Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1845

Zhao Hai can look, this only copes with the Heavenly Demon squad of Freedom Alliance army, is formed by Heavenly Demon Race specially, specifically is used to cope their. Regarding Heavenly Demon Race the procedure, Zhao Hai is understandable, yesterday they Heavenly Demon Race hitting, Heavenly Demon Race these fellows naturally are not unbearably convinced, naturally the most important point is the morale issue, Heavenly Demon Race army has several million, if makes these several million people know, they unexpectedly in cultivator one basically is on squad who comprised of Law Idol time cultivator suffered a loss, then has very tremendous influence regarding Heavenly Demon Race army morale. If there is been keeping this squad, will make Cultivation World morale be promoted, this regarding day Demon Realm is not the good matter, to cope with Zhao Hai they, Heavenly Demon army has composed this only Combat Squad, must within the shortest time, the Freedom Alliance army annihilating. Idea of Zhao Hai also understand Heavenly Demon army, but look at these cultivator died in battle, he too many expressions, he has not been only the gaze of coldly that all. The Freedom Alliance army quantity fast is still reducing, but Hua Wushang their a meaning of Hundred Flower Valley alliance army rescue does not have, probably thinks that look at Freedom Alliance army was annihilated to be the same. The fight has been conducted for four hours, the quantity of Freedom Alliance army already from the originally more than 120,000 people of personnel losses to the thirty thousand many people, can say by complete hitting remnantly. At this time Zhao Hai also make a move, this time his make a move is not thousand Goddess of Mercy palms, but is Righteous Sect Heavenly Demon 7 Killing Blades, this set of Blade Technique lethality was very big, Heavenly Demon army has to branch out the majority of people to cope with him. At this time Hua Wushang possibly also felt that crucial moment was similar. His very clear, if Zhao Hai died in here, that Black Tiger Group will possibly go all out with them, therefore his immediately sent out a squad to rescue the Freedom Alliance army. Time past bit by bit. Double one hour, now Freedom Alliance army remaining twenty thousand had been only many, but Heavenly Demon army finally was also compelled to draw back, the Freedom Alliance army can behind returned to rest finally. Zhao Hai returned to rear area, his complexion piece of calm, could not see any expression now, ten thousand sects follows in his side, on his face to is sentiment of the anger. Zhao Hai understands the ten thousand sects mood . This Freedom Alliance army although tenable time is not only long, moreover was reporting the point of unreliable person, but no matter what, that was also a Freedom Alliance army. ten thousand sects has regarded the person on one's own side this army. But ten thousand sects is very clear, the people of Hundred Flower Valley alliance have been capable to rescue their, but the opposite party has not moved, eye look at dying in battle of their each and every one, how this made ten thousand sects not get angry. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at ten thousand sects one. deep voice said : „should not be angry, our points have achieved, tomorrow we can return to in the gang.” Said that goes toward the forward flight, in his front. Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua welcomed. They leave far away hold the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, Hua Wushang is open the mouth and said: Zhao Junior Brother. Really does not do right by, our there just really could not branch out the person. Cannot rescue promptly, excuses me.”

Zhao Hai has calm said : what not to have, two were too polite, but the Freedom Alliance army has been hit now remnantly, did not have what fight, moreover everyone/Great Clan morale was quite low, was keeping here, may affect other people, therefore I think that tomorrow got them to go back, spent Senior Brother, Senior Brother Li, did you look at what do you think?” Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua look at the Zhao Hai expression, thinks that Zhao Hai was angry, they did not say anything, Hua Wushang quickly said: Can naturally, but Junior Brother, you must be careful that a point for good, takes the recuperation two days in?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, now the Freedom Alliance there also has plenty matter, I think that earlier goes back to have a look to have anything to help.” Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua nature understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, now the first regiment there situation is not very good, Zhao Hai wants earlier to go back not to have anything. They nodded, Zhao Hai then holds the fist in the other hand to them, turn around walked. The Hua Wushang look at Zhao Hai back, sighed lightly said : this time is Zhao Hai offending miserably, it seems like, if had opportunity, thought the means to give to do to well him, if otherwise had opportunity, Zhao Hai will certainly tidy up our.” Li Xunhua nodded, deep voice said : I told Sect this matter, Sect there also agrees with our plans, moreover Sect there will send out the person to solve Zhao Hai, you do not need to be worried.” Hua Wushang nodded, deep voice said : I want to make Sect use the viper beautiful woman, the Zhao Hai command(er) ability was too strong, this wants to our later plan very heavy.” Li Xunhua nodded said : feel relieved, I will say with Sect.” Next morning, Zhao Hai brought the Freedom Alliance army to go back, came the time ten fifty thousand people, went back only used the twenty thousand person, many Freedom Alliance cultivator, the facial expression somewhat was depressed, but more was actually hostile, to hostility of Hundred Flower Valley alliance. In fact not only Freedom Alliance army, many cultivator in Hundred Flower Valley alliance, regarding Hua Wushang their yesterday procedure also very has the opinion, but these people do not dare to say. But Zhao Hai with these to the Hundred Flower Valley alliance full cultivator relation, he had not had that time now, moreover he visits these people in Hundred Flower Valley alliance here, was too conspicuous, therefore after Zhao Hai prepares returned to Black Tiger Group there, is carrying on own plan. Zhao Hai their returned to Black Tiger Group time, other Zhang Feng and Sect some representatives personal greeted Zhao Hai they, this Zhao Hai they went to time although very short, but they by the casualties of ten thirty thousand people, have actually defeated the day of Demon Realm army near two hundred thousand person, this fight, the research significance, they won. Moreover reason that other Sect person also understand, Zhao Hai they remaining such will select only the person to come back, because of the Hundred Flower Valley alliance for the reason of rescue, this also irritates them completely.

After Zhang Feng these time moves person to settle down that is good, this other Zhao Hai and Sect representatives welcome to the Black Tiger Group conference room. In although these people majority of knew the process of fight, but they want to listen to Zhao Hai to say well. After the people arrive the conference room sat, Zhao Hai the process of fight the people told deceived, after waiting saying that. Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : Hundred Flower Valley these fellows, how these time has not turned over to their words, our simply appears such big casualties, I will not look, these fellows have feared Heavenly Demon Race, everyday withdraws the defense, such defensive although is good, but simply does not have no aggressiveness. Such defensive sooner or later one day must be broken through, I thought after us, do not count on them.” Zhang Feng sits in there calmly is listening to the Zhao Hai words, said to Zhao Hai that Zhang Feng complexion already pale piece. He looked at other Sect representative one, deep voice said : everybody, everybody who Little Hai said also knew, I know that fellow some people are also contacting with other alliances, but I urged one. Sobers, at this time, these Great Sect will be will not manage our lives, Hundred Flower Valley was also good. Ten Thousand Monster Sect is also good, they for preserves own strength. Will not manage us, everybody should also know. Are useless these Great Sect to the present card in a hand, they can consume, we actually cannot consume, I hope after everybody, is relieved processing the Freedom Alliance matter.” Zhang Feng also present, some small Sect some in nearest/recent Freedom Alliance are not contented, often with the Hundred Flower Valley alliance and Ten Thousand Monster Sect alliance relation, this is a two points of dangerous signal, this on behalf of these small Sect, momentarily possibly the situation revelation of Freedom Alliance here to Ten Thousand Monster Sect or the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, this regarding Freedom Alliance absolutely is not being the good matter, therefore Zhang Feng also said that this opportunity strikes their. These Sect representatives did not have what response, sitting of each and every one face calm in there, Zhang Feng to look at their one eyes, coldly snorted said : perhaps everybody thought that what Hundred Flower Valley and Ten Thousand Monster Sect they aimed was only Freedom Alliance. So long as leave Freedom Alliance, in receiving their attack, I told you, this idea is wrong, is completely mistaken, you can go back to send for asking soldier who these time goes to the Hundred Flower Valley there support, in the Hundred Flower Valley alliance there first war, what died are most is cultivator is some who, I can tell you, each Hundred Flower Valley alliance and day Demon Realm war, died many reason that is various small Sect people, the Hundred Flower Valley alliance must give to make to come back Little Hai, on is because Little Hai too can hit, will destroy their plans, they want to borrow the day. The hand of Demon Realm, weakens various Sect strengths, to achieve their dominate Northern Divergent Province point, in this case, everybody thinks that you have hired oneself the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, will have the good result really?” These Sect some people complexion in representative cannot help but change, is true or false that their don’t know Zhang Feng said that but Zhang Feng dares to say in here, that naturally represents real, if said like Zhang Feng, they hire oneself the Hundred Flower Valley alliance, absolutely is not the good matter. Looked at complexion one eyes of these people, Zhang Feng deep voice said : everybody, I do not fear to tell you, now has these people to contact with other alliances, I knew, although Freedom Alliance freedom, but if some people want in destroying Freedom Alliance, that is our enemies, deals with the enemy, I will be impolite, Little Hai will then take over the first regiment, simultaneously he also has another status, that is Captain of special action team, this special action team, meets some elites who pulls out from various Sect comes out to compose, is the person in first regiment, normally makes war with the first regiment, but when necessary, can make the war internally, any in dares to betray the Freedom Alliance person, will become Freedom Alliance attack target, everybody please consider.” Said that Zhang Feng stood. The Zhang Feng so strong manner is all people have not thought that this Zhang Feng equal to tells all people, if you in dare to act unreasonably, that must begin to you. In the Freedom Alliance tenable initial period, everyone/Great Clan has reached an agreement, wants to come to come, wants to walk walks, now Zhang Feng said that then destroyed that agreement on equal to blatantly, this makes complexion very difficult of some Sect representatives look. However many Sect represent does not have what expression, their very clear, at this time, needed this method, otherwise Freedom Alliance must blowing has divided by other influences, these have not participated in Sect representative of this matter, looked at other person of one, stood got up turn around to walk, they must tell their Sect this information, so that in Sect early could prepare. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng returned to their study room, arrived at the appearance that study room Zhang Feng changed just that to ablaze with anger, turned the head what kind to Zhao Hai said : „? These can shake these fellows?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „people should not be a problem, if really some do not enlarge ones vision, that tidied up them to be good, the establishment of this special action team, will let the authority big enhancement of our Black Tiger Group, moreover raised just right at this time, will not have too many person oppositions.” Zhang Feng nodded, you must returned to first regiment there as soon as possible go to Zhao Hai deep voice said :, now first regiment there morale is a problem very much, although the first regiment has not eaten anything to owe now, but the has plenty person was discontented, you must past as soon as possible stand firm the morale of troops.”

Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : this First Senior Brother your feel relieved was good, gives me, this time I in Hundred Flower Valley alliance there, but also notes in the has plenty Hundred Flower Valley alliance small Sect cultivator, regarding Hundred Flower Valley very discontented, especially some Sect extinguished cultivator, they regarding Hundred Flower Valley alliance disaffection, I wants to try to contact with them, if possible, draws them to our here comes, how do you look?” Zhang Feng thinks that nodded said : „, your look at office, so long as in any case does not have the disloyalty, to our Black Tiger Group, I welcome.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : that First Senior Brother, I first went to first regiment there, these days sufficed not to have the meaning in Hundred Flower Valley alliance there, went to war is not happy, I must go to first regiment there, well tidied up Heavenly Demon Race these fellows.” Zhang Feng shows a faint smile, nodded said : to go, well makes several wars with Heavenly Demon Race these fellows, making them know, Freedom Alliance, was not they can move easily.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turn around walked. Zhao Hai has not stopped in the Black Tiger Group base, but went to Transmission Formation square there directly, through the Transmission Formation square, has swept off Encampment of first regiment. The first armed forces the Encampment there atmosphere is not very good, after Zhao Hai walks, the people of first regiment felt one lost the soul to be the same probably, fighting strength one weak many, now can only be pressed hitting by day Demon Realm army, was very aggrieved, therefore now atmosphere constraining of entire first regiment. Zhao Hai to the first regiment time, quick noted this situation, his cannot help but gently knitting the brows head, but he has not said anything, but came out from Transmission Formation there, walked toward own Cave Mansion. Is defending Transmission Formation that cultivator, was listless, saw Zhao Hai appears , cannot help but two eyes one bright, immediately ran over, face excited said : Army Commander, you came back.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }