Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1838

How Zhao Hai and don’t know hundred flowers Valley Master appraises his, regarding hundred flowers Valley Master to his manner, he to does not have to care, hundred flowers Valley Master makes although to make Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but Zhao Hai does not need to be angry, he to carry on own plan, therefore comes Hundred Flower Valley here, hundred flowers Valley Master to his anything manner, that is unimportant. For those Li Xunhua is somewhat embarrassed, he left the hundred flowers to bring up the rear with Zhao Hai, Zhao Junior Brother to said : of Zhao Hai apology, was really embarrassed, our Valley Master such has not bothered about trifles, you should not be offended.”. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : there, Valley Master is also a personality people, I like Valley Master such disposition very much.” Li Xunhua smiles said : that to be good, Junior Brother please first rest along with me, other person some people will arrange, right Junior Brother, wants me to give you to arrange two people to wait on the bedroom? Our Hundred Flower Valley maidservant very much will serve the person.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really Li Xunhua actually will say such words, he shook the head said : not to need, the thanks a lot Senior Brother Li good intention, my a while must have a look at other cultivator, you to tell me them to be OK in there.” Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that nodded said : well, a while I arranged the person to bring you to go, Senior Brother some of my matters, could not accompany you, excused me.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Senior Brother not to need so polite, you I am the ally, that was a whole family, does not need such politely.” Li Xunhua nodded, leading Zhao Hai to walk outward, however in his eye. Is actually flashing meaning unclear radiance. Before long they left hundred flowers palace. To Hundred Flower Valley, Li Xunhua brought Zhao Hai to arrive to Cave Mansion that he arranges, this is in very good Cave Mansion, attractiveness that very inside decorates, specifically is used to entertain the guest. But in this Cave Mansion most noticeable is, the inside also two maidservants, these two maidservants wear the cultivator robe, their cultivator robes after careful cutting out, their curves very good outlined, although not in these woman that attire expositions like hundred flowers palace. Also is very attractive. Li Xunhua looked at that two maidservant one eyes, shows a faint smile said : to Zhao Hai these two to the maidservant who you prepares, they may after the attentive training, you want there. Can make them bring you to go, naturally, you has also been able to handle any matter to them, has remembered, is any matter.” Zhao Hai stares, then has smiled bitterly, has held holding the fist in the other hand to Li Xunhua, Li Xunhua then turn around leave, but that two maidservant obedient standing in the one side, besides have saluted to Zhao Hai most from the beginning. Was not having other acting. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : you knows that sits along with Freedom Alliance cultivator that my together came in there? Do I want to take a look at them?” immediately/on horseback said : in two maidservant return to the mister words, we know that mister please come along with me.”

Did Zhao Hai nod said : you to name?” That maidservant said : returns to the mister words, I called the lily.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, lily, let's go.” The lily has complied with one, leading Zhao Hai to leave Cave Mansion, flew outward, Zhao Hai noted. This was called the maidservant of lily, unexpectedly was the Gold Core Stage strength, wants on strong some compared with these reinforcement strengths that he brought. The quick lily led Zhao Hai to a Hundred Flower Valley outside place, there to have big piece Cave Mansion, but Freedom Alliance cultivator was arranged there. Can look. Hundred Flower Valley person, regarding these cultivator to also good. Gave them to arrange piece of region alone, moreover person who there is Hundred Flower Valley was busy preparing in there. Zhao Hai arrived at that piece of region, Freedom Alliance these cultivator immediately has recognized him, these person of immediately saluted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was also, no matter that Sect cultivator, he will chat several with the opposite party, asks the situation that the opposite party lived was what kind, but also several Cave Mansion visited. Hundred Flower Valley this arrangement is very good, each Cave Mansion cleans very clean, interior decoration in Cave Mansion to not being luxuriously, but also was good. Also chatted a while Zhao Hai then arrived at Black Tiger Group these cultivator region with these cultivator, Black Tiger Group these time dispatches troops to thirty thousand, was in all Sect dispatches troops many, but cultivator of has plenty Law Idol time, the strength was not very strong. But these cultivator saw Zhao Hai to come, each and every one appeared excited, did not have the means that in these people the has plenty people regarded the idol Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai optional chats with these people, optional passes through in the sides of these people, then returned to own Cave Mansion, has gone to rest, all look like that normal. However actually nobody presently, after Zhao Hai walked, all Black Tiger Group gang members returned to own Cave Mansion, good long time not to have come out, even if some people saw, will not think of anything. Nobody knows, after Zhao Hai walks, all Black Tiger Group cultivator, presently their in hand were many a piece jade slip, near their ears also has resounded simultaneously the Zhao Hai sound, after letting in their returned to Cave Mansion, is looking at these jade slip.

After these person of returned to Cave Mansion, looks at the content in jade slip understand what's the matter, this jade slip can be said as a piece protects oneself Jade Talisman, is a piece Illusion formation, his most important does with can help these cultivator are blocking Immortal Stage following Expert most fatally to strike, after blocking strikes, jade slip formation will start, after formation start, will produce Illusion, probably he had been hit dead, then they will be returned to Black Tiger Group by Transmission, but Undead Creature will fall to below, probably he died was really same. This is the way of practicing trickery Zhao Hai finds to come out, so long as has used this move, that Black Tiger Group these low level cultivator did not use, but others also think that the Black Tiger Group person died. Before reason that has not used this move in first regiment there , because first regiment there by too many person look at, if he has used this move, but finally these person of brief inspection corpses time, presently simply does not have the Black Tiger Group cultivator corpse, they will certainly suspect that therefore sacrificed must have, but cannot sacrifice now. Has rested for day in Cave Mansion, next morning, Zhao Hai will come out from Cave Mansion, gathered all Freedom Alliance people, his here just a person gathered, Li Xunhua arrived. Li Xunhua look at has gathered good Freedom Alliance cultivator, somewhat cannot help but affected, he too clear one in the Hundred Flower Valley situation, the Hundred Flower Valley simply non- city wants any reinforcement, but now Freedom Alliance takes the final family property, how this lets him not to be affected. Li Xunhua has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, does not need so to worry, lets the brothers in rest well one?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, now is not the rest time, is not the quick point leads us to go to frontline to have a look.” Li Xunhua looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, Zhao Junior Brother comes with me.” Said that led Zhao Hai they to go to the Hundred Flower Valley Transmission square. To Hundred Flower Valley Transmission square there, Zhao Hai presently Transmission square there has prepared, Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua got up Transmission Formation first, the white light person dodged, they disappeared in Hundred Flower Valley, other Freedom Alliance cultivator, got up Transmission Formation with them, vanished with their together in Transmission Formation, after they walked, second batch of Freedom Alliance cultivator also got up Transmission Formation, a batch batch of Freedom Alliance cultivator, vanished in Transmission Formation. When Zhao Hai when sees clearly all around situation, he presently arrived at Hundred Flower Valley frontline Encampment there, this place his not Mo Sheng, Zhao Hai in Space, not only has looked at one chapter. This is one is not very high mountain, before was the mountain gate/entrance site that a small lot let, but that small Sect already moved out now, this Encampment turned into Hundred Flower Valley alliance army Encampment, resists Heavenly Demon Race army most front. Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua appears in here, some immediately person of people welcomed, this person of cultivator robe, on the cultivator robe is embroidering the hundred flowers, air/Qi of powder, the hand operated folding fan, how sees is a Young Master song.

Zhao Hai looks at this person, has not thought also knew that this person of Ruyi Scepter Young Master Hua Wushang, before went to day Demon Realm there to carry on the person who Heavenly Demon practices wushu with Zhao Hai together, Zhao Hai ships out an accidental appearance, actually he is actually knows that this Hua Wushang Hundred Flower Valley frontline Chief Commander. Hua Wushang hears very by thinking highly of hundred flowers Valley Master, had been regarded next generation Valley Master to train him, will otherwise not make him be responsible for such important matter. Hua Wushang arrives at Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua side, immediately bows said : to see Senior Brother Li to Li Xunhua, has seen Mr. Zhao Hai.” Li Xunhua nodded, smiles said : to spend Junior Brother, laborious you, this Mr. Zhao Hai has supported specially our, hopes the cooperation that you they can make a concerted effort, must give a day Demon Realm serious lesson.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Senior Brother Li to be too polite hastily, spends Senior Brother, before went to Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, I also and spent Senior Brother to have the casual acquaintance, this little brother brought and spends Senior Brother to battle together, was really being honored of little brother.” Hua Wushang one hear of Zhao Hai arrogant appearances do not have, some happy said : Zhao Junior Brother was too polite, these time for the brother must well is good with Zhao Junior Brother study study, I heard that Zhao Junior Brother you with day Demon Realm to fighting now, is not one several.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Senior Brother chatted, Junior Brother that had such skill, although our there has also blocked the attack of day of Demon Realm, but lost very miserable to be also heavy, hasn't you seen? Now our Freedom Alliance there, cannot take including nice Expert, cultivator of Law Idol time sent, if our there if in having anything lost, that feared that was can only relying on Mountain Guardian Great Formation tough it out.” Hua Wushang also noted these at this time with cultivator that Zhao Hai comes, sees these cultivator strengths, Hua Wushang also cannot help but knitting the brows head, his command(er) ability although is ordinary, but these days he fought with day Demon Realm army also has several times, his very clear, by cultivator of these Law Idol times, simply is not the Heavenly Demon army match, Zhao Hai brings cultivator of these Law Idol times to come now, this there supports that saw that the looks like brought death. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }