Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1848

In Cultivation World nobody knows that in Black Tiger Group lived anything, their don’t know, Black Tiger Group fully has been preparing now, Zhao Hai in they discussed after iron Zhan Tian, on returned to the first regiment, with the Moli Ke Heavenly Demon army dogfight continuous, generally speaking, he had still profited, but the first regiment was not a loss does not have. However both sides had probably were tacitly same, was not using Immortal Stage Expert for fighting, Great Magical Artifact to fighting almost did not have, both sides entered the one type of calm condition, the fight turned into the one type of routine official business very probably, lost his originally significance, both sides, were waiting for that moment arrival. For better grasped the motions of nine Great Sect, surveillance of Zhao Hai to nine Great Sect in one time strengthened, the Liquid Silver dust entered their core position along with nine Great Sect people, besides some Forbidden Land, nine Great Sect equal to complete under his surveillance. Nine Great Sect nearest/recent sounds is a little big, not only Zhao Hai present, Heavenly Demon Race present, Heavenly Demon army there also had the sound, their sounds are not the attacks, but changed to the defensive slowly, regarding attack of various Cultivation World alliances, reduced slowly. Zhao Hai has not cared about these, Heavenly Demon Race this time was to prepare, must with Cultivation World competed for Soaring Dragon Realm the quota, already had naturally made the completely safe preparation, even Zhao Hai suspected that had cultivator to be given control by Heavenly Demon Race. This suspicion and possibly has, Cultivation World these years sent many cultivator to enter to day Demon Realm in carry on Heavenly Demon to practice wushu, this Heavenly Demon practiced wushu to sound although scenery. However true situation, talented person understand that only then participates, which that is anything practices wushu, is goes all out obviously. Day Demon Realm to cope with Cultivation World. Certainly will use many means that lets day Demon Realm Immortal Stage Expert make a move, trigs several cultivator, then uses Spell to brainwash to them, control these cultivator are not impossible. Day Demon Realm wants to cope with Cultivation World, must know about Cultivation World that what has compared with put a nail/saboteur better way toward Cultivation World in? These by cultivator that Heavenly Demon Race control gets up, information continuous provision of Cultivation World here to day Demon Realm. Day Demon Realm will know from A to Z regarding Cultivation World here all sounds. Moreover these participated in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu to live returned to Cultivation World cultivator, generally will obtain various Sect entrusted with heavy responsibility or key training, thing that they can contact were more, the understanding various Sect were also more. Can be also more to information that day Demon Realm provides, will Heavenly Demon Race let off these people? Definitely cannot. Now Zhao Hai must do first sits in the one side watches the fun, he to wants to have a look, day Demon Realm nine Great Sect and between what the fight can make into. Zhao Hai has certain finding regarding the day Demon Realm strength, his very clear. Immortal Stage Expert that in day Demon Realm also has plenty hides, these Immortal Stage Expert, had not participated in the attack, feared that is and other Cultivation World these enter Immortal Stage Expert in Soaring Dragon Realm to come back the sea to believe. The war of both sides soon started. Day Demon Realm invaded Cultivation World at this time, nothing but wants Cultivation World casting aside. Let them have opportunity to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, but in nine Great Sect impossible nobody to know this point. They know that the plan of day Demon Realm, will not make day Demon Realm succeed, otherwise regarding Cultivation World, especially regarding nine Great Sect, lost is too big. Now Cultivation World here, enters Soaring Dragon Realm, did not have the small Sect anything matter, almost all control in nine Great Sect, with some strength formidable Sect in hand, can say that can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, regarding small Sect in Cultivation World, will not have the too tremendous influence, but was big regarding the influences of nine Great Sect, they have to go all out for this.

Cultivation World atmosphere suddenly anxious, Freedom Alliance here these small Sect felt, they presently Heavenly Demon army unexpectedly starts to contract to defend, but nine Great Sect started the massive assembling armies, all these all were demonstrating, a war must come. But makes these small Sect in Freedom Alliance be what is surprised, this Black Tiger Group does not have any response, probably their anything don’t know is also same. These small Sect people do not certainly believe that Black Tiger Group anything also don’t know, that also in other words Black Tiger Group definitely knows anything, but had not said that this lets these small Sect restless. When these small Sect hold restlessly, entire Cultivation World also probably turned into a silent dumb show, nobody told them, Cultivation World here lived anything, now in representative daily running up to Black Tiger Group of these small Sect seeks an interview Zhang Feng, wants to know anything from Zhang Feng there, but Zhang Feng to their manner was the coldly ice ice, making their don’t know live any matter. Such day about, suddenly one day, nine Great Sect simultaneously will have moved in ten days, large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert, suddenly kills from nine Great Sect, killed to Heavenly Demon army. But Heavenly Demon army there is no exception, large quantities of Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon also kill from Heavenly Demon army, both sides have dispersed war between the Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly. Such big sound is certainly impossible to conceal the truth, this information has spread over entire Cultivation World within the shortest time, these small Sect also finally Yu Ming grew in vain any matter. To be honest these small Sect were frightened, they have not thought that nine Great Sect can with obtaining these many Immortal Stage Expert unexpectedly, what has not thought that day Demon Realm also so many Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, this regarding them, wants unable to think unexpectedly. Because Cultivation World nine Great Sect suddenly send out large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert, but piece of chaos, sole not chaotic, only then Freedom Alliance here, the Freedom Alliance here first regiment is Zhao Hai command(er), Moli Ke regiment there, has not sent out many Immortal Stage Expert to cope with the first regiment, second regiment there is also same, when entire Cultivation World hits one group of chaos, Freedom Alliance control area unexpectedly extraordinary peace. The first regiment and second regiment there very peaceful, but Black Tiger Group base there is actually not peaceful, when nine Great Sect Sect leave large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert cope with Heavenly Demon Race v phoenix suddenly to make an appointment with various Freedom Alliance Sect Sect Master n Sect Master, but is not the representative, matter that because Zhang Feng said that these representatives cannot take responsibility. Only then Sect Master can take responsibility. Zhang Feng not only made an appointment with various Sect Sect Master, but also approximately got up various Sect Immortal Stage Expert together, even if in frontline these Immortal Stage Expert, invited Zhang Feng welcome to the Black Tiger Group base. These Immortal Stage Expert and various Sect Sect Master do not certainly believe that Black Tiger Group will have any plot, in their opinion, even if Black Tiger Group has any plot, they also deal with come, therefore paid to make. But Black Tiger Group preparation very sufficient of , these people welcome to a giant hall, in this hall, Black Tiger Group only have sent five people as the representative. First, Zhang Feng, current Black Tiger Group Gang Master, one is Hu Liangchen, the Black Tiger Group recognition brain truster, third is Zhao Hai. He the status in Black Tiger Group naturally was needless saying that final two were iron Zhan Tian and Black turtle old person these two Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Supreme Elder.

These Sect Sect Master and Immortal Stage Expert entered the hall to look that Black Tiger Group showed such posture to stare, afterward all people at heart sank, their very clear. Black Tiger Group shows the posture that this wants, that certainly is not the small matter. All people peacefully found a place to sit. But five people of motionless sitting of Black Tiger Group in there, this make these people be in doubt they to do. Waited for all people in attendance later v phoenix then open the mouth and said: everyone/Great Clan be please peaceful, today invites everyone/Great Clan, sends out large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert to attack the Heavenly Demon army matter for nine Great Sect suddenly.” although everyone/Great Clan had guessed correctly why invited them, but one hear of Zhang Feng said that lowered the sound, all person gathering essences collect look at Zhang Feng of god, is listening to as follows. Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, deep voice said : nine Great Sect must send out the mass Immortal Stage Expert, coped with the Heavenly Demon army matter, we already know, even day after day the Demon Realm person also already knows, fight that this was both sides waited.” A Zhang Feng this saying exit / to speak, in hall a piece clamored, many person understand, why Zhang Feng will not say that this was the fight that both sides knew. Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, then said : everybody, perhaps some people had heard Soaring Dragon Realm this name, some people have not possibly heard, no matter has to hear, I must explain today to everyone/Great Clan in here, anything is Soaring Dragon Realm, Soaring Dragon Realm has any relationship with this time war, invited everyone/Great Clan peaceful.” In fact Zhang Feng opens the mouth to say Soaring Dragon Realm time, some Sect Sect Master and Supreme Elder peaceful, anxious look at Zhang Feng, is listening to Zhang Feng as follows. Zhang Feng the Soaring Dragon Realm there matter simple told the people, many Sect Sect Master first time hears this matter, now point of one hear of this wars to compete to enter to the Soaring Dragon Realm authority unexpectedly, all person Sect Sect Master complexion are not quite attractive. This also no wonder they, in them, before the majority, has not heard Soaring Dragon Realm, now actually suddenly must for Soaring Dragon Realm, but with the Heavenly Demon Race war, after the war, they are the advantage do not have, is the loss is serious, this ginseng does not make them feel disappointed. After Zhang Feng said the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, reason that then deep voice said : this nine Great Sect can set out that many Immortal Stage Expert, was because they called Soaring Dragon Realm there all Immortal Stage Expert, but Soaring Dragon Realm there had a custom, your leave Soaring Dragon Realm, in was unable to go back, in other words, now our Cultivation World, almost nobody in Soaring Dragon Realm there, this regarding our Cultivation World, absolutely is not the good matter, this matter absolutely we did not have no relationship probably, but I can actually tell everyone/Great Clan, this matter had relationship with us, moreover there are. Big relationship.” All Sect Master and Immortal Stage Expert, static is listening to the Zhang Feng words, they also want to know that this matter has any relationship with them.

Zhang Feng looked at these person of one, deep voice said : „the establishment of our Freedom Alliance, under destroying nine Great Sect the premise of integrate plan has completed, nine Great Sect these time in all Immortal Stage Expert Soaring Dragon Realm called, the loss was serious, even if were they repels day Demon Realm, wants intrinsic to send Immortal Stage Expert to enter Soaring Dragon Realm in the short time is impossible, was not they do not want to send, but was their uninhabited may send, when the time comes does not do well nine Great Sect to record this pen account to our heads, turned the head, gave to destroy completely us.” A Zhang Feng this saying exit / to speak, following these Sect Master and Immortal Stage Expert is complexion changes, then humming sound discussion, their very clear, what Zhang Feng said is right, by nine Great Sect overbearing, this account will calculate finally certainly their heads, what they are unhappy, this matter is Zhao Hai annoys most from the beginning, now makes them pay. Zhang Feng looked at these one, what immediately understand they have been thinking, Zhang Feng cannot help but coldly snorted, then deep voice said : I know that everyone/Great Clan thinks this matter was Little Hai annoys, but the small graduated arm did, not for you? My truth told everybody, our Black Tiger Group also had the strength of hideaway, for was the day, I disappeared everybody also to keep in Freedom Alliance, coped with day Demon Realm with our together, coped with nine Great Sect, so long as after this matter, our Freedom Alliance can become a big influence in Cultivation World, that was nine Great Sect does not dare underestimated we, perhaps we can also get so far as the Soaring Dragon Realm quota, if everybody also as before, everybody still made the bridal clothes to nine Great Sect, you still could not fish the Soaring Dragon Realm quota.” As soon as these Sect people listened to Zhang Feng saying that gawked, then these Immortal Stage Expert were actually complexion changes, the matter that because Zhang Feng said that regarding these Immortal Stage Expert attracted gravitational force is really too big. These Immortal Stage Expert have not gone to Soaring Dragon Realm, if Freedom Alliance has with the authority that nine Great Sect treat as an equal, that naturally can strive to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm quota, but they had opportunity to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm. Only then entered Soaring Dragon Realm, they had possibility ascend to High level time plane, such becomes by own life will be longer, if still kept Cultivation World here, they possibly become will never have lived 15 Yuan this age. Zhang Feng look at these people, especially these Immortal Stage Expert, know that they have moved, Zhang Feng deep voice said : we think that is coping with nine Great Sect, must unite, must have a leadership of core, therefore our Black Tiger Group plan carries on integrate to Freedom Alliance, now some Freedom Alliance members, will become Freedom Alliance branch Hall, but all branch Hall must obey the order of General Hall, will take the post of Freedom Alliance alliance leader by me, will be selected the representative by various Sect Sect Master, will establish the elder group, will manage entire Freedom Alliance with Black Tiger Group together, in other words, our Freedom Alliance will not be one loose organized, but was true. Whole.” here nobody is a fool, they listened to the meaning of understand Zhang Feng, because listened to understand, the giving people a hard time hall looked like some people have poured into the hot wok with cooking oil the cold water, one blasted out.( To be continued.. p { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }