Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1836

sc ipt "……" s c = " http: …… ? p1aceid = 3274 " Without any energy fluctuation, looks like a statue! This is 1 present gives the feeling of Zhao Hai, probably is a black Crystal statue, was too unusual. Zhao Hai look at zero said : 1, can you hide unexpectedly all energy?” Zero open the mouth and said: Is Young Master, I can feel, all energy in this Space, exit from this body probably, now I take back these energy, had these abilities, moreover Young Master, I can transformation, be able to turn into the biggest appearance, can turn into the present appearance, even if I turns into the biggest appearance, was not the appearance of skeleton, but is the present appearance enlargement version.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that can you use Law Idol? fighting strength how?” Zero open the mouth and said: Young Master, I cannot use Law Idol, can my body itself increase, has no need for Law Idol, fighting strength? I return don’t know now, but should be compares general Immortal Stage Expert to strive to excel on many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is good, you fighting strength the stronger the better, was good, follows me.” Said that Zhao Hai led zero one by one to move sideways returned to in Space, then 1 kept in Space, oneself returned to Encampment of first regiment. These time to Encampment of first regiment, Zhao Hai wanted complete feel relieved finally, although said that Hu Dawei their people also need to wield they biggest fighting strength some time, but Zhao Hai happy, had Hu Dawei very much they in the hand, Zhao Hai no matter to ascending the sky Demon Realm had the energy to previous nine Great Sect. Is adding on 1 existences. Had 1 existences. That Zhao Hai believes that entire Cultivation World, in also nobody was his match. Zhao Hai normally when Encampment of first regiment, in Yama Ship, the other first armed forces people, has plenty person in Great Magical Artifact, but Battalion in Encampment Cave Mansion, some people was assigned around Encampment some small Sect total there \; first, stand guard \; second, to receive in Freedom Alliance person. Matter that now Zhao Hai everyday must handle to is not many. Each regiment opposite Moli Ke regiment, under Cai'er their surveillance, what motion the everyday first regiment has, is Lizzy their orders. Naturally this order issues by the Zhao Hai tone, the nearest/recent first regiment and Moli Ke regiment also had the conflicts of some small scale, to does not have the too big fight.

But the entire Cultivation World present to is very lively Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance, Hundred Flower Valley alliance there, has repeatedly encountered the attack of Heavenly Demon army, although these two alliances have blocked enemy's attack, but is the casualty is also serious, has to multiple to defense line there supplement military strength. Several other Great Province situations are not quite good, won one besides Central Saint Province Heavenly Sword Sect to Heavenly Demon army, several other Great Province people. Is defeat wins to Heavenly Demon army few, in this case, the success of first regiment appeared was very conspicuous, the Zhao Hai name, in one time has spread over entire Cultivation World, even day after day Heavenly Demon in Demon Realm knew the Zhao Hai name. Also in three days time, these three days of times, how use their energy Hu Dawei they have been studying in Space, reason that before the tiger servant they can enter these to corpse ancestor cultivator massacre \; first, because their strengths compared with these people on many. Second is because corpse ancestor there is Yin Qi, regarding some cultivator was saying that these Yin Qi were almost equal to poison, these cultivator to there, equal to are the away game makes the war. But the tiger servant they occupied have benefitted, naturally can defeat these cultivator. Because before them, has not studied practice. All fights are the relying on instinct are being in progress, therefore their present although have the Immortal Stage strength, however in the fight, fighting strength that they can wield, is about one third of their strength, simply impossible fighting strength complete wields. But this Zhao Hai lets Space Undead Creature in some Immortal Stage, how teaches them within the shortest time, their fighting strength 100% wields. Hu Dawei their situations are quite special, their equal to is has that strength, is only how utilization don’t know, so long as finds the person to indicate that how their learn has used, like general cultivator, bit by bit practices, quick that therefore they study, three days of times, fighting strength that Hu Dawei they can wield now, the equivalent to Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator strength, has been almost giving them the several days time, they can wield 100% fighting strength come out. When Zhao Hai waits for Hu Dawei they to complete study, suddenly received the Zhang Feng signalling jade sword, Zhang Feng has been believing to tell Zhao Hai, Hundred Flower Valley has the messenger to arrive, the messenger comes Black Tiger Group to request reinforcements. The content in Zhao Hai look at jade sword cannot help but slightly stares, Hundred Flower Valley did there arrive at this degree? Needs to request reinforcements unexpectedly outward? Zhao Hai has hesitated, to Cai'er said : Cai'er, the nearest/recent Hundred Flower Valley there situation is what kind of? Were they in the situation that has needed to request reinforcements outward?” Cai'er deep voice said : does not have Elder Brother Hai Hundred Flower Valley there tactical situation although is not very good, but has not arrived the request helps, this several days time, they and fight of Heavenly Demon army also mutually has the casualty, we also received hundreds of thousands Undead Creature in there, such loss also being insufficient makes them request reinforcements is right.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : what plot looks like Hundred Flower Valley there has certainly, will otherwise not do, requests reinforcements, do these fellows want to do?” Cai'er deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, the place of although Hundred Flower Valley most core we have not received in Space, but the Hundred Flower Valley there general situation we were actually knew, Hundred Flower Valley there has plenty cultivator has not used, but these cultivator, carried on the practice in a Hundred Flower Valley very confidential place, little made an appearance, the person who therefore knew were not many.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then deep voice said : said that Hundred Flower Valley did put own person not to need, to run up to our here to request reinforcements? Are these fellows what kind of? Do they want to reduce their losses with this method?” Laura deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai. you said that Hundred Flower Valley can also hit with our same ideas? They request reinforcements outward. Probably they did not have the ample force, then hides own card in a hand, after repelling day Demon Realm, they are showing the card in a hand, seizure Northern Divergent Province at one fell swoop.”

Zhao Hai stares, is two eyes bright said : very much has the possibility, Hundred Flower Valley these fellows are not good thing, they might do very much, he he, the ambitions of these fellows will not be small.” Laura deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai. Even knew their plot, we didn't need to dispatch troops?” Why does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : not to send? We naturally must dispatch troops, will lose many people, when the time comes can suspect our Black Tiger Group on nobody.” Laura stares. Then frowns said : as the matter stands, the person of commanding troops must electing well, besides Elder Brother Hai you, I unable to think that who cannot lead a such army, if trusts the wrong person, that vacation lost is easy changes becoming true loses.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that I to go, I to have a look, Hundred Flower Valley there can play to play tricks.” Laura stares, then deep voice said : „, but Elder Brother Hai you, if went to Hundred Flower Valley there, what to do that here can? Whom first regiment can you give to come command(er)?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I said to First Senior Brother my plan. Has a look at the opinion of First Senior Brother, if First Senior Brother does not make me go, I.” Laura nodded, Zhao Hai has put out the signalling jade sword, sent the letter to Zhang Feng, has advocated own opinion with Zhang Feng, simultaneously he hopes that Zhang Feng they can send a person to take over the first regiment. After Zhang Feng received the Zhao Hai signalling even sword, has gawked, then his immediately Hu Liangchen looking, has then given Hu Liang early morning said : the signalling jade sword Uncle Hu, you had a look. This is the meaning of Little Hai.” Hu Liangchen received signalling jade sword, spiritual force searches toward , after having looked at the content, cannot help but frowned said : the idea of Little Hai to is very good, but the first regiment does not have the appropriate person to take over now. First regiment there cannot drop in any event.” Zhang Feng also nodded said : I is also this meaning, but requesting reinforcements of this Hundred Flower Valley. If we did not strive, also will have some troubles, Hundred Flower Valley these fellows were not good thing, if we did not send reinforcement, perhaps these fellows will cause any matter to come, simultaneously this faction reinforcement, can a strength better hideaway of our Black Tiger Group, let these people to our thorough feel relieved.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : that to make Little Hai go to one, the first regiment, I looked that temporarily first makes the iron hawk manage, the strength of iron hawk suffices, moreover his manner is steady, although he is inferior to Little Hai on command(er), but stands firm the present situation of first regiment should not to have the issue, when Little Hai has solved the Hundred Flower Valley there situation, in letting him came back to take over the first regiment to be good, on the other hand, now besides Little Hai, nobody can control result in the first regiment, these fellows of first regiment besides Little Hai, but everyone refused to accept.” Zhang Feng laughs said : „, this is the Little Hai fierce place, ok, presses the office that Uncle Hu you said that happen to iron hawk Big Brother now also in the first regiment, makes him manage the first regiment temporarily, I believe that Little Hai it will not take long can come back.” Hu Liangchen nodded, Zhang Feng immediately put out the signalling jade sword to send the letter to Zhao Hai, simultaneously informed other Sect in Freedom Alliance, prepared to dispatch troops to support Hundred Flower Valley.

Supports Hundred Flower Valley not only absolutely Black Tiger Group a family/clan matter, but is the entire Freedom Alliance matter, Hundred Flower Valley there also comes to pray for rescue in the name of Hundred Flower Valley alliance, therefore Zhang Feng gave various Sect to send the letter directly, making everyone/Great Clan common discussed that must support Hundred Flower Valley. Various the quick Sect representatives arrived at Black Tiger Group here, various Sect representatives do not oppose to support Hundred Flower Valley, but regarding supporting the quantity of Hundred Flower Valley army, they actually think that does not benefit are too many, after all now Freedom Alliance situation not be considered well. Zhang Feng to is the ideas of understand these people, Freedom Alliance second regiment there, but just has blocked the attack of Heavenly Demon army, but first regiment there now is also Stage that the place refuses to compromise, at this time, various Sect can take to support the Hundred Flower Valley army, the quantity has not calculated too. Finally Zhang Feng decided finally that dispatches troops to ten fifty thousand to support Hundred Flower Valley, Black Tiger Group dispatches troops to thirty thousand, remaining various Sect dispatch troops to 120,000, cultivator that these time sends, undergoes the Zhang Feng careful choice, the strengths of these people strongest is Nascent Soul Stage, worst Law Idol time sent out, Zhang Feng must to Hundred Flower Valley one type of Black Tiger Group be the feeling of doing utmost, making Hundred Flower Valley remove the bottom to Black Tiger Group the giving up vigilance. Black Tiger Group also has certainly hideaway military strength, do not forget, Black Tiger Group the base is divided into several layers, now Black Tiger Group this base, to the outside what said that has one layer, actually has the several layers bystander truly is don’t know, they are more impossible to know this base if truly will fight strongly. But Black Tiger Group these hideaway military strength, move in other several layers, only then some Transmission Formation can go to there, therefore bystander simply don’t know Black Tiger Group also has the military strength that anything hides, now looked that Black Tiger Group sent cultivator of Law Idol, Black Tiger Group has put out the complete family property. But in Zhang Feng, when choice manpower, Zhao Hai also in making arrangement, the people and these Immortal Stage Expert of their first regiment all Junior Captain ranks, welcome to Yama Ship on, after waiting for all people to arrive at Yama Ship, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, I wanted the leave first regiment some time, the first regiment in following some time, turned over to iron hawk command(er), hopes that everyone/Great Clan coordinated him.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, in entire hall one chaotic, cultivator has stood, to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, you cannot walk, what to do did you walk us? Can you go to that? Our opposite may also millions day Demon Realm army, making others come command(er) we, my feel relieved, Army Commander, you cannot walk.” Other people also shout, these Immortal Stage Expert have opened the mouth, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan peaceful, listening to me saying that I just received information, Hundred Flower Valley alliance there do not live in the attack of day Demon Realm army, since they can not our Freedom Alliance request reinforcements, but our Freedom Alliance military strength were not many, did not have the means that finally in the alliance decided that making my lead the army support Hundred Flower Valley alliance there, I know that everyone/Great Clan has thought the Hundred Flower Valley alliance there life, with our it doesn't matter, but everyone/Great Clan thought not to have, in the day Demon Realm eye, may not have no Hundred Flower Valley alliance, Freedom Alliance, In their eyes, only then cultivator, we are cultivator, if Hundred Flower Valley alliance there has defeated, their army will wield the armed forces to attack our Freedom Alliance, when the time comes we feared that cannot block their attacks, interdependence of two neighboring states, Hundred Flower Valley alliance there we have to rescue.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that peaceful, they know right that Zhao Hai said that but they do not want to make Zhao Hai walk, because in their opinion, Zhao Hai was the safeguard of victory, if Zhao Hai walked, they really lacked self-confidence. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }