Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1840
Zhao Hai one hear of Hua Wushang such sighed that cannot help but has gawked, their Hundred Flower Valley is not thinks that is weakening other influences the strengths? Now how to have such sigh. However changes mind thinks that Zhao Hai on understand, they must consume other influences the strengths, but will be invisible, therefore Hua Wushang such sighed that does completely to him looks. Sighing said : that Zhao Hai also puts on airs was negligent, these time was really too negligent, before I think that our Black Tiger Group had some preparations, did not need to be worried that these Heavenly Demon Race, have not actually thought that to was finally negligent, the Heavenly Demon Race strength stemmed from that we expected, was adding on our Black Tiger Group itself to have a weak foundation, although received some Rogue Cultivator, but these Rogue Cultivator strengths, yeah, did not say, now only hopes that can very this close, by our restoration strengths slowly, so long as gave us more time, we on having confidence the day Demon Realm person. Dragging.” A Zhao Hai such saying, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua complexion changed, because of them presently, these that Zhao Hai says, not only to Heavenly Demon Race is suitable, to they also same being suitable. Before they to had forgotten , before Black Tiger Group, received my Rogue Cultivator to enter to Sect in very much, if made them restore to the Black Tiger Group too much time, their strengths will be getting stronger and stronger. Thinks of here, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua felt that should make the best use of the time to cope with Black Tiger Group, if makes Black Tiger Group extensive, that consequence was dreadful. Their although at heart are transferring such thought. However on the face has not actually displayed. Still drinks with Zhao Hai together, chats the Demon Realm army matter. Zhao Hai looked that their appearances know they are thinking anything, but Zhao Hai has not actually cared, in fact just matter he intentionally said that he must make Hundred Flower Valley unable to sit still, must make nine Great Sect unable to sit still, must make nine Great Sect have to use their cards in a hand, repelled day Demon Realm army. although day Demon Realm army invades Cultivation World didn't have long time, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, now the cultivator casualties were not small. Moreover many of dying are some ordinary cultivator, lowest level cultivator, various Great Sect Core Disciple had almost not died in battle, various Great Sect currently estimated that with the same idea that Black Tiger Group has. They want to consume other Sect strength/Origin Qi, is good to gain the even bigger benefit. Zhao Hai although also wants to exhauste other Sect strengths, however speaks the truth, now he does not think, after having Hu Dawei them, Zhao Hai has not needed to exhauste these Sect strengths now, he must wait for nine Great Sect to shine now the card in a hand, then nine Great Sect tidying up.

Therefore he must stimulate Hundred Flower Valley now first, is making Hundred Flower Valley pass to Ten Thousand Monster Sect this information, when the time comes is other Great Sect had not responded. Ten Thousand Monster Sect certainly will have the response, because other Great Sect said strictly that does not have what enmity with Black Tiger Group, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect actually, ten thousand do not know the sect to have the big enmity with Black Tiger Group, if the Black Tiger Group strength is really getting stronger and stronger, then regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect absolutely is not the good matter. although said that Ten Thousand Monster Sect did not cope with Hundred Flower Valley, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, in this world does not have forever enemy, especially these Great Sect. After Hundred Flower Valley, wants to have the words of any show in Northern Divergent Province here, Ten Thousand Monster Sect is that they can never circle past exists. Ten Thousand Monster Sect strength very formidable, Hundred Flower Valley also will possibly do against with Ten Thousand Monster Sect before, but point that they do, is lets some Sect regarding in their sides. Like this they can gain the even bigger benefit. However now the situation is different, the Heavenly Demon invasion is a huge variable. The entire Cultivation World aspect stirring one group of chaotic, Hundred Flower Valley also wants in having the words of any show, if that wants the means to cooperate with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, even if not cooperate with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, must help supply each other with Ten Thousand Monster Sect. It looks like in Zhao Hai this is also normal, now is Freedom Alliance, will help supply each other with Ten Thousand Monster Sect, does not have the means that but now time of Heavenly Demon invasion, if at this time were been completely isolated is not the good matter, moreover regarding Ten Thousand Monster Sect them, Black Tiger Group can definitely draw back after day Demon Realm army is tidying up, before that making Black Tiger Group absorb the part of Heavenly Demon army attention, advantage even bigger regarding them. Because of this situation, although says in Cultivation World now contradictory layer on layer, when facing day Demon Realm, the people will carry out the cooperation. In fact nine Great Sect people do not hope to use their cards in a hand, is these Soaring Dragon Realm Expert, if after all these people leave Soaring Dragon Realm in cannot go, but in Cultivation World here existing Expert, the has plenty people come out from Soaring Dragon Realm there, lost is entering the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, as the matter stands, Cultivation World cannot enter the Soaring Dragon Realm person on equal to, such words regarding the Cultivation World show are very disadvantageous. Zhao Hai did not understand how these Great Sect think, but he knows formidable relationship, therefore he must compel these Great Sect to begin, lets these Great Sect people, as soon as possible day Demon Realm these fellows solving, this Cultivation World these ordinary cultivator little will die , has preserved strength/Origin Qi for Cultivation World. Also has drunk a while liquor with Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua, Zhao Hai on leave Hua Wushang Cave Mansion, returned to in own Cave Mansion, ten thousand sects is in his Cave Mansion is waiting for him.

After they see exchanging greetings, Zhao Hai turns the head to ten thousand sects said : ten thousand sects, is the everyone/Great Clan mood what kind of?” ten thousand sects smiles said : „is very good, Senior Brother you has given them Jade Token , their understand what's the matter, although they have not said that but the mood is very stable.” Zhao Hai nodded, after deep voice said : this war, I want soon nine Great Sect to begin, we must prepare completely safe, you, and gets down first, appease good everyone/Great Clan, do not say the Jade Token matter.” ten thousand sects smiles said : Senior Brother feel relieved to be good, the everyone/Great Clan understand Senior Brother pains, are adding on our Black Tiger Group in more than one year, has carried on multiple cleaning up to in the gang, other Sect these nail/saboteur were already dialed, some people will not reveal absolutely this information.” Zhao Hai nodded, beckoned with the hand, ten thousand sects then bowed to retreat, but Zhao Hai has actually put out a signalling jade sword, sent the letter to Zhang Feng, told Zhang Feng the matter that he thought that making Zhang Feng their there early prepare. But at this time, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua were also discussing in Hua Wushang Cave Mansion the Zhao Hai words, Hua Wushang rotated in hand wine glass said : Zhao Hai just words not to be groundless, if made Black Tiger Group restore to come, feared that was when the time comes is Ten Thousand Monster Sect wants to cope with them, was not an easy matter, after all in Black Tiger Group also had Zhao Hai this variable to exist, Zhao Hai beforehand although said very low-key, but day Demon Realm in his hand ate several times to owe actually real, obviously his command(er) ability was not truly ordinary, Senior Brother Li, did you say us to want the means Zhao Hai except?” Li Xunhua shook the head said : „, if not think that immediately and Black Tiger Group have no consideration for face, should better not to do, you did not understand that status of Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group, status of Zhao Hai in Black Tiger Group is very high, even if current Black Tiger Group Gang Master Zhang Feng, is the brothers is also symmetric to Zhao Hai that moreover these ordinary gang members in Black Tiger Group, to Zhao Hai are worships, what most important is, the first regiment that now Freedom Alliance and day Demon Realm confronts, by Zhao Hai control, if Zhao Hai had an accident, the response of Black Tiger Group is very certainly big, the first regiment will live the disturbance certainly, if at that time, day of Demon Realm A seize the opportunity pressure, that Freedom Alliance must be finished, Freedom Alliance was finished, on that day Demon Realm seven million army must toward attacking our Hundred Flower Valley, when the time comes our situations will not have compared Freedom Alliance to be good many, feared that was in the gang all strengths must shine, for a person such did, was unworthy, said it, Zhao Hai was not easy to kill.” Hua Wushang nodded said : that on temporary does not kill Zhao Hai, but I think that we should tell Valley Master this matter, even told Ten Thousand Monster Sect, because Ten Thousand Monster Sect does not certainly want to make the Black Tiger Group strength too strong.” Li Xunhua nodded said : truly so, Ten Thousand Monster Sect not look at Black Tiger Group strengthen, but now Black Tiger Group is at the weakest time, tidies up the Black Tiger Group best opportunity, if makes Black Tiger Group get strength back, they can use large quantities of commodities, trains these Rogue Cultivator, what when the time comes the Black Tiger Group strength will turn into, but also did not say, but Ten Thousand Monster Sect in wants to cope with Black Tiger Group difficulty by that time.”

Hua Wushang nodded, has put out the signalling jade sword, has input the content in, immediately let out, he must tell hundred flowers Valley Master today's matter, making hundred flowers Valley Master make the resolution. After release jade sword, Hua Wushang then deep voice said : under we must do, how has a look at the Zhao Hai command(er) ability, I to have a look, Zhao Hai was bringing cultivator of these Law Idol times, to Heavenly Demon army time, what performance will have.” Li Xunhua shows a faint smile said : I also to have a look, after all the Zhao Hai success is placed in there, I to have a look, how he copes with day Demon Realm.” But their dialog Zhao Hai were actually looks in the eye that did not fall, currently in Hua Wushang Cave Mansion has many Liquid Silver dust, they said anything, naturally could not hide the truth from Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai hears their dialogs, cannot help but shows a faint smile, the matter is turning toward the direction show that he expects, what response he to wants to have a look at Ten Thousand Monster Sect to have. Stayed a small little while in own Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai came out from Cave Mansion, simultaneously gathered the Freedom Alliance ten fifty thousand armies, started to train and consolidate them. These time with the person strength that he comes is not very strong, if not train and consolidate them, feared that will be one puts in an appearance will make day Demon Realm army destroying completely, although these people were used to sacrifice, but if a value did not have to be sacrificed, that was not good, Zhao Hai must use to wield their doing completely comes out, therefore the training and consolidation were must, the training and consolidation from now on, these person will be will die, will draw in several days of Demon Realm people to make scapegoat. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }