Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1834

This Zombie don’t know, Zhao Hai almost understand what's the matter, these Zombie in the future will actually have fought along with Hu Dawei, because received the evildoer to harm, loses to Hu Dawei to be killed, these people brought the Hu Dawei corpse to break through a tight encirclement, hid in the remote mountain, but the Heaven and Earth mutation between suddenly, changed them here came, but this Stone, had doing of certain maintenance Divine Soul to use, this Divine Soul that Hu Dawei immediately must vanish maintaining, but also retained Divine Soul in the body of Hu Dawei. Zhao Hai nodded, then how that you to turn into this appearance to that Zombie said :?”. That Zombie shook the head said : don’t know, after our here person arrived at here, because has not eaten, all people slowly starved to death, but some day we woke, turned into this appearance, we to protect Master, have established this cavern on this mountain, has put in the Master remains cavern.” Zhao Hai understand, he turned the head look at that Zombie said : your Master to be now died, but comes regarding me, he has not died, because the strength of he also Divine Soul in his body, but the strength of this Divine Soul was too weak, weakly to is here has many natural soul strength, cannot let his strong situation, I can try to find the solution, making the strength of his Divine Soul restore, becomes is the same with you, can you be willing?” That Zombie one hear of Zhao Hai such, the excited body slightly and shivered, his look at Zhao Hai, facial expression excited some are said : of distortion your really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly real.” That that Zombie throws gave Zhao Hai to kneel down, his deep voice said : „, so long as mister can let my family Master restoration. The people are willing to make the cow to make the horse to repay mister.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : you to get up first, discussed with your companion, is making the decision not to be late.” That Zombie has gawked, then immediately/on horseback nodded said : courteous of mister. mister and please wait a minute, immediately goes to discuss with them.” Ending has stood, turn around outward runs. Before long outside has heard sound of the calling out in alarm, then all Zombie followed in this hall, was good is big because of this hall enough, otherwise could not have thought of these people. After these people entered the hall, look at Zhao Hai that all people decided that Zombie was said : mister. Just what tiger servant is really? Does mister have the means to make Master restore really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : truly real, I have the means to make him restore.”

A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, these Zombie whish knelt down, then that tiger servant said : invited mister make a move. Let my family Master restore, I and others was willing to be mister go through fire or water!” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : you to get up, first waits for me to rescue your Master, is listening to his decision, was right. I must save him, must go to a special point place, can you also with, what kind of? Can you agree?” The tiger servant they looked at one mutually. Then they simultaneously said : are willing to go along with mister.” They do not have the means actually, Zhao Hai is only one by one can who Hu Dawei resurrects. They have to take risk. In the Zhao Hai eye happy expression flashes vowed, he truly can resurrect Hu Dawei. Turns into Zombie, but if at that time, what to do Hu Dawei actually didn't agree to follow him? Therefore Zhao Hai must bring to go to turn into Zombie to Space in Hu Dawei, but only person tiger servant their these fellows also entered Space with him, that all were easy to do, these fellows entered Space to turn into his under the hand/subordinate, these Immortal Stage Expert succeeded in obtaining. The tiger servant their although don’t know Zhao Hai has any plot, but they actually do not want to give up this time opportunity, comes regarding them, this possibly was last time opportunity. Since this Space, they don’t know many years, has meanwhile come in some people, that this person looks like their attack most from the beginning, finally had been Ned defeat by them, finally these people became were also same as them, moreover became their under the hand/subordinate, but these people did not have one to be capable of making Hu Dawei resurrect, therefore Zhao Hai one can make Hu Dawei resurrect, they naturally were 10,000 want. Looked that the people complied, Zhao Hai nodded, then waves, huge Space rift appears , the tiger servant they to look toward good Space rift in that actually presently there unexpectedly is one with the Space similar place that they are, what most important is, there is Undead Creature, this cannot help but makes them stare, but afterward also on feel relieved. Their former sole worry feared that Hu Dawei carries off after here, on Hu Dawei that last point Strength of Soul also vanish from sight, now looks at the situation in Hell Space, they were complete feel relieved. After Zhao Hai release Hell Space, their said : you lifts up General your house/family to the tiger servant, comes in along with me.” Ended Zhao Hai to take a step to enter Hell Space. The tiger servant their immediately has lifted up Hu Dawei stone base, follows in Zhao Hai behind, entered Hell Space. They just entered to Hell Space, Zhao Hai have closed Space rift, simultaneously in Space transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently is not the Space heterogeneous procedure, this procedure may surrender, in the procedure has obsession, looks to shrink the lord to achieve to comply with their matters, otherwise the procedure possibly can the self-destruction!” Zhao Hai was shocked, the truth, the Space this prompt sound he is first hearing, before Space directly surrendered the procedure, this Space makes him achieve to promise the tiger servant unexpectedly their matter, this arrives is somewhat accidental.

However quick Zhao Hai on understand what's the matter, he received these Undead Creature in Space before, some are enter voluntarily, such words Space naturally can surrendering easily, some be is grasped, such words Space will regard that procedure is the hostile procedure, immediately surrenders. But this tiger servant their situations of are actually quite special, they do not have the hostility to Zhao Hai now, therefore Space they are the heterogeneous procedures, what most important was the tiger servant they were too loyal regarding Hu Dawei, if Zhao Hai could not revive Hu Dawei, that tiger servant they can the self-destruction. The self-destruction also commits suicide, if evidently he does not revive Hu Dawei, tiger servant their possibly not attack he, but will actually commit suicide. However is good because of Zhao Hai has not thought must deceive the tiger servant they, they gets so far as in the tiger servant Space, is feared after Hu Dawei awoke accidentally, in does not agree to follow itself, by that time the tiger servant they same will do with him right, that has troubled, therefore he makes Hu Dawei enter to Space. After Hell Space, Zhao Hai found a place, making the tiger servant they put down Hu Dawei, then his hand move, bunch of Soul Fire have flown his side, in these Strength of Soul does not have the intent strength, is only purest Strength of Soul, compared with outside Strength of Soul don’t know many. Zhao Hai is taking one group of Soul Fire, the heart breaks up by rubbing these Soul Fire, then putting in bit by bit to the body of Hu Dawei, simultaneously he is also feeling in the Hu Dawei body the change of that Strength of Soul. This Soul Fire comes regarding Strength of Soul is the best tonic, but on Hu Dawei that Strength of Soul was really too, Zhao Hai also really feared that Hu Dawei Strength of Soul empty was not made up, if under ten thousand one by one making up, that tiger servant they were ending self-exploding, he son could not fish. That Soul Fire fell the body of Hu Dawei, on Hu Dawei that last Strength of Soul, immediately that Soul Fire absorbing, Strength of Soul also expanded a point. Zhao Hai looks to have the gate, immediately other Strength of Soul, bit by bit puts the body of Hu Dawei, simultaneously is paying attention to Hu Dawei the change of that Strength of Soul. Hu Dawei Strength of Soul is absorbing Soul Fire, strength that his Strength of Soul also keeping, strength bit by bit, Zhao Hai has broken up by rubbing ten groups of Soul Fire steadily, Hu Dawei Strength of Soul then because, can absorb Soul Fire of entire group to expand, did not need him to manage. Zhao Hai has drawn on several groups of Soul Fire, making Hu Dawei Strength of Soul absorb, Hu Dawei Soul Fire of Strength of Soul absorption slowly is getting quicker and quicker, is getting quicker and quicker. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is somewhat surprised, Hu Dawei had not waked unexpectedly, Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled frowns look at Hu Dawei. Strength of Soul that Hu Dawei present Strength of Soul very formidable, such a while, he has absorbed, almost equivalent to Gold Core Stage Expert, how had not waked.

The tiger servant their one face anxious look at Zhao Hai, looks at Zhao Hai to frown, the tiger servant their hearts of sink, tiger servant quickly said: mister, but did Master have problems?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : strangely, Strength of Soul that should not, he absorb now extremely numerous, should not awake, is somewhat strange, making me have a look.” Ended Zhao Hai to touch the body of Hu Dawei with the hand, this bumped Hu Dawei body Zhao Hai to stare, he presently Hu Dawei coerces the body unexpectedly also very soft, looked like living person is the same, this should not, Zhao Hai touch bumping, later he presently the body of Hu Dawei is not soft, but very had tenacious, his body intensity was very strong, even was stronger than general Body Refining Immortal Stage Expert body Expert. This presently arrives lets Zhao Hai suddenly realize, in corpse main that special place, Hu Dawei, because lacking of Strength of Soul, did not have the means to turn into Zombie, however his body actually by transform that Space Yin Qi keeps, can his corpse become also wants formidable compared with Immortal Stage Expert now, because of this, therefore he has not waked to the present. Hu Dawei present Strength of Soul, only equivalent to Gold Core Stage, immediately must arrive at Nascent Soul Stage, such Strength of Soul does not calculate, but compares the body of Hu Dawei, this Strength of Soul is, Hu Dawei body too formidable, his soul did not have to be able to control the situation of his body formidable, therefore he has not waked. Tiger servant somewhat anxious look at Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai has bumped Hu Dawei body two, then has shown the facial expression of ponder, on an appearance of understanding, on the face also has shown then the smiling face, this made him more puzzled, couldn't the tiger servant bear said : mister, how my family Master?” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }