Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1846

With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, deep voice said : informs all people, the set.” That person looks at Zhao Hai complexion, knows that these time had to trouble, he also knows certainly now Encampment here atmosphere was very not good, this atmosphere he can feel clearly that do not say Zhao He, but Zhao Hai came back, saw this atmosphere, can happy that call fishily. That person of immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then immediately rushed to outside, entire Encampment has heard before long a grating alarm sound, this alarm sound was not the performance has the enemy to come, but made all people gather. When the enemies come the alarm sound is different from the alarm sound of set, this is also Zhao Han comes out, before the Encampment alarm sound was too unitary, simply cannot wield him to do to use, therefore Zhao Hai caused such an alarm sound. The entire Encampment people heard this alarm sound, but they have not been serious, each and every one somewhat sluggish flew from own Cave Mansion, slowly collected toward the assembly place. However when they quickly to assembly place, on own initiative did not speed up, because they look to arrive in there Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai present complexion is not quite attractive. These cultivator see Zhao Hai first is one happy, is seeing Zhao Hai complexion, is greatly surprised, then their immediately has thought of anything, the each and every one movement all sped up. Before long all people gathered, the appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, coldly snorted, all cultivator obedient standing in there. Probably is making mistakes elementary student prepares to wait for reproving of teacher. At this time the iron hawk also arrived at the Zhao Hai side, he looked at these normally before him, proud cultivator like only small Rooster, Zhao sea surface the atmosphere before the appearance that does not dare to leave, at heart cannot help but a forced smile. He now was understand and disparity between Zhao Hai, was too big. Looks cultivator one that these have lowered the head, Zhao Hai deep voice said : lifts to me the head, you are the people of first regiment, the people of first regiment die, must gain ground dead. Never must lower the head.” These cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that felt a warm current raises from their bottom of the heart, each and every one has lifted the head, two eyes bright look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : has a look at your present appearances. The set has used such long time unexpectedly, my initially was tells you? I leave several days, you unexpectedly turned into this appearance, had that person not to want in the first regiment to stay, immediately got the hell out to me.”

These cultivator although were scolded, but did not have making noise, each and every one looked like by nail/saboteur is sewn in there was the same, motionless. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, coldly snorted said : this time, the next time must in appears this situation. Your these fellows come get lost returned to there to go to me from there, was good, dismisses.” Zhao Hai also knows that these cultivator after all are not the genuine soldiers, regarding their requests cannot extremely in strict, reprove their, reminded this to them is must, but cannot go too far. These cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that relaxed, but immediately has encircled toward Zhao Hai. They are very clear, so long as in the fight, is is not very good to speak in normally Zhao Hai. These people were asking chaotically some Zhao Hai days experiences, Zhao Hai also simply said to these people, hears some Zhao Hai days in Hundred Flower Valley alliance there. Also has defeated the Heavenly Demon army near two hundred thousand person, serious of each and every one excited. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one. Showed a faint smile said : to be good, went back rest well one, two days we must move, heard that nearest/recent Moli Ke army was very rampant, should teach to them, let their understand, the first regiment was not he can come to the rampant place.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these cultivator excited yelled, these days they continuously by the Moli Ke armed forces briquetting hitting, everyone feels suffocated at heart, now Zhao Hai comes back to attack, how this lets them not happy. Zhao Hai their appearances, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not been saying anything, but gave to expel to rest them, but he was leading iron hawk returned to his Cave Mansion. After Zhao Hong iron hawk sits down, smiles said : to the iron hawk iron hawk Big Brother, these days was laborious you.” The iron hawk smiles bitterly was shaking the head said : Little Hai, you are mocking me, my laborious anything, is only the defense, but also makes into this appearance, now I was understand, these fellows did not have one to be honest, you most if from the beginning did not use that formidable method these people to the coercion, that present first regiment is any appearance, but also did not say.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : fortunately, these fellows also very well speaks actually, so long as your strength suffices, hitting to take them, they are very honest, ok, did not say that this, iron hawk Big Brother, your nearest/recent must return to in the gang, I think that other Great Sect could move now.” Iron hawk one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, I will go back as soon as possible, your here? Can you attack Moli Ke army really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : attack is affirmation, now morale although of first regiment restored, but must make them find the past self-confidence, that needs several to win, like this they can become are not weak in the Heavenly Demon army army.”

The iron hawk nodded, he did not have to say anything, he also knows that he has fallen far short compared with Zhao Hai in this aspect, he shifted topic said : Hundred Flower Valley alliance there......” not to wait for him saying that a grating alarm sound transmitted, this time was the true alarm sound, was not the alarm sound of set. Zhao Hai already knew actually, Moli Ke army in one time came, but he has not moved, sits in there, he does not want to make others know that he already presently Moli Ke army comes. However heard the alarm sound, Zhao Hai immediately has stood, then the personal appearance moved, left Cave Mansion, simultaneously the hand wielded, Yama Ship appears in his under foot. At this time other cultivator also came out, Zhao Hai deep voice said : lined up in formation.” Before Zhao Hai had carried on such training to them, these people one hear of Zhao Hai said now that immediately stood the formation, has gone toward the forward flight along with Zhao Hai Yama Ship. The defense of first regiment must miss compared with Hundred Flower Valley alliance there on many, most at least they not like iron cage that own here makes, has blocked the enemy, has surrounded itself, the first regiment has the pride of first regiment, they must carry on the counter-attack. Heavenly Demon army flushed quickly, Heavenly Demon army that this coming out altogether about 2 million, Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact has been forming Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation in command(er), the Heavenly Demon army person noticed that this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation is complexion changes, they and Zhao Hai fought are not a day or two, their very clear, in entire Cultivation World, can arrange this Formation person with Great Magical Artifact, only then Zhao Hai, now this formation in time appears , that on only then one type of explained that Zhao Hai came back. Zhao Hai came back, this regarding Moli Ke Heavenly Demon army is not good information, Zhao Hai formidable locates they is very clear absolutely, before they can press the first regiment to hit , because Zhao Hai is not, now Zhao Hai came back, their Great Magical Artifact have not used, they think that is pressing the first regiment to hit, was not so is easy. Great Magical Artifact cannot use, but Heavenly Demon army has carried on attack to the first regiment, Heavenly Demon army was not frightened in a big way, even if clearly know does not take any advantage, they will still attack, this is their pride. army of both sides quick on war in one, Great Magical Artifact of both sides has not begun, Immortal Stage Expert of both sides has not begun, therefore can only look at other cultivator fight now. Has Lizzy their command(er), the first regiment and Heavenly Demon army is big that is dramatically, along knows how things stand to occupy in addition superiorly, before long Heavenly Demon army fell leeward. Heavenly Demon army felt that the beforehand that first regiment came back, before they to on first regiment time, felt one to a hedgehog, simply have not been able the end opening, afterward Zhao Hai leave, they to feel probably one to was not the hedgehog, but was a turtle, defense although of turtle was good, but will actually not puncture the person. However now the first regiment in one time turned into a hedgehog, that will take the initiative punctures the hedgehog of person, in this case, the Heavenly Demon army feeling somewhat could not bear, has battled for two hours, has thrown down after fifty thousand corpse, evacuated slowly, but Zhao Hai has not pursued, but was ordering makes army rest.

although Zhao Hai has not pursued, but the people of first regiment are excited, because fights today time, before they had found, that type felt, this time they have killed near fifty thousand Heavenly Demon, but oneself actually only then several thousand people of damages, the battle loss compares ten, absolute formidable, how this lets them not happy. The first regiment these people especially like fighting with Zhao Hai together, fights with Zhao Hai together, opposite party Immortal Stage Expert that opposite party Great Magical Artifact that does not use, does not use, does not need to think how to hit, so long as they according to ordering to hit were good, other all gave Zhao He. Moreover they in the fight, will have the one type of very smooth feeling, felt position that one attack, is the day Demon Realm frailest place, hits that is really running free with the current, satisfying. After waiting for Heavenly Demon army to retreat, Zhao Hai was the same with before, saw these wounded person, simultaneously dying in battle the cultivator remains gave Sect that they were , after processing, Zhao Hai returned to own Cave Mansion, exactly said that should be returned to Space. Just in returned to Space, Cai'er immediately to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, had the situation, nine Great Sect wanted to move evidently.” Zhao Hai said : what's the matter? Are you how present?” Cai'er deep voice said : just presently, nine Great Sect army Encampment there, army transfers suddenly frequently, moreover turned into the attack lineup evidently probably, this absolutely is not normal, by having nine Great Sect may not have courage attack Heavenly Demon army, what information they one received, knows that Heavenly Demon army there must have an accident, therefore has made the preparation ahead of time, at this time, Heavenly Demon army there can have an accident? Feared that was the Soaring Dragon Realm there person came back, must carry on attack to Heavenly Demon army.”( To be continued.,( Shuhaige.) casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. With - I - read the en Article -xue Study -u the building remembered! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }