Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1835

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, reason that you Master has not awaked , because his Strength of Soul is insufficient, when his Strength of Soul has sufficed, naturally will wake, now his Strength of Soul, has achieved Nascent Soul Stage, will arrive after a period of time at Transcends Tribulation Stage and Immortal Stage, when his Strength of Soul arrives at Transcends Tribulation Stage, he may wake.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the tiger servant then relaxes, is good Strength of Soul has the matter in Space, attracting that Hu Dawei can keep, before long his Strength of Soul arrived at Transcends Tribulation Stage, makes great strides forward toward Immortal Stage. Did not arrive at two hours, Hu Dawei Strength of Soul arrived at Immortal Stage finally, sat his Hu Dawei on tiger leather chair, has opened the eye slowly he, he looked at all around one, then slowly has stood, Chapter 760 The serial number 1 to Zhao Hai kneel down with one knee, deep voice said : Hu Dawei although cannot then move, actually also knows the matter that outside looks unfamiliar, is lucky your majesty today, otherwise I do not know when can wake, starting today, your majesty was Hu Dawei Master, asking Master to be done obeisance by Hu Dawei!” Zhao Hai rescued Hu Dawei not to be false, but the soul strength of Hu Dawei absorption may be Space, Space possibly to ignore won't be the Space procedure to absorb Space Strength of Soul? Therefore Space when Hu Dawei enters Space, his soul surrendering, a soul ten points of weakness of Hu Dawei, has naturally been able relaxed surrendering, Hu Dawei to say at that time, is Zhao Hai lets. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : well, you and gets up, later asked me Young Master to be OK.” Whish! The tiger servant they all has also knelt, worships on bended knees said : multi- thanks Young Master to thank a Master life to Zhao Hai. Starting today, Young Master is I and other Master!” Their voices just fell, hears Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds: In heterogeneous procedure the self-destruction procedure vanishes, surrenders to be completed. Host may the feel relieved use.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that also had the prompt sound in this time Space, it seems like that the tiger servant they were surrendered by Space. Zhao Hai Chapter 760 The serial number 1 make all people get up, Hu Dawei has also stood, the body of Hu Dawei in corpse ancestor there by transform, strength silk they were not been weaker than the tiger servant, now was also the Immortal Stage strengths. Even also wants compared with Immortal Stage on strongly many. Looked at their one eyes, Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : „the you present strength is very good, but they actually cannot all wield now the you strength. I will arrange the person to teach some you thing, this several days must as soon as possible teaching you thing learn.”

Hu Dawei they complied with one, Zhao Hai had beckoned with the hand said : you, right tiger servant, outside that Soul Stone mountain. But since birth is that appearance?” The tiger servant nodded said : is Young Master, that Soul Stone mountain, since birth is that appearance, we have not acted. Moreover Soul Stone on that mountain, hard incomparable. Was we cannot move the Soul Stone slightest, that cavern was originally has. We were just the shape have played the part.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand, tiger servant their turn around walked, Zhao Hai flashes body appears in that Space, but in that Space the present was empty, anything did not have, these Space life form were already received in returned to Space by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai flies in in midair, look at soul Bone Mountain, how this mountain saw that likely is a skeleton hides in there, but this skeleton very enormous. Moreover soul strength very formidable on this skeleton, but this soul strength has not realized probably, looks like Soul Fire that in Space that finest saves is the same, they are only one type of energy, has not had the consciousness. Zhao Hai light knitting the brows head, suddenly his two eyes one bright, has thought a point, before Green they research in Space left one type of Soul Weapon, this Soul Weapon takes medium with the soul, in adding on the bone plants with other thing, can make a weapon have the soul, but Zhao Hai thinks that some weaks of that thing regarding Space, is useless, brings to try now? Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately moved, his hand turned, puts out one to be used for the system with Soul Weapon Crystal Stone, this Crystal Stone was not the natural production, but was Space takes, was used to mount in the weapon, because this Crystal Stone it can be said that had the soul, therefore was called crystal Soul Stone. Zhao Hai is first time with crystal Soul Stone, this crystal Soul Stone is different, he is the one type of man-made soul, in this crystal Soul Stone, you wants some optional join procedures, but a little, this crystal Soul Stone must completely loyal Zhao Hai. Because of so many limits, therefore Green they used for a long time to complete, moreover now also in unceasing improvement. Most crystal Soul Stone from the beginning like present this appearance, most crystal Soul Stone from the beginning is not one type of metalloid same thing, at that time wanted to use crystal Soul Stone, must crystal Soul Stone like the one type of material, hit to make a weapon together with other material together, became Soul Weapon, but this Soul Weapon Might was very small. Afterward made has been similar to present Zhao Hai is taking the crystal seed Soul Stone second generation crystal Soul Stone, this second generation crystal Soul Stone, must mount on the weapon, such weapon had certain attribute, there is a certain soul, can help the person make the war, but Might was too small. Third-generation crystal Soul Stone Might is very big, but is also very big regarding the request of weapon, he requests on the weapon to have the energy line, these energy lines, can make the crystal Soul Stone better command(er) weapon make the war, Soul Weapon Might will also increase.

Fourth-generation crystal Soul Stone, can help Soul Weapon absorb part of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, is going to the wound enemy these days Spiritual Qi release, fourth-generation crystal Soul Stone, has been able to use on the robot and Mecha, crosses fourth-generation crystal Soul Stone inside soul is more like the one type of procedure, very inflexible. But what now Zhao Hai is taking is fifth generation crystal Soul Stone, now in this crystal Soul Stone, is a soul, he will ponder that meets the random strain, even meets the martial arts style, but can also absorb the outside world soul, was very perfect. Zhao Hai looked at crystal Soul Stone one, this crystal Soul Stone is specially-made, inside has input Immortal Stage Martial arts of one set, even also has to congeal Law Idol weapon, it can be said that so far most perfect a piece crystal Soul Stone. Zhao Hai took this crystal Soul Stone to fly on that Soul Stone mountain slowly, he just arrived on the Soul Stone mountain, felt that transmitted from the Soul Stone mountain vigorously, his in hand crystal Soul Stone one withdrew to fly, has flown into the eye of Soul Stone mountain directly, vanish from sight. Zhao Hai stares, how understand this was not, when he wants with his spiritual force to feel when that crystal Soul Stone position, the soul strength on suddenly entire Soul Stone mountain fierce welled up toward the forehead of Soul Stone mountain, the strength of this strength, even positive motion Zhao Hai lower hem corner. The entire Soul Stone mountain soul strength on slowly centralized to Soul Stone mountain forehead, Soul Stone mountain forehead also by one group of Dark mist wrapping up, moreover that Dark mist can also prevent spiritual force Zhao Hai real don’t know there of person to live anything. not long after, Zhao Hai felt in that Dark mist suddenly to shine two fires, that flame was getting more and more bright, was getting more and more bright, finally that two piles of flames were similar to two small Sun are the same, the color of flame was then getting more and more dark, finally that color turned into the deep purple unexpectedly. Zhao Hai looked that this flame color has cannot help but gawked, because of the color of this flame, with Soul Fire color looks like, then sees that package the black of Soul Stone mountain top department, started filling the air slowly to the entire Soul Stone mountain on, gave to wrap up the entire Soul Stone mountain. Zhao Hai flew now, he to wants to have a look, this Soul Stone mountain can also do any hua type, at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that in this Soul Stone mountain has transmitted heaven-shaking imposing manner, this imposing manner very astonishing, most from the beginning only then about Gold Core Stage, but is getting stronger and stronger afterward, Nascent Soul Stage, Transcends Tribulation Stage, Immortal Stage, crossed Immortal Stage, that imposing manner is still increasing. Finally, that imposing manner fierce vanish from sight, then black gas on Soul Stone mountain also fierce shrinks toward, Soul Stone mountain of appears before Zhao sea surface changed greatly, Stone on this Soul Stone mountain, originally looks like looks like pieces ordinary Stone, but actually changed now, this Stone turned into the black, moreover probably black Crystal same clear, gives the one type of artware same aesthetic sense. When Zhao Hai is gawking, this incomparably huge soul mountain suddenly moved, saw him just to get out of bed like a person, with a both hands brace, sat slowly, two were flashing around the eye of purple Soul Fire looked, then one jumped, what a such big mountain did one jump is felt? Zhao Hai was knew now, he felt that the entire earth was shivering. After Soul Stone crawls, he fierce single knee kneels down, serial number 1 has seen Young Master to Zhao Hai said :!”

Zhao Hai one was shocked, that Crystal Stone that afterward his immediately understand, he has used numbers 1, it seems like it was Crystal Stone control this soul mountain. Zhao Hai quickly said: Gets up? Can you become small?” 1 complied with one to stand, then his personal appearance by naked eye obvious, quick shrink, before long, was turning into a height to have about three meters skeleton. Zhao Hai nodded said : well, later you called 1, 1, went back with me.” Zero quickly said: energy that Young Master, in this Space has plenty I need, can I absorb these energy in?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : „, absorbed.” 1 has complied with one, then the personal appearance instantaneously increases, big mouth, Zhao Hai felt all around these Yin Qi, fierce wells up toward 1 mouths, before long entire Space Yin Qi vanished unexpectedly cleanly, afterward 1 by one group of Dark mist wrapping up, when Dark mist in disappearance, 1 changed greatly, stood before Zhao sea surface, was not a skeleton, but was a wear black full body armor robust man, his height had about 2.5 m, to was compared with just must on short some, but on him full body armor It is not ordinary, looks like looks like black Crystal makes, the head is the ghost's face helmet, two shoulders are Dry-Bone claw same shoulder pad armor, on the front protecting heart mirror, is carving huge Skull, foot pedal ghost's head fights the boots, grasps the shield, in the shield surface is also carving Skull, hold the blade, Ghost Head Broadsword, the shield and blade are black water made of stones become, attractive extraordinary. What most important is, now 1 bodies, were not having tiny bit Death Qi, he stands in there, looks like a Crystal statue, does not have the life, does not have energy. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }