Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1841

Report!” Is sitting, in Cave Mansion was chatting Zhao Hai Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua suddenly hears outside Cave Mansion to hear such one, they gawked, but Hua Wushang immediately/on horseback said : came.” Hundred Flower Valley cultivator walked, sees this person, what matter Hua Wushang immediately/on horseback said : „? What sound did Freedom Alliance these people have?”. Hua Wushang knew that this person, this person is he sends to arrange the Freedom Alliance these cultivator people, simultaneously this person also has to monitor the Freedom Alliance cultivator responsibility, now his suddenly appears in here, that was Freedom Alliance these cultivator has certainly a sound. Therefore Hua Wushang such will ask. That person of deep voice said : returns to the Martial Uncle words, just Zhao Hai suddenly to Freedom Alliance cultivator Encampment, he said that must train and consolidate these cultivator, can Martial Uncle look?” One hear of that people said that Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua could not sit still, they simultaneously stood got up to walk outward, they want to take a look, how training and consolidation Freedom Alliance cultivator Zhao Hai was, moreover Zhao Hai the training and consolidation suddenly, they also want to take a look at Zhao Hai to do. Before long they arrived at Freedom Alliance these cultivator Encampment, looks at these cultivator, came out from Cave Mansion, now well-mannered standing in there, Zhao Hai is adjusting the positions of these people. Saw them to come, Zhao Hai did immediately/on horseback nod said : to alarm two to them? Excuse me.” Li Xunhua smiles said : Zhao Junior Brother to speak the there words, we are also curious, therefore comes to have a look. Hearing Junior Brother must train and consolidate them. To be honest, before this trains and consolidates us, has made, but the effect is not very good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my this unable to be the training and consolidation, I want to understand that the attack methods of these people, then the people of some same attack methods divide in together, is not the great matter.” Truly like Zhao Hai said that the strength quite, attack or the defense capability suitable person divided in together, in Cultivation World here was not the great matter, in fact Hundred Flower Valley here also such made. If makes everyone/Great Clan mix in together, that one group of chaotic, will attack finally attacks inadequately, defends defends inadequately. This point is not Zhao Hai is bright, in fact among various Cultivation World here Sect mutually to war, will frequently do, is not the new and odd matter. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua although is not complete trust, but had not asked that but static standing in there look at Zhao Hai, what they to have a look at Zhao Hai to say is real.

Quick they were disappointed, what Zhao Hai said is real, Zhao Hai truly divided together some attack or the defense capability suitable person. Not anything specially. Looked at a while they to look to give a pretext leave, Zhao Hai truly has not made too many adjustments, he has been divided into the squad these cultivator, Junior Captain Zhao Hai of each squad gave him to divide communication device, and one in stressing, making these people probably obey his order, otherwise he will be impolite. These cultivator that dare not to listen to the order of Zhao Hai, their strength is inferior to Zhao Hai, if they do not listen to the order of Zhao Hai, but was butchered by Zhao Hai. Their Sect certainly not for them over, after all for Law Idol or Gold Core Stage cultivator, but annoys a Zhao Hai such powerful enemy, that is not the wise matter. After communication device gets down, Zhao Hai after them has carried on the short training. Then makes them rest, carries on wisdom temporarily training. To let the person knows how must coordinate, only then their fighting strength can wield like this completely. The training has carried on for three days, in these three days, although day Demon Realm person also occasional provokes, however the Freedom Alliance army had not actually gone to battle, continuously at training. However Hua Wushang they have not said anything, these ordinary cultivator in Hundred Flower Valley alliance have not said anything, these person of strengths that after all Zhao Hai brings in that pendulum, majority is the strengths of Law Idol time, such strength looks like in these cultivator, really insufficiently looks, if this with day Demon Realm army to, that also only then brings death. After three days of trainings, Zhao Hai had found Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua in Hua Wushang Cave Mansion, they also in the research how coping day Demon Realm person, after all before Sect has not set out the ultimate strength, here must go against by them. Is looking for them in this time Zhao Hai, as soon as they listened are Zhao Hai came, was intimate friends Zhao Hai please come in in Cave Mansion, this several days Zhao Hai was busy training and consolidating, even outside tactical situation has not paid attention continually, three people had three days not to meet, now Zhao Hai suddenly appears , to is lets Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua is somewhat accidental. After they Zhao Hai welcome to Cave Mansion has sat down, Hua Wushang look at Zhao Hai said : „does Zhao Junior Brother this time have what matter? If needs any commodity, please freely open the mouth, does not need to be polite.” It looks like in Hua Wushang, Zhao Hai has only trained and consolidated for three days, that is completely insufficient, regarding training and consolidating this matter, Hua Wushang has not done little, can say that from most from the beginning with Heavenly Demon Race army to fighting now, Hua Wushang has been training and consolidating his under the hand/subordinate person, but the effect is not tangible. Therefore Hua Wushang thinks that Zhao Hai this time is manages him to want the commodity, in this aspect Hua Wushang to not stingy, after all Zhao Hai but now supports their, if he in this aspect stingy, that will cause the idle talk.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to spend Senior Brother to be too polite, this time I was not want the commodity, person who this time I brought, was more abundant the person of Law Idol time, such person, uses any commodity to be also useless now to them, will not enhance too many fighting strength, will only waste thing, this time I came, wants to say a sound to flowered Senior Brother you, this training and consolidation had ended, under time Heavenly Demon army, I hopes that I can the belt they participate in the fight.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Hua Wushang cannot help but stares, then did he puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : to finish? Quickly?” Zhao Hai nodded, then has smiled bitterly next step: On their such strengths, is giving them how long, they are impossible to grow in a short time, said it, the best training ground is the battlefield, allowing them to participate in the fight, is the best training.” Hua Wushang one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, but his immediately/on horseback nodded said : that well, next Heavenly Demon army carries on, you enters the war on together, but these people give you to come command(er), how does you look?” These people who the meaning of Zhao Hai understand Hua Wushang, this Zhao Hai brings, the strength was too low, if disrupts to injure in their army these people the minute to the flowered Yuan, instead to may have the matter, because the strength of this person is too low, will implicate these people, might as well lets their to become Yijun, hands over by Zhao Hai command(er), what can make into to make into what is good. Zhao Hai does not have what opinion, he nodded said : well, all depend on to spend Senior Brother, I first prepared.” Hua Wushang nodded, Zhao Hai has stood, held the fist in the other hand turn around to walk to them. Waits for Zhao Hai to walk, Hua Wushang then turns the head to Li Xunhua said : Senior Brother Li, you said that Zhao Hai what is this? Why such worries to enter the war?” Li Xunhua shows a faint smile said : not to have what to be difficult to guess that I thought that he is thinks earlier makes these time die with the people who he comes, he was good , helping our Black Tiger Group is the wound pulsation bone, moreover I heard that Freedom Alliance first regiment there, the nearest/recent situation was not quite good, before they fought with day Demon Realm army, has not eaten too big owing, but Zhao Hai leave, day Demon Realm army knew probably, was carrying on attack to the first regiment, heard that tactical situation becoming serious of first regiment there, I want Zhao Hai to be want to go back to stand firm first. The regiment, helped us after is helping the bystander, but first regiment there, was relationship to the Black Tiger Group own interests.” Hua Wushang one hear of Li looked for flowers said that to has gawked, but his immediately understand Li Xunhua meaning, he cannot help but sighed that said : looked like my continuously underestimated Zhao Hai this fellow, the heart of this fellow also was really ruthless.” Li Xunhua sneers said : Zhao Hai , if not ruthless, he cannot arrive at today, I heard, this youngster is only Undead Creature has several hundred thousand, moreover hears these Undead Creature, is he begins to kill, you calculates to look, if he does not hate, can one kill several hundred thousand people?”

Hua Wushang first time hears this matter, his quickly said: How many hundred thousand? Is he kills? His being able to get down hand? That is several hundred thousand people, even if stands in there lets the homicide, he will also kill leniently?” Li Xunhua deep voice said : lenient? He, you will not have forgotten, he is Dark Magician, the homicide person time, can definitely make these Undead Creature kill, he does not need to begin personally, but that also begins with he personally almost, but I want in the Zhao Hai eye, the person unable to be a person, but is the each and every one tool.” Hua Wushang nodded, in his eye were also many to dread the color, after all cultivator, opposite has killed several hundred thousand people, completely not Lunatic that the human life was serious , the understanding lived to fear intent. Li Xunhua deep voice said : Black Tiger Group obtains Zhao Hai this person, truly is their luck, but we must pay attention to a point, before our Sect, even entire Cultivation World too does not attach great importance to Lower Realm cultivator, in Lower Realm cultivator has the talented person, but these talented people had not been used by us, the has plenty person died on the life and death stage directly, the waste, this too has wasted, it seems like, we must pay attention to the Lower Realm person.” Hua Wushang nodded said : truly is, no one has thought that Zhao Hai of Battle Slave family background will reach today this situation unexpectedly, Black Tiger Group because of him, had today's such aspect, Valley Master also starts to value the Lower Realm talented person now? However is a little probably late, I heard Black Tiger Group , since leaving Zhao Hai, was almost not participating in the life and death stage, all Lower Realm cultivator, alone had been trained by them, it seems like they got to know the benefits.” Li Xunhua smiles said : to get to know the benefits is not fake, but in this world the talented person like Zhao Hai, are too after all few, Black Tiger Group these time feared that plowed the air.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }