Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1843
A sword increases keeps off the 1 million th divisions! Zhao Hai has proven to people with own motion, the authenticity of these words, he brings up the rear, has blocked day of Demon Realm fifty thousand army. When behind Zhao Hai returned to Hundred Flower Valley alliance army time, Heavenly Demon army really soon crazy, attack that but they actually do not dare in continuation, because their population do not occupy in front of Hundred Flower Valley army superiorly, if attacks forcefully, finally can die is very ugly. Moreover the Heavenly Demon army person has also recognized the Zhao Hai identity, because knows the Zhao Hai status, therefore they do not dare to attack at will, Zhao Hai is getting the first regiment, only uses 100 military strength, blocked the matter of Moli Ke regiment, the day Demon Realm person already knew, afterward heard that Zhao Hai leave the first regiment, has not actually thought met appears unexpectedly in this Chapter 768 In leave, can say that as soon as possible Zhao Hai this name, now in day Demon Realm, that is also the prestige illustrious. The Heavenly Demon Race person is militant, but they respect Expert, no matter Expert of that clan, can be respected in Heavenly Demon Race there, but Zhao Hai, without doubt is such Expert, being worth the Heavenly Demon Race person respecting Expert that. However similarly, Heavenly Demon Race person to Zhao Hai time, will be impolite, they can want completely all means to kill Zhao Hai, because looks like in the Heavenly Demon Race person, defeats Expert, was turned into Expert by oneself, is they living target, is a respect to Expert. Heavenly Demon army retreated, but Hua Wushang their does not have means calm at heart, Hua Wushang they were really too shocking, fighting strength that Zhao Hai and Freedom Alliance army showed that making them blush with shame. Freedom Alliance army. Strength universal must miss compared with the army strength of Hundred Flower Valley alliance, but the victory is actually no comparison between them, Freedom Alliance has only used the price of casualties twenty thousand person, has defeated the day of Demon Realm fifty thousand person. Such casualty rate, is makes people feel to be startled. Now Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua understand why Zhao Hai can defeat Heavenly Demon Race, formidable, too formidable, one crowd of Law Idol time give priority to Chapter 768 leave cultivator, can wield such fighting strength in Zhao Hai in hand as soon as possible, is one crowd of Gold Core Stage above cultivator, in Zhao Hai in hand strong to what degree? Really is makes the person anticipate. After Hua Wushang arranged the Hundred Flower Valley alliance army matter. immediately had found Zhao Hai, but at this time Zhao Hai in the Freedom Alliance army there inspection, to some cultivator wound treatment of injury, these was dying the cultivator remains also to be installed with Space Bag by Zhao Hai. Has given him in Sect other cultivator. Hua Wushang looks for Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai just right has also handled on matter, Hua Wushang saw Zhao Hai on hand, far away to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, HaHaHa. Good, today hits is really satisfying, too satisfying.”

Zhao Hai turned head to look at Hua Wushang, showed a faint smile. Holds the fist in the other hand said : to spend Senior Brother to Hua Wushang, how to look for small disciple personally. The here matter I processed, we went back to say.” Hua Wushang nodded. Then Zhao Hai flies toward his Cave Mansion , one side first successive flies said : Zhao Junior Brother, you is don’t know, fantastic that today you hit, our here such long time, but never has appears such happy win, I to have a look, do Heavenly Demon Race these fellows, dare underestimated now we.” The Zhao Hai body showed a faint smile said : to spend Senior Brother you the shape.” Hua Wushang beckoned with the hand said : „the shape, I told the facts, walk, Senior Brother Li was waiting for us, today I ferment to take all my hundred flowers, we entirely drinking in a big hurry two cups.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, they arrived at Hua Wushang Cave Mansion in front of the door at this time, Li Xunhua is standing in there is waiting for them, look at them to come, Li Xunhua moved forward to meet somebody hastily, held on Zhao Hai, laughed said : Zhao Junior Brother, great, good method, quick, in requested personally.” Three people entered Hua Wushang Cave Mansion, after sitting down, Hua Wushang face excited said : Zhao Junior Brother, you is great, Heavenly Demon army since battle has not eaten such big owing, you looks at their appearances, wished one could eating you, HaHaHa, satisfying, too satisfying.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, but occupied a having a low opinion of the enemy person to be cheap, day Demon Realm these fellows, saw are cultivator of some Law Idol times I led, therefore has not cared, this suffered a loss.” Hua Wushang shook the head said : also not necessarily, what day Demon Realm these fellows are, I am very clear, the strengths of these fellows are not weak, even if is having a low opinion of the enemy, afterward sent out the hundred thousand person copes with you the time, very much attached great importance, you can also defeat their fifty thousand person, is very great.” Li Xunhua also nodded said : well, but afterward they have not kept the hand, you in that case, but can also defeat their fifty thousand person, was very great.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : day Demon Realm upper layer to take seriously us, but these ordinary Heavenly Demon also take seriously us not necessarily, these ordinary Heavenly Demon worst is also the Gold Core Stage strength, but Heavenly Demon fighting strength, comes compared with cultivator, on striving to excel many, therefore these ordinary Heavenly Demon do not have too to care us, you should also note, we in stopping to dress ranks, prepares with them to the war, these fellow even regiments not entire, directly on attacking, has not suffered a loss like this calls strangely.” Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua nodded, as soon as they listened to Zhao Hai saying that although somewhat was still surprised to the Zhao Hai success, but actually felt better at heart. This is also the way things should be, the person sometimes is this, sees the outstanding person, will always discover all kinds of reasons to show that his outstanding is other reasons creates, is not his own reason, probably this will feel better by oneself a little, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua are also this.

Li Xunhua has carried wine glass, said loudly: No matter what, won day of Demon Realm these fellow, is always meddlesome, come, we do one badly.” Zhao Hai and Hua Wushang have also held up wine glass, has done one cup. After having drunk one glass of liquor, Hua Wushang sighed very refreshedly, but by the Heavenly Demon Race disposition that said : this although hit, can retaliate. We must make the preparation to be good ahead of time.” Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua also nodded, Li Xunhua deep voice said : Heavenly Demon Race these time suffered a loss, certainly friendly Ba Ganti, I do not think that their second attack will arrive quickly.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : this time they are coming. Certainly will bring to enough attention to us, such words weaponry was not good to hit, the military strength that I brought was really limited, they the army quantity, if coming were too many, feared that was also really suffices inadequate anything to threaten to them.” Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua nodded, they also know that Zhao Hai present situation, Zhao Hai is because the in hand army quantity were too few, although can cause some damage to Heavenly Demon Race. Because the army quantity are too few, the casualties that causes are limited. Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua looked at one mutually, has not said anything, if to not weaken the Freedom Alliance strength. They to give Zhao Hai command(er) the army, such words they to ascending the sky Demon Realm time, the situation will certainly improve, but now is not good. The Zhao Hai command(er) ability, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua have not been suspecting. If they give Zhao Hai command(er) the army, perhaps Zhao Hai in a short time will give to defeat their opposite Heavenly Demon army, such regarding the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, not necessarily is any good matter. The Hundred Flower Valley alliance although takes Hundred Flower Valley as Venerable now. But that is in having the situation of day of Demon Realm this huge pressure, one, but lost day of Demon Realm this huge pressure. Will that Hundred Flower Valley alliance exist still? Even if exists, can have now such big authority. That may not say. Is adding on Hundred Flower Valley to want in Northern Divergent Province to obtain the even bigger right to speak, must weaken other Sect strengths, no matter other Black Tiger Group small Sect are the same, therefore cannot give Zhao Hai command now. However Hua Wushang turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, I looked, or I said one to Sect, making Sect select some strength good cultivator to supplement, the army that lets their also join you, how you does look?” Zhao Hai shook the head, has smiled bitterly next step: Useless, now these armies have such fighting strength, is the result of training and consolidation, if came the person newly, I must train and consolidate again, but at that time, I actually may not command(er) like present they, if cannot command(er) like the present they, their one group of chaotic, when to Heavenly Demon army, will only suffer a loss, therefore is sending for now to me also useless.”

Hua Wushang nodded, has not been saying anything, just his those words were probing, did not want to give Zhao Hai to send the army, even if were Zhao Hai agreed that he also found various excuses to pass the buck, not in send people to come. Hua Wushang that small thoughts, how possibly hide the truth from Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai has turned directly down, to be honest, Zhao Hai also really thinks that now quick returned to Black Tiger Group goes, in here was really too senseless. Moreover first regiment there situation Zhao Hai also knew, although the first regiment has not received anything to lose now, but could not share half and half with Moli Ke Heavenly Demon army like original, slowly is transforming to the direction of comprehensive defense. However iron hawk management is very steady, he defends very steady, to Moli Ke army point opportunity, this has not let Zhao Hai feel relieved, so long as first regiment there does not have an accident, that all said. Moreover reason that this Zhao Hai must come here to support Hundred Flower Valley \; first, to let Hundred Flower Valley to Black Tiger Group feel relieved, the second reason lets first regiment there loss even bigger some for him, in one time weakened other Sect strengths, although said that such made some cold blood, but for the Black Tiger Group future, will such do actually must. Three people drank a while liquor, Zhao Hai then said goodbye leave, but Li Xunhua has not actually walked, after Zhao Hai walked, Li Xunhua then turned the head not to have the wound to Hua Wushang said :, this Zhao Hai was really too formidable, how did you see?” Hua Wushang thinks that deep voice said : makes his returned to Black Tiger Group as soon as possible go, he keeps here, will make other Sect people produce discontentedly to us, moreover I also feared that Freedom Alliance first regiment there he, could not have blocked the attack of Heavenly Demon army, if Black Tiger Group were extinguished, regarding us is not the good matter.” Li Xunhua nodded, has approved the Hua Wushang words. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }