Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1842

! A grating alarm sound transmits, all person immediately/on horseback moved, flew in midair, the look at distant place, Heavenly Demon army in one time has killed. Zhao Hai and Hua Wushang also had the Li Xunhua three people to stand in there, day Demon Realm army that the look at distant place approached slowly, the attack of these days Demon Realm army still with the former same rampancy, swaggering came. In three people, Hundred Flower Valley army has also suspended the lineup, prepares to meet the enemy at any time, in Hundred Flower Valley army side, a scale smaller army, only then hundreds of thousands people, standing of these hundreds of thousands people of one face calm in there, the although strength is not strong, but is actually has a well-balanced cast, nobody moves heedlessly. These people arrive at here Cultivation World cultivator along with Zhao Hai, these cultivator underwent three days of training and consolidation already a little appearance, many of although in compared with Zhao Haoli army also difference, but most at least compares to Hundred Flower Valley army, looks like the appearance of army. Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua just were still paying attention to these Freedom Alliance cultivator, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai only used three days to make these cultivator turn into this appearance, this somewhat stemmed from their unexpected. At this time day Demon Realm army as usual, started to clean up these formation under Hundred Flower Valley alliance arrangement, both sides in one time have had the attack and defense exercise. Sends out to Hundred Flower Valley alliance here Great Magical Artifact, the Great Magical Artifact withdrawal from combat of both sides, day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon army flushed, army of both sides then starts to begin. But Zhao Hai when day Demon Realm army clashes, the hand wields. Also makes the Freedom Alliance army rush, they have hundreds of thousands people, but these hundreds of thousands people had been divided into the each and every one squad by Zhao Hai, all Junior Captain in hand. Has a piece communication device, Zhao Han crosses this communication device, can very convenient command(er) these squads. Hua Wushang although has been paying attention to the Hundred Flower Valley alliance army war, but he also very pays attention the sound of Freedom Alliance army, he wants to have a look at this strength weakest army, after meeting Heavenly Demon army, is any appearance. Hua Wushang regarding the Hundred Flower Valley alliance and fight of Heavenly Demon army, is not caring, because of his very clear. The enemy cannot attack, therefore he has the leisurely mood to pay attention to Freedom Alliance there. Li Xunhua is also paying attention to the Freedom Alliance army situation, but Zhao Hai was actually proceeded with the Freedom Alliance army, not in their sides. The quick Freedom Alliance army the sea naturally will not have made the Freedom Alliance army spell with Heavenly Demon army with the army contact of day Demon Realm in hardly, then with courting death not to have what difference, the Freedom Alliance army now possibly is not the Heavenly Demon army match, therefore Zhao Hai lets Freedom Alliance army, has formed one group. It looks like not a absurd extension circular saw is the same, scratched the Heavenly Demon army nearby to fly. The Freedom Alliance army when the Heavenly Demon army nearby flies, the outermost army has also handed over the inferior hand with Heavenly Demon army, these most surrounding cultivator. Had already revealed own Law Idol, these Law Idol anything styles had. However is the strength shapes.

This passed to destroy completely day of Demon Realm several hundred people, but in Freedom Alliance army also appears several casualties. Looked like is a scale in small conflicts. Naturally this has not ended, after the Freedom Alliance army has been far away from Heavenly Demon army, carried on to adjust, then in one time has scratched from Heavenly Demon army outside, once again has claimed several hundred Heavenly Demon lives, naturally have also paid dozens prices. Like the fight of small scale, was impossible to cause Heavenly Demon army with Hua Wushang their attention, but Hua Wushang actually notes now, his face damn same expression look at Freedom Alliance army. What fighting strength of Freedom Alliance army these people are, his very clear, even if they have revealed Law Idol now, has not made Hua Wushang look at them high, Law Idol that because these people shone, the multi- offices were the beast . Moreover the lowest level wood, naturally was impossible to bring to the attention of Hua Wushang. But is such one completely not by the army that he favors, in touches after the day Demon Realm twice junction, has actually created 1 : 10 casualty rates, they made Heavenly Demon army lose about thousand people unexpectedly, but oneself have only paid the prices of more than hundred people of casualties. But Zhao Hai their here fight, same brought to the attention of Heavenly Demon army, Heavenly Demon army Commander these days has also been used to the Hua Wushang their this rascal same defense tactic, but appears of Freedom Alliance army, absolutely was an accident, a variable, has naturally brought to the attention of Heavenly Demon army Commander. He saw Law Idol that Freedom Alliance army release comes is some low level Law Idol, moreover strength not strong time, he has not cared the opposite party, in his opinion, such fighting strength, simply impossible to constitute anything to threaten to Heavenly Demon army. Reason that he pays attention to the Freedom Alliance army, wants to have a look completely, this hundreds of thousands people of army, how is by his army tearing into shreds some days fights, making him also feel senseless very much, Hua Wushang their almost one layer invariable defense, letting him only to attack like the present, such scene he does not go to command(er), day Demon Realm army also knows how must attack, therefore he wants to look at the Freedom Alliance army is how eliminated. However the short twice contact, makes Heavenly Demon army Commander be startled, what matter his really understand did not live, why in own army has about thousand Heavenly Demon, that inexplicable death, but the opposite party only has actually paid that the a little bit price. Heavenly Demon army Commander, the situation of attention Freedom Alliance army, he wants to know how this population not many small armies achieve, he also has issued simultaneously the order to Heavenly Demon army, Heavenly Demon army of hundred thousand person has been separated from the majority, threw toward that Freedom Alliance army. Heavenly Demon army that Zhao Hai look at these throw, cannot help but shows a faint smile, to be honest he has not thought, opposite party the movement unexpectedly such rapidness of Commander. However he also early is prepared, when attacks Heavenly Demon army, he was prepared. He knows that Heavenly Demon army is different from cultivator, Heavenly Demon army has carried on some time training, army that no matter on fighting strength in the mutual coordination, composes compared with cultivator. Strives to excel much, but he thinks after one want attack three five times, the opposite party will respond, has not actually thought that the response of opposite party so is unexpectedly quick. Zhao Hai looked at these Heavenly Demon army getting closer and closer, immediately waved, Freedom Alliance army also fast went toward retreat, although drew back very quick. However lineup actually not chaotic. Heavenly Demon army will certainly not be resigned to Zhao Hai they such to retreat, in following pursues firmly does not abandon, both sides are far from the main battlefield, is then drawn back to main battlefield about ten li (0.5km) by the army of alliance to them, starts to tie to oppose the enemy.

Heavenly Demon army process these ten li (0.5km) pursuit , the lineup is a little loose, moreover they overbearingly have been used, simply does not pay attention to cultivator. Now looked that Zhao Hai they draw back, Heavenly Demon army has not stopped to dress ranks, is attacking, conversely. They threw directly, probably thinks tearing into shreds Freedom Alliance army. A side early is prepared. A side is actually overbearing exceptionally, both sides contact. Heavenly Demon army immediately suffered a loss, several hundred individuals were certainly killed. However the strength disparity of both sides was really too big, Heavenly Demon army there worst was also Heavenly Demon of Gold Core Stage strength, but Gold Core Stage Heavenly Demon, on fighting strength, compared with Gold Core Stage cultivator, but on striving to excel many, but cultivator in Freedom Alliance army, majority was the Law Idol time, when to opposite party, naturally very suffered a loss, although said that Zhao Hai used Battle Formation, has counter-balanced disparity in the part strength, but this disparity was really too big, Freedom Alliance army the casualties of slowly big. Naturally, the Heavenly Demon army casualties absolutely were also many, now Freedom Alliance army and Heavenly Demon army casualty rate also in 1 : 2 about, but this casualty rate is changing now, is looking like 1 : 1 show. No matter is this, was very astonishing, Zhao Hong what level the army is, Hua Wushang and Heavenly Demon army Commander is clear, by a such army, can put together this appearance with Heavenly Demon army unexpectedly, this has really stemmed from the expectation of both sides. The fight is still continuing, the Heavenly Demon army casualties are still increasing, now the casualty rate of both sides also in 1 : 1.5 about , in other words dies every time two Freedom Alliance cultivator, will die three Heavenly Demon, this absolutely is very astonishing. One hour passed by, in Freedom Alliance army, there is twenty thousand dead in battle, person who about 5000 had Black Tiger Group, but these people did not die in battle, but was given their Jade Token to protect by Zhao Hai, direct Transmission returned to Black Tiger Group. But in this hour, hundred thousand Heavenly Demon army actually about partly died in battle, died near fifty thousand person, Heavenly Demon army that naturally these died, by Zhao Hanjin in Space, was turned into Undead Creature directly. The death of this fifty thousand Heavenly Demon army, has enraged Heavenly Demon army Commander finally, since battles with cultivator now, he has not eaten such big owing, is always the cultivator casualties is older than them, when were they bigger than the cultivator casualties? This is the shame, huge shame! Because has this idea, therefore Heavenly Demon army Commander, the horse to send out the two hundred thousand army to come to cope with Zhao Hai they, simultaneously their Great Magical Artifact also started to carry on the exploratory attack to Hundred Flower Valley Great Magical Artifact. Moreover Immortal Stage Expert appears in Heavenly Demon army in Heavenly Demon army, although they did not have make a move, but the meaning of that threat is actually very obvious, Hundred Flower Valley alliance here Immortal Stage Expert also appears , at once the atmosphere in battlefield one anxious. At this time Hua Wushang in does not dare to pay attention to the Zhao Hai there situation, he all attention, centralized to his opposite Heavenly Demon army, Hua Wushang has not thought that he has not hugged the Freedom Alliance army that anything disappeared, will make such big trouble unexpectedly, one has defeated the day of Demon Realm fifty thousand person, but also caused that day Demon Realm must mount a large-scale attack, this made him somewhat be caught off guard. Zhao Hai also presently the Heavenly Demon army sound, his immediately/on horseback orders to retreat, simultaneously his also make a move, this Zhao Hai make a move is not Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades although lethality extremely powerful, but is more suitable to use in the single body does to fight , the in other words two people to the war, will definitely not have the issue with Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, even if the person in many, Zhao Hai used the stars universe to change the personal appearance, can wield Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades Might, but like hundreds of thousands people to fighting, if he also used Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, that on appearing some were not quite appropriate.

What Zhao Hai using is thousand Goddess of Mercy palms, thousand Guanyintang although sound probably is one set of Buddhist Sect Sect, the lethality should not be strong, but this set of Cultivation Method true Might is not small, what most important is, this set of Cultivation Method is attack method of one set of wide scope. Among thousand views holds, was the quantity fused on Zhao Hai several hundred Law Idol, in according to Zhao Hai comprehend, learn one set of special Cultivation Method, this set of Cultivation Method in the use, Zhao Hai wanted release thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol, the arms on these Law Idol, various simultaneous release Qi Strength, these Qi Strength appearances, on these Law Idol with Zhao Hai will be then same, can say Zhao Hai can at the same time made several hundred Qi Strength, each one type of Qi Strength very big, these Qi Strength was almost big with Law Idol, like this Qi Strength on will form the one type of big area attack way, if this way used. On solo match, that naturally is by person breaking easily, because this Qi Strength attack is one type of surface attack, to be exposed the surface very much easily breaking. However uses in the battlefield, this Qi Strength attack actually very appropriate, especially is used to bring up the rear, that is most appropriate, a attack big piece, fully can opposite party army blocking. Freedom Alliance army according to the order of Zhao Hai, has continuing retreat, but these with the Freedom Alliance army dogfight for a long time Heavenly Demon army not, because lost 50% people to give up attack, conversely, they looked that Freedom Alliance army retreated, but own reinforcement must come, each and every one looked like hits the chicken blood to be the same, threw toward the Freedom Alliance army. But a Zhao Hai time stands in void, simultaneously communicate own Law Idol, thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol one on appears in the Zhao Hai side, these thousand Goddess of Mercy Law Idol two eyes opens the eyes, that innumerable arm simultaneously proceeds to wield, all kinds of Qi Strength immediately let out from these arms. These Qi Strength exit from the arm of Law Idol, immediately/on horseback flies big increasing, before long turned into various wild beast, the appearances of various ghosts, direct these Heavenly Demon army flush away. The Heavenly Demon army people stare, the first hundred people cannot help but draw back, other people also draw back, immediately has ejected various Qi Strength, welcomed Zhao Hai Qi Strength. These Qi Strength that Zhao Hai release comes are not weak, but in these Heavenly Demon army, Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert of real space is not many, Heavenly Demon that these pursue, mostly is also Nascent Soul Stage or the Gold Core Stage strength, they want to block Zhao Hai Qi Strength, must leave is fully good, like this they naturally also draw back. They stopped, Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, the Zhao Hai one breath has made ten thousand Goddess of Mercy palms, gave to keep off day Demon Realm fifty thousand army, this slowly has drawn back, but at this time, Freedom Alliance army, already returned to Hundred Flower Valley alliance army rear area, absolute security.( To be continued.. p { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }