale to fight armor, the head is bringing the phoenix wing helmet, in hand is taking long spear, probably was just from the battlefield general same Zombie, his coldly is sizing up Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Human Race, where do you from come in here? Why you can enter to corpse ancestor, but not by the Death Qi influence of here.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : original here to call corpse ancestor, sorry, I and don’t know here name, my was framed before, has entered the here varying time, because I had the matter to manage at that time, walks is too anxious, therefore careful examination here, this here, for has not received here all Undead Creature for oneself uses.” These Zombie one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, perhaps they have not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so direct, Zombie one hear of Zhao Hai of that lead said that has hesitated next step: „Before originally, I felt that Human Race aura that unexpectedly is your, but you want to take back you to use us, that is impossible, we to protect the Master remains exist, our rather soul flies away and scatters, cannot leave here.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then knitting the brows head, he presently these Zombie wisdom Hui Zhen is not worse than the person, moreover they have their Faith, such Zombie easily does not cope, does not do well these Zombie to use any suicide class a move of technique to come, that may trouble. Zhao Hai paid attention to other Zombie, these Zombie is a face decidedly, this cannot help but made Zhao Hai raise sentiment of the admiration to them, their Master they certainly protected side their Master, after their Master died, they turned into Zombie, was still protecting their Master, the so loyal bodyguard, was beyond control Zhao Hai not to be admiring. Zhao Hai hesitated, deep voice said : does not know whether everybody did allow to pay a visit Master below?” These Zombie looked at Zhao Hai one, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai behind these army one, finally nodded, was being led Zhao Hai by Zombie of that lead, flew toward this mountain the position of Skull, then Zombie of Zhao Hai and that lead entered in mountain from the left eye of Skull. The eye of this Skull, nose and mouth there are cavern of each and every one to underground, but one, in Zhao Hai entered in that cavern with that Zombie lead(er). Quick they fell stopping of cavern, cavern under was underground passage, they crossed passage, actually to a very enormous hall, arrived in this hall, Zhao Hai has actually gawked, because the arrangement of this hall was really too special, here unexpectedly arrangement likely was command(er) big tent in military compound. The innermost in hall is stone base, on stone base is spreading a fierce appearance probably, a person sits well on stone base, his under foot is stepping in fierce appearance tiger's head, that tiger's head two eyes circle opens the eyes, the big mouth is opening, looks like looks like momentarily must jump to select old tiger that the person bites. But sits that person on stone base, is full body armor, his full body armor is the golden color, the head is bringing the tiger's head helmet, two shoulders are the tiger's head armor shoulder pad, protecting of front receive on the mirror also to carve lifelike old tiger, treadons tiger's head to fight the boots, is looking at the face of this person, his skin dark, the frown like the sword, a face tiger must, not get angry from the prestige. Sees this person, Zhao Hai cannot help but at heart dark said : good beave general!” Sees this person of look, Zhao Hai first thinks is a celebrity, that is Zhang Fei!

Saw that this person of look Zhao Hai first has then thought of Zhang Fei, he felt that in this beave general Zhang Fei's configuration was really too similar, probably Zhang Fei sat before him is the same. In this War General front, is suspending a table, the table upper berth a huge beast skin map, on this stretch a map is drawing the mountains rivers, but looks like the map is actually very simple, moreover looks from the terrain, on this map the picture terrain absolutely is not Cultivation World. At this time that Zombie kneel down with one knee, then to Zhao Hai said : this is my Master, General Huwei Hu Dawei!” Zhao Hai nodded, was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to this corpse respectfully, no matter first this person were any status, had the so many death loyal followers to this person, he was worth Zhao Hai doing obeisance. That Zombie looked at Zhao Hai to do obeisance Hu Dawei, on the face has cannot help but shown a smiling face, was excellent to the Zhao Hai feeling view. After Zhao Hai sets out, was not feeling afterward carefully this Hu Dawei, he presently the body of this Hu Dawei has the wound, the wound in the position of chest, was injured by any firearm probably, wound burned black, but this wound by full body armor blocking, others cannot see. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, on the body of this Hu Dawei, Zhao Hai actually felt that Strength of Soul, this Strength of Soul very weak, Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, has the research words to the soul, feared that cannot feel this Strength of Soul. Zhao Hai cannot help but surprised, then turns the head look at that Zombie said : „the body of your Master really also to have Strength of Soul, what's all this about? Also, how do I feel Strength of Soul on this mountain so rich?” That Zombie does obeisance Hu Dawei very happy to Zhao Hai obviously, one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that this deep voice said : my family Master in the past was plotted against by the villain, died in battle battlefield, I and others are the Master personal guard tiger health/guard, is having the Master remains type the battlefield, runs into a mountain, on the suddenly mountain lightning flash Thunderous, then we then lost the consciousness, after waking up, arrived at here, afterward we present this mountain, Stone very special on this mountain, unknown energy, we have settled down on this mountain probably, and Master remains will remain, why as for can like this., My also don’t know.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }