Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1847

Zhao Hai stares slightly, but his immediately understand the meaning of Cai'er, various Great Sect in this time building up military strength, that certainly are because Soaring Dragon Realm there Expert came back, Zhao Hai is clear remembering, Hu Dingshan has told him, because Soaring Dragon Realm there Spiritual Qi very rich, is adding on the time class quickly and other reasons, therefore practices in there, may practice in Cultivation World here is much quicker. Is adding on Soaring Dragon Realm there is not the calm place, there often will have the fight to live, these Immortal Stage Expert meet the fight of has plenty, all cultivator that comes out from Soaring Dragon Realm there, fighting strength very formidable. If these Expert returned to Cultivation World, and to day Demon Realm army offensive attack, Heavenly Demon army meets the chaos, but various Great Sect armies were calling attack randomly, can easily Heavenly Demon army tidying up, it seems like various Great Sect certainly were such idea. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai nodded said : „seems like this, nine Great Sect cancould help beginning finally, I must tell First Senior Brother this information, making him also early prepare.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out jade sword, told Zhang Feng information that he obtained directly, how to prepare as for Zhang Feng there is not he should manage. After Zhang Feng has delivered the letter, Zhao Hai in Space well has rested, looked at Hu Dawei they, this Black Tiger Group during this time big turbulence, can obtain many advantage, mainly looks at Hu Dawei they, more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, will let nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm absolutely cannot eat the pocket walking. After Zhang Feng receives the Zhao Hai letter. Actually is greatly surprised. Also simultaneously his immediately Hu Liangchen looking, had already iron Zhan Tian that came back from the second regiment that invited. Iron Zhan Tian did not belong to the establishment of second regiment, he goes to the second regiment, completely is the request of Zhao Hai, making him support, now the second regiment there difficulty has been solved, he naturally can returned to Black Tiger Group. After they welcome to the room, Zhang Feng the Zhao Hai letter takes presently comes, looked at one to them, they read a Zhao Hai letter. complexion also cannot help but changes, iron Zhan Tian look at Zhang Feng said : Xiao Feng, what to do do you prepare?”

Zhang Feng coldly snorted said : prepares fully, now special action team in the middle of forming. We must use quickly, forms the special action team, when the time comes has that Sect to refuse to accept, we can make the special action team act, as for nine Great Sect these Expert, I looks at or makes Little Hai come back to discuss to well well.” Iron Zhan Tian they also know that the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, law nearest/recent these year of Black Tiger Group nobody had only gone to Soaring Dragon Realm there, therefore they did not count on comes back Expert that from Soaring Dragon Realm there, can help them, now they must do. Full preparing for defense work, to go all out with these fellows. Iron Zhan Tian nodded said : Little Hai the information to us, represented this situation preparation nature minimum to achieve over 90%, we must prepare, now our Black Tiger Group is also the well-trained and equipped army, a sole weakness is the Immortal Stage Expert quantity, now our Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert quantity only then I and Black turtle old person can move, Black turtle old person was good at the defense, but I just entered Immortal Stage, such strength to these people who came back from Soaring Dragon Realm. Certainly must suffer a loss, but I look at Little Hai probably am the confident appearance, what idea don’t know he will have, Xiao Feng, your immediately sends the letter to Little Hai. Let Little Hai have free time, we discussed.” Zhang Feng nodded said : is Martial Uncle. My immediately sends the letter to Little Hai.” Said that Zhang Feng has put out a signalling jade sword, inputs the content in immediately let out. Hu Liangchen looked that Zhang Feng went to jade sword release, this deep voice said : also the matter, is other Sect situations, I think us to need the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, said to other Sect that especially some small Sect, existences of their some simply don’t know Soaring Dragon Realm, when the time comes be not hit one to be caught off guard.” Iron Zhan Tian has hesitated next step: Talks about that yes, is feared that these fellows do not believe us, thinks that our Black Tiger Group grabs power in seize the opportunity, that may not be easy to do.” Before Zhang Feng knit the brows said : „, Hundred Flower Valley to our make a move, I felt that the matter a little does not suit, they are think that at this moment prepares, other Sect matters must process well, otherwise Freedom Alliance feared that must disperse.” Reason that since the iron Zhan Tian also knitting the brows head, continuously Freedom Alliance can exist, the most important reason is Black Tiger Group is not strong, has any matter is everyone/Great Clan is discussing the solution, this method looks like in normally is very good, however at this time, actually turned into ten points to the shortcoming of life, the Black Tiger Group insufficient powerful, other Sect will not fear them, such one comes is very difficult to achieve one, Freedom Alliance that finally suffers a loss, even Freedom Alliance might disintegrate.

In this time, suddenly outside is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Zhao Hai interview.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai sound, got down probably the energy, immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai came, came in quickly.” His voice just fell, Zhao Hai walked. After Zhao Hai entered the room, immediately their gave a salute said : has seen the iron uncle to iron Zhan Tian, has seen Uncle Hu.” Iron Zhan Tian smiles said : well, just right that you come back, we were discussing how must cope with the motion of nine Great Sect, the motion of nine Great Sect, we must defend are not a problem, but wants protect entire Freedom Alliance, feared that was somewhat was difficult, after all our high-end military forces were really too few.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that not to be uncertain, our high-end military force point are also actually many.” Iron Zhan Tian stares, then shook the head, forced smile said : I know your in hand also seven Immortal Stage Undead Creature, but compares with nine Great Sect, was too few.” Zhao Hai smiles said : iron uncle, your information was obsolete, my in hand not, only then seven Immortal Stage Undead Creature, in fact when fights with Heavenly Demon Race, I also accepted several Immortal Stage Undead Creature, moreover previous time goes to Heavenly Sword Sect to hold that any slaughter demon congress, me by Heavenly Sword Sect to cloudy, they have made trick/hand and foot on Transmission Formation, my Transmission to subspace, in that subspace unexpectedly is Undead Creature, has hundred thousand Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature, has 1000 many Immortal Stage Undead Creature, because at that time was just about with the day. Demon Realm war, therefore I do not have the time to pay attention to there, afterward I found time there, has subdued these Transcends Tribulation Stage Undead Creature Immortal Stage Undead Creature, my in hand more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, HaHaHa, the iron uncle, you said our present strengths now, but also compared with nine Great Sect difference?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that iron Zhan Tian cannot help but stares, Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng also face dull type look at Zhao Hai, more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, they know that probably is entire Cultivation World does not have 1000 Immortal Stage Expert, but now Zhao Hai unexpectedly more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, what strength is this? Feared that can sweep away entire Cultivation World?

Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : in although our hands to have more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, but I do not prepare immediately to make them expose, Cultivation World here Expert has plenty, is only our Freedom Alliance, several hundred Immortal Stage Expert, our Freedom Alliance has not been considered as that any strength formidable alliance, no matter the Hundred Flower Valley alliance or the ten thousand sects gate alliance, be more formidable than us, in other words, their in hand Immortal Stage Expert quantity will be more, is adding on Immortal Stage Expert that comes back from Soaring Dragon Realm there, their in hand Immortal Stage Expert quantity feared that will not be less than us, if our premature has revealed. The card in a hand, does not have any advantage regarding us, I thought that we might as well say this opportunity, called other Sect people, then told them nine Great Sect situations, told them, our Black Tiger Group has maintained the strength, for and other arrivals, if they are willing to follow our Black Tiger Group, they were still Freedom Alliance one, but they must obey the management of Black Tiger Group, acknowledged that Black Tiger Group was alliance leader, if they did not agree, forget about it, they can free leave Black Tiger Group, on was the enemy is not the friend.” Iron Zhan Tian they recover from the shock finally, they have also seen the person of magnificent scene, quick returned to normal own mood, moreover one hear of Zhao Hai said that their immediately understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, Zhao Hai this wants seize the opportunity integrate Freedom Alliance, making Freedom Alliance turn into Black Tiger Group one in a big way, but these want in leave Freedom Alliance, that naturally to be the Black Tiger Group enemy, Black Tiger Group regarding the enemy, but don’t know what was polite, what when the time comes will eliminate their also nobody to say. Iron Zhan Tian to thought that the plan of Zhao Hai is feasible, reason that will have this feeling, because of the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai in hand has more than 1000 Immortal Stage Undead Creature, such quantity, may compared with other alliances, be almost the same, but do not forget, they must face now, is only some small Sect, but these small Sect are impossible to have such strength to cope with Black Tiger Group, therefore Black Tiger Group can use this time opportunity integrate Freedom Alliance just right, was turned into the Black Tiger Group tool by Freedom Alliance, all participates in Freedom Alliance small Sect, control in own in hand. Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng also in thinking the Zhao Hai words, they also agree with the Zhao Hai words, Black Tiger Group since has made war with day Demon Realm, although shows a little strength, however majority of time is bearing patiently, now they do not need to endure finally, they must announce to entire Cultivation World with their way that the Black Tiger Group strength are treated equally with you. Thinks of here, iron Zhan Tian they felt that own blood one hot, iron Zhan Tian turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : well, Little Hai, let's do it according to your advice, but before that you should first opposite these Heavenly Demon army tidying up, if disturbs in the one side in them, to us has not the small influence, if your in hand has such strength, tidies up opposite Heavenly Demon army, is not very relaxed?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : iron uncle, no rush, you think that Heavenly Demon Race hasn't prepared? First made Heavenly Demon Race do one to say with nine Great Sect.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }