Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 19 - Chapter 1849

Therefore small Sect Sect Master understand Zhang Feng is any meaning, their also understand Black Tiger Group was any meaning, this there was integrate, clearly must swallow them. A scene of look at chaotic group, Zhang Feng deep voice said : asked everyone/Great Clan to be peaceful, I have not said that this time integrate, not compulsory, but was voluntary characteristic, you can voluntary join, can join, voluntary join Freedom Alliance, unable to become Freedom Alliance branch Hall, had ** right to independence, but must obey the General Hall leadership, if did not hope join, can withdraw from Freedom Alliance, but such next time saw, we also on were the enemy non- friend.” Said that Zhang Feng shut up is not speaking. But the voice of scene was one small was not small, Black Tiger Group said integrate before, the manner was very strong, but other Sect people dare to scream several, but a Zhang Feng this saying exit / to speak, these people have to think well, because Zhang Feng this saying, not only threatened that simply. They in join to Freedom Alliance that moment, their bodies have gotten Freedom Alliance branding, now they are want the extension to throw to these Great Sect, is impossible to obtain good allowance, these Great Sect will not even remain the Bone dregs that they will swallow. But join arrives at Freedom Alliance, minimum they will also obtain a branch Hall position, moreover like his Zhang Feng said that if they stuck together, but can also gain the even bigger benefit. most important the threat of Zhang Feng, these small Sect Sect Master also look now. After this time war. Cultivation World here fears is in for a long time, not having the means to restore to the condition as before, small Sect in the future, simply will be impossible ** survival, these Great Sect not to them ** survival opportunity, they, if were separated from Freedom Alliance, only then swallowed share, moreover swallowed their possibly is not others, can be Black Tiger Group. Zhang Feng said that if they are separated from Freedom Alliance. After that met is the enemy non- friend, in other words, later was meeting, Black Tiger Group cultivator will not let off them. Black Tiger Group treats the enemy time. Will be but impolite, has a look at Wandering Soul Group and fate of roaring flame sect, weren't these two places swallowed down by Black Tiger Group? Thinks of here, other small Sect Sect Master have to think well Zhang Feng words, the scene voice was naturally smaller. Zhang Feng looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, now can in returned to Cave Mansion discuss, tomorrow we are coming here to meet, when the time comes I am listening to decision.” Said that Zhang Feng has stood, Zhao Hai their several people have also stood. Walks outward. The leads walk, other supporting roles naturally did not have the mood to stay behind, turn around leave, but they just one came out from the hall, presently Black Tiger Group here already join alert, but those who made them be startled, Black Tiger Group cultivator of these alerts, the strength was not unexpectedly weak, Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, Nascent Soul Stage cultivator found at everywhere.

Those who make them be startled is. They actually feel in Black Tiger Group a has plenty very astonishing aura, these aura feelings know that certainly is Immortal Stage Expert comes out. All various Sect Sect Master and Supreme Elder that complexion from the hall comes out is not quite attractive, they think before Black Tiger Group had said that has anything to prepare, but is a pretence under pretext. However now looks like actually completely is not that a matter, Black Tiger Group is prepared. Moreover hid majority of strengths, is waiting for arrival of this day. These Sect people knew them planning by Black Tiger Group, not only in fact they, nine Great Sect people also by Black Tiger Group planning, to the present nine Great Sect people, but also thinks that the Black Tiger Group strength was mediocre, that will think of the Black Tiger Group strength already such. These Sect people have to think what decision well they must make, many people have put out the signalling jade sword, then let out the jade sword, they want to know that Black Tiger Group adjusted the first regiment and second regiment there people, if so, that represented strong that Black Tiger Group strength they have not been imagining, if, they do not have to carry on estimate again to the Black Tiger Group strength. The jade sword that naturally also some Sect Master their release goes, does not pass to respective Sect or to the first regiment and second regiment, their jade swords pass to nine Great Sect, must notify to nine Great Sect. What what a pity is, flying sword that they and don’t know, all their release go, was being monitored by Zhao Hai, flying sword that so long as present has delivered a letter to nine Great Sect, he immediately these flying sword buckling. But Zhao Hai their several people of present is sitting in Zhang Feng study room, Zhang Feng deep voice said : today we have laid cards on the table with them, looks at their chose what.” Iron Zhan Tian shows a faint smile said : I to look that will not have any accident, they should be clear, keep Freedom Alliance to compare other places to be better, if invests into these Great Sect, they will not have the good fruit to eat, moreover they should also know that we will not make them invest into other Sect.” Hu Liangchen nodded said : how is don’t know now nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm war, if nine Great Sect won, that feared that was our peaceful life also to the end.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : nine Great Sect although was in the upper hand now, but has not actually won, day Demon Realm already had really prepared.”

Hu Liangchen nodded said : that to be good, it seems like among them the fight will also continue some time, these days also enough we did arrange.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, this nine Great Sect attack, cannot one give to overthrow day Demon Realm, later in wants to overthrow day Demon Realm not so to be easy, nine Great Sect these idiots, still that arrogant, they think themselves, so long as called the person in Soaring Dragon Realm, can easily defeat day Demon Realm, therefore they a keep secret work have not done beforehand even, was prepared by day Demon Realm, now was good. Cannot day Demon Realm overthrowing. Later has them to receive, but day Demon Realm will not give up defeating Cultivation World this point, therefore their next target might is our Freedom Alliance.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng they stare, why Zhang Feng puzzled can said : be we? What sound does the Moli Ke regiment have?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : because does not have the sound, therefore they the meeting must cope with us, in Cultivation World each every alliance, only then our Freedom Alliance strength is weakest, Immortal Stage Expert minimum, day Demon Realm one on also knew this situation. Therefore they will certainly want from a weakest attack, swallows many Cultivation World domains, but does not need to ask, now from entire Cultivation World. Our Freedom Alliance is a weakest point, therefore their next time by our Freedom Alliance as the main attack target, will certainly hope to give to tidy up us at one fell swoop.” Zhang Feng their complexion change, before they had not thought of this point, but one hear of Zhao Hai said now, they actually have to recognize, Zhao Hai say possibly is right, the day Demon Realm main point is the reason has the person to defeat Cultivation World, but defeats the Cultivation World has plenty method, they have withstood the attacks of nine Great Sect these Immortal Stage Expert. That next their attack will choose a strength quite weak place, wants at one fell swoop this place tidying up, but Freedom Alliance without doubt is a best choice. although said before Zhao Hai, has carried on the multiple fight with Moli Ke army, and has not suffered a loss, but similarly, the strength of Moli Ke army there to Freedom Alliance also some certain understanding, they knows that Freedom Alliance not like nine Great Sect or other alliance formidable, compares other alliances to come, Freedom Alliance should better cope. Goes to war is sorts certainly the soft persimmon to pinch, before Freedom Alliance, blocking Moli Ke army. What depends is the Zhao Hai command(er) ability, but if day Demon Realm one extracts massive Immortal Stage Expert to attack Freedom Alliance, that Zhao Hai command(er) ability lost has done to use, in the face of the absolute strength, Zhao Hai command(er) ability simply insufficiently looked. Therefore day Demon Realm army attacks the Freedom Alliance possibility is biggest. Has thought through these, Zhang Feng their complexion became is not quite also attractive. Zhang Feng look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present these people also to our Black Tiger Group not big confidence, we made them have the confidence to be good, I Wandering Soul Group Supreme Elder, Zhu Elder, will change color five old and several other Heavenly Demon Race Immortal Stage Undead Creature stay behind, was adding on the iron uncle and Black turtle old person assumes personal command in in the gang, should not have the issue, Heavenly Demon army there, gave me to be good.” Iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai does said : somewhat grasp? This Heavenly Demon Race either does not attack, must attack is certainly ruthless, you may probably add carefully.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : iron uncle feel relieved to be good and ensure cannot have the issue.” Reason that Zhao Hai said that also has the reason, the person Hu Dawei they make after corpse ancestor, that Soul Stone from corpse ancestor putting together in Space, now Hell Space there Strength of Soul formidable, many Undead Creature Level Up, Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature quantity originally were many, now the strength is increased, fighting strength naturally formidable, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai does not fear nine Great Sect and day Demon Realm now. One hear of Zhao Hai said such has confidence, Zhang Feng on feel relieved, his deep voice said : that first regiment there has also depended on you, adds carefully.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this day Demon Realm attack not to be possible from first regiment there to attack, I think the one who has the possibility is second regiment there, I must go to second regiment first, assumes personal command in second regiment there, if day Demon Realm attacks the second regiment, I am tidying up them well, first regiment there I have left behind Undead Creature, if they attack the first regiment, I can also overtake.” Zhang Feng they know that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , therefore he said can overtake, nobody will suspect that after all the Zhao Hai strength placed there, several people also agree with Zhao Hai the procedure. Hu Liang early morning look at Zhao Hai said : I looked that Little Hai you first beamed with joy in first regiment there, then in secret goes to the second regiment, such day of Demon Realm person certainly will go to the attack second regiment.” Zhao Hai nodded, agreed Hu Liangchen the sees to discuss.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }