Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1839
Hua Wushang is the key person in Hundred Flower Valley, why must look like the Freedom Alliance rescue regarding Hundred Flower Valley, he is very clear, he knows that Sect this is must let Freedom Alliance fellow big bleeding, when has tidied up the day Demon Realm person, convenient also Freedom Alliance tidying up. However now looked that blood many of by alliance being come is cultivator of Law Idol time, this cannot help but made Hua Wushang somewhat puzzled, his understand, why Freedom Alliance did not send these people to come, cultivator of these Law Idol times came also only to bring death, what most important was, this cannot get up to weaken the Freedom Alliance strength the effect. Li Xunhua look at Hua Wushang appearance, was saying anything, at this time entire base suddenly has resounded heaven-shaking hum the sound, this sound one listens to know that is the warning sound. Zhao Hai stares, Hua Wushang also stares, then complexion changes said : these bastards, but also was endless, Senior Brother Li, Zhao Junior Brother, has not done right by, the day Demon Realm fellow came, I must have a look.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to be how polite, you as one likes is, Senior Brother Li, or we have a look, ten thousand sects, you dresses ranks in here, should not be chaotic.” The ten thousand sects that Zhao Hai called, in this Black Tiger Group sent, one of the few Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, he also knows certainly why this Black Tiger Group sent, he came to help the Zhao Hai gang, Zhao Hai also already told other people, he not, when must listen to ten thousand sects, therefore Zhao Hai such will tell. ten thousand sects has complied with one, starts to dress ranks, these just Freedom Alliance cultivator that came out from Transmission Formation. Obedient according to standing of ten thousand sects gate in there. They do not dare to get up to puncture with Zhao Hai, in their Sect these strength formidable Sister Senior Brother do not dare in a Zhao Hai front thorn, do not say them. Zhao Hai has not actually managed the here person, he arrived at Encampment outside with Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua quickly, now Encampment outside the prepare large quantities of formation, these formation also all opened, all cultivator also gathered in Encampment, but looked at their appearances, was a little chaotic, cultivator of these Law Idol times greatly was inferior compared with Zhao Hai was bringing. Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to these cultivator of Hundred Flower Valley alliance. What he pays attention was opposite these days Demon Realm cultivator, the army quantity that day Demon Realm these time sent was not many, only then about 1 million, Great Magical Artifact also had about 50. Still is Great Magical Artifact before, Battalion troops after the formation arrangement way, that swaggering clashes toward Encampment here. The look at day Demon Realm these cultivator appearances, Zhao Hai was really some don’t know said that any was good, in first regiment opposite day Demon Realm cultivator, does not dare absolutely such swaggering toward their Encampment attacks, even the Moli Ke regiment will only send out some small confrontation that some small parts and Zhao Hai they sent, one time sends out the matter that the 1 million person attacked like, Moli Ke is will not do absolutely. Fierce of Moli Ke very clear Zhao Hai, if he sends out the 1 million person to attack to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai this 1 million person swallowing, met minimum to make him die several two hundred thousand, therefore Moli Ke and Zhao Hai battled time, either was the population 10,000 squad attacks, either was the army sends out, does the 1 million person want to attack Encampment of first regiment? He has a dream. But dares in here day Demon Realm army, moreover such flagrant, such rampant, has probably not paid attention to be the same Cultivation World cultivator.

Zhao Hai paid attention to the Hua Wushang expression, on the Hua Wushang face although had an anger. What this anger are more was for day Demon Realm army at this time, but not because of the rampancy of day Demon Realm army, even Zhao Hai still in the Hua Wushang eye, saw fear. Zhao Hai cannot help but at heart was shaking the head, it seems like that this Hundred Flower Valley makes Hua Wushang come commanding a war. Itself is a mistake, Zhao Hai very holds clearly. That cordiality in Hua Wushang eye, is very likely when carried on Heavenly Demon to practice wushu had, that time Heavenly Demon practiced wushu to say that completely was a mistake, all day Demon Realm cultivator, besides Zhao Hai, pursuing was in chaotic situation by the day Demon Realm person, Zhao Hai believes that many cultivator, their have laid down at heart to the Heavenly Demon Race shadow, but these cultivator, the status in various Sect did not calculate lowly, this mood will affect other person possibly. At this time day Demon Realm army soon had also arrived at Encampment there, their Great Magical Artifact, started to batter, many formation that the Hundred Flower Valley alliance arranged directly were destroyed, but at this time, Hundred Flower Valley alliance here sent out more than 20 Great Magical Artifact to go to meet the enemy, met the enemy, might as well said is the diversion, these person of simply do not dare Great Magical Artifact direct the conflict with day Demon Realm, but feigned to attack the day Demon Realm Great Formation appearance, bringing day Demon Realm Great Magical Artifact to be separated from Great Formation, was not destroying formation. Day Demon Realm these Great Magical Artifact, to this matter being used to it, Great Magical Artifact of Hundred Flower Valley alliance came out probably, they also automatically were separated from Great Formation, Great Magical Artifact have confronted in there mutually, everyone was motionless anyone. Then day Demon Realm army starts the full attack, they are divided into an only squad, kills toward Hundred Flower Valley alliance Encampment, but Hundred Flower Valley alliance here, actually the complete color took the defensive, everyone/Great Clan has formed Great Formation to defend, did not dare actively made war with day Demon Realm army. Zhao Hai sees this situation, some one type of in the feeling of showing the whites of the eyes, he presently Hundred Flower Valley alliance here has plenty cultivator, regarding day Demon Realm some the psychology of fear, they resemble simply not to think the counter-attack, they stay in here now, but is accompanying day Demon Realm army to play a game of attack and defense drilling, moreover day Demon Realm army or the player, army of Hundred Flower Valley alliance is only the pitiful trainer. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai spits the bad strength not to have really continually, before he knows that Hundred Flower Valley alliance here was taking the defensive, but he has not thought that this defensive unexpectedly so thorough, this was really makes him very speechless. If said strictly that now the Zhao Hai first regiment is also taking the defensive, however the defensive may want actively to much, even once for a while also will send for day Demon Realm army there harassing. Zhao Hai will make a bet. Entire Cultivation World city, only then his first regiment dares to do, because he gives the first regiment note child by previous marriage soul, the first regiment does not fear day Demon Realm, because of day Demon Realm in their in hand, has not asked to be good. This looks like in Zhao Hai, the bored attack and defense exercise, was held for one hour to retreat to drop the curtain by day Demon Realm army. Zhao Hai although is very impatient, but he does not have a point expression, conversely. His eye stares in the Eldest Child look at field, probably is feared that misses any detail to be the same. Zhao Hai truly change in attention field, but he pays attention is not Hundred Flower Valley alliance these cultivator fighting strength, looks like in Zhao Hai. Some cold cultivator of balls, simply is not cultivator, that feared that is their strength is very strong, they lost that not to fear the heart of Heaven and Earth, he did not awake is called cultivator.

What Zhao Hai in observation is the performance of day Demon Realm army, but after having looked, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed, the performance of this day Demon Realm army, is not stronger than Moli Ke, even said might as well Moli Ke army. Moli Ke army multiple with the first regiment battle of Zhao Hai, although they have not obtained any small advantage, but Zhao Hai actually presently Moli Ke is an intelligent fellow, he unceasing study in war, now his command(er) level was good. However opposite this only Heavenly Demon army refers to near level, was worse than Moli Ke, not only two plan, although these Heavenly Demon strengths not compared with the Moli Ke army difference, but opposite this army, if with the first regiment puts right, Zhao Hai leaves 3 million people, they leave 6 million people. Zhao Hai can in one day, eat the opposite party 1 million person, but to Moli Ke, Zhao Hai may unable to achieve this point. After day Demon Realm army retreats, Hua Wushang relaxed. The immediately arrangement person restores formation, arrangement formation again. Against place wounded person, as for cultivator that these died, nobody will go to manage. Zhao Hai sees here, shook the head, must know that processing these well died the cultivator corpse, has very tremendous influence to these cultivator morale, Hua Wushang these died the cultivator corpse not to process now, you makes these living does cultivator think? How they also possibly go to go all out with the day Demon Realm person. Li Xunhua obviously is also not this talented person in aspect, he did not think Hua Wushang does has anything not to be right, in Cultivation World a very selfish place, cultivator cultivator, that feared that is his before death strength, after he died did not have any use value, naturally will not have the person to pay attention to him. Good person of little while Hua Wushang to handle on hand on matter, arrived at Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua side, bowed said : to be unfair to Senior Brother Li to them, Zhao Junior Brother, has not thought that the day Demon Realm person has attacked at this time unexpectedly, disturbed two.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to spend Senior Brother is really too polite, this time we were enter the war, had anything to disturb, to be honest, saw has spent the Senior Brother defense tactic, I by much opening, our Freedom Alliance with am too been also ruthless before, although that day Demon Realm army put together looked like does not drop the wind probably, but lost was too big, now we have also taken the defensive, spoke the truth, we in defensive, came compared with high-flying firecracker attached to a reed stalk Senior Brother, must in the difference many, I think that the flowered Senior Brother procedure was, day of Demon Realm this time attack too suddenly Entire Cultivation World had not responded, if other people also like us, hardly spell with day Demon Realm, that feared that is the loss of our Cultivation World serious, before our Black Tiger Group, has some preparations, this hardly spells with day Demon Realm, thing that but we prepared finally before has thrown, cannot repel Heavenly Demon army, therefore also can only defend now, yeah, the attack ability of our Black Tiger Group to day Demon Realm, underestimated before, suffered a loss.” Zhao Hai now is in the mouthful running train, nobody knows in any case matter straight, Zhao Hai understand, army although of Freedom Alliance to ascending the sky Demon Realm won several, but these Great Sect have not paid attention to Freedom Alliance \; first, because they have Soaring Dragon Realm this card in a hand, second is, reason that in their opinion, Freedom Alliance can win, entirely because of Freedom Alliance in the reason of going all out, they do not believe that Freedom Alliance can defeat day Demon Realm army with own strength. Zhao Hai such a saying, instead to confirmed now their idea, these people instead to will not suspect. Person sometimes such strange, obviously is the truth of fact, but many people are think that is fake, obviously is the lie, but actually some people think that is real, because only then such is reasonable. After Zhao Hai said that on the face of Hua Wushang has shown a smiling face, facial expression that in the eye of Li Xunhua this old fox flashes through understanding clearly, is very obvious, they have believed the Zhao Hai words. Li Xunhua deep voice said : Zhao Junior Brother, here is not the speech place, we first went non- to injure Junior Brother Cave Mansion saying that I heard, on Zhao Junior Brother tasty two Spirit Wine, I have let non- injure Junior Brother to prepare the high grade hundred flowers to ferment, waited for you to taste.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Li looked for flowers said that cannot help but gawked, said : that then two eyes shone „did hundred flowers ferment? Before is , does you give my? Good fantastic, I, but good long time not to have drunk to have been to that type of liquor, flavor fantastic of that liquor, has now thought I also greedy serious, because of the frontline war too anxious words, I feared that was must on Hundred Flowers Sect ask for two bottles to drink personally.” Zhao Hai said naturally is that type of viper beautiful woman liquor, he pretended the liquor hidden appearance before, now naturally cannot reveal the secret, must develop to be good well. Li Xunhua listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but slightly gawked, then his immediately understand Zhao Hai in saying anything, he smiles said : to be good to ask Zhao Junior Brother you hastily to know that gave you that liquor, may be most high grade hundred flowers ferments, that liquor our Hundred Flower Valley storage quantity were not many, therefore these time feared that was also really with, but Junior Brother you feel relieved, when Junior Brother you went back, I delivered certainly the you two vase bottles.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be so best, is so best, little brother my impolite.” Hua Wushang knows certainly that liquor that Zhao Hai said is any liquor, in his eye flashes through a happy expression, then he turns the head Zhao Junior Brother to drink the hundred flowers that to Zhao Hai said : that type supplies especially to ferment, that is the brother with, that is in the gang entertains the distinguished guest to use, for brother here, only then some ordinary hundred flowers ferment, hopes that can also enter the mouth of Junior Brother, Junior Brother invites.” Said hand signal that has made invitation. Zhao Hai also hastily returned a courtesy said : Senior Brother to be too polite, please.” Three people fly shoulder to shoulder toward Hua Wushang Cave Mansion, before long arrived at Hua Wushang Cave Mansion, Hua Wushang Cave Mansion is very big, good that also in Cave Mansion arranges . Moreover the inside also several women, three people just sat down, Hua Wushang immediately makes that several women take the liquor, that several women have complied with one, before long the Righteous Sect hundred flowers fermented to carry. After three people have drunk one glass of liquor, Hua Wushang then deep voice said : present frontline here is a flesh and blood grinding pan, many military strength are insufficient, but we in the strength of high-end, come in the difference compared with day Demon Realm many, now also can only such refuse to compromise, yeah, this way, our losses were too big.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }