Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1844

The words that the Zhao Hai look at screen, on the screen Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua spoke, one hear of they said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, now he thinks certainly that the returned to first regiment goes, has not thought that Hua Wushang they also want to make him go back, this is better. Zhao Hai vented anger, mutters said : these two fellows, to is interesting, how I think that how they coordinate, he he.” Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, this is also good, most at least did not need you to look to give a pretext, was right, opposite Heavenly Demon army was there just about to take an action, how you thinks?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these to lose a little, has to give a pretext, next war time, Heavenly Demon army attached great importance to us, the casualties of these people are certainly big, happen to can use this opportunity leave here, I should also return to the first regiment to go, if , the morale of troops of first regiment feared that must disperse.” Laura shows a faint smile said : „the first regiment not to be easy to be defeated, but returns also well, the loss of these days first regiment is not small, if you , the loss of first regiment were too big, can withstand the attack of day Demon Realm not to say.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : goes back well also to an opposite Heavenly Demon army lesson, lets opposite Heavenly Demon army honest a little.” Laura deep voice said : my nearest/recent paid attention, the Encampment here of Hundred Flower Valley alliance, has plenty cultivator, regarding of Hundred Flower Valley alliance idea very discontented of defense, Elder Brother Hai, I thinks we walk, can poach some people.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but busy deep voice said : also does have this matter? release makes me have a look.” Laura has complied with one, turned the head to look at Cai'er one, Cai'er has selected a screen, on the screen immediately appears in several picture several pictures was Hundred Flower Valley alliance Encampment here Cave Mansion, in Cave Mansion some cultivator. Then picture putting, Zhao Hai understand, these cultivator are some small Sect cultivator, their strengths are also not very strong, some are only Gold Core Stage, some are also only Nascent Soul Stage, few of Transcends Tribulation Stage. However what without any exception is, these cultivator have with Heavenly Demon Race altogether does not treat the day the big enmity. These cultivator had some are their family member by Heavenly Demon Race massacring, some were actually Sect that were by Heavenly Demon Race destroying completely, oneself escaped by luck. They hate to the marrow of the bones to Heavenly Demon Race , because of this, therefore these cultivator suppress can not immediately go all out with Heavenly Demon Race. However now Hundred Flower Valley alliance here adopts is actually the complete defensive, do not say that looked for Heavenly Demon Race to revenge, their daily can only wait for Hundred Flower Valley to come attack their regarding being filled with them of hatred, was really too aggrieved. Because of this, therefore many cultivator after seeing Zhao Hai and Heavenly Demon Race forms of combat, is the heart movement not by. Is seeks vengeance to Hundred Flower Valley this passive defense much.

Seeking vengeance that naturally they do not dare to publicize, but said in the back. Seeks vengeance with their friends, but was actually monitored Encampment here Laura they to give present. These cultivator on Zhao Hai look at screen. deep voice their said : you carefully observes to Cai'er, selects some to contact, I go to contact with them, the strengths of these people are not weak, compared with these Rogue Cultivator much better, if can dig them to Black Tiger Group goes, then to the help of Black Tiger Group is very big.” Laura nodded, then turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you to look that also gives the first armed forces there Black Tiger Group cultivator, is joined to the Transmission sign?” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that thinks that deep voice said : crucial moment was also similar, at this time should some people not suspect us, good, Cai'er, you prepares the Transmission sign, when I go back later immediately to be joined to them.” Cai'er complies with one, the Zhao Hai look at screen, deep voice said : present opposite Heavenly Demon army had feared that will be it will not take long will attack, we must preparation well.” Laura shows a faint smile said : we to not to need to prepare anything, but Elder Brother Hai you to must prepare well, these time with cultivator that you comes, feared that must sacrifice much, you does not want tenderhearted that.” Zhao Hai said : my tenderhearted anything, Black Tiger Group cultivator has been putting the Transmission sign in any case, the lives of other people have any relationship with me.” Cai'er their several people are he he the chuckle, in speaking, to be honest, other cultivator life and death, but also they were not cared by Laura, long time had seen the life and death with Zhao Hai, the life and death of other people, regarding Laura them, but looked like the character in game died to be the same, simply did not have what feeling. Zhao Hai has rested in Space, but other Freedom Alliance cultivator feel very happy, although this point their losses are not small, but they hit is actually very good, minimum in their opinion, hits compared with Hundred Flower Valley cultivator much stronger. cultivator also has glory Wugan, this is a face issue, cultivator is also concerned about face-saving compared with the ordinary person , because of this, therefore cultivator regarding honor attaching great importance . The procedure like Hundred Flower Valley alliance, looks like in these cultivator, is really humiliation, especially regarding Freedom Alliance cultivator is so. Freedom Alliance these cultivator, in Heavenly Demon Race after fighting one, has had some subtle changes at heart, regarding the Freedom Alliance person, the Heavenly Demon Race person their simply does not pay attention, also in other words they were somewhat proud.

Proud regarding a soldier is not a good deed, but regarding an army, sometimes proud is also a good deed, must look you can appropriate carried on to guide, if guided was good, the pride will turn into one type of temperament, will turn into the soul of this army, all soldiers in this army, to defend this pride, but killing the enemy that went all out, their performance can make this army proud. Currently Freedom Alliance these cultivator have this feelings, if at this time, Zhao Hai can act to carry on the guidance to them, then these people will turn into the best soldier. But Zhao Hai such has not done. These cultivator now each every Sect has, is not loyal to Black Tiger Group, if Zhao Hai lets make anything to these people, when these people are living various returned to Sect, perhaps will be realized by various Sect, then does not have regarding a Black Tiger Group advantage. Zhao Hai is a pragmaticist, he will not do without the matter of advantage, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to say anything to these people, perhaps because of a Zhao Hai minute of clarity, tomorrow these people all will die in the battlefield. Really like such that Zhao Hai thinks, now Hundred Flower Valley opposite Heavenly Demon army moved, these time has eaten owing of Zhao Hai, lets these person of feelings of Heavenly Demon Race is the one type of shame , because of this, therefore Heavenly Demon Race these fellows, will want to retaliate. Next day Heavenly Demon army in one time sent out, but this sending out the quantity of Heavenly Demon army are many, enough about 4 million, this was a military action of large-scale. Hundred Flower Valley alliance here also ahead of time obtained information, their also immediately moved, has prepared defense, they did not have guts initiative attack. To about 9 : 00 am, day Demon Realm army really opened, what this Heavenly Demon army comes is four million army, a blotting out the sky big piece, lets head Pi Ma evidently. Day Demon Realm army appears , immediately has carried on attack, was same as before, Great Magical Artifact cleaned up these legal principle theories of law, simultaneously Immortal Stage Expert brought up the rear in behind. Reason that these Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon make a move, is not because Heavenly Demon Race and Cultivation World achieved one type of to be tacit, although both sides have not said anything, but both sides almost simultaneously in letting Immortal Stage Expert came out to go all out, because Immortal Stage Expert lost one, regarding any an Interface was not the minor matter, therefore Immortal Stage Expert of both sides has not participated to move, they more turned into character that assumed in behind, looked like nucleus weapon on Earth, cannot move lightly. Now the Freedom Alliance army also becomes one team, peaceful standing in there, the words that carefully looks at presently, their bodies had killing aura that has annoyed to annoy not to have.

However Zhao Hai does not think that they can cope with day Demon Realm army, these cultivator just went to a battlefield, thing that they must study are many, the most minimum these fellows, came to miss compared with the first regiment on many. Day Demon Realm the Great Magical Artifact quantity that these time sends are also many, Hundred Flower Valley here also has to send out many Great Magical Artifact to meet the enemy, day Demon Realm ** along giving to compel the one side, the withdrawal from combat. All with before did not have what difference, day Demon Realm army to start to attack probably, the Hundred Flower Valley aspect started to meet the enemy, but violence of this day Demon Realm army attack, population also many. The fight from the beginning, Zhao Hai waves, Freedom Alliance army immediately rushed, compares day Demon Realm with the Hundred Flower Valley alliance both sides that enormous army quantity, the Freedom Alliance army looks like a grain of pendulum in watermelon nearby peanut same commonplace, the tactic that but this time they use follows flashes to be the same, came up to play an edge ball. However very sufficient of Heavenly Demon Race also preparation, five hundred thousand army immediately throw toward the Freedom Alliance army, Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, Heavenly Demon army must certainly eliminate them, his immediately command(er) the Freedom Alliance army has been depending toward army there of Hundred Flower Valley alliance. However is very obvious, Heavenly Demon Race army does not want to make them such quickly retreat, five hundred thousand army is quick, has bitten the Freedom Alliance army stubbornly. Looked that this situation Zhao Hai also has to order to make the Freedom Alliance army retreat fighting, but Heavenly Demon Race army chasing down that keeps in behind, the life of both sides soldiers probably became worthless, lives by Wuqing/ruthless has eliminated, the reduction that the quantity of Freedom Alliance army keeping, from most 120,000 people from the beginning, turned into 110,000 slowly, hundred thousand, 90,000, eighty thousand...... Heavenly Demon Race army has not asked to be good, their although has made the completely safe preparation, however their casualty rates, actually not necessarily compared with Freedom Alliance army few many, must know that this Heavenly Demon army the army of the five hundred thousand people, may be comprised of Nascent Soul Stage above Heavenly Demon, fighting strength is extraordinary. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }